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This file contains information about people who are permitted to make
changes to various parts of the compiler and associated libraries.

Please do not contact the people in this file directly to report
problems in GCC.

For general information about GCC, please visit:

To report problems in GCC, please visit:


			Global Reviewers

Richard Earnshaw
Richard Henderson
Geoffrey Keating
Richard Kenner
Jeff Law
Michael Meissner
Jason Merrill
David S. Miller
Mark Mitchell
Diego Novillo
Bernd Schmidt
Ian Lance Taylor
Jim Wilson

Note that while global reviewers can approve changes to any part of
the compiler or associated libraries, they still need approval for
their own patches from other maintainers or reviewers.

			CPU Port Maintainers	(CPU alphabetical order)

alpha port		Richard Henderson
arm port		Nick Clifton
arm port		Richard Earnshaw
arm port		Paul Brook
avr port		Denis Chertykov
avr port		Anatoly Sokolov
bfin port		Bernd Schmidt
cris port		Hans-Peter Nilsson
crx port		Pompapathi V Gadad
fr30 port		Nick Clifton
frv port		Aldy Hernandez
frv port		Alexandre Oliva
h8 port			Jeff Law
h8 port			Kazu Hirata
hppa port		Jeff Law
hppa port		John David Anglin
i386 port		Richard Henderson
i386 port		Jan Hubicka
i386 port		Uros Bizjak
ia64 port		Jim Wilson
ia64 port		Steve Ellcey
iq2000 port		Nick Clifton
m32c port		DJ Delorie
m32r port		Nick Clifton
m68hc11 port		Stephane Carrez
m68k port (?)		Jeff Law
m68k port		Andreas Schwab
m68k-motorola-sysv port	Philippe De Muyter
mcore port		Nick Clifton
mips port		Eric Christopher
mips port		Richard Sandiford
mmix port		Hans-Peter Nilsson
mn10300 port		Jeff Law
mn10300 port		Alexandre Oliva
pdp11 port		Paul Koning
picochip port		Hariharan Sandanagobalane
picochip port		Daniel Towner
rs6000 port		Geoff Keating
rs6000 port		David Edelsohn
rs6000 vector extns	Aldy Hernandez
s390 port		Hartmut Penner
s390 port		Ulrich Weigand
s390 port		Andreas Krebbel
sh port			Alexandre Oliva
sh port			Kaz Kojima
sparc port		Richard Henderson
sparc port		David S. Miller
sparc port		Jakub Jelinek
sparc port		Eric Botcazou
spu port		Trevor Smigiel
spu port		Andrew Pinski
spu port		David Edelsohn
v850 port		Nick Clifton
vax port		Matt Thomas
x86-64 port		Jan Hubicka
xstormy16 port		Nick Clifton
xtensa port		Bob Wilson

			OS Port Maintainers	(OS alphabetical order)

darwin port		Dale Johannesen
darwin port		Mike Stump
darwin port		Eric Christopher
darwin port		Stan Shebs
DJGPP			DJ Delorie
freebsd			Loren J. Rittle
GNU/Hurd		Thomas Schwinge
hpux			John David Anglin
hpux			Steve Ellcey
irix, osf		Rainer Orth		ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
netbsd			Jason Thorpe
netbsd			Krister Walfridsson
sh-linux-gnu		Kaz Kojima
RTEMS Ports		Joel Sherrill
RTEMS Ports		Ralf Corsepius
VxWorks ports		Nathan Sidwell
windows, cygwin, mingw	Christopher Faylor
windows, cygwin, mingw	Danny Smith
windows, cygwin, mingw	Kai Tietz

			Language Front Ends Maintainers

C front end/ISO C99	Joseph Myers
C front end/ISO C99	Richard Henderson
Ada front end		Geert Bosch
Ada front end		Robert Dewar
Ada front end		Arnaud Charlet
Fortran			Paul Brook
c++			Jason Merrill
c++			Mark Mitchell
c++			Nathan Sidwell
java			Per Bothner
java			Andrew Haley
java			Tom Tromey
objective-c/c++		Mike Stump
objective-c/c++		Stan Shebs

