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author Shinji KONO <>
date Mon, 25 May 2020 18:13:55 +0900
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2020-02-12  Jeff Law  <>

	* config/h8300/ (comparison shortening peepholes): Use
	a mode iterator to merge the HImode and SImode peepholes.

2020-02-12  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR middle-end/93663
	* real.c (is_even): Make static.  Function comment fix.
	(is_halfway_below): Make static, don't assert R is not inf/nan,
	instead return false for those.  Small formatting fixes.

2020-02-12  Martin Sebor  <>

	PR middle-end/93646
	* tree-ssa-strlen.c (handle_builtin_stxncpy): Rename...
	(handle_builtin_stxncpy_strncat): this.  Change first argument.
	Issue only -Wstringop-overflow strncat, never -Wstringop-truncation.
	(strlen_check_and_optimize_call): Adjust callee name.

2020-02-12  Jeff Law  <>

	* config/h8300/ (comparison shortening peepholes): Drop
	(and (xor)) variant.  Combine other two into single peephole.

2020-02-12  Wilco Dijkstra  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/93565
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_rtx_costs): Add CTZ costs.

2020-02-12  Wilco Dijkstra  <>

	* config/aarch64/
	(aarch64_zero_extend<GPI:mode>_reduc_plus_<VDQV_E:mode>): New pattern.
	* config/aarch64/ (popcount<mode>2): Use it instead of
	generating separate ADDV and zero_extend patterns.
	* config/aarch64/ (VDQV_E): New iterator.

2020-02-12  Jeff Law  <>

	* config/h8300/ (cpymemsi, movmd): Remove dead patterns,
	expanders, splits, etc.
	(movmd_internal_<mode>, movmd splitter, movstr, movsd): Likewise.
	(stpcpy_internal_<mode>, stpcpy splitter): Likewise.
	(peepholes to convert QI/HI mode pushes to SI mode pushes): Likewise.
	* config/h8300/h8300.c (h8300_swap_into_er6): Remove unused function.
	(h8300_swap_out_of_er6, h8sx_emit_movmd): Likewise
	* config/h8300/h8300-protos.h (h8300_swap_into_er6): Remove unused
	function prototype.
	(h8300_swap_out_of_er6, h8sx_emit_movmd): Likewise.

2020-02-12  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93670
	* config/i386/ (VI48F_256_DQ): New mode iterator.
	(avx512vl_vextractf128<mode>): Use it instead of VI48F_256.  Remove
	TARGET_AVX512DQ from condition.
	(vec_extract_lo_<mode><mask_name>): Use <mask_avx512dq_condition>
	instead of <mask_mode512bit_condition> in condition.  If
	TARGET_AVX512DQ is false, emit vextract*64x4 instead of
	(vec_extract_lo_<mode><mask_name>): Drop <mask_avx512dq_condition>
	from condition.

2020-02-12  Kewen Lin  <>

	PR target/91052
	* ira.c (combine_and_move_insns): Skip multiple_sets def_insn.

2020-02-12  Segher Boessenkool  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_debug_print_mode): Don't use sizeof
	where strlen is more legible.
	(rs6000_builtin_vectorized_libmass): Ditto.
	(rs6000_print_options_internal): Ditto.

2020-02-11  Martin Sebor  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93683
	* tree-ssa-alias.c (stmt_kills_ref_p): Avoid using LHS when not set.

2020-02-11  Michael Meissner  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (cint34_operand): Rename the
	-mprefixed-addr option to be -mprefixed.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000-cpus.def (ISA_FUTURE_MASKS_SERVER): Rename
	the -mprefixed-addr option to be -mprefixed.
	(POWERPC_MASKS): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_option_override_internal): Rename
	the -mprefixed-addr option to be -mprefixed.  Change error
	messages to refer to -mprefixed.
	(num_insns_constant_gpr): Rename the -mprefixed-addr option to be
	(rs6000_legitimate_offset_address_p): Likewise.
	(rs6000_mode_dependent_address): Likewise.
	(rs6000_opt_masks): Change the spelling of "-mprefixed-addr" to be
	"-mprefixed" for target attributes and pragmas.
	(address_to_insn_form): Rename the -mprefixed-addr option to be
	(rs6000_adjust_insn_length): Likewise.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (FINAL_PRESCAN_INSN): Rename the
	-mprefixed-addr option to be -mprefixed.
	* config/rs6000/ (prefixed insn attribute): Rename the
	-mprefixed-addr option to be -mprefixed.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.opt (-mprefixed): Rename the
	-mprefixed-addr option to be prefixed.  Change the option from
	being undocumented to being documented.
	* doc/invoke.texi (RS/6000 and PowerPC Options): Document the
	-mprefixed option.  Update the -mpcrel documentation to mention

2020-02-11  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* ira-conflicts.c (print_hard_reg_set): Correct output for sets
	* ira-color.c (print_hard_reg_set): Ditto.

2020-02-11  Stam Markianos-Wright  <>

	* config/arm/arm-builtins.c (enum arm_type_qualifiers): 
	(arm_expand_builtin_args): Add case ARG_BUILTIN_LANE_QUADTUP_INDEX.
	(arm_expand_builtin_1): Add qualifier_lane_quadtup_index.
	* config/arm/arm_neon.h (vusdot_s32): New.
	(vusdot_lane_s32): New.
	(vusdotq_lane_s32): New.
	(vsudot_lane_s32): New.
	(vsudotq_lane_s32): New.
	* config/arm/arm_neon_builtins.def (usdot, usdot_lane,sudot_lane): New.
	* config/arm/ (DOTPROD_I8MM): New.
	(sup, opsuffix): Add <us/su>.
	* config/arm/ (neon_usdot, <us/su>dot_lane: New.
	* config/arm/ (UNSPEC_DOT_US, UNSPEC_DOT_SU): New.

2020-02-11  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93661
	PR tree-optimization/93662
	* tree-ssa-sccvn.c (vn_reference_lookup_3): Properly guard
	* tree-sra.c (get_access_for_expr): Likewise.

2020-02-10  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93637
	* config/i386/ (VI_256_AVX2): New mode iterator.
	(vcond_mask_<mode><sseintvecmodelower>): Use it instead of VI_256.
	Change condition from TARGET_AVX2 to TARGET_AVX.

2020-02-10  Iain Sandoe  <>

	PR other/93641
	* config/darwin-c.c (darwin_cfstring_ref_p): Fix up last
	argument of strncmp.

