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date Fri, 17 Jul 2009 14:47:48 +0900
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# Override newlib settings in t-sde and set up for building
# against SDE header files and libraries.

MULTILIB_OPTIONS = EL/EB mips32/mips32r2/mips64/mips64r2 mips16 msoft-float/mno-float/mfp64
MULTILIB_DIRNAMES = el eb mips32 mips32r2 mips64 mips64r2 mips16 sof nof f64

# Remove stdarg.h and stddef.h from USER_H.
USER_H = $(srcdir)/ginclude/float.h \
         $(srcdir)/ginclude/iso646.h \
         $(srcdir)/ginclude/stdbool.h \
         $(srcdir)/ginclude/varargs.h \

# Don't run fixinclude
STMP_FIXINC = stmp-sdefixinc
stmp-sdefixinc: gsyslimits.h
	rm -rf include; mkdir include
	chmod a+rx include
	rm -f include/syslimits.h
	cp $(srcdir)/gsyslimits.h include/syslimits.h
	chmod a+r include/syslimits.h
	$(STAMP) stmp-sdefixinc

# Don't build FPBIT and DPBIT; we'll be using the SDE soft-float library.