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update gcc from gcc-4.5.0 to gcc-4.6
author ryoma <>
date Mon, 24 May 2010 12:47:05 +0900
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2010-05-22  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Do not collect.

2010-05-20  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (promote_var, promote_fn): New functions.
	(lto_promote_cross_file_statics): Compute correctly boundary including
	static initializers of readonly vars.

2010-05-18  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_1_to_1_map): Partition non-inline clones.
	(lto_promote_cross_file_statics): Deal with non-inline clones.

2010-05-18  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_materialize_function): Announce function when
	reading body; allocate_struct_function only when reading body;
	do not finalize local statics; ggc_collect after reading;
	do not mark reachable node.
	(materialize_cgraph): Do not announce function.

2010-05-11  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (materialize_cgraph): Revert my previous patch.

2010-05-11  Kai Tietz  <>

	* lto-coff.c (IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_ADM64): Rename to
	* lto-coff.c (IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_ADM64): Likewise.

2010-05-11  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_decls): Remove global var decls freeing here.
	(materialize_cgraph): Add it here.

2010-05-11  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_decls): Free no longer needed lto_global_var_decls

2010-05-11  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_1_to_1_map): Remove some no longer needed checks.
	(lto_promote_cross_file_statics): Never promote DECL_EXTERNAL;
	use reachable_from_other_partition_p and
	referenced_from_other_partition_p test.

2010-05-11  Kai Tietz  <>

	* lto-coff.c (validate_file): Add x64-coff support.
	* lto-coff.h (IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_ADM64): New.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_build_c_type_nodes): Add check for
	'long long unsigned int' for x64-windows.
	(lto_init): Likewise.

2010-05-07  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* lto.h (struct lto_file_struct): Document offset member.
	* lto-endian.h: New file.
	* lto-macho.h: New file.
	* lto-macho.c: New file.
	* Add rule for lto-macho.o.

2010-05-07  Richard Guenther <>

	PR lto/43857
	PR lto/43371
	* lang.opt (fresolution): Change to ...
	(fresolution=): ... this.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_handle_option): Adjust.

2010-05-07  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (DUMPBASE_SUFFIX): Remove.
	(lto_execute_ltrans): Move functionality to lto-wrapper.c.
	Rename to ...
	(lto_write_ltrans_list): ... only output the list of ltrans files.
	(lto_maybe_unlink): Remove.
	(do_whole_program_analysis): Do not execute LTRANS phase
	from here.

2010-05-06  H.J. Lu  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_handle_option): Add argument kind.

2010-05-05  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_promote_cross_file_statics): Compute boundary based on

2010-05-05  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_1_to_1_map): Partition only needed nodes.

2010-04-30  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (get_filename_for_set): Look for cgraph node and if none found, use
	default name.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Write any non-empty partition.

2010-04-30  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c: Do not attempt to make constant pool references global.

2010-04-28  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto/lto.c (lto_read_in_decl_state): Use GGC.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Announce what we are writting.
	(all_file_decl_data): New.
	(read_cgraph_and_symbols): Use GGC; correct timevars.
	(do_whole_program_analysis): Collect.
	* lto/ (lto.o): Fix dependency.
	* (GTFILES): Add lto-streamer.h.
	* varpool.c (varpool_analyze_pending_decls): Use TV_VARPOOL.
	(varpool_assemble_pending_decls): Use VAROUT.
	* lto-streamer.h (lto_tree_ref_table): Annotate.
	(lto_in_decl_state): Annotate.
	(lto_file_decl_data): Annotate.

2010-04-28  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_varpool_node_sets): New.
	(lto_1_to_1_map): Partition varpool too.
	(globalize_context_t, globalize_cross_file_statics,
	lto_scan_statics_in_ref_table, lto_scan_statics_in_cgraph_node,
	lto_scan_statics_in_remaining_global_vars): Remove.
	(lto_promote_cross_file_statics): Rewrite.
	(get_filename_for_set): Take vset argument.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Pass around vsets.

2010-04-27  Dave Korn  <>

	PR lto/42776
	* (LTO_OBJS): Use LTO_BINARY_READER instead of
	hardcoding 'lto-elf.o'.
	($(LTO_EXE)): Use LTO_USE_LIBELF instead of hardcoding '-lelf'.

	* lto-coff.h: New file.
	* lto-coff.c: Likewise.

2010-04-26  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_type): Deal with non-type TYPE_CONTEXT.

2010-04-26  Dave Korn  <>

	* lto.h (lto_elf_file_open): Rename prototype from this ...
	(lto_obj_file_open): ... to this.
	(lto_elf_file_close): Likewise ...
	(lto_obj_file_close): ... and likewise.
	(lto_elf_build_section_table): Likewise ...
	(lto_obj_build_section_table): ... and likewise.
	(lto_elf_begin_section): Likewise ...
	(lto_obj_begin_section): ... and likewise.
	(lto_elf_append_data): Likewise ...
	(lto_obj_append_data): ... and likewise.
	(lto_elf_end_section): Likewise ...
	(lto_obj_end_section): ... and likewise.
	* lto.c (lto_file_read): Update references to the above.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Likewise.
	(lto_read_all_file_options): Likewise.
	(read_cgraph_and_symbols): Likewise.
	* lto-lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_BEGIN_SECTION): Likewise.
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file_open): Rename from this ...
	(lto_obj_file_open): ... to this, updating any references.
	(lto_elf_file_close): Likewise ...
	(lto_obj_file_close): ... and likewise.
	(lto_elf_build_section_table): Likewise ...
	(lto_obj_build_section_table): ... and likewise.
	(lto_elf_begin_section): Likewise ...
	(lto_obj_begin_section): ... and likewise.
	(lto_elf_append_data): Likewise ...
	(lto_obj_append_data): ... and likewise.
	(lto_elf_end_section): Likewise ...
	(lto_obj_end_section): ... and likewise.

2010-04-21  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_tree): Do not call wpa fixup.
	(materialize_cgraph): Likewise.

2010-04-21  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_wpa_write_files): Update.
	(read_cgraph_and_symbols): Be more verbose.
	(materialize_cgraph): Likewise.
	(do_whole_program_analysis): Likewise.

2010-04-21  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (globalize_cross_file_statics): When function has address taken,
	it needs to be public.

2010-04-20  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_add_inline_clones): Do not track inlined_decls.
	(lto_add_all_inlinees): Likewise.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Likewise.

2010-04-18  Eric Botcazou  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_init): Remove second argument in call to

2010-04-16  Rainer Orth  <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* lto-elf.c [!HAVE_ELF_GETSHDRSTRNDX] (elf_getshdrstrndx): New

2010-03-09  Eric Botcazou  <>

	PR bootstrap/43276
	* lto-elf.c: Define EM_* constants if not already defined.

2010-03-03  Eric Botcazou  <>

	* lto-elf.c (is_compatible_architecture): New static function.
	(DEFINE_VALIDATE_EHDR): Use it to validate the architecture.

2010-02-11  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR driver/43021
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file_open): Handle file@offset case more

2010-01-11  Andy Hutchinson  <>

	* lto.c (O_BINARY): Define.
	(lto_read_section_data): Open file in binary mode.
	* lto-elf.c (O_BINARY): Define.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Open file in binary mode. 

2010-01-08  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/42528
	* lto-lang.c (lto_handle_option): Handle -f[un]signed-char.
	(lto_init): Do not init char_type_node in a standard way
	but according to flag_signed_char.

2010-01-03  H.J. Lu  <>

	PR lto/41564
	* lto.c (DUMPBASE_SUFFIX): New.
	(lto_execute_ltrans): Append a sequence number to -dumpbase
	for LTRANS.

2010-01-02  H.J. Lu  <>

	PR lto/42580
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file_open): Stop if the command line
	option file is missing.

2009-12-15  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_field_decl): Fixup DECL_FIELD_OFFSET.
	(lto_post_options): Do not disable debuginfo.

2009-12-14  Dmitry Gorbachev  <>

	* ($(LTO_EXE)): Use $(LINKER).

2009-12-11  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/42037
	* lto.c (lto_resolution_read): Properly grow the vector.

2009-12-11  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/41915
	* lto-lang.c (lto_init_options): Initialize flag_complex_method
	to the C99 default.  Do not set flag_unit_at_a_time.

2009-11-28  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* lto-lang.c (handle_nonnull_attribute): Remove unused attr_arg_num

2009-11-19  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	PR bootstrap/42096
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file_open): Use lto_parse_hex.
	* lto.c (lto_parse_hex): New.
	(lto_resolution_read): Use lto_parse_hex.
	* lto.h (lto_parse_hex): New.

2009-11-17  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* lto-elf.c (lto_file_init): Add offset argument.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Record the offset.
	* lto.c (lto_resolution_read): Change file_name into a lto_file
	argument. Check offsets.
	(lto_file_read): Update call to lto_resolution_read.
	* lto.h (lto_file_struct): Add the offset field.

2009-11-16  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file_open): Use strtoll to parse the offset.

2009-11-14  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Set also ipa_transforms_to_apply.

2009-11-12  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* lang.opt (fresolution): Renamed from resolution.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_handle_option): Handle new option name.
	* lto.c (lto_resolution_read): Add more checks. Discard rest of line.

2009-11-04  Richard Guenther  <>
            Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_build_section_table): Add the base offset.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Handle offsets in arguments name@offest.

2009-10-30  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/41858
	* lto.c (lto_file_read): Do not set file_data->fd.
	(lto_read_section_data): Use a single-entry file-descriptor cache.
	Do not check the result of xmalloc.
	(free_section_data): Do not use file_data->fd.
	(lto_read_all_file_options): Likewise.

2009-10-22  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_jump_functions): Remove.
	(lto_fixup_decls): Do not fixup jump functions.
	(read_cgraph_and_symbols): Schedule cgraph merging after
	summary reading.  Schedule type and decl fixup before
	summary reading.

2009-10-22  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_data_t): Remove free_list member.
	(lto_fixup_tree): Do not insert into free_list.
	(free_decl): Remove.
	(lto_fixup_decls): Remove free-list handling.

2009-10-22  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_jump_functions): New function.
	(lto_fixup_decls): Use it.

2009-10-16  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/41715
	* lto.c (lto_fixup_tree): Revert last change.

2009-10-14  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_tree): In case the prevailing decl is not
	compatible with the one we replace wrap it around a

2009-10-09  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/41635
	PR lto/41636
	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Do not assert we can open
	a file.
	* lto-elf.c (init_shdr##BITS): Fix i18n problems.
	(init_ehdr##BITS): Likewise.

2009-10-08  Joseph Myers  <>

	* lto-elf.c (init_shdr##BITS, lto_elf_begin_section_with_type,
	init_ehdr##BITS, lto_elf_file_close): Remove trailing "." from
	* lto-lang.c (lto_post_options): Remove trailing "." from

2009-10-08  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Free the gimple type merging
	hash tables.

2009-10-07  Joseph Myers  <>

	* lto.c: Only include <sys/mman.h> if HAVE_MMAP_FILE.

2009-10-07  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Mark functions neccesary only at
	ltrans stage; explain why this is needed and should not.

2009-10-05  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/41552
	PR lto/41487
	* lto.c (lto_read_decls): Do not register deferred decls.
	(read_cgraph_and_symbols): Delay symbol and cgraph merging
	until after reading the IPA summaries.

2009-10-02  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* (lto/lto-lang.o): Don't depend on lto/common.h.
	(lto-lang.c): Don't include lto/common.h.

2009-10-02  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* (LTO_OBJS): Remove lto/common.o.
	(lto/common.o): Remove.
	* common.c: Remove.
	* common.h (lto_kind_str): Remove.
	(lto_visibility_str): Remove.
	(lto_resolution_str): Make it static.

2009-10-01  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_decls): Add comment.
	Call internal_error instead of gcc_assert.
	(lto_resolution_read): Likewise.
	(lto_add_all_inlinees): Tidy.
	* Fix copyright boilerplate.
	(lto.pdf): New.
	(lto.install-pdf): New.
	* lto-tree.h: Fix copyright boilerplate.
	* lang-specs.h: Likewise.
	Remove ".lto" entry from compilers fragment.
	* lto-elf.c: Move inclusion of gelf.h after config.h.
	Tidy formatting everywhere.
	* lto.h: Fix copyright boilerplate.
	Tidy formatting everywhere.
	* common.c: Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* common.h: Likewise.
	* lto-lang.c: Likewise.

2009-10-01  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_section_data): Use plain lseek/read.

2009-10-01  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (LTO_MMAP_IO): Define if we can mmap files and
	use sysconf to query the system page size.
	(lto_file_read): Implement fallback using stdio.
	(free_section_data): Likewise.

2009-09-29  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_init): Really fix call to

2009-09-29  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_init): Fix call to

2009-09-29  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/40754
	* lto-elf.c (init_shdr##BITS): Properly specify alignment
	in bytes.
	(first_data_block): New static variable.
	(lto_elf_append_data): Align the first data block in each

2009-09-28  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c: Tidy.  Remove stale FIXME lto markers.
	* lto.c (strip_extension): New.
	(get_filename_for_set): Call it.  Do not call make_cwd_temp_file.
	(lto_execute_ltrans): Tidy.
	Do not pass -fwpa nor -fltrans-* to LTRANS.
	* opts.c: Tidy formatting and remove stale FIXME lto markers.
	* tree.c (need_assembler_name_p): Call
	lang_hooks.decls.may_need_assembler_name_p if set.
	* varasm.c (default_binds_local_p_1): Remove check for
	* varpool.c (decide_is_variable_needed): Do not test for

2009-09-22  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/39276
	* lto.c (lto_execute_ltrans): Perform ltrans phase manually.
	* Remove ltrans-driver stuff.
	* Likewise.
	* lang.opt (fltrans-driver): Remove.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_init_options): Remove code initializing
	* ltrans-driver: Remove.

2009-09-21  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_define_builtins): Remove superfluous
	calls to targetm.init_builtins and build_common_builtin_nodes.
	(lto_init): Add targetm.arm_eabi_unwinder as parameter to
	* lto.c (lto_materialize_function): Do nothing if NODE is a

2009-09-03  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-elf.c (validate_file): Replace call to
	elf_getshstrndx with call to elf_getshdrstrndx.

2009-08-19  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_init): Merge char_type_node with the
	appropriately signed variant.

2009-08-19  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/41071
	* lto.c (lto_fixup_common): Re-build the pointer-to chain part one.
	(lto_fixup_type): Re-build the pointer-to chain part two.

2009-08-19  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/41071
	* lto.c (lto_fixup_type): Re-build the type variant chain.

2009-08-19  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/41071
	* lto.c (lto_fixup_constructor): New function.
	(lto_fixup_tree): Replace all types.  Properly fixup
	constructors and constants.

2009-08-14  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Exchange TREE_CHAIN use

2009-08-13  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/41032
	* lto-lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_TYPES_COMPATIBLE_P): Define to NULL.

2009-07-30  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR lto/40903
	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): After fixing up decls choose
	the largest decl for output and free TREE_CHAIN for further

2009-07-24  Diego Novillo  <>

	* Add empty lto.install-plugin target.

2009-07-13  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_tree): Handle IMPORTED_DECL.

2009-07-11  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_write_globals): Wrapup global decls.

2009-07-10  Richard Guenther  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_init): Allocate one more location to make

2009-07-09  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* lto.c (free_section_data): Cast computed_offset to caddr_t.

2009-07-06  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_type): Fixup TYPE_SIZE and

2009-07-06  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (preload_common_nodes): Remove.
	(lto_read_in_decl_state): Call lto_streamer_cache_get.
	(lto_read_decls): Call lto_data_in_create and
	(free_decl): Do not call ggc_free.
	(lto_main): Call lto_init_reader.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_type_for_size): Handle intTI_type_node.
	(lto_init): Initialize main_identifier_node if needed.
	Make ptrdiff_type_node be integer_type_node.

2009-06-19  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c: Remove code guarded by #ifdef LTO_STREAM_DEBUGGING.
	Remove code guarded by #ifdef GLOBAL_STREAMER_TRACE.
	Remove code guarded by #ifdef LOCAL_TRACE.

2009-06-18  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c: Update license to GPLv3.
	* lto-elf.c: Likewise.
	* common.c: Likewise.
	* lto-lang.c: Likewise.
	* lto.h: Remove superfluous include files.  Update all

2009-06-17  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Call input_cgraph.

2009-06-02  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_1_to_1_map): Ignore nodes that have not been
	read in.
	(materialize_cgraph): Only materialize nodes that have a
	representation on file.

2009-06-01  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_handle_option): Hanlde OPT_Wabi.

2009-05-31  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_type_for_mode): Handle all the modes
	handled in c_common_type_for_mode.

2009-05-21  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-elf.c: Always include <gelf.h>.
	* (target_libs): Remove.
	(build_by_default): Set to no.

2009-05-15  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_materialize_function): Assert that DECL is
	not a builtin.
	(materialize_cgraph): Don't try to materialize builtin
	* lto-section-out.c (write_symbol_vec): Do not write
	builtin functions.

2009-05-13  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_GET_ALIAS_SET): Define.

2009-05-07  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_resolution_read): Add type casts for C++ warnings.
	(lto_fixup_type): Call it for TYPE_POINTER_TO,
	(lto_fixup_tree): Call gimple_register_type when *TP is a
	(lto_main): Call bitmap_obstack_initialize.

2009-04-22  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (free_section_data): Tidy.
	(lto_1_to_1_map): Tidy.
	(lto_add_all_inlinees): Tidy.
	(prefix_name_with_star): New.
	(get_filename_for_set): New.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Call cgraph_node_set_needs_ltrans_p
	to determine what cgraph node sets to write.
	Call get_filename_for_set to compute temporary file
	(lto_execute_ltrans): Do not execute LTRANS on files with
	names that start with '*'.
	Move logic to execute LTRANS together so that LTRANS is
	invoked only if there are any files to compile.
	(do_whole_program_analysis): Only remove output files
	that do not start with '*'.

2009-04-06  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_post_options): Set flag_excess_precision_cmdline.
	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Set cgraph_function_flags_ready.
	(lto_add_all_inlinees): Tidy.

2009-03-26  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c: Include gimple.h.
	(lto_read_in_decl_state): Call gimple_register_type for
	every type in every stream.
	(lto_fixup_common): Call gimple_register_type if T has a
	(do_whole_program_analysis): Call print_lto_report.
	(lto_main): Call print_lto_report after cgraph_optimize.
	* (lto.o): Add dependency on GIMPLE_H.

2009-03-24  Diego Novillo  <>

	* (lto-lang.o): Add dependency on TARGET_H and EXPR_H.
	(lto.o): Add dependency on GIMPLE_H.

2009-03-10  Simon Baldwin  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_all_file_options): Close any open file descriptor
	contained in file_data before freeing.

2009-02-24  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* lto.c (lto_add_inline_clones): Don't add the master clone. Check
	for a decl in the original bitmap, not a node.
	(lto_add_all_inlinees): Remove original nodes that are not needed.
	(lto_scan_statics_in_cgraph_node): Don't care if the node is the master.

2009-02-24  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_materialize_function): Update
	(get_section_data): Initialize *LEN to 0.
	(lto_1_to_1_map): Update lto_stats.num_cgraph_partitions.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Update lto_stats.num_cgraph_nodes.
	Update lto_stats.num_output_files.
	(read_cgraph_and_symbols): Update lto_stats.num_input_files.
	(materialize_cgraph): Update lto_stats.num_input_cgraph_nodes.
	(lto_main): Initialize lto_stats.
	If flag_lto_report is set, call print_lto_report.

2009-02-19  Diego Novillo  <>


	2009-02-19  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

		* lto.c (lto_add_inline_clones): Don't add the
		master clone. Check for a decl in the original
		bitmap, not a node.
		(lto_add_all_inlinees): Remove original nodes
		that are not needed.
		(lto_scan_statics_in_cgraph_node): Don't care if
		the node is the master.
		(lto_promote_cross_file_statics): Use a new
		context.seen_node_decls for each set

2009-02-19  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* lto.c (lto_add_inline_clones): Don't add the master clone. Check
	for a decl in the original bitmap, not a node.
	(lto_add_all_inlinees): Remove original nodes that are not needed.
	(lto_scan_statics_in_cgraph_node): Don't care if the node is the master.
	(lto_promote_cross_file_statics): Use a new context.seen_node_decls
	for each set

2009-02-18  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_wpa_write_files): Use timers TV_WHOPR_WPA
	(lto_execute_ltrans): Use timer TV_WHOPR_WPA_LTRANS_EXEC.
	(read_cgraph_and_symbols): Use timer TV_IPA_LTO_DECL_IO.
	(materialize_cgraph): Use timer TV_IPA_LTO_GIMPLE_IO.
	depending on command line flags.
	(do_whole_program_analysis): Use timer TV_WHOPR_WPA.
	(lto_main): Remove timer uses.

2009-02-18  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* lto.c (lto_materialize_function): Don't set DECL_EXTERN to 0.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Update calls to renamed functions.

2009-02-17  Diego Novillo  <>

	PR 39203
	* lto-lang.c (lto_post_options): Disable -fwhole-program
	when running LTRANS.

2009-02-10  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Fix comment.

2009-02-10  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Read options from all
	IL files.

2009-02-10  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (read_cgraph_and_symbols): Factor out of lto_main.
	(materialize_cgraph): Likewise.
	(do_whole_program_analysis): Likewise.
	(lto_main): Call read_cgraph_and_symbols,
	materialize_cgraph and do_whole_program_analysis.

2009-02-10  Simon Baldwin  <>

	* lto.c: Include lto-opts.h.
	* (lto_main): Clear file options at loop start, read any saved
	options from the first file handled, and re-issue options.
	* (lto.o): Add dependency on lto-opts.h.

2009-02-02  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_main): Stop LTO_TIMER and use

2009-01-30  H.J. Lu  <>

	PR lto/38995
	* lto-elf.c (init_shdr##BITS): Set the sh_addralign field

2009-01-29  Ramana Radhakrishnan  <>

	* (LTO_EXE): Link with all 

2009-01-28  H.J. Lu  <>

	PR bootstrap/38992
	* lto-elf.c: Include gelf.h instead of libelf.h.
	(lto_elf_file_close): Replace elfx_update_shstrndx with
	gelf_getehdr, elf_getscn, gelf_getshdr, gelf_update_shdr and

2009-01-28  H.J. Lu  <>

	PR middle-end/38996
	* lto-elf.c (DEFINE_INIT_EHDR): Initialize e_version.

2009-01-26  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_TYPES_COMPATIBLE_P): Update.

2009-01-26  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_types_compatible_p): Move to gimple.c
	and rename into gimple_types_compatible_p.

2009-01-12  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lang_hooks): Remove the const qualifier.

2009-01-06  Diego Novillo  <>

	* ltrans-driver: Mark 'all' target as phony.

2008-12-31  Diego Novillo  <>

	* ltrans-driver: Execute a NOP action for target 'all'.

2008-12-19  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_1_to_1_map): Tidy.

2008-12-19  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file_open): When FILENAME cannot
	be opened, show its name.
	* ltrans-driver: If $verbose is set, do not use parallelism.

2008-12-17  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_function): New.
	(lto_fixup_tree): Call lto_fixup_function.

2008-12-14  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (lto_1_to_1_map): Create a cgraph node set for any global
	variables if there is no function.

2008-12-10  Simon Baldwin  <>

	* ltrans-driver: Always run make in silent mode, to avoid make's
	trace on stdout interfering with lto-wrapper output.

2008-12-10  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c	(lto_add_inline_clones): Do not force master clones of
	inlined functions already in SET to be static inline.

2008-12-04  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (globalize_context_t): New type to store states in
	globalization of cross-file statics.
	(globalize_cross_file_statics): New.
	(lto_scan_statics_in_ref_table): Walk tree to look for reachable
	static decls that need to be fixed up.
	(lto_scan_statics_in_cgraph_node): Change call interface to use
	a globalize_context_t CONTEXT for all states used.
	(lto_scan_statics_in_remaining_global_vars): New.
	(lto_promote_cross_file_statics): Use new call interface of
	LTO_SCAN_STATICS_IN_CGRAPH_NODE.  Handle remaining externally
	visible vars in the last set.

2008-12-03  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_tree): Do not emit an error when
	PREVAILING throw but T doesn't.

2008-12-02  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (lto_scan_statics_in_ref_table): New function factored out
	from code in ...
	(lto_scan_statics_in_cgraph_node): Handle both file-scope static
	variables and functions.
	(lto_promote_cross_file_statics): Rename bitmaps to SEEN_DECLS

2008-11-29  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c: Include timevar.h.
	(lto_materialize_function): Tidy.  Add comments.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Tidy.
	(lto_execute_ltrans): Tidy.
	(lto_main): Add local variable LTO_TIMER.  Initialize it
	Start and stop the timer.
	Tidy comments.
	* (lto.o): Add dependency on timevar.h.
	* ltrans-driver: React to -v and -save-temps.
	Use simple heuristic to determine how much parallelism to
	use when executing make.

2008-11-12  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (lto_bitmap_obstack): Remove var.
	(lto_materialize_function): Do nothing instead of marking function
	body in file if flag_wpa is true.
	(lto_add_all_inlinees): Use bitmap functions in lto-utils.c.
	(lto_scan_statics_in_cgraph_node): New function.
	(lto_promote_cross_file_statics): Same.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Call lto_promote_cross_file_statics.
	Use bitmap functions in lto-utils.c.  Remove unsued label OUT.
	* (lto/lto.o): Add lto-utils.h to dependency list.

2008-11-09  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto/lto.c (lto_fixup_tree): Change error message locus
	information to include location of mismatching
	Use TREE_NO_WARNING to avoid repeated messages.
	(lto_main): If lto_fixup_decls emitted any errors, exit.
	* lto/lto-lang.c: Don't include libfuncs.h and except.h
	(lto_init_options): Don't enable exceptions by default.
	(lto_eh_runtime_type): Move to lto-function-in.c
	(lto_init_eh): Likewise.
	(lto_init): Don't call lto_init_eh.
	* lto/ (lto-lang.o): Remove dependency on
	libfuncs.h and except.h.

2008-10-30  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_decls): Declare debug_main only if

2008-10-30  Simon Baldwin  <>

	* lto.c (lto_wpa_write_files): Create intermediate files with
	(lto_maybe_unlink): New.  Delete intermediate WPA files unless
	(lto_main): Call lto_maybe_unlink() for intermediate WPA files.
	* ltrans-driver: Do not strip directory from output files.

2008-10-29  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (free_decl): Call lto_symtab_clear_resolution when freeing
	* (LTO_OBJS): Remove lto/lto-symtab.o
	(lto/lto-symtab.o): Remove rule.
	* lto-tree.h (struct lang_identifier): Remove LTO specific fields.
	(struct lang_decl): Remove RESOLUTION and add DUMMY in struct.
	Remove macros.
	lto-symtab.c (File): Move up one level.
	lto-lang.c (cgraph.h): Remove include.
	(input_overwrite_node, input_node, input_edge, input_cgraph_1,
	input_cgraph): Move to lto-cgraph.c in gcc directory above.
	(LANG_HOOKS_INPUT_CGRAPH): Remove use of macro.

2008-10-24 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto-function-in.c (get_resolution): Return LDPR_PREEMPTED_IR for
	non prevailing weak symbols.

2008-10-24 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto-lang.c (input_cgraph_1): Iterate over nodes, not cgraph_nodes.

2008-10-24 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto-lang.c (input_node): Avoid casts from pointers to ints of
	different types.

2008-10-23  Simon Baldwin  <>

	* lto-lang.c (input_node): Save the node reference, rather than the
	node pointer, in node->inlined_to.
	(input_cgraph_1): Convert node references into node pointers.

2008-10-22  Diego Novillo  <>
	    Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto.c (lto_resolution_read): Tidy.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_prevailing_decl): Do not
	abort if RET is NULL.

2008-10-22  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_tree): Check for NOTHROW conflict only if
	exceptions flag is given.
	* lto-lang.c: (lto_init_options) Set default exceptions flag.
	(lto_init_eh): Remove exceptions flag initialization.
	(lto_init): Only call lto_init_eh if exceptions flag is set. 

2008-10-21  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c: Tidy some formatting.
	* lto.h: Likewise.

2008-10-21  Simon Baldwin  <>

	* lto-symtab.c: (lto_same_type_p): Types cannot be equal if one of
	them is NULL (but not the other).

2008-10-17  Diego Novillo  <>

	* ltrans-driver: Divert output from make to a temporary file.
	Show it if the call to make failed.

2008-10-15  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_wpa_write_files): Reformat do-while loop.
	Do not print TEMP_FILENAME
	* ltrans-driver: Call make with -s.

2008-10-15  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Do not force
	TREE_STATIC on global symbols.

2008-10-14  Ollie Wild  <>

	(lto.all.cross): Add LTRANS_DRIVER_EXE.
	(lto.all.encap): Add LTRANS_DRIVER_EXE.
	(lto.install.common): Remove ltrans-driver.
	(lto.mostlyclean): Add LTRANS_DRIVER_EXE.
	(LTRANS_DRIVER_EXE): New build rule.
	* (compilers): Add ltrans-driver.

2008-10-14  Diego Novillo  <>

	* (LTRANS_DRIVER_INSTALL_NAME): Disable transformation
	of program name.

2008-10-13  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lang-spec.h (@lto): Replace lto1_options with cc1_options.
	* lto.c (lto_execute_ltrans): Add "-fno-wpa -fltrans -xlto" to CFLAGS.
	* ltrans-driver (LTRANS_FLAGS): Remove.

2008-10-08  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_tree): Remove ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED from DATA.
	and TREE_BINFO.  Also move code handling FUNCTION_DECL and VAR_DECL
	from lto_fixup_state to here.
	(lto_fixup_state): Take an lto_fixup_data_t object DATA instead of
	just a free-list.  Fix up types also.  Move decl merging code to
	(lto_fixup_state_aux): Change AUX to point to an lto_fixup_data_t
	(lto_fixup_decls): Use another pointer set to avoid multiple
	walking of nodes except for DECLs to be replaced.  Pass an
	lto_fixup_data_t object to tree-walker.

2008-10-08 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_set_resolution): New.
	(lto_symtab_merge_decl): Use lto_symtab_set_resolution and
	(lto_symtab_prevailing_decl): Return decl for non public decls.
	(lto_symtab_get_resolution): New.
	* lto.c (lto_fixup_tree, lto_fixup_state): Remove unecessary checks.

2008-10-06 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto-lang.c: Include cgraph.h.
	(input_overwrite_node, input_node, input_edge, input_cgraph_1,
	input_cgraph): Moved from lto-cgraph.c.

2008-10-03 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto.c (lto_fixup_tree, lto_fixup_state): Fix the FIXME.

2008-10-03 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_overwrite_decl): Remove. Remove all calls.
	(lto_symtab_merge_decl): Update  LTO_IDENTIFIER_DECL the reflect the
	prevailing definition. Don't mark TREE_NOTHROW differences.
	* lto.c (lto_fixup_tree): New.
	(lto_fixup_state): New.
	(lto_fixup_state_aux): New.
	(free_decl): New.
	(lto_fixup_decls): New.
	(lto_main): Call lto_fixup_decls.

2008-10-02  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lang.opt (fltrans): Moved from common.opt.  Remove RejectNegative
	and Init.
	(fwpa): Moved from common.opt.  Remove RejectNegative and Init.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_post_options): Add validation and fixups for
	-fltrans and -fwpa.

2008-10-02 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_var, lto_symtab_merge_fn,
	lto_symtab_merge_decl): Return void.
	(lto_symtab_prevailing_decl): New.

2008-09-30 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_compatible): Remove the check for already
	defined symbols.
	(lto_symtab_overwrite_decl): Copy LTO_DECL_RESOLUTION.
	(lto_symtab_merge_decl): Store symbol resolution in LTO_DECL_RESOLUTION.
	Check for already defined symbols.
	* lto-tree.h (lang_decl): Remove dummy and add resolution fields.

2008-09-30 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_decls): Use new input_tree signature.

2008-09-26  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (lto_main): Call lto_fixup_nothrow_decls to fix up function
	bodies affected by exception attribute merging of DECLs.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Handle exception attribute

2008-09-25  Rafael Espindola  <>

	(lto/lto-lang.o, lto/lto.o, lto/lto-symtab.o) Use LTO_TREE_H.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_compatible): New.
	(lto_symtab_overwrite_decl): New.
	(lto_symtab_merge_decl): Refactor to use the above functions
	and the resolution from lang_identifier.
	* lto-tree.h: Include plugin-api.h.
	(lang_identifier): Add resolution.

2008-09-25  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lang.opt (fltrans-output-list=): New option.
	* lto.c (lto_execute_ltrans): Output file names to ltrans_output_list.

2008-09-25 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto.c (lto_resolution_read): Initialize ret;

2008-09-24  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lto.c (sys/mman.h): Move include.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Return a list of written files.
	(lto_execute_ltrans): New function.
	(lto_main): Call lto_execute_ltrans.
	(ltrans-driver): New file.
	* lto-lang.c (DEFAULT_LTRANS_DRIVER): New macro.
	(lto_init_options): Initialize ltrans_driver.
	(lto_handle_option): Fix incorrect default output value.
	* lang.opt (fltrans-driver=): New option.
	(lto.install-common): Add lto/ltrans-driver.

2008-09-24 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* (LTO_OBJS): Add lto/common.o.
	(lto/lto.o): Depend on lto/common.h.
	(lto/common.o): New.
	* lang.opt (resolution): New.
	* lto-lang.c (resolution_file_name): New.
	(lto_handle_option): Handle OPT_resolution.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Add a resolution argument.
	(lto_symtab_merge_var,lto_symtab_merge_fn): Add a resolution argument.
	pass it to lto_symtab_merge_decl.
	* lto.c: Include common.h.
	(lto_read_decls): Add resolutions and resolutions_size arguments.
	Initialize data_in.globals_resolution and
	(index_and_symbol_resolution): New.
	(lto_resolution_read): New.
	(lto_file_read): Add argument resolution_file.
	Read resolution.
	* lto.h (resolution_file_name): New.

2008-09-23 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* common.c: Update description.
	* common.h: Update description.

2008-09-23 Rafael Espindola  <>

	* common.c: Moved from lto-plugin.
	* common.h: Moved from lto-plugin.

2008-09-22  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c	(VEC(bitmap,heap)): Declare.
	(lto_materialize_function): Handle WAP mode specially.
	(lto_add_inline_clones): New.
	(lto_add_all_inlinees): Changle algorithm and to use bitmaps.  Also
	return a bitmap of inlined decls.
	(lto_wpa_write_files): Handle all DECLs brought in by inlining.
	(lto_main): Call reset_inline_failed to reset inlining states.
    	Check call-graph after WPA inlining.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_init): Do not clear flag_generate_lto

2008-09-19  Doug Kwan  <>

	lto.c (lto_main): Remove unsued wrapper code.
	lang-specs.h (@lto): Use lto1_options instead of cc1_options.

2008-09-19  Rafael Espindola  <>

	* lto-symtab.c: Include lto-tree-in.h.
	* lto-tree.h (lto_symtab_merge_var, lto_symtab_merge_fn): Remove.
	* lto.h (lto_symtab_merge_var, lto_symtab_merge_fn): Remove
	* (lto/lto-symtab.o): Add lto-tree-in.h.

2008-09-17  Paolo Bonzini  <>
	    Rafael Avila de Espindola  <>

	(emit_local_var): Remove.
	(lto_expand_expr): Remove.
	(lto_staticp): Remove.

2008-09-11  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c: Include except.h and libfuncs.h.
	(lto_init_eh): New.
	(lto_init): Call it.
	Set flag_generate_lto to 0.
	* (lto-lang.o): Add dependency on except.h
	and libfuncs.h.

2008-09-09  Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto-lang.c: Include header file expr.h.
	COMPOUND_LITERAL_EXPR_DECL): Copied from c-common.h.
	(emit_local_var):  Copied from c-semantics.c.
	(lto_expand_expr, lto_staticp): Copied from c_expand_expr
	and c_staticp in c-common.c.

2008-09-08  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_global_bindings_p): Return 1 during
	IPA passes.

2008-09-07  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c: Tidy formatting.

2008-08-04  Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Add comment.
2008-09-03  Doug Kwan  <>

	lto.c (lto_add_all_inlinees): Reset FAILED_REASON of edges to
	CIF_OK instead of NULL.

2008-09-02  Diego Novillo  <>
	    Simon Baldwin  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_type_for_size): Rewrite.  Adapt from
	(lto_type_for_mode): Remove ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED markers.
	(lto_init): Call linemap_add.
	(signed_and_unsigned_types): Remove.

2008-08-29  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-lang.c (handle_noreturn_attribute): New local function.
	(handle_const_attribute): New local function.
	(handle_malloc_attribute): New local function.
	(handle_pure_attribute): New local function.
	(handle_novops_attribute): New local function.
	(handle_nonnull_attribute): New local function.
	(handle_nothrow_attribute): New local function.
	(handle_sentinel_attribute): New local function.
	(handle_type_generic_attribute): New local function.
	(handle_format_attribute): New local function.
	(handle_format_arg_attribute): New local function.
	(lto_attribute_table): Declare.
	(lto_format_attribute_table): Declare.
	(lto_init_attributes): New local function.
	(lto_define_builtins): Call it.
	Call targetm.init_builtins and build_common_builtin_nodes.

2008-08-28  Diego Novillo  <>

	* (lto-lang.o): Replace tree-gimple.h with
	(lto-symtab.o): Add dependency on $(GIMPLE_H).
	* lto-lang.c: Include gimple.h instead of tree-gimple.h.
	* lto-symtab.c: Include gimple.h.
	* lto-tree.h (chain_next): Replace GENERIC_NEXT with

2008-08-27  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (vec.h, bitmap.h, pointer-set.h, ipa-prop.h, ggc.h,
	gt-lto-lto.h): New includes.
	(lto_materialize_function): Do not read in function body in WPA mode.
	Format a line to fit in 80 columns.
	(lto_cgraph_node_sets): New garbage collected variable.
	(lto_1_to_1_map, lto_add_all_inlinees, lto_wpa_write_files):
	New functions.
	(lto_main): Initialize bitmap obstack.  Add code to handle WPA mode.
	* (LTO_H): Replace filename lto-section-in.h with 
	variable LTO_SECTION_IN_H.
	(lto/lto.o): Include gt-lto-lto-c.h ggc.h ,VEC_H, BITMAP_H,
	pointer-set.h and IPA_PROP_H. Also replace filename lto-section-in.h
	with variable LTO_SECTION_IN_H.
	* (gtfiles): Add lto/lto.c.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Set DECL_CONTEXT of
	merged DECL_RESULT correctly.

2008-08-26  Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto-lang.c  Include tree-gimple.h.
	(lto_mark_addressable): Call mark_addressable rather than
	(lto_post_options): Suppress debug info generation.
	* Add dependency of lto-lang.o on tree-gimple.h.
2008-08-25  Bill Maddox <>

	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Remove a suspect
	assertion and leave an explanatory comment in its place.
2008-08-21  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (preload_common_nodes): Call lto_get_common_nodes to get a list
	of common nodes instead of computing locallly.
	(lto_read_in_decl_state): New.
	(lto_read_decls): Change code for udpate in struct lto_decl_header.
	Read global and per-function in-decl states.
	* (LTO_H): Update dependency.
	(lto/lto.o): Same.
	(lto-symtab.c): Merge	(revision 139039)
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Merge DECL_RESULT.

2008-08-21  Rafael Espindola  <>

	* (target_libs): New.

2008-08-20  Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto.c (current_lto_file): Remove GTY marker from static
	variable.  Remove include of file gt-lto-lto.h.
	* Remove dependency of lto/lto.o on
	* lto-elf.c (lto_file_close): Removed.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Use XCNEW instead of GGC_CNEW to
	allocate lto_elf_file object.
	(lto_elf_file_close): Free lto_elf_file object after close.
	* lto.h (struct lto_file_struct): Remove GTY marker.
	* Remove lto/lto.h and lto/lto.c from
2008-08-20  Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_decls): Provide dummy argument to input_tree
	to conform to its new signature.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Do not invoke ggc_free
	on discarded node here, now called in global_vector_fixup.
2008-08-09  Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto.c (preload_common_nodes): Verify that fileptr_type_node
	has not been set to a front-end-specific value.
2008-08-05  Doug Kwan  <>
	* (lto-symtab.o): Add missing dependencies to fix
	build breakage.

2008-07-30  Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto.c (lto_materialize_function): Call lto_original_decl_name.
	Remove obsolete comments.
	(lto_read_decls): Remove initialization of deleted field
	Tidy up comments.
	(lto_main): Remove redundant initialization of section_hash_table.
	* lto-elf.c: Removed obsolete comments.
	* lto.h: Tidy up comments.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_least_common_multiple): New function.
	(lto_symtab_merge_decl): Merge variable alignments in some cases.
	Tidy up comments.

2008-07-25  Diego Novillo  <>
	    Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto.c: Re-order include files.
	Include lto-section-out.h.
	(preload_common_nodes): Add debugging output.
	Add new local INDEX_TABLE.
	Call preload_common_node.
	* (lto.o): Add dependency on lto-section-out.h

2008-07-13  Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_decls): Cast pointer to const char * to avoid
	unwanted scaling during pointer addition.

2008-07-11  Bill Maddox  <>
	    Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_decls): Fix C++ compatibility warnings.
	Make code const-correct.
	(lto_file_read): Fix C++ compatibility warnings.
	(lto_read_section_data):  Fix C++ compatibility warnings.
	(lto_get_section_data): Use CONST_CAST to avoid warning when
	const pointer passed to free.
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_build_section_table): Fix C++
	compatibility warnings.
	(lto_elf_append_data):  Fix C++ compatibility warnings.  Use CONST_CAST
	to avoid warning assigning const pointer to d_buf field of Elf_Data.
	(lto_get_current_out_file):  Fix C++ compatibility warnings.

2008-07-11  Diego Novillo  <>

	* (lto-warn): Define.

2008-07-03  Simon Baldwin  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_decls): Wrapped debug-only data items within #ifdef

2008-06-27  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lto-elf.c (lto-section-out.h): New include.
	(struct lto_elf_file): Remove bits member.  Add scn, shstrtab_stream,
	and data members.
	(cached_file_attrs): New static variable.
	(lto_elf_get_shdr, lto_elf_free_shdr): Remove elf_file parameter.
	Use cached_file_attrs for checking bits.
	(lto_elf_build_section_table): Remove elf_file argument from
	lto_elf_get_shdr and lto_elf_free_shdr calls.
	(DEFINE_INIT_SHDR): New macro.
	(init_shdr32, init_shdr64): New functions defined via the
	(lto_elf_begin_section_with_type): New function.
	(lto_elf_begin_section): New function.
	(lto_elf_append_data): New function.
	(lto_elf_end_section): New function.
	(validate_ehdr32, validate_ehdr64): New functions defined via the
	(validate_file): New function.
	(DEFINE_INIT_EHDR): New macro.
	(init_ehdr32, init_ehdr64): New functions defined via the
	(init_ehdr): New function.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Add support for writable files.  Move some
	validation logic to validate_file.
	(lto_elf_file_close): Add support for writable files.  Write file data
	and free data blocks.
	(current_out_file): New static variable.
	(lto_set_current_out_file): New function.
	(lto_get_current_out_file): New function.
	* lto.c (lto_main): Add writable argument to lto_elf_file_open calls.
	Add temporary initialization for testing ELF serialization.
	* lto.h (lto-section-out.h): New include.
	(struct lto_file_struct): Slight modification to comment.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Add writable parameter.
	(lto_elf_begin_section): New function declaration.
	(lto_elf_append_data): New function declaration.
	(lto_elf_end_section): New function declaration.
	(lto_set_current_out_file, lto_get_current_out_file): New function
	* lto-lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_BEGIN_SECTION): Set as lto_elf_begin_section.
	(LANG_HOOKS_APPEND_DATA): Set as lto_elf_append_data.
	(LANG_HOOKS_END_SECTION): Set as lto_elf_end_section.
	* (LTO_H): Add lto-section-out.h.

2008-06-12  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lto.h (struct lto_file_vtable_struct): Remove.
	(struct lto_file_struct): Remove vtable member.
	* lto-elf.c (lto_file_init): Remove vtable argument.
	(lto_elf_map_optional_lto_section): Remove.
	(lto_elf_unmap_section): Remove.
	(lto_elf_file_vtable): Remove.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Remove lto_elf_file_vtable argument from
	lto_file_init call.
	(lto_elf_find_section_data): Remove.

2008-06-11  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lto.c (lto_file_read): Add const qualifier to data variable.

2008-06-11  Diego Novillo  <>

	Merge from lto-streamber sub-branch.

	2008-06-04  Ollie Wild  <>

		* lto.c: Remove inclusion of dwarf2.h and dwarf2out.h.
		* (lto.o): Remove dependency on dwarf2.h.

	2008-05-28  Bill Maddox  <>

		Replace the DWARF reader in the LTO front-end.

		* lto.c: Include lto-tree-in.h, lto-tags.h.
		(enum DWARF2_class, DW_cl_constant, struct
		DWARF2_form_data, struct lto_context,
		lto_fd_init, lto_info_fd_init,
		lto_abbrev_fd_init, lto_info_fd_close,
		lto_file_init, lto_file_close,
		lto_file_corrupt_error, lto_abi_mismatch_error,
		lto_read_uleb128, lto_read_sleb128,
		lto_read_initial_length, lto_abbrev_read_attrs,
		lto_abbrev_read, lto_abbrev_read_lookup,
		lto_read_comp_unit_header, find_cu_for_offset,
		attribute_value_as_constant, lto_cache_hash,
		lto_cache_eq, lto_cache_store_DIE,
		lto_cache_lookup_DIE, lto_find_integral_type,
		lto_unsupported_attr_error, lto_get_identifier,
		lto_read_member_DIE, lto_read_abbrev,
		lto_get_body): Removed.
		(preload_common_nodes): New function.
		(lto_read_decls): Convert for new global streamer.
		lto_read_unspecified_type_DIE, lto_read_DIE,
		lto_read_child_DIEs, lto_collect_child_DIEs):
		(lto_info_read, lto_set_cu_context): Removed.
		(lto_file_read): Convert for new global streamer.
		(lto_resolve_type_ref, lto_read_DIE_at_ptr,
		lto_resolve_var_ref, lto_resolve_fn_ref,
		lto_resolve_field_ref, lto_resolve_typedecl_ref,
		lto_resolve_namespacedecl_ref): Removed.
		(lto_file_init, lto_file_close): Moved to lto-elf.c.
		* lto-tree.h (lto_symtab_merge_var,
		lto_symtab_mergee_fun): Declare here.
		* lto-elf.c (lto_file_init, lto_file_close): Moved from lto.c.
		(lto_elf_file_open): Removed code to read DWARF debug sections.
		* lto.h (lto_context, DWARF2_attr, DWARF2_abbrev,
		DWARF2_CompUnit, lto_die_ptr,
		lto_die_cache_entry, lto_fd, lto_info_fd,
		lto_abbrev_fd): Removed.
		(lto_file): Removed debug_info and debug_abbrev fields.
		(lto_ref): Removed.
		(lto_file_init, lto_file_close,
		lto_resolve_type_ref, lto_resolve_var_ref,
		lto_resolve_fn_ref, lto_resolve_field_ref,
		lto_get_file_name): Removed declarations.
		(lto_symtab_merge_var, lto_symtab_merge_fn):
		Declarations moved to lto-tree.h.
		* lto-symtab.c (lto_compatible_attributes_p):
		Lobotomize this, as it barfs on "Hello, world!".
		* lto-section-out.c: Include lto-tree-out.h.
		lto_eq_global_slot_node, preload_common_nodes,
		write_global_stream, write_global_references):
		New functions.
		(produce_asm_for_decls): Convert for new global streamer.
		* lto-section-out.h (lto_hash_global_slot_node,
		lto_eq_global_slot_node): Declare.

2008-06-07  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	    Jan Hubicka  <>
	* lto.c (sys/mman.h, tree-pass.h): New includes.
	lto_materialize_function): Keeps length of section.
	(lto_materialize_cgraph): Removed.
	(lto_read_decls): Initialize fd field.
	(lto_file_read): Different return type and removed much code to
	(page_mask): New variable.
	(lto_read_section_data, get_section_data, free_section_data): New
	(lto_main): Now calls pass manager, sets the hooks so that the ipa
	passes can get the section data. 
2008-05-27  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto.h (lto_read_decls): Made local.
	(lto_input_function_body, lto_input_constructors_and_inits, 
	lto_input_cgraph): Declarations moved to lto-section-in.h.
	* lto-section-in.c: Moved to .. .
	* lto-cgraph-in.c: Ditto.
	* lto-section-in.h: Ditto.
	* lto-function-in.c: Ditto.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_handle_option): Added ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED to parms.
	(lto_insert_block): Removed.
	* (lto-cgraph-in.o, lto-function-in.o,
	lto-section-in.o): Rules moved to lto/

2008-05-16  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lto-lang.c (tree-inline.h): Include.
	(lto_post_options): New function.
	* lto-cgraph-in.c (overwrite_node): Set node->global.insns.
	* lto-function-in.c (input_bb): Set TREE_BLOCK (stmt).

2008-05-13  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-function-in.c (input_ssa_names): Call
	make_ssa_name_fn instead of make_ssa_name.

2008-05-12  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto-cgraph-in.c (overwrite_node): Update references to
	inline summary fields.
	* lto-function-in.c (input_expr_operand): Do not handle

2008-05-09  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lang.opt: New file.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_init_options): New function.
	(lto_handle_option): New function.
	(lto_init): Move initialization of flag_unit_at_a_time to

2008-04-29  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_namespace_DIE): New function.
	(lto_read_DIE): Add lto_read_namespace_DIE callback.  Cache
	(lto_resolve_namespacedecl_ref): New function.
	* lto.h (lto_resolve_namespacedecl_ref): New function.
	* lto-section-in.c (lto_read_decls): Read namespace declarations.
	* lto-section-in.h (struct lto_file_decl_data): Add namespace_decls
	and num_namespace_decls.
	* lto-function-in.c (input_expr_operand): Add NAMESPACE_DECL case.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_init_ts): New function.
	(LANG_HOOKS_INIT_TS): Set as lto_init_ts.

2008-04-16  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lto-function-in.c (input_type_ref): Updated function description.

2008-04-16  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lto-function-in.c (input_type_ref_1): New function.
	(input_type_ref): Split into two functions.
	(input_function): Add support for type contexts.

2008-04-16  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lto.c (lto_materialize_function): Use DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME to compute
	section name

2008-04-16  Ollie Wild  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_compile_unit_DIE): Add DW_LANG_C_plus_plus to the
	list of supported languages.

2008-03-25  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	Merge with mainline @133491.

2008-03-05  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	    Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto.c (lto_info_fd_init, lto_info_fd_close): Get rid of
	(lto_get_file_name, lto_materialize_cgraph): New function.
	lto_materialize_function): Read info directly from elf file.
	(lto_file_read): Made local and initialize dictionary so that
	other lto sections can be read without reprocessing the elf file.
	(lto_main): Read all functions after all files have been processed
	for their types, globals and cgraph.  
	* (lto.o, lto-cgraph-in.c, lto-section-in): Changed
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file): Removed strtab, symtab fields.
	(hash_name, eq_name, lto_elf_build_section_table): New functions.
	(lto_elf_read_symtab): Removed function.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Removed call to lto_elf_read_symtab.
	* lto.h (lto_info_fd_struct): Removed unmaterialized_fndecls.
	(lto_file_read): Made local.
	(lto_get_file_name, lto_elf_build_section_table,
	New function.
	* lto-section-in.c (lto_read_section_data, lto_get_section_data):
	New functions.
	(lto_read_decls): Get the file name.
	* lto-cgraph-in.c: New file.
	* lto-function-in.c (tag_to_expr): Stops at LTO_tree_last_tag.
	(input_expr_operand, lto_read_body): Set lto_debug_context.tag_names.
	(input_labels): Fixed latent sizeof issue.
	(input_function): Build stmt array to set call sites into cgraph
	(lto_read_body): Reset cfun->curr_properties.
	* lto_section_in.h (lto_section_slot): New structure.
	(section_hash_table.lto_file_decl_data): New field.

2008-02-09  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_const): Remove code to
	reconstruct static initializers.
	(lto_get_body, lto_materialize_function): Add lto_section_type as
	a parameter.
	lto_materialize_file_data): New function.
	lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Renamed unmap_fn_body to
	unmap_section and map_fn_body to map_section.
	(lto_set_cu_context): Process functions and static inits
	* (LTO_H, lto/lto-function-in.o,
	lto/lto-section-in.o): Update dependencies.
	* lto/lto-elf.c (lto_elf_map_optional_lto_section): Add
	lto_section_type parameter.
	(lto_elf_unmap_fn_body): Renamed to lto_elf_unmap_section.
	* lto.h (lto_file_vtable_struct): Removed two of the fields and 
	renamed the other two so that there is only one map function and
	one unmap function and each takes a section type parameter.
	(lto_read_function_body): Renamed to lto_input_function_body and
	added file_data parameter.
	(lto_read_var_init): Removed.
	(lto_input_constructors_and_inits): New function.
	* lto-section-in.c (lto_read_decls): New function.
	* lto-function-in.c (data_in): Moved fields field_decls, fn_decls,
	var_decls, type_decls, types to lto_file_decl_data.
	(input_type_ref, input_expr_operand, lto_read_body): Get
	field_decls, fn_decls, var_decls, type_decls, types from different
	(input_globals, input_constructor, lto_read_var_init): Removed.
	(input_constructors_or_inits): New function.
	(lto_read_function_body, lto_input_constructors_and_inits):
	Renamed to lto_input_function_body and takes file_data parameter.
	* lto-section-in.h (lto_file_decl_data): New structure.
2008-01-28  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-function-in.c (input_globals.c): Changed input type to
	(input_bb): Removed code to deserialize the stmt number.
	(input_function): Renumber all stmts after they are input.
	(lto_read_body, lto_read_function_body, lto_read_var_init):
	Changed to used new header format and enum section_type.
	*lto-lang.c (success): Removed. 
2008-01-28  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_lookup_sym): Remove unused function.
	(lto_elf_free_sym): Likewise.

	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_read_var_init): Remove unused function.
	(lto_elf_build_init): Likewise.

2008-01-14  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c: Renamed to lto-function-in.c.
	(input_1_unsigned): Moved to lto-section-in.c and renamed
	(input_uleb128): Moved to lto-section-in.c and renamed
	(input_widest_uint_uleb128): Moved to lto-section-in.c and renamed
	(input_sleb128): Moved to lto-section-in.c and renamed
	(input_integer): Moved to lto-section-in.c and renamed
	(debug_in_fun): Moved to lto-section-in.c and renamed
	(input_block): Moved to lto-section-in.h and renamed
	(input_expr_operand): Fixed to allow lists with more than one
	* lto-section-in.h: New file.
	* lto-section-in.c: New file with changes from above.
	* (lto-read.o): Renamed lto-function-in.c.
	(lto-section-in.o): New rule.
2007-12-29  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Mark static and external
	VAR_DECLs as needed.

2007-12-29  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-read.c (input_integer): Use the correct shift amount.

2007-12-29  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_pushdecl): Do nothing instead of aborting.

2007-12-27  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_find_integral_type): Define as a macro.  Rename the
	original function to...
	(lto_find_integral_type_1): ...this.  Consult UNSIGNEDP if we
	don't have a base type.
	(lto_read_enumeration_type_DIE): Examine the values of the
	enumeration to determine whether we can use an unsigned type for
	the base type of the enumeration.

2007-12-24  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_structure_union_class_type_DIE): Set TYPE_MODE
	and TYPE_ALIGN on UNION_TYPEs as soon as possible.

2007-12-22  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_types_compatible_p): New function.

2007-12-22  Nathan Froyd  <>
	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Fixed uninitialize var warning.
	(input_local_vars): Read in DECL_INITIAL and context for local
	statics that need to be put in unexpanded_vars_list.

2007-12-21  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-read.c (input_real): Use a separate null-terminated buffer
	for calling real_from_string.
	(input_expr_operand): If we take the address of a FUNCTION_DECL,
	tell cgraph that it's needed.

2007-12-19  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_base_type_DIE): Handle complex integer types.

2007-12-18  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_DIE): Call lto_read_only_for_child_DIEs instead.
	(lto_file_read): Reset the members of 'context' every time we read
	a toplevel DIE, with special attention to last_param_type.

2007-12-18  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Initialize
	'declaration'.  Set the assembler name for non-public functions.

2007-12-17  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto_read.c (data_in.unexpanded_indexes): New array.
	(input_local_var): Added code to read in unexpanded_var_list
	indexes for variables.  Only read in DECL_CHAIN field for
	(input_local_vars): Added code to rebuild unexpanded_var_list in
	order using unexpanded_indexes.
	(input_function): Added code to set DECL_CONTEXT for functions.

2007-12-13  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_pointer_reference_type_DIE): Handle optional name
	in pointer and reference types.

2007-12-13  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Use DECL_RESULT when reading a

2007-12-13  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_array_type_DIE): Return the cached DIE if we've
	already read the DIE.
	(lto_get_body): New function, split out from...
	(lto_materialize_function):  Call it.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Call lto_get_body to
	determine DECL_EXTERNAL.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Merge the DECL_RESULTs of
	FUNCTION_DECLs when necessary.  Use the type of the actual
	function definition if we are unable to easily merge types.  Ignore
	spurious DECL_MODE mismatches on VAR_DECLs.  Merge DECL_MODEs when

2007-12-13  Nathan Froyd  <>


2007-12-12  Bill Maddox  <>

	2007-12-07  Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto.c (lto_str_fd_init): New function.
	(lto_str_fd_close): New function.
	(lto_file_init): Call lto_str_fd_init.
	(lto_file_close): Call lto_str_fd_close.
	(lto_str_read): New function. Read debug string table.
	(lto_str_lookup): New function. Get string for debug
	string table offset.
	(lto_read_form): Recognize DW_FORM_strp.
	(lto_file_read): Invoke lto_str_read.

	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file_open): Read raw section data
	for the .debug_str section, if present.

	* lto.h (struct lto_str_fd_struct): New struct.
	(struct lto_file_struct): Added new field DEBUG_STR
	to hold the file descriptor for the debug string table.
2007-12-07  Bill Maddox  <>

	* lto.c (lto_str_fd_init): New function.
	(lto_str_fd_close): New function.
	(lto_file_init): Call lto_str_fd_init.
	(lto_file_close): Call lto_str_fd_close.
	(lto_str_read): New function. Read debug string table.
	(lto_str_lookup): New function. Get string for debug
	string table offset.
	(lto_read_form): Recognize DW_FORM_strp.
	(lto_file_read): Invoke lto_str_read.

	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file_open): Read raw section data
	for the .debug_str section, if present.

	* lto.h (struct lto_str_fd_struct): New struct.
	(struct lto_file_struct): Added new field DEBUG_STR
	to hold the file descriptor for the debug string table.

2007-12-07  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-read.c (input_cfg): Call init_empty_tree_cfg_for_function.
	Grow the basic_block_info and label_to_block_map vectors if
	necessary.  Read in the block chain.

2007-12-06  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_DIE): Set TYPE_ALIAS_SET where necessary.

2007-12-06  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_form): Add DW_cl_address for DW_AT_const_value.

2007-12-06  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Don't check for MTAGs.
	(lto_read_body): Don't declare PROP_alias.

2007-12-06  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Handle FUNCTION_DECLs without
	argument type information.

2007-12-03  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Set
	TREE_THIS_VOLATILE if the associated type is a volatile type.
	(lto_materialize_function): Remove call to init_ssa_operands.
	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Add SSA_NAME_VAR as a referenced
	variable when reading an SSA_NAME.  Do the same when reading a
	(input_cfg): Call init_ssa_operands.
	(input_ssa_names): Set the default def of an SSA_NAME if necessary.
	Move call to init_tree_ssa...
	(lto_read_body):  Use push_cfun and pop_cfun.  Call
	add_referenced_var on any variables referenced from the body of the
	function.  Inform the rest of the compiler we are in SSA form and
	inform later passes about the current properties.

2007-11-30  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_materialize_function): Add FIXME.

2007-11-29  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-lang.c (enum built_in_attribute): New enum.
	(flag_no_builtin, flag_no_nonansi_builtin, flag_isoc94, flag_isoc99,
	built_in_attributes): New variables.
	(def_builtin_1): New function.
	(lto_define_builtins): #define DEF_BUILTIN and include builtins.def.

2007-11-28  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Set
	DECL_SOURCE_LOCATION for debugging purposes.
	(lto_read_member_DIE): Set DECL_SOURCE_LOCATION.  If we have read a
	bitfield, use the type specified by the DIE for TREE_TYPE and defer
	laying out the decl until later.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Compare the function's
	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Set TREE_ADDRESSABLE on the
	operand of an ADDR_EXPR.
	* lto-lang.c (enum lto_builtin_type): New enum.
	(builtin_type): New typedef.
	(builtin_types, string_type_node, const_string_type_node,
	wint_type_node, intmax_type_node, uintmax_type_node,
	signed_size_type_node): New variables.
	(def_fn_type, builtin_type_for_size, lto_define_builtins,
	lto_build_c_type_nodes): New functions.
	(lto_init): Initialize builtin types.
	(lto_set_decl_assembler_name): Let the target machine mangle the
	name if the decl is TREE_PUBLIC, otherwise uniquify it.

2007-11-21  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Don't
	the type is a constant type.  Set the assembler name and inform
	the rest of the compiler about the new decl if the decl is not
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Don't check for equivalency
	of DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME when determining if we have a builtin.  Don't
	try to read in function bodies for functions that already have bodies.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_same_type_p): Check for unbounded array
	(lto_symtab_merge_decl): Don't merge decls that aren't TREE_PUBLIC.
	Check for whether we matched a builtin function type before calling
	lto_same_type_p on the generated type.  Permit cases where the
	declaration of an array is unbounded, but the definition is bounded.
	Don't combine TREE_PUBLIC flags.  Copy over DECL_SIZE and
	DECL_SIZE_UNIT if necessary.

2007-11-16  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Get types right 

2007-11-16  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (make_new_block, input_cfg): Properly set
2007-11-16  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_array_type_DIE): Handle DIEs with DW_AT_GNU_vector
	set properly by building a VECTOR_TYPE instead of an ARRAY_TYPE.

2007-11-16  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_base_type_DIE): Use make_bitfield_integer_type to
	construct the integer type for bitfields.

2007-11-16  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (data_in.current_node_has_loc): Removed.
	(input_line_info): Returns true if node needs line set.
	(set_line_info): Always sets line if called.
	(clear_line_info): Removed reference to current_node_needs_loc.
	(input_expr_operand): Keeps track locally if current node needs a loc.
	(input_local_var): Added code to handle DECL_INITIAL for
	static local vars. Only set loc if necessary.
2007-11-15  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Fix thinko'd

2007-11-15  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c: Include langhooks.h.
	(lto_find_integral_type): Rework logic to handle the case where
	got_byte_size is true, but the bitsize requested and that of the
	base_type doesn't match.
	(lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Only check for
	asm_name if we are creating a VAR_DECL.
	(lto_materialize_function): Set DECL_EXTERNAL if we can't find a
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Check for a builtin
	function reference and use the builtin's decl if so.  Set the
	DECL_CONTEXT of the RESULT_DECL for the function.
	* lto-lang.c (registered_builtin_fndecls): New variable.
	(lto_getdecls): Return it.
	(lto_builtin_function): Chain the new decl onto

2007-11-15  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* lto-read.c (process_tree_flags, lto_static_init_local):
	(input_line_info, clear_line_info): Fixed new line number code.
	(input_expr_operand): Added type to SWITCH_EXPR.
	(lto_read_body): Properly initialized data_in.
	Clear line info when leaving.
2007-11-13  Diego Novillo  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE):
	Initialize ARTIFICIAL.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Initialize
	* lto-read.c (set_line_info): Remove ; from calls to

2007-11-13  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_type_ref): Renamed from get_type_ref.
	(input_expr_operand, input_local_var): Renamed get_type_ref to 
	(input_expr_operand): Get the types correct for 
	vector-cst.  Get SSA_NAME_DEF_STMT correct for return_exprs.
2007-11-13  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto-read.c (input_widest_uint_uleb128): New function.
	(input_tree_flags, process_tree_flags, input_line_info,
	input_expr_operand, input_local_var, input_phi, input_ssa_names):
	Change to use lto_flags_type and BITS_PER_LTO_FLAGS_TYPES instead of
	(lto_static_init_local): Add code to assert that lto_flags_type is
	wide enough.

2007-11-13  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_array_type_DIE): Handle DW_AT_GNU_vector.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Handle
	DW_AT_static_link and DW_AT_specification.  Return the
	specification if present.
	(lto_read_base_type_DIE): Handle DW_ATE_complex_float.
2007-11-13  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-lang.c: Include target.h.
	(registered_builtin_types): New variable.
	(lto_type_for_mode): Increase number of modes handled.
	(lto_builtin_function): Fix argument list and return the decl.
	(lto_register_builtin_type): New function.
	(lto_init): Initialize target builtins and language-independent

2007-11-13  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Added code to properly handle
	index filed. Added new RANGE_EXPR case.
2007-11-11  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (ADD_FUNC_FLAG): Deleted macro.
	(data_in): Added current_node_has_loc field.
	(input_line_info, set_line_info, clear_line_info): Added a support
	for USE_MAPPED_LOCATION and not adding line numbers to nodes that
	did not have on on the source side.
	(input_expr_operand): Make sure that GIMPLE_MODIFY_STMTS get line
	numbers too.

2007-11-09  Doug Kwan  <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Change type of operand 2 of
	BIT_FIELD_REF expression to be bitsizetype instead of sizetype.

2007-11-09  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c: Include lto-tree.h.  Effect small spaces->tabs cleanup.
	(lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Transfer bits
	from a DW_AT_specification or DW_AT_abstract_origin attribute to
	the new decl we are creating.  Move informing the middle end about
	the new decl to...
	(lto_main):  Inform the middle end about global variables
	after we have read in all the input files.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): We really do need to merge
	variables with internal linkage, so delete the check for internal
	linkage.  Combine TREE_PUBLIC flags.

2007-11-08  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Handle
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_decl): Handle redefinition of a
	builtin specially.  Move check for attribute compatibility

2007-11-07  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* (lto/lto.o): Depend on gt-lto-lto.h.
	* (gtfiles): Add lto.h and lto.c.
	* lto-elf.c: Include ggc.h.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Allocate elf_file from GC memory.
	* lto.c: Include tree-ssa-operands.h and gt-lto-lto.h
	(lto_info_fd_init): Allocate the die_cache and unmaterialized_fndecls
	in GC memory.
	(lto_info_fd_close): Free unmaterialized_fndecls from GC memory.
	(lto_file_close): Free file from GC memory.
	(lto_cache_store_DIE): Allocate the new entry in GC memory.
	(lto_read_member_DIE): Fix declaration.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): unmaterialized_fndecls lives
	in GC memory.
	(current_lto_file): New variable.
	(lto_main): Use it.
	(DWARF2_attr, DWARF2_abbrev, lto_die_ptr, DWARF2_CompUnit,
	lto_die_cache_entry): Move to...
	* lto.h: and add GTY markers as appropriate.  Delete forward
	declarations accordingly.
	(struct lto_file_struct): Declare.
	(lto_file_vtable): Use it instead of lto_file.

2007-11-06 Alon Dayan  <>
	   Kenneth Zadeck <>

	 * lto-read.c (process_flags, lto_static_init_local):
	 read flags of VAR_DECL and FUNCTION_DECL of size>1.
	 change global array num_flags_for_code to flags_length_for_code.
	 (set_line_info): Make decls work in USE_MAPPED_LOCATION mode.
2007-11-05  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_structure_union_class_type_DIE): Use proper record
	layout functions to compute information about the newly constructed

2007-11-02  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Change the LTO_return_expr1
	case to use DECL_RESULT if necessary.

2007-11-01  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_tree_list): Removed.
	(input_tree_flags): Added parameter to force flags no matter what
	tree code.
	(input_expr_operand): Added parameter to input_tree_flags.
	Added case for IDENTIFIER_NODE and TREE_LIST.  Changed ASM to call
	input_expr_operand rather than input_tree_lists.
	(input_local_var): Use input_expr_operand to read attributes
	rather then input_tree_list.
	(input_phi, input_ssa_names): Added parameter to input_tree_flags.

2007-10-31  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_typedef_DIE): Fix comment typo.
	(lto_resolve_typedecl_ref): Fetch the referred-to type and build a fake
	TYPE_DECL for it.
	* lto-read.c (lto_read_body): Use correct sizes for calculating
	type_decls_offset and types_offset.

2007-10-30  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-tree.h (union lang_tree_node): Change GTY description to chain
	* (gtfiles): Add lto-lang.c.
	* lto-lang.c: Include gt-lto-lto-lang.h.
	* (lto/lto-lang.o): Add dependency on gt-lto-lto-lang.h
	(lto/lto-symtab.o): Depend on LTO_H instead of TREE_H.
	(lto/lto-read.o): Likewise.

2007-10-29  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (data_in): Added type_decls and current_col fields.
	(string_slot): New type to hold canonized file name.
	(hash_string_slot_node, eq_string_slot_node, canon_file_name, 
	input_line_info, set_line_info, clear_line_info): New functions.
	(file_name_hash_table): New hash table.
	(input_local_var, input_labels, input_local_vars_index, 
	input_local_var, input_local_vars, input_ssa_names): Reorganized parameters.
	(input_uleb128): Changed type of byte var.
	(input_expr_operand): Large number of changes to get line numbers
	correct.  Added TYPE_DECL case.
	(input_globals): Added code to get TYPE_DECLs processed.
	(input_local_var): Added code to process line numbers and
	(input_function, input_constructor): Added call to
	(lto_static_init_local): Added code to get line numbers correct.
	(lto_read_body): Added code to get TYPE_DECLS read and to change
	parameters to the calls above that had their parms reorganized.

2007-10-29  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.h (lto_resolve_typedecl_ref): Declare.
	* lto.c (lto_resolve_typedecl_ref): New function.

2007-10-29  Mark Mitchell  <>
	    Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Read the child
	DIEs even if we find an abstract origin for this DIE.

2007-10-29  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Build the
	RESULT_DECL slightly earlier.  Only remember the decl for later
	if we successfully merge declarations.

2007-10-24  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Give label_values the proper
	context and provide switch statements with a default type.
2007-10-23  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-read.c (lto_read_body): Move call to init_ssa_operands...
	* lto.c (lto_materialize_function): here.

2007-10-22  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.h (struct lto_info_fd): Add field unmaterialized_fndecls.
	* lto.c (lto_info_fd_init): Initialize it.
	(lto_info_fd_close): Free it.
	(lto_materialize_function): New function.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Save the result decl on
	(lto_file_read): Read in all the function bodies after we have read
	all of the DWARF info.
	* lto-read.c (lto_read_body): Call init_ssa_operands if we are
	reading a function body.

2007-10-20  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_tree_flags): Renamed from input_flags to be
	semetric with output_tree_flags.  Added call to log flags.
	(process_tree_flags): Renamed from process_flags.  Fixed a lot of
	type issues to make everything consistent with flags being
	unsigned HOST_WIDE_INTS.
	(input_expr_operand): Added call to
	(input_local_var): Added debugging for tree_chains.  Now calls
	(input_phi): Made flags unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(input_ssa_names): Now calls input_tree_flags.
	(lto_read_body): Now sets cfun.
	(lto_read_function_body): Now sets current_function_pointer.
2007-10-19  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Check
	definitively whether SPECIFICATION or ABSTRACT_ORIGIN exist before
	inspecting fields within.
	(lto_read_DIE_at_ptr): Delete check for null result; let callers
	handle this appropriately.

2007-10-19  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Handle
	DW_AT_abstract_origin properly.  Ensure that we're not dealing with
	both DW_AT_abstract_origin and DW_AT_specification.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Handle
	(lto_read_DIE): Use lto_read_only_for_child_DIEs for labels.
	(lto_read_DIE_at_ptr): Define as static to match declaration.
	Lookup the PTR in the cache before reading it from the file.
	(lto_resolve_var_ref): Adjust accordingly.
	(lto_resolve_fn_ref): Adjust accordingly.  Tweak comment.
	(lto_resolve_field_ref): Adjust accordingly.  Tweak comment.

2007-10-19  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_DIE_at_ptr): New function.
	(lto_resolve_var_ref): Use it.
	(lto_resolve_fn_ref): Use it.
	(lto_resolve_field_ref): Use it.
	(lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Follow
	DW_AT_specification and return the associated decl when appropriate.

2007-10-18  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-lang.c (lto_type_for_mode): Move after lto_type_for_size.
	Implement for scalar integer modes.
	(lto_init): Initialize size_type_node.

2007-10-18  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Remove ssa name asserts.
	(input_local_var): Add chaining for params.
	(input_ssa_names): Add cfun parameter.
	(input_function): Remove unnecessary else.

2007-10-17  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_only_for_child_DIEs): Mark die parameter as unused.
	(lto_resolve_var_ref): Use proper types.
	(lto_resolve_fn_ref): Likewise.
	(lto_resolve_field_ref): Likewise.

2007-10-17  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Remove case.

2007-10-17  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_only_for_child_DIEs): New function.
	(lto_read_DIE): Use it for lexical_block and inlined_subroutine DIEs.
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_map_lto_section): Remove.
	(lto_elf_file_vtable): Use lto_elf_map_optional_lto_section instead.
	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Assert that we never read a NULL
	SSA_NAME.  Add missing case for mechanical codes.
	(input_cfg): Use basic_block_info_for_function instead of

2007-10-16  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_sleb128, input_integer): Use proper casts.
	(input_list): Renamed input_tree_list and modified to follow same
	protocol as lto-function-out.c:output_tree_list.
	(input_expr_operand): Make asm operands use input_tree_list.
	(input_local_var): Now uses input_tree_list.
	(lto_read_body): Change placement for setting context of debug_labels.
2007-10-16  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_real): Output debugging in proper order.
	(input_integer): Compute bit lengths properly.
	(input_list): Clean up declaration.
	(input_expr_operand): Change calls to input_real to match fix.
	Make reading of LTO_bit_field_ref1 match output.
	(input_local_var): Make reading of attributes match what is being
	(dump_debug_stream): Also print char in hex.
	(debug_out_fun): Fix signed unsigned mismatch.
2007-10-10  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_form): Handle DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name and
	DW_AT_GNU_vector specially, as they are not contiguous with the
	specified set of attribute names.  Use class_mask to check for
	errors at the end of the function
	(lto_resolve_var_ref): Read the DIE if it is not cached.
	(lto_resolve_fn_ref): Likewise.
	(lto_resolve_field_ref): Likewise.

2007-10-05  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto.c: Include dwarf2out.h.
	(lto_cache_store_DIE): Assert that we never change the value.
	(LTO_BEGIN_READ_ATTRS): Print an informative error message.
	(lto_read_compile_unit_DIE): Handle DW_AT_entry_pc.
	(lto_read_array_type_DIE): Don't error on ndims == 0; build a
	sensible type instead.
	(lto_read_structure_union_class_type_DIE): Store the newly
	created type prior to reading the members of the structure to
	avoid infinite recursion.  Avoid computing types and alignments
	for structures whose sizes are unknown.
	(lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_const): Handle DW_AT_artificial
	and set DECL_ARTIFICIAL accordingly.  Ignore DW_AT_abstract_origin,
	DW_AT_const_value, and DW_AT_specification.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Handle DW_AT_declaration.
	Return early if we have already constructed the function type.
	(lto_read_typedef_DIE): Check to see if the type has been cached
	already.  Cache the type before reading any children.
	(lto_read_const_volatile_restrict_type_DIE): Handle DW_AT_name.
	(lto_read_DIE): Unset context->skip_non_parameters around reading
	the DIE.
	(lto_resolve_fn_ref): Delete trailing whitespace.

2007-09-11  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Added type for STRING_CST.
2007-09-10  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-read.c (lto_read): Set the type of the newly created CALL_EXPR.

2007-09-07  Nathan Froyd  <>

	* lto-lang.c (signed_and_unsigned_types): New variable.
	(lto_type_for_size): Consult signed_and_unsigned_types to find
	an approprite type, creating it if necessary.
	(lto_set_decl_assembler_name): Add actual method body.

2007-09-06  Jim Blandy  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): If we
	can't find a var init for this variable, leave its DECL_INITIAL.
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_map_optional_lto_section): Renamed from
	(lto_map_lto_section): New function.
	(lto_elf_file_vtable): Use lto_elf_map_lto_section for function
	bodies, and lto_elf_map_optional_lto_section for variable
	(lto_elf_find_section_data): Quietly return NULL if the section is
	(lto_elf_file_open): Check for a NULL from lto_elf_find_section_data.

	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_find_section_data): Remove dead code.

	* lto-read.c (lto_read_body): Doc fix.

2007-08-29  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (fun_in): Renamed to data_in.
	(input_expr_operand, input_local_var, input_string_internal,
	input_string, input_real, input_list, get_label_decl, 
	get_type_ref, input_expr_operand, input_globals, input_labels,
	input_local_vars_index, input_local_var, input_local_vars, 
	input_cfg, input_phi, input_ssa_names, input_bb, ): Renamed fun_in to data_in.
	(input_constructor): New function.
	(lto_read_function_body): Renamed to lto_read_body and generalized
	to handle both functions and constructors.
	(lto_read_function_body, lto_read_var_init): New function.
2007-08-28  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Assert that there really is a
	(input_globals): Removed checks on 0 section.
2007-08-28  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (fun_in): Added local_decls_index and
	(input_expr_operand): Changed inputting of PARM_DECLs and VAR_DECLs.
	(input_globals): Enabled code to handle FIELD_DECLs.
	(input_local_vars_index, input_local_vars): New function.
	(input_local_var): Changed to allow locals to be input randomly.
	(lto_read_function_body): Added code to input the
	local_decls_index and to free various structures.
2007-08-17  Jim Blandy  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Remove
	ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED from 'die' formal.

	Use enum LTO_tags where appropriate, instead of 'unsigned int'.
	* lto-read.c (input_record_start): Fix return type, type of 'tag'.
	(input_list): Fix type of 'tag'.
	(input_expr_operand): Fix type of 'tag' argument.  Update
	declaration.  Fix type of 'ctag'.  Add default case to switch,
	since the type of the switched value is now an enum.
	(input_local_vars): Fix type of 'tag'.
	(input_bb): Fix type of 'tag' argument.
	(input_function): Fix type of 'tag' argument.

2007-08-16  Jim Blandy  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_member_DIE): Record the tree we create in
	fd->die_cache.  (Our 'die' argument is no longer unused.)
	(lto_resolve_field_ref): New function.
	* lto.h (lto_resolve_field_ref): New declaration.

2007-08-15  Jim Blandy  <>

	* lto-read.c (lto_read_var_init): Mark arguments as unused.

2007-08-07  Jim Blandy  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_form): Complete attr_classes table.
	(DWARF2_form_data): Doc fix.
2007-08-05  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.h (lto_file_vtable): Remove read_var_init.  Add map_var_init
	and unmap_var_init.
	(lto_read_var_init): Declare.
	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Use new
	interface for reading variable initializers.
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_read_var_init): Remove.
	(lto_elf_file_vtable): Update initializer.
	(lto_elf_read_var_init): Add comment about unused-ness.
	* lto-read.c (lto_read_var_init): New.

	* lto.c (lto_read_form): Add entry for DW_AT_inline.

2007-08-02  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (lto_read_function_body): Moved declaration of fn
	outside of ifdef.
2007-08-01  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_uleb128, input_string_internal, input_real,
	input_integer, input_record_start, input_list, get_type_ref,
	input_flags, input_expr_operand, input_expr_operand,
	input_expr_operand, input_local_vars, input_cfg, input_phi,
	input_ssa_names, input_bb, input_function): Added semicolons.

2007-07-31  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_globals): Remove debugging.
	(input_function): Set DECL_ARGUMENTS.

2007-07-31  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_expr_operand): Fixed code for COND_EXEC,
	RETURN_EXPR, MODIFY_EXPR and processing of flags.
	(input_phi): Made work with operands other than SSA_NAMES and
	fixed processing of flags.
	(input_ssa_names): Initialize SSA_NAME_DEF_STMT to empty stmt.
	(input_flags): New function.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_init): Changed state of in_lto_p.
2007-07-24  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto-tree.h (lto_varargs_cookie): Remove.
	* lto.c (lto_context): Add last_parm_type, varargs_p, skip_all,
	skip_non_parameters, skip_parameters.
	(lto_varargs_cookie): Remove.
	(lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Keep track of
	parameter types.
	(lto_read_abbrev): New function.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Make two passes over
	child DIEs.
	(lto_read_unspecified_parameters_DIE): Set context->varargs_p.
	(lto_read_DIE): Use lto_read_abbrev.  Honor skip_* flags.
	(lto_file_read): Initialize new context fields.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_type_for_mode): Return NULL_TREE.
	(lto_unsigned_type): Remove.
	(lto_signed_type): Likewise.
	(lto_signed_or_unsigned_type): Likewise.
	(lto_init): Do not create lto_varargs_cookie.

2007-07-19  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lto-read.c (lto_read_function_body): Produce empty scope block
	to avoid crash.

2007-07-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Do not
	process local variables.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Read child DIEs.

2007-07-13  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read.c (input_list, input_expr_operand): Added struct
	function parameter.
	(init_cfg, finalize_cfg): Removed function.
	(input_expr_operand): Added SSA_NAME and GIMPLE_MODIFY_STMT cases.
	(input_labels, input_local_vars): Now takes input_block parameter rather than
	synthsyzing it.
	(input_cfg, input_phi, input_ssa_names): New functions.
	(input_bb): Now passes in input_blocks.  Does not construct cfg
	and processes the list of phi functions.
	(input_function): Now builds both the cfg and ssa_names table.
	(lto_read_function_body): Processes new header fields to construct
	streams for the ssa_names and cfg and their debugging.
	* lto/lto-lang.c (lto_init): Set in_lto_p.
2007-06-28  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.h (lto_file_vtable): Add read_var_init.
	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Read
	(lto_main): Remove bogus asserts.
	* lto-elf.c (tm.h): Include it.
	(libiberty.y): Likewise.
	(lto_elf_file): Add strtab and symtab.  Rename
	string_table_section_index to sec_strtab.
	(lto_elf_file_vtable): Add lto_elf_read_var_init.
	(lto_elf_get_shdr): New function.
	(lto_elf_free_shdr): Likewise.
	(lto_elf_find_section_data): Use them.
	(lto_elf_read_symtab): New function.
	(lto_elf_lookup_sym): Likewise.
	(lto_elf_free_sym): Likewise.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Tidy.  Call lto_elf_read_symtab.
	(lto_elf_built_init): New function.
	(lto_elf_read_var_init): Likewise.
	* (lto/lto-elf.o): Depend on $(TM_H).

2007-06-26  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto-read (make_new_block): Initialize the stmt_list.
	(lto_static_init_local): Add debugging for missing codes.
2007-06-26  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): Handle
	unprototyped functions. 

2007-06-23  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.c (lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE):
	Handle DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name.
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram): Likewise.  Correct
	compilation errors.
	(lto_main): Remove incorrect assertions.
	* lto-symbtab.c: Build function types out of TREE_LISTs.

	* lto-elf.c (<libelf>): Check for HAVE_LIBELF_H.
	* (LTO_OBJS): Depend on attribs.o.
2007-06-21  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lto/lto-tree.h (lang_decl, lang_type, language_function): Added
	dummy since ggc does not like empty structs.
	* lto/lto-elf.c (libelf.h): Changed to libelf/libelf.h.
	* lto/lto-read.c (ADD_CLASS_FLAG, ADD_EXPR_FLAG): Changed
	expr->common to expr->base.
	(make_new_block): Moved stmt_list to proper place.

2007-03-14 Robert Kennedy  <>

	Eliminate use of lang_hooks.set_decl_assembler_name from LTO
	* lto.c (lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE) Get DECL
	assembler name from DWARF.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_set_decl_assembler_name) New function.

2006-09-10  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.h (lto_file_vtable): New structure.
	(lto_file): Add vtable pointer.
	(lto_file_init): Add vtable paramter.
	(lto_read_function_body): New function.
	(lto_symtab_merge_fn): New function.
	* lto.c (lto_file_init): Add vtable parameter.
	(lto_read_form): Fill in entries for DW_AT_prototyped,
	(lto_read_subroutine_type_subprogram_DIE): New function.
	(lto_read_DIE): Fill in entries for DW_TAG_subroutine_type and
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_vile_vtable): New variable.
	(lto_elf_file_open): Pass it to lto_file_init.
	(lto_elf_map_fn_body): New function.
	(lto_elf_unmap_fn_body): Likewise.
	* lto-read.c: New file.
	* lto-symtab.c (lto_symtab_merge_fn): New function.
	* (LTO_OBJS): Add lto-read.o
	(lto-read.o): New target.

2006-09-03  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.c (<inttypes.h>): Don't include it.
	(lto_context): Don't typedef it.
	(lto_resolve_reference): New function.
	(lto_read_form): Use it.
	(lto_resolve_type_ref): New function.
	(lto_resolve_var_ref): Likewise.
	(lto_resolve_fn_ref): Likewise.
	* lto.h (<inttypes.h>): Include it.
	(lto_context): New type.
	(lto_ref): New structure.
	(lto_resolve_type_ref): Declare.
	(lto_resolve_var_ref): Likewise.
	(lto_resolve_fn_ref): Likewise.

2006-08-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lang-specs.h: New file.

2006-08-14  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.c (lto_info_fd_init): Allocate the DIE cache.
	(lto_info_fd_close): Deallocate it.
	(lto_die_cache_entry): New structure.
	(lto_cache_hash): New function.
	(lto_cache_eq): Likewise.
	(lto_cache_store_DIE): Likewise.
	(lto_cache_lookup_DIE): Likewise.
	(lto_read_referenced_type_DIE): Use the cache.
	(lto_read_pointer_type_DIE): Robustify.
	(lto_read_DIE): Use the cache.
	* lto.h (hashtab.h): Include.
	(lto_info_fd): Add DIE cache.
	* (LTO_H): New variable.
	(lto/lto-lang.o): Use LTO_H.
	(lto/lto-elf.o): Likewise.
	(lto/lto-symtab.o): Likewise.

2006-07-09  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.c (lto_abi_mismatch_error): New function.
	(lto_abbrev_read): Initialize num_abbrevs.
	(lto_read_form): Specify allowed form classes for
	DW_AT_declaration.  Adjust for change to lto_set_cu_context.
	(lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Handle
	DW_AT_declaration.  Call lto_symtab_merge_var.
	(lto_read_pointer_type_DIE): New function.
	(lto_read_base_type_DIE): Use build_nonstandard_integer_type.  Do
	not creat TYPE_DECLs for types that already have them.
	(lto_read_DIE): Add lto_read_pointer_type_DIE.
	(lto_set_cu_context): Make cu_start point to the header, not the
	first DIE.
	(lto_file_read): Adjust for change to lto_set_cu_context.
	* (LTO_OBJS): Add lto-symtab.o.
	(lto/lto-symtab.o): New rule.
	* lto-tree.h (lang_identifier): Add decl field.
	(lto_symtab_merge_var): Declare.
	* lto-symtab.c: New file.

2006-07-02  Daniel Berlin  <>

	* lto.c (lto_context): Add current_cu and info_fd members.
	(DWARF2_CompUnit): New structure.
	(lto_read_DIE): Take lto_info_fd *.
	(lto_read_child_DIEs): Ditto.
	(lto_file_corrupt_error): Constify argument.
	(lto_set_cu_context): New function
	(lto_info_fd_init): Ditto.
	(lto_info_fd_close): Ditto.
	(lto_file_init): Use lto_info_fd_init.
	(lto_file_close): Use lto_info_fd_close.
	(lto_read_initial_length): Pass in pointer to header size.
	(lto_read_comp_unit_header): Correct cu_length to
	real length from beginning of header.  Take lto_info_fd * as
	(find_cu_for_offset): New function.
	(lto_read_form): Change first argument to lto_info_fd *.
	Add FORM_CONTEXT argument.
	Handle DW_FORM_ref_addr.
	(lto_read_tag_DIE): Change first argument to lto_info_fd *.	
	Swap contexts if necessary for form.
	(LTO_BEGIN_READ_ATTRS): Cast fd to right type for
	(LTO_END_READ_ATTRS): Swap contexts back if it had changed.
	(lto_read_referenced_type_DIE): Change first argument to
	lto_info_fd *.  Access lto_fd fields through base pointer.
	(lto_read_compile_unit_DIE): Change first argument to an
	lto_info_fd *.
	(lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Ditto.
	(lto_read_base_type_DIE): Ditto.
	(lto_read_child_DIEs): Ditto.
	(lto_read_DIE): Ditto.  Change type of function pointer.
	(lto_info_read): New function.
	(lto_set_cu_context): Ditto.
	(lto_file_read): Use lto_info_read, walk resulting CU's
	(lto_main): Update for lto_info_fd change.
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file_open): Cast lto_info_fd to lto_fd where
	* lto.h (DWARF2_CompUnit): New structure.
	(lto_info_fd): Ditto.
	(lto_file): Change debug_info to be an lto_info_fd.
2006-06-25  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.c (toplev.h): Include it.
	(dwarf2.h): Likewise.
	(tree.h): Likewise.
	(tm.h): Likewise.
	(cgraph.h): Likewise.
	(ggc.h): Likewise.
	(inttypes.h): Likewise.
	(DWARF2_attr): New type.
	(DWARF2_abbrev): Likewise.
	(DWARF2_class): Likewise.
	(DWARF2_form_data): Likewise.
	(lto_context): Likewise.
	(lto_fd_init): New function.
	(lto_abbrev_fd_init): Likewise.
	(lto_abbrev_fd_close): Likewise.
	(lto_file_init): Use them.
	(lto_file_close): New function.
	(lto_file_corrupt_error): Likewise.
	(LTO_CHECK_INT_VAL): New macro.
	(lto_check_size_t_val): New function.
	(lto_check_int_val): Likewise.
	(LTO_READ_TYPE): New macro.
	(lto_read_ubyte): New function.
	(lto_read_uhalf): Likewise.
	(lto_read_uword): Likewise.
	(lto_read_uleb128): Likewise.
	(lto_read_initial_length): Likewise.
	(lto_abbrev_read_attrs): Likewise.
	(lto_abbrev_read): Likewise.
	(lto_abbrev_lookup): Likewise.
	(lto_read_section_offset): Likewise.
	(lto_read_comp_unit_header): Likewise.
	(lto_read_form): Likewise.
	(LTO_END_READ_ATTRS): Likewise.
	(lto_unsupported_attr_error): New function.
	(lto_get_identifier): Likewise.
	(lto_read_referenced_type_DIE): Likewise.
	(lto_read_compile_unit_DIE): Likewise.
	(lto_read_variable_formal_parameter_constant_DIE): Likewise.
	(lto_read_base_type_DIE): Likewise.
	(lto_read_DIE): Likewise.
	(lto_read_child_DIEs): Likewise.
	(lto_file_read): Read DIEs.
	(lto_main): Ask middle end to emit entities.
	* lto-tree.h (lang_identifier): Inherit from tree_identifier.
	* lto-elf.c (lto_elf_file_open): Adjust for interface changes.
	(lto_elf_file_close): Likewise.
	* lto.h (lto_file): Declare.
	(DWARF2_abbrev): Likewise.
	(lto_fd): New type.
	(lto_abbrev_fd): Likewise.
	(lto_file): Use new types.
	(lto_file_close): Declare.
	* lto-lang.c (lto_init): Always use unit-at-a-time mode.
2006-06-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* lto.h: New file.
	* lto.c: New file.
	* lto-elf.c: New file.
	* lto-lang.c (flags.h): Include it.
	(lto.h): Likewise.
	(lto_init): New function.
	(lto_write_globals): Remove.
	(LANG_HOOKS_WRITE_GLOBALS): Define to lhd_do_nothing. 
	* (LTO_OBJS): Add lto.o and lto-elf.o.
	(LTO_EXE): Link with libelf.
	(lto/lto-lang.o): Update dependencies.
	(lto/lto.o): New target.
	(lto/lto-elf.o): Likewise.

2006-06-12  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* New file.
	* Likewise.
	* lto-tree.h: Likewise.
	* lto-lang.c: Likewise.