2020-02-10  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	Try to generate zero-based comparisons.
	* config/cris/cris.c (cris_reduce_compare): New function.
	* config/cris/cris-protos.h  (cris_reduce_compare): Add prototype.
	* config/cris/ ("cbranch<mode>4", "cbranchdi4", "cstoredi4")
	(cstore<mode>4"): Apply cris_reduce_compare in expanders.

2020-02-10  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	PR target/91913
	* config/arm/ (movsi_compare0): Allow SP as a source register
	in Thumb state and also as a destination in Arm state.  Add T16

2020-02-10  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* md.texi (Define Subst): Match closing paren in example.

2020-02-10  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/58218
	PR other/93641
	* config/i386/i386.c (x86_64_elf_section_type_flags): Fix up last
	arguments of strncmp.

2020-02-10  Feng Xue  <>

	PR ipa/93203
	* ipa-cp.c (ipcp_lattice::add_value): Add source with same call edge
	but different source value.
	(adjust_callers_for_value_intersection): New function.
	(gather_edges_for_value): Adjust order of callers to let a
	non-self-recursive caller be the first element.
	(self_recursive_pass_through_p): Add a new parameter "simple", and
	check generalized self-recursive pass-through jump function.
	(self_recursive_agg_pass_through_p): Likewise.
	(find_more_scalar_values_for_callers_subset): Compute value from
	pass-through jump function for self-recursive.
	(intersect_with_plats): Cleanup previous implementation code for value
	itersection with self-recursive call edge.
	(intersect_with_agg_replacements): Likewise.
	(intersect_aggregates_with_edge): Deduce value from pass-through jump
	function for self-recursive call edge.  Cleanup previous implementation
	code for value intersection with self-recursive call edge.
	(decide_whether_version_node): Remove dead callers and adjust order
	to let a non-self-recursive caller be the first element.

2020-02-09  Uroš Bizjak  <>

	* recog.c: Move pass_split_before_sched2 code in front of
	(pass_data_split_before_sched2): Rename pass to split3 from split4.
	(pass_data_split_before_regstack): Rename pass to split4 from split3.
	(rest_of_handle_split_before_sched2): Remove.
	(pass_split_before_sched2::execute): Unconditionally call
	(enable_split_before_sched2): New function.
	(pass_split_before_sched2::gate): Use enable_split_before_sched2.
	(pass_split_before_regstack::gate): Ditto.
	* config/nds32/nds32.c (nds32_split_double_word_load_store_p):
	Update name check for renamed split4 pass.
	* config/sh/sh.c (register_sh_passes): Update pass insertion
	point for renamed split4 pass.

2020-02-09  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* gimplify.c (gimplify_adjust_omp_clauses_1): Promote
	DECL_IN_CONSTANT_POOL variables into "omp declare target" to avoid
	copying them around between host and target.

2020-02-08  Andrew Pinski  <>

	PR target/91927
	* config/aarch64/ (movmisalign<mode>): Check

2020-02-08  Jim Wilson  <>

	PR target/93532
	* config/riscv/riscv.h (HARD_REGNO_CALLER_SAVE_MODE): Define.

2020-02-08  Uroš Bizjak  <>
	    Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/65782
	* config/i386/i386.h (CALL_USED_REGISTERS): Make
	xmm16-xmm31 call-used even in 64-bit ms-abi.

2020-02-07  Dennis Zhang  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-simd-builtins.def (simd_smmla): New entry.
	(simd_ummla, simd_usmmla): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_simd_<sur>mmlav16qi): New.
	* config/aarch64/arm_neon.h (vmmlaq_s32, vmmlaq_u32): New.
	(vusmmlaq_s32): New.

2020-02-07  Richard Biener  <>

	PR middle-end/93519
	* tree-inline.c (fold_marked_statements): Do a PRE walk,
	skipping unreachable regions.
	(optimize_inline_calls): Skip folding stmts when we didn't

2020-02-07  H.J. Lu  <>

	PR target/85667
	* config/i386/i386.c (function_arg_ms_64): Add a type argument.
	Don't return aggregates with only SFmode and DFmode in SSE
	(ix86_function_arg): Pass arg.type to function_arg_ms_64.

2020-02-07  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93122
	* config/rs6000/rs6000-logue.c
	(rs6000_emit_probe_stack_range_stack_clash): Always use gen_add3_insn,
	if it fails, move rs into end_addr and retry.  Add
	REG_FRAME_RELATED_EXPR note whenever it returns more than one insn or
	the insn pattern doesn't describe well what exactly happens to

	PR target/93594
	* config/i386/ (avx_identity_operand): Remove.
	* config/i386/ (*avx_vec_concat<mode>_1): Remove.
	avx512f_<castmode><avxsizesuffix>_256<castmode>): Change patterns to
	a VEC_CONCAT of the operand and UNSPEC_CAST.
	(avx512f_<castmode><avxsizesuffix>_<castmode>): Change pattern to
	a VEC_CONCAT of VEC_CONCAT of the operand and UNSPEC_CAST with

	PR target/93611
	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_lea_outperforms): Make sure to clear
	recog_data.insn if distance_non_agu_define changed it.

2020-02-06  Michael Meissner  <>

	PR target/93569
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (reg_to_non_prefixed): Before ISA 3.0
	we only had X-FORM (reg+reg) addressing for vectors.  Also before
	ISA 3.0, we only had X-FORM addressing for scalars in the
	traditional Altivec registers.

2020-02-06  <>
  	    Vladimir Makarov  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/93561
	* lra-assigns.c (spill_for): Check that tested hard regno is not out of
	hard register range.

2020-02-06  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_movk<mode>): Add a type

2020-02-06  Segher Boessenkool  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_emit_set_long_const): Handle the case
	where the low and the high 32 bits are equal to each other specially,
	with an rldimi instruction.

2020-02-06  Mihail Ionescu  <>

	* config/arm/ Set profile M for armv8.1-m.main.

2020-02-06  Mihail Ionescu  <>

	* config/arm/arm-tables.opt: Regenerate.

2020-02-06  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR target/87763
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-protos.h (aarch64_movk_shift): Declare.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_movk_shift): New function.
	* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_movk<mode>): New pattern.

2020-02-06  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/87763
	* config/aarch64/ (*ashiftsi_extvdi_bfiz): New pattern.