			Various Maintainers

libcpp			Per Bothner
libcpp			All C and C++ front end maintainers
fp-bit			Ian Lance Taylor
libdecnumber		Ben Elliston
libgcc			Ian Lance Taylor
libgcj			Tom Tromey
libgcj			Bryce McKinlay
libgomp			Richard Henderson
libgomp			Jakub Jelinek
libiberty		DJ Delorie
libiberty		Ian Lance Taylor
libffi testsuite	Andreas Tobler
libobjc			Nicola Pero
libobjc			Andrew Pinski
loop discovery		Michael Hayes
soft-fp			Joseph Myers
scheduler (+ haifa)	Jim Wilson
scheduler (+ haifa)	Michael Meissner
scheduler (+ haifa)	Jeff Law
scheduler (+ haifa)	Vladimir Makarov
modulo-scheduler	Ayal Zaks
reorg			Jeff Law
caller-save.c		Jeff Law
callgraph		Jan Hubicka
debugging code		Jim Wilson
dwarf debugging code	Jason Merrill
c++ runtime libs	Paolo Carlini
c++ runtime libs	Gabriel Dos Reis
c++ runtime libs	Ulrich Drepper
c++ runtime libs	Phil Edwards
c++ runtime libs	Benjamin Kosnik
c++ runtime libs	Loren J. Rittle
*synthetic multiply	Torbjorn Granlund
*c-torture		Torbjorn Granlund
fixincludes		Bruce Korb
*gimpl*			Jakub Jelinek
*gimpl*			Aldy Hernandez
gcse.c 			Jeff Law
global opt framework	Jeff Law
jump.c			David S. Miller
web pages		Gerald Pfeifer
build status lists	Janis Johnson
config.sub/config.guess	Ben Elliston
basic block reordering	Jason Eckhardt
i18n			Philipp Thomas
i18n			Joseph Myers
diagnostic messages	Gabriel Dos Reis
build machinery (*.in)	Paolo Bonzini
build machinery (*.in)	DJ Delorie
build machinery (*.in)	Nathanael Nerode
build machinery (*.in)	Alexandre Oliva
docs co-maintainer	Gerald Pfeifer
docs co-maintainer	Joseph Myers
predict.def		Jan Hubicka
contrib/regression	Geoff Keating
gcov			Jan Hubicka
gcov			Nathan Sidwell
option handling		Neil Booth
testsuite		Janis Johnson
middle-end		Jeff Law
middle-end		Roger Sayle
middle-end		Ian Lance Taylor
middle-end		Diego Novillo
middle-end		Richard Guenther
tree-ssa		Diego Novillo
tree-ssa		Andrew MacLeod
PRE			Daniel Berlin
code sinking		Daniel Berlin
mudflap			Frank Ch. Eigler
tree browser/unparser	Sebastian Pop
scev, data dependence	Daniel Berlin
scev, data dependence	Sebastian Pop
linear loop transforms	Daniel Berlin
profile feedback	Jan Hubicka
type-safe vectors	Nathan Sidwell
alias analysis		Daniel Berlin
reload			Ulrich Weigand
reload			Bernd Schmidt
dfp.c, related		Ben Elliston
RTL optimizers		Eric Botcazou
auto-vectorizer		Richard Guenther
auto-vectorizer		Zdenek Dvorak
auto-vectorizer		Ira Rosen
loop infrastructure	Zdenek Dvorak
OpenMP			Jakub Jelinek

Note that individuals who maintain parts of the compiler need approval to
check in changes outside of the parts of the compiler they maintain.

			Non-Algorithmic Maintainers

loop optimizer		Zdenek Dvorak
loop optimizer		Daniel Berlin
libcpp			Tom Tromey

Note that individuals who maintain parts of the compiler as non-algorithmic
maintainers need approval to check in algorithmic changes or changes
outside of the parts of the compiler they maintain.


dataflow		Paolo Bonzini
dataflow		Seongbae Park
dataflow 		Kenneth Zadeck
Fortran			Janne Blomqvist
Fortran			Tobias Burnus
Fortran			Jerry DeLisle
Fortran			Erik Edelmann
Fortran			Daniel Franke
Fortran			Steven G. Kargl
Fortran			Thomas König
Fortran			Daniel Kraft
Fortran			Toon Moene
Fortran			Mikael Morin
Fortran			Brooks Moses
Fortran			Tobias Schlüter
Fortran			Paul Thomas
Fortran			Janus Weil
Graphite		Daniel Berlin
Graphite		Sebastian Pop
register allocation	Peter Bergner
register allocation	Vladimir Makarov
register allocation	Kenneth Zadeck
register allocation	Seongbae Park

Note that while reviewers can approve changes to parts of the compiler
that they maintain, they still need approval for their own patches
from other maintainers or reviewers.

			Write After Approval	(last name alphabetical order)

Mark G. Adams
Raksit Ashok
Matt Austern
David Ayers
Giovanni Bajo
Simon Baldwin
Scott Bambrough
Wolfgang Bangerth
Andrey Belevantsev
Peter Bergner
Jan Beulich
David Billinghurst
Tomas Bily
Laurynas Biveinis
Eric Blake
Jim Blandy
Phil Blundell
Hans Boehm
Segher Boessenkool
Andrea Bona
Paolo Bonzini
Neil Booth
Steven Bosscher
Robert Bowdidge
Joel Brobecker
Dave Brolley
Julian Brown
Christian Bruel
Kevin Buettner
Andrew Cagney
Chandra Chavva
William Cohen
Josh Conner
R. Kelley Cook
Christian Cornelssen
François-Xavier Coudert
Cary Coutant
Ian Dall
David Daney
Bud Davis
Benoit Dupont de Dinechin
Michael Eager
Mohan Embar
Revital Eres
Marc Espie
Rafael Ávila de Espíndola
Ansgar Esztermann
Doug Evans
Chris Fairles
Thomas Fitzsimmons
Brian Ford
Nathan Froyd
Chao-ying Fu
Kaveh Ghazi
Matthew Gingell
Tristan Gingold
Anthony Green
Doug Gregor
Jon Grimm
Tobias Grosser
Laurent Guerby
Xuepeng Guo
Mostafa Hagog
Olivier Hainque
Stuart Hastings
Pat Haugen
Mark Heffernan
George Helffrich
Fergus Henderson
Matthew Hiller
Dan Hipschman
Manfred Hollstein
Falk Hueffner
Andrew John Hughes
Andy Hutchinson
Bernardo Innocenti
Daniel Jacobowitz
Andreas Jaeger
Harsha Jagasia
Fariborz Jahanian
Martin Jambor
Andrew Jenner
Kean Johnston
Phillip Jordan
Tim Josling
Victor Kaplansky
Brendan Kehoe
Matthias Klose
Jeff Knaggs
Michael Koch
Dave Korn
Matt Kraai
Maxim Kuvyrkov
Doug Kwan
Scott Robert Ladd
Razya Ladelsky
Aaron W. LaFramboise
Rask Ingemann Lambertsen
Asher Langton
Chris Lattner
Terry Laurenzo
Marc Lehmann
James Lemke
Kriang Lerdsuwanakij
Chen Liqin
Sa Liu
Ralph Loader
Gabor Loki
Sandra Loosemore
Manuel López-Ibáńez
Martin v. Löwis
H.J. Lu
Xinliang David Li
Luis Machado
William Maddox
Ziga Mahkovec
Simon Martin
Ranjit Mathew
Chris Matthews
Michael Matz
Greg McGary
Adam Megacz
Bingfeng Mei
Martin Michlmayr
Lee Millward
Alan Modra
Alexander Monakov
Catherine Moore
James A. Morrison
Dirk Mueller
Adam Nemet
Thomas Neumann
Dan Nicolaescu
Dorit Nuzman
David O'Brien
Carlos O'Donell
Peter O'Gorman
Jeffrey D. Oldham
Andrea Ornstein
Seongbae Park
Devang Patel
Fernando Pereira
Nicolas Pitre
Antoniu Pop
Vladimir Prus
Jerry Quinn
Dwarakanath Rajagopal
Ramana Radhakrishnan
Rolf Rasmussen
Volker Reichelt
Joern Rennecke
Bernhard Reutner-Fischer
Tom Rix
Craig Rodrigues
Erven Rohou
Ira Rosen
Maciej W. Rozycki
Douglas Rupp
Silvius Rus
Matthew Sachs
Duncan Sands
Dodji Seketeli
Svein Seldal
Thiemo Seufer
Mark Shinwell
Johannes Singler
Franz Sirl
Jan Sjodin
Michael Sokolov					msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG
Richard Stallman
Basile Starynkevitch
Jakub Staszak
Graham Stott
Andrew Stubbs
Mike Stump
Jeff Sturm
Gabriele Svelto
Samuel Tardieu
Kresten Krab Thorup
Caroline Tice
David Ung
Kris Van Hees
Jonathan Wakely
Feng Wang
Stephen M. Webb
John Wehle
Florian Weimer
Zack Weinberg
Mark Wielaard
Ollie Wild
Ralf Wildenhues
Carlo Wood
Le-Chun Wu
Canqun Yang
Joey Ye
Kenneth Zadeck
Jie Zhang
Jon Ziegler
Roman Zippel
Josef Zlomek

Bug database only accounts

James Dennett
Christian Ehrhardt
Dara Hazeghi