2020-02-06  Delia Burduv  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-simd-builtins.def
	(bfmlaq): New built-in function.
	(bfmlalb): New built-in function.
	(bfmlalt): New built-in function.
	(bfmlalb_lane): New built-in function.
	(bfmlalt_lane): New built-in function.
	* config/aarch64/
	(aarch64_bfmmlaqv4sf): New pattern.
	(aarch64_bfmlal<bt>v4sf): New pattern.
	(aarch64_bfmlal<bt>_lane<q>v4sf): New pattern.
	* config/aarch64/arm_neon.h (vbfmmlaq_f32): New intrinsic.
	(vbfmlalbq_f32): New intrinsic.
	(vbfmlaltq_f32): New intrinsic.
	(vbfmlalbq_lane_f32): New intrinsic.
	(vbfmlaltq_lane_f32): New intrinsic.
	(vbfmlalbq_laneq_f32): New intrinsic.
	(vbfmlaltq_laneq_f32): New intrinsic.
	* config/aarch64/ (BF_MLA): New int iterator.
	(bt): New int attribute.

2020-02-06  Uroš Bizjak  <>

	* config/i386/ (*pushtf): Emit "#" instead of
	calling gcc_unreachable in insn output.
	(*pushxf): Ditto.
	(*pushdf): Ditto.
	(*pushsf_rex64): Ditto for alternatives other than 1.
	(*pushsf): Ditto for alternatives other than 1.

2020-02-06  Martin Liska  <>

	PR gcov-profile/91971
	PR gcov-profile/93466
	* coverage.c (coverage_init): Revert mangling of
	path into filename.  It can lead to huge filename length.
	Creation of subfolders seem more natural.

2020-02-06  Stam Markianos-Wright  <>

	PR target/93300
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_block_arith_comp_libfuncs_for_mode): New.
	(arm_init_libfuncs): Add BFmode support to block spurious BF libfuncs.
	Use arm_block_arith_comp_libfuncs_for_mode for HFmode.

2020-02-06  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93594
	* config/i386/ (avx_identity_operand): New predicate.
	* config/i386/ (*avx_vec_concat<mode>_1): New

	PR libgomp/93515
	* omp-low.c (use_pointer_for_field): For nested constructs, also
	look for map clauses on target construct.
	(scan_omp_1_stmt) <case GIMPLE_OMP_TARGET>: Bump temporarily

	PR libgomp/93515
	* gimplify.c (gimplify_scan_omp_clauses) <do_notice>: If adding
	shared clause, call omp_notice_variable on outer context if any.

2020-02-05  Jason Merrill  <>

	PR c++/92003
	* symtab.c (symtab_node::nonzero_address): A DECL_COMDAT decl has
	non-zero address even if weak and not yet defined.

2020-02-05  Martin Sebor  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92765
	* gimple-fold.c (get_range_strlen_tree): Handle MEM_REF and PARM_DECL.
	* tree-ssa-strlen.c (compute_string_length): Remove.
	(determine_min_objsize): Remove.
	(get_len_or_size): Add an argument.  Call get_range_strlen_dynamic.
	Avoid using type size as the upper bound on string length.
	(handle_builtin_string_cmp): Add an argument.  Adjust.
	(strlen_check_and_optimize_call): Pass additional argument to

2020-02-05  Uroš Bizjak  <>

	* config/i386/ (*pushdi2_rex64 peephole2): Remove.
	(*pushdi2_rex64 peephole2): Unconditionally split after
	(*ashl<mode>3_doubleword): Ditto.
	(*<shift_insn><mode>3_doubleword): Ditto.

2020-02-05  Michael Meissner  <>

	PR target/93568
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (get_vector_offset): Fix

2020-02-05  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config/gcn/t-gcn-hsa (MULTILIB_OPTIONS): Use / not space.

2020-02-05  David Malcolm  <>

	* doc/analyzer.texi
	(Special Functions for Debugging the Analyzer): Update description
	of __analyzer_dump_exploded_nodes.

2020-02-05  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/92190
	* config/i386/i386-features.c (ix86_add_reg_usage_to_vzeroupper): Only
	include sets and not clobbers in the vzeroupper pattern.
	* config/i386/ (*avx_vzeroupper): Require in insn condition that
	the parallel has 17 (64-bit) or 9 (32-bit) elts.
	(*avx_vzeroupper_1): New define_insn_and_split.

	PR target/92190
	* recog.c (pass_split_after_reload::gate): For STACK_REGS targets,
	don't run when !optimize.
	(pass_split_before_regstack::gate): For STACK_REGS targets, run even
	when !optimize.

2020-02-05  Richard Biener  <>

	PR middle-end/90648
	* genmatch.c (dt_node::gen_kids_1): Emit number of argument
	checks before matching calls.

2020-02-05  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* tree-ssa-alias.c (aliasing_matching_component_refs_p): Fix up
	function comment typo.

	PR middle-end/93555
	* omp-simd-clone.c (expand_simd_clones): If simd_clone_mangle or
	simd_clone_create failed when i == 0, adjust clone->nargs by

2020-02-05  Martin Liska  <>

	PR c++/92717
	* doc/invoke.texi: Document that one should
	not combine ASLR and -fpch.

2020-02-04  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93538
	* match.pd (addr EQ/NE ptr): Amend to handle &ptr->x EQ/NE ptr.

2020-02-04  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/91123
	* tree-ssa-sccvn.c (vn_walk_cb_data::finish): New method.
	(vn_walk_cb_data::last_vuse): New member.
	(vn_walk_cb_data::saved_operands): Likewsie.
	(vn_walk_cb_data::~vn_walk_cb_data): Release saved_operands.
	(vn_walk_cb_data::push_partial_def): Use finish.
	(vn_reference_lookup_2): Update last_vuse and use finish if
	we've saved operands.
	(vn_reference_lookup_3): Use finish and update calls to
	push_partial_defs everywhere.  When translating through
	memcpy or aggregate copies save off operands and alias-set.
	(eliminate_dom_walker::eliminate_stmt): Restore VN_WALKREWRITE
	operation for redundant store removal.

2020-02-04  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92819
	* tree-ssa-forwprop.c (simplify_vector_constructor): Avoid
	generating more stmts than before.

2020-02-04  Martin Liska  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_gen_far_branch): Move the function
	outside of selftests.

2020-02-03  Michael Meissner  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (adjust_vec_address_pcrel): New helper
	function to adjust PC-relative vector addresses.
	(rs6000_adjust_vec_address): Call adjust_vec_address_pcrel to
	handle vectors with PC-relative addresses.

2020-02-03  Michael Meissner  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (reg_to_non_prefixed): Add forward
	(hard_reg_and_mode_to_addr_mask): Delete.
	(rs6000_adjust_vec_address): If the original vector address
	was REG+REG or REG+OFFSET and the element is not zero, do the add
	of the elements in the original address before adding the offset
	for the vector element.  Use address_to_insn_form to validate the
	address using the register being loaded, rather than guessing
	whether the address is a DS-FORM or DQ-FORM address.

2020-02-03  Michael Meissner  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (get_vector_offset): New helper function
	to calculate the offset in memory from the start of a vector of a
	particular element.  Add code to keep the element number in
	bounds if the element number is variable.
	(rs6000_adjust_vec_address): Move calculation of offset of the
	vector element to get_vector_offset.
	(rs6000_split_vec_extract_var): Do not do the initial AND of
	element here, move the code to get_vector_offset.

2020-02-03  Michael Meissner  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_adjust_vec_address): Add some

2020-02-03  Segher Boessenkool  <>

	* config/rs6000/ Improve documentation.

2020-02-03  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	PR target/93548
	* config/arm/t-arm: ($(srcdir)/config/arm/
	($(srcdir)/config/arm/arm-tables.opt): Use move-if-change.

2020-02-03  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config.gcc: Remove "carrizo" support.
	* config/gcn/gcn-opts.h (processor_type): Likewise.
	* config/gcn/gcn.c (gcn_omp_device_kind_arch_isa): Likewise.
	* config/gcn/gcn.opt (gpu_type): Likewise.
	* config/gcn/t-omp-device: Likewise.

2020-02-03  Stam Markianos-Wright  <>

	PR target/91816
	* config/arm/arm-protos.h: New function arm_gen_far_branch prototype.
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_gen_far_branch): New function
	* config/arm/ Update b<cond> for Thumb2 range checks.

2020-02-03  Julian Brown  <>
	    Tobias Burnus  <>

	* doc/invoke.texi: Update mention of OpenACC version to 2.6.

2020-02-03  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93533
	* config/s390/ (popcounthi2_z196): Fix up expander to emit
	valid RTL to sum up the lowest and second lowest bytes of the popcnt

2020-02-02  Vladimir Makarov  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/91333
	* ira-color.c (struct allocno_color_data): Add member
	(init_allocno_threads): Set the member up.
	(bucket_allocno_compare_func): Add compare hard reg

2020-01-31  Sandra Loosemore  <>

	nios2: Support for GOT-relative DW_EH_PE_datarel encoding.

	* [nios2-*-*]: Check HAVE_AS_NIOS2_GOTOFF_RELOCATION.
	* Regenerated.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* config/nios2/nios2.h (ASM_PREFERRED_EH_DATA_FORMAT): Fix handling

2020-02-01  Andrew Burgess  <>

	* configure: Regenerate.

2020-01-31  Vladimir Makarov  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/91333
	* ira-color.c (bucket_allocno_compare_func): Move conflict hard
	reg preferences comparison up.

2020-01-31  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (TARGET_SVE_BF16): New macro.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-sve2.h (svcvtnt): Move to
	* config/aarch64/ (svcvtnt): Move to
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-base.h (svbfdot, svbfdot_lane)
	(svbfmlalb, svbfmlalb_lane, svbfmlalt, svbfmlalt_lane, svbfmmla)
	(svcvtnt): Declare.
	* config/aarch64/ (svbfdot, svbfdot_lane)
	(svbfmlalb, svbfmlalb_lane, svbfmlalt, svbfmlalt_lane, svbfmmla)
	(svcvtnt): New functions.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-base.def (svbfdot, svbfdot_lane)
	(svbfmlalb, svbfmlalb_lane, svbfmlalt, svbfmlalt_lane, svbfmmla)
	(svcvtnt): New functions.
	(svcvt): Add a form that converts f32 to bf16.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-shapes.h (ternary_bfloat)
	(ternary_bfloat_lane, ternary_bfloat_lanex2, ternary_bfloat_opt_n):
	* config/aarch64/ (parse_element_type):
	Treat B as bfloat16_t.
	(ternary_bfloat_lane_base): New class.
	(ternary_bfloat_def): Likewise.
	(ternary_bfloat): New shape.
	(ternary_bfloat_lane_def): New class.
	(ternary_bfloat_lane): New shape.
	(ternary_bfloat_lanex2_def): New class.
	(ternary_bfloat_lanex2): New shape.
	(ternary_bfloat_opt_n_def): New class.
	(ternary_bfloat_opt_n): New shape.
	* config/aarch64/ (TYPES_cvt_bfloat): New macro.
	* config/aarch64/ (@aarch64_sve_<sve_fp_op>vnx4sf)
	(@aarch64_sve_<sve_fp_op>_lanevnx4sf): New patterns.
	(@cond_<optab>_trunc<VNx4SF_ONLY:mode><VNx8BF_ONLY:mode>): Likewise.
	(*cond_<optab>_trunc<VNx4SF_ONLY:mode><VNx8BF_ONLY:mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_cvtnt<VNx8BF_ONLY:mode>): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/ (@aarch64_sve2_cvtnt<mode>): Key
	the pattern off the narrow mode instead of the wider one.
	* config/aarch64/ (VNx8BF_ONLY): New mode iterator.
	(sve_fp_op): Handle them.
	(SVE_BFLOAT_TERNARY_LONG): New int itertor.

2020-01-31  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/arm_sve.h: Include arm_bf16.h.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-modes.def (BF): Move definition before
	VECTOR_MODES.  Remove separate VECTOR_MODES for V4BF and V8BF.
	(SVE_MODES): Handle BF modes.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_classify_vector_mode): Handle
	BF modes.
	(aarch64_full_sve_mode): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/ (SVE_STRUCT): Add VNx16BF, VNx24BF
	and VNx32BF.
	(Vetype, Vesize, Vctype, VEL, Vel, VEL_INT, V128, v128, vwcore)
	(V_INT_EQUIV, v_int_equiv, V_FP_EQUIV, v_fp_equiv, vector_count)
	(insn_length, VSINGLE, vsingle, VPRED, vpred, VDOUBLE): Handle the
	new SVE BF modes.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins.h (TYPE_bfloat): New
	* config/aarch64/ (TYPES_all_arith): New macro.
	(TYPES_all_data): Add bf16.
	(TYPES_reinterpret1, TYPES_reinterpret): Likewise.
	(register_tuple_type): Increase buffer size.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins.def (svbfloat16_t): New type.
	(bf16): New type suffix.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-base.def (svabd, svadd, svaddv)
	(svcmpeq, svcmpge, svcmpgt, svcmple, svcmplt, svcmpne, svmad, svmax)
	(svmaxv, svmin, svminv, svmla, svmls, svmsb, svmul, svsub, svsubr):
	Change type from all_data to all_arith.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-sve2.def (svaddp, svmaxp)
	(svminp): Likewise.

2020-01-31  Dennis Zhang  <>
	    Matthew Malcomson  <>
	    Richard Sandiford  <>

	* doc/invoke.texi (f32mm): Document new AArch64 -march= extension.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-c.c (aarch64_update_cpp_builtins): Define
	__ARM_FEATURE_SVE_MATMUL_FP64 as appropriate.  Don't define
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-option-extensions.def (fp, simd, fp16)
	(sve): Add AARCH64_FL_F32MM to the list of extensions that should
	be disabled at the same time.
	(f32mm): New extension.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (AARCH64_FL_F32MM): New macro.
	(AARCH64_FL_F64MM): Bump to the next bit up.
	(TARGET_SVE_F64MM): New macros.
	* config/aarch64/ (SVE_MATMULF): New mode iterator.
	(UNSPEC_ZIP2Q): New unspeccs.
	(optab, sur, perm_insn): Handle the new unspecs.
	(sve_fp_op): Handle UNSPEC_FMMLA.  Resort.
	* config/aarch64/ (@aarch64_sve_ld1ro<mode>): Use
	TARGET_SVE_F64MM instead of separate tests.
	(@aarch64_<DOTPROD_US_ONLY:sur>dot_prod<vsi2qi>): New pattern.
	(@aarch64_<DOTPROD_US_ONLY:sur>dot_prod_lane<vsi2qi>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_add_<MATMUL:optab><vsi2qi>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<FMMLA:sve_fp_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<PERMUTEQ:optab><mode>): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/ (TYPES_s_float): New macro.
	(TYPES_s_float_hsd_integer, TYPES_s_float_sd_integer): Use it.
	(TYPES_s_signed): New macro.
	(TYPES_s_integer): Use it.
	(TYPES_d_float): New macro.
	(TYPES_d_data): Use it.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-shapes.h (mmla): Declare.
	(ternary_intq_uintq_lane, ternary_intq_uintq_opt_n, ternary_uintq_intq)
	(ternary_uintq_intq_lane, ternary_uintq_intq_opt_n): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/ (mmla_def): New class.
	(svmmla): New shape.
	(ternary_resize2_opt_n_base): Add TYPE_CLASS2 and TYPE_CLASS3
	template parameters.
	(ternary_resize2_lane_base): Likewise.
	(ternary_resize2_base): New class.
	(ternary_qq_lane_base): Likewise.
	(ternary_intq_uintq_lane_def): Likewise.
	(ternary_intq_uintq_lane): New shape.
	(ternary_intq_uintq_opt_n_def): New class
	(ternary_intq_uintq_opt_n): New shape.
	(ternary_qq_lane_def): Inherit from ternary_qq_lane_base.
	(ternary_uintq_intq_def): New class.
	(ternary_uintq_intq): New shape.
	(ternary_uintq_intq_lane_def): New class.
	(ternary_uintq_intq_lane): New shape.
	(ternary_uintq_intq_opt_n_def): New class.
	(ternary_uintq_intq_opt_n): New shape.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-base.h (svmmla, svsudot)
	(svsudot_lane, svtrn1q, svtrn2q, svusdot, svusdot_lane, svusmmla)
	(svuzp1q, svuzp2q, svzip1q, svzip2q): Declare.
	* config/aarch64/ (svdot_lane_impl):
	Generalize to...
	(svdotprod_lane_impl): ...this new class.
	(svmmla_impl, svusdot_impl): New classes.
	(svdot_lane): Update to use svdotprod_lane_impl.
	(svmmla, svsudot, svsudot_lane, svtrn1q, svtrn2q, svusdot)
	(svusdot_lane, svusmmla, svuzp1q, svuzp2q, svzip1q, svzip2q): New
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-base.def (svmmla): New base
	function, with no types defined.
	(svmmla, svusmmla, svsudot, svsudot_lane, svusdot, svusdot_lane): New
	AARCH64_FL_I8MM functions.
	(svmmla): New AARCH64_FL_F32MM function.
	(svld1ro): Depend only on AARCH64_FL_F64MM, not on AARCH64_FL_V8_6.
	(svmmla, svtrn1q, svtrn2q, svuz1q, svuz2q, svzip1q, svzip2q): New
	AARCH64_FL_F64MM function.

2020-01-31  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config/gcn/ (addv64di3_exec): Allow one '0' in each
	alternative only.

2020-01-31  Uroš Bizjak  <>

	* config/i386/ (*movoi_internal_avx): Do not check for
	(*movti_internal): Do not check for
	(*movtf_internal): Move check for TARGET_SSE2 and size optimization
	just after check for TARGET_AVX.
	(*movdf_internal): Ditto.
	* config/i386/ (*mov<mode>_internal): Do not check for
	* config/i386/ (mov<mode>_internal): Only check
	for TARGET_SSE2 and size optimization just after check for TARGET_AVX.
	(<sse>_andnot<mode>3<mask_name>): Move check for
	(<code><mode>3<mask_name>): Ditto.
	(*andnot<mode>3): Ditto.
	(*andnottf3): Ditto.
	(*<code><mode>3): Ditto.
	(*<code>tf3): Ditto.
	(*andnot<VI:mode>3): Remove
	(<mask_codefor><code><VI48_AVX_AVX512F:mode>3<mask_name>): Ditto.
	(*<code><VI12_AVX_AVX512F:mode>3): Ditto.
	(sse4_1_blendv<ssemodesuffix>): Ditto.
	* config/i386/x86-tune.def (X86_TUNE_SSE_UNALIGNED_STORE_OPTIMAL):
	Explain that tune applies to 128bit instructions only.

2020-01-31  Kwok Cheung Yeung  <>

	* config/gcn/mkoffload.c (process_asm): Add sgpr_count and vgpr_count
	to definition of hsa_kernel_description.  Parse assembly to find SGPR
	and VGPR count of kernel and store in hsa_kernel_description.

2020-01-31  Tamar Christina  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/91838
	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_binary_operation_1): Update LSHIFTRT case
	to truncate if allowed or reject combination.

2020-01-31  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c (get_iv): Use sizetype for zero-step.
	(find_inv_vars_cb): Likewise.

2020-01-31  David Malcolm  <>

	* calls.c (special_function_p): Split out the check for DECL_NAME
	being non-NULL and fndecl being extern at file scope into a
	new maybe_special_function_p and call it.  Drop check for fndecl
	being non-NULL that was after a usage of DECL_NAME (fndecl).
	* tree.h (maybe_special_function_p): New inline function.

2020-01-30  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config/gcn/ (gather<mode>_exec): Move contents ...
	(mask_gather_load<mode>): ... here, and zero-initialize the
	(maskload<mode>di): Zero-initialize the destination.
	* config/gcn/gcn.c:

2020-01-30  David Malcolm  <>

	PR analyzer/93356
	* doc/analyzer.texi (Limitations): Note that constraints on
	floating-point values are currently ignored.

2020-01-30  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR lto/93384
	* symtab.c (symtab_node::noninterposable_alias): If localalias
	already exists, but is not usable, append numbers after it until
	a unique name is found.  Formatting fix.

	PR middle-end/93505
	* combine.c (simplify_comparison) <case ROTATE>: Punt on out of range
	rotate counts.

2020-01-30  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config/gcn/gcn.c (print_operand): Handle LTGT.
	* config/gcn/ (gcn_fp_compare_operator): Allow ltgt.

2020-01-30  Richard Biener  <>

	* tree-pretty-print.c (dump_generic_node): Wrap VECTOR_CST
	and CONSTRUCTOR in _Literal (type) with TDF_GIMPLE.

2020-01-30  John David Anglin  <>

	* config/pa/pa.c (pa_elf_select_rtx_section): Place function pointers
	without a DECL in

2020-01-30  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93494
	* config/arm/ (uaddvdi4): Actually emit what gen_uaddvsi4

	PR target/91824
	* config/i386/
	(*<sse>_movmsk<ssemodesuffix><avxsizesuffix>_zext): Renamed to ...
	(*<sse>_movmsk<ssemodesuffix><avxsizesuffix>_<u>ext): ... this.  Use
	any_extend code iterator instead of always zero_extend.
	(*<sse>_movmsk<ssemodesuffix><avxsizesuffix>_zext_lt): Renamed to ...
	(*<sse>_movmsk<ssemodesuffix><avxsizesuffix>_<u>ext_lt): ... this.
	Use any_extend code iterator instead of always zero_extend.
	(*<sse>_movmsk<ssemodesuffix><avxsizesuffix>_zext_shift): Renamed to ...
	(*<sse>_movmsk<ssemodesuffix><avxsizesuffix>_<u>ext_shift): ... this.
	Use any_extend code iterator instead of always zero_extend.
	(*sse2_pmovmskb_ext): New define_insn.
	(*sse2_pmovmskb_ext_lt): New define_insn_and_split.

	PR target/91824
	* config/i386/ (*popcountsi2_zext): New define_insn_and_split.
	(*popcountsi2_zext_falsedep): New define_insn.

2020-01-30  Dragan Mladjenovic  <>

	* Regenerated.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2020-01-29  Tobias Burnus  <>

	PR bootstrap/93409
	* config/gcn/gcn-hsa.h (ASM_SPEC): Add -mattr=-code-object-v3 as
	LLVM's assembler changed the default in version 9.

2020-01-24  Jeff Law  <>

	PR tree-optimization/89689
	* builtins.def (BUILT_IN_OBJECT_SIZE): Make it const rather than pure.

2020-01-29  Richard Sandiford  <>


	2020-01-28  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/87763
	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_truncation): Extend sign/zero_extract
	simplification to handle subregs as well as bare regs.
	* config/i386/ (*testqi_ext_3): Match QI extracts too.

2020-01-29  Joel Hutton  <>

	PR target/93221
	* ira.c (ira): Revert use of simplified LRA algorithm.

2020-01-29  Martin Jambor  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92706
	* tree-sra.c (struct access): Fields first_link, last_link,
	next_queued and grp_queued renamed to first_rhs_link, last_rhs_link,
	next_rhs_queued and grp_rhs_queued respectively, new fields
	first_lhs_link, last_lhs_link, next_lhs_queued and grp_lhs_queued.
	(struct assign_link): Field next renamed to next_rhs, new field
	next_lhs.  Updated comment.
	(work_queue_head): Renamed to rhs_work_queue_head.
	(lhs_work_queue_head): New variable.
	(add_link_to_lhs): New function.
	(relink_to_new_repr): Also relink LHS lists.
	(add_access_to_work_queue): Renamed to add_access_to_rhs_work_queue.
	(add_access_to_lhs_work_queue): New function.
	(pop_access_from_work_queue): Renamed to
	(pop_access_from_lhs_work_queue): New function.
	(build_accesses_from_assign): Also add links to LHS lists and to LHS
	(child_would_conflict_in_lacc): Renamed to
	child_would_conflict_in_acc.  Adjusted parameter names.
	(create_artificial_child_access): New parameter set_grp_read, use it.
	(subtree_mark_written_and_enqueue): Renamed to
	(propagate_subaccesses_across_link): Renamed to
	(propagate_subaccesses_from_lhs): New function.
	(propagate_all_subaccesses): Also propagate subaccesses from LHSs to

2020-01-29  Martin Jambor  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92706
	* tree-sra.c (struct access): Adjust comment of
	(find_access_in_subtree): Look for single children spanning an entire
	(scalarizable_type_p): Allow register accesses, adjust callers.
	(completely_scalarize): Remove function.
	(scalarize_elem): Likewise.
	(create_total_scalarization_access): Likewise.
	(sort_and_splice_var_accesses): Do not track total scalarization
	(analyze_access_subtree): New parameter totally, adjust to new meaning
	of grp_total_scalarization.
	(analyze_access_trees): Pass new parameter to analyze_access_subtree.
	(can_totally_scalarize_forest_p): New function.
	(create_total_scalarization_access): Likewise.
	(create_total_access_and_reshape): Likewise.
	(total_should_skip_creating_access): Likewise.
	(totally_scalarize_subtree): Likewise.
	(analyze_all_variable_accesses): Perform total scalarization after
	subaccess propagation using the new functions above.
	(initialize_constant_pool_replacements): Output initializers by
	traversing the access tree.

2020-01-29  Martin Jambor  <>

	* tree-sra.c (verify_sra_access_forest): New function.
	(verify_all_sra_access_forests): Likewise.
	(create_artificial_child_access): Set parent.
	(analyze_all_variable_accesses): Call the verifier.

2020-01-28  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* cgraph.c (cgraph_edge::resolve_speculation): Only lookup direct edge
	if called on indirect edge.
	(cgraph_edge::redirect_call_stmt_to_callee): Lookup indirect edge of
	speculative call if needed.

2020-01-29  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93428
	* tree-vect-slp.c (vect_build_slp_tree_2): Compute the load
	permutation when the load node is created.
	(vect_analyze_slp_instance): Re-use it here.

2020-01-28  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* ipa-prop.c (update_indirect_edges_after_inlining): Fix warning.

2020-01-28  Vladimir Makarov  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/93272
	* ira-lives.c (process_out_of_region_eh_regs): New function.
	(process_bb_node_lives): Call it.

2020-01-28  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* coverage.c (read_counts_file): Make error message lowercase.

2020-01-28  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* profile-count.c (profile_quality_display_names): Fix ordering.

2020-01-28  Jan Hubicka  <>

	PR lto/93318	
	* cgraph.c (cgraph_add_edge_to_call_site_hash): Update call site
	hash only when edge is first within the sequence.
	(cgraph_edge::set_call_stmt): Update handling of speculative calls.
	(symbol_table::create_edge): Do not set target_prob.
	(cgraph_edge::remove_caller): Watch for speculative calls when updating
	the call site hash.
	(cgraph_edge::make_speculative): Drop target_prob parameter.
	(cgraph_edge::speculative_call_info): Remove.
	(cgraph_edge::first_speculative_call_target): New member function.
	(update_call_stmt_hash_for_removing_direct_edge): New function.
	(cgraph_edge::resolve_speculation): Rewrite to new API.
	(cgraph_edge::speculative_call_for_target): New member function.
	(cgraph_edge::make_direct): Rewrite to new API; fix handling of
	multiple speculation targets.
	(cgraph_edge::redirect_call_stmt_to_callee): Likewise; fix updating
	of profile.
	(verify_speculative_call): Verify that targets form an interval.
	* cgraph.h (cgraph_edge::speculative_call_info): Remove.
	(cgraph_edge::first_speculative_call_target): New member function.
	(cgraph_edge::next_speculative_call_target): New member function.
	(cgraph_edge::speculative_call_target_ref): New member function.
	(cgraph_edge;:speculative_call_indirect_edge): New member funtion.
	(cgraph_edge): Remove target_prob.
	* cgraphclones.c (cgraph_node::set_call_stmt_including_clones):
	Fix handling of speculative calls.
	* ipa-devirt.c (ipa_devirt): Fix handling of speculative cals.
	* ipa-fnsummary.c (analyze_function_body): Likewise.
	* ipa-inline.c (speculation_useful_p): Use new speculative call API.
	* ipa-profile.c (dump_histogram): Fix formating.
	(ipa_profile_generate_summary): Watch for overflows.
	(ipa_profile): Do not require probablity to be 1/2; update to new API.
	* ipa-prop.c (ipa_make_edge_direct_to_target): Update to new API.
	(update_indirect_edges_after_inlining): Update to new API.
	* ipa-utils.c (ipa_merge_profiles): Rewrite merging of speculative call
	* profile-count.h: (profile_probability::adjusted): New.
	* tree-inline.c (copy_bb): Update to new speculative call API; fix
	updating of profile.
	* value-prof.c (gimple_ic_transform): Rename to ...
	(dump_ic_profile): ... this one; update dumping.
	(stream_in_histogram_value): Fix formating.
	(gimple_value_profile_transformations): Update.

2020-01-28  H.J. Lu  <>

	PR target/91461
	* config/i386/ (*movoi_internal_avx): Remove
	(*movti_internal): Prefer TARGET_AVX over
	(*movtf_internal): Likewise.
	* config/i386/ (mov<mode>_internal): Prefer TARGET_AVX over

2020-01-28  David Malcolm  <>

	* diagnostic-core.h (warning_at): Rename overload to...
	(warning_meta): ...this.
	(emit_diagnostic_valist): Delete decl of overload taking
	* diagnostic.c (emit_diagnostic_valist): Likewise for defn.
	(warning_at): Rename overload taking diagnostic_metadata to...
	(warning_meta): ...this.

2020-01-28  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93439
	* tree-parloops.c (create_loop_fn): Move clique bookkeeping...
	* tree-cfg.c (move_sese_region_to_fn): ... here.
	(verify_types_in_gimple_reference): Verify used cliques are

2020-01-28  H.J. Lu  <>

	PR target/91399
	* config/i386/i386-options.c (set_ix86_tune_features): Add an
	argument of a pointer to struct gcc_options and pass it to
	(ix86_function_specific_restore): Pass opts to
	(ix86_option_override_internal): Likewise.
	(parse_mtune_ctrl_str): Add an argument of a pointer to struct
	gcc_options and use it for x_ix86_tune_ctrl_string.

2020-01-28  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/87763
	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_truncation): Extend sign/zero_extract
	simplification to handle subregs as well as bare regs.
	* config/i386/ (*testqi_ext_3): Match QI extracts too.

2020-01-28  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* tree-vect-loop.c (vectorizable_reduction): Fail gracefully
	for reduction chains that (now) include a call.

2020-01-28  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92822
	* tree-ssa-forwprop.c (simplify_vector_constructor): When filling
	out the don't-care elements of a vector whose significant elements
	are duplicates, make the don't-care elements duplicates too.

2020-01-28  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93434
	* tree-predcom.c (split_data_refs_to_components): Record which
	components have had aliasing loads removed.  Prevent store-store
	commoning for all such components.

2020-01-28  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93418
	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_fold_builtin) <do_shift>: If mask is not
	-1 or is_vshift is true, use new_vector with number of elts npatterns
	rather than new_unary_operation.

	PR tree-optimization/93454
	* gimple-fold.c (fold_array_ctor_reference): Perform
	elt_size.to_uhwi () just once, instead of calling it in every
	iteration.  Punt if that value is above size of the temporary
	buffer.  Decrease third native_encode_expr argument when
	bufoff + elt_sz is above size of buf.

2020-01-27  Joseph Myers  <>

	* config/mips/mips.c (mips_declare_object_name)
	[USE_GNU_UNIQUE_OBJECT]: Support use of gnu_unique_object.

2020-01-27  Martin Liska  <>

	PR gcov-profile/93403
	* tree-profile.c (gimple_init_gcov_profiler): Generate
	both __gcov_indirect_call_profiler_v4 and

2020-01-27  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR target/92822
	* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_get_half<mode>): New
	(@aarch64_split_simd_mov<mode>): Use it.
	(aarch64_simd_mov_from_<mode>low): Add a GPR alternative.
	Leave the vec_extract patterns to handle 2-element vectors.
	(aarch64_simd_mov_from_<mode>high): Likewise.
	(vec_extract<VQMOV_NO2E:mode><Vhalf>): New expander.
	(vec_extractv2dfv1df): Likewise.

2020-01-27  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_if_then_else_costs): Match
	jump conditions for *compare_condjump<GPI:mode>.

2020-01-27  David Malcolm  <>

	PR analyzer/93276
	* (test_edge::test_edge): Specify template for base
	class initializer.

2020-01-27  Claudiu Zissulescu  <>

	* config/arc/arc.c (arc_rtx_costs): Update mul64 cost.

2020-01-27  Claudiu Zissulescu  <>

	* config/arc/arc-protos.h (gen_mlo): Remove.
	(gen_mhi): Likewise.
	* config/arc/arc.c (AUX_MULHI): Define.
	(arc_must_save_reister): Special handling for r58/59.
	(arc_compute_frame_size): Consider mlo/mhi registers.
	(arc_save_callee_saves): Emit fp/sp move only when emit_move
	paramter is true.
	(arc_conditional_register_usage): Remove TARGET_BIG_ENDIAN from
	mlo/mhi name selection.
	(arc_restore_callee_saves): Don't early restore blink when ISR.
	(arc_expand_prologue): Add mlo/mhi saving.
	(arc_expand_epilogue): Add mlo/mhi restoring.
	(gen_mlo): Remove.
	(gen_mhi): Remove.
	* config/arc/arc.h (DBX_REGISTER_NUMBER): Correct register
	numbering when MUL64 option is used.
	* config/arc/ (arc600_stall): New pattern.
	(mulsi64): Use correct mlo/mhi registers.
	(mulsi_600): Clean it up.
	* config/arc/ (mlo_operand): Remove any dependency on
	(mhi_operand): Likewise.

2020-01-27  Claudiu Zissulescu  <>
	    Petro Karashchenko  <>

	* config/arc/arc.c (arc_is_uncached_mem_p): Check struct
	attributes if needed.
	(prepare_move_operands): Generate special unspec instruction for
	direct access.
	(arc_isuncached_mem_p): Propagate uncached attribute to each
	structure member.
	* config/arc/ (VUNSPEC_ARC_LDDI): Define.
	(VUNSPEC_ARC_STDI): Likewise.
	(ALLI): New mode iterator.
	(mALLI): New mode attribute.
	(lddi): New instruction pattern.
	(stdi): Likewise.
	(stdidi_split): Split instruction for architectures which are not
	supporting ll64 option.
	(lddidi_split): Likewise.

2020-01-27  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/92989
	* lra-lives.c (process_bb_lives): Update the live-in set before
	processing additional clobbers.

2020-01-27  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/93170
	* cselib.c (cselib_invalidate_regno_val): New function, split out
	(cselib_invalidated_by_call_p): New function.
	(cselib_process_insn): Iterate over all the hard-register entries in
	REG_VALUES and invalidate any that cross call-clobbered registers.

2020-01-27  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* dojump.c (split_comparison): Use HONOR_NANS rather than
	HONOR_SNANS when splitting LTGT.

2020-01-27  Martin Liska  <>

	PR driver/91220
	* opts.c (print_filtered_help): Exclude language-specific
	options from --help=common unless enabled in all FEs.

2020-01-27  Martin Liska  <>

	* opts.c (print_help): Exclude params from
	all except --help=param.

2020-01-27  Martin Liska  <>

	PR target/93274
	* config/i386/i386-features.c (make_resolver_func):
	Align the code with ppc64 target implementation.
	Do not generate a unique name for resolver function.

2020-01-27  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93397
	* tree-vect-slp.c (vect_analyze_slp_instance): Delay
	converted reduction chain SLP graph adjustment.

2020-01-26  Marek Polacek  <>

	PR sanitizer/93436
	* sanopt.c (sanitize_rewrite_addressable_params): Avoid crash on
	null DECL_NAME.

2020-01-26  Jason Merrill  <>

	PR c++/92601
	* tree.c (verify_type_variant): Only verify TYPE_NEEDS_CONSTRUCTING
	of complete types.

2020-01-26  Darius Galis  <>

	* config/rx/ (setmemsi): Added rx_allow_string_insns constraint
	(rx_setmem): Likewise.

2020-01-26  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93412
	* config/i386/ (*addv<dwi>4_doubleword, *subv<dwi>4_doubleword):
	Use nonimmediate_operand instead of x86_64_hilo_general_operand and
	drop <di> from constraint of last operand.

	PR target/93430
	* config/i386/ (*avx_vperm_broadcast_<mode>): Disallow for
	TARGET_AVX2 and V4DFmode not in the split condition, but in the
	pattern condition, though allow { 0, 0, 0, 0 } broadcast always.

2020-01-25  Feng Xue  <>

	PR ipa/93166
	* ipa-cp.c (get_info_about_necessary_edges): Remove value
	check assertion.

2020-01-24  Jeff Law  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92788
	* tree-ssa-threadedge.c (thread_across_edge): Check EDGE_COMPLEX

2020-01-24  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93395
	* config/i386/ (*avx_vperm_broadcast_v4sf,
	Move before avx2_perm<mode>/avx512f_perm<mode>.

	PR target/93376
	* simplify-rtx.c (simplify_const_unary_operation,
	simplify_const_binary_operation): Punt for mode precision above

2020-01-24  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* config/arm/aarch-cost-tables.h (cortexa57_extra_costs): Change
	alu.shift_reg to 0.

2020-01-24  Jeff Law  <>

	PR target/13721
	* config/h8300/h8300.c (h8300_print_operand): Only call byte_reg
	for REGs.  Call output_operand_lossage to get more reasonable

2020-01-24  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config/gcn/ (vec_cmp<mode>di): Use
	(vec_cmpu<mode>di): Use gcn_compare_operator.
	(vec_cmp<u>v64qidi): Use gcn_compare_operator.
	(vec_cmp<mode>di_exec): Use gcn_fp_compare_operator.
	(vec_cmpu<mode>di_exec): Use gcn_compare_operator.
	(vec_cmp<u>v64qidi_exec): Use gcn_compare_operator.
	(vec_cmp<mode>di_dup): Use gcn_fp_compare_operator.
	(vec_cmp<mode>di_dup_exec): Use gcn_fp_compare_operator.
	(vcond<VEC_ALLREG_MODE:mode><VEC_ALLREG_ALT:mode>): Use
	(vcond<VEC_ALLREG_MODE:mode><VEC_ALLREG_ALT:mode>_exec): Use
	(vcondu<VEC_ALLREG_MODE:mode><VEC_ALLREG_INT_MODE:mode>): Use
	(vcondu<VEC_ALLREG_MODE:mode><VEC_ALLREG_INT_MODE:mode>_exec): Use

2020-01-24  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>

	* doc/install.texi (Cross-Compiler-Specific Options): Document
	`--with-toolexeclibdir' option.

2020-01-24  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* target.def (flags_regnum): Also mention effect on delay slot filling.
	* doc/tm.texi: Regenerate.

2020-01-23  Jeff Law  <>

	PR translation/90162
	* config/h8300/h8300.c (h8300_option_override): Fix diagnostic text.

2020-01-23  Mikael Tillenius  <>

	PR target/92269
	* config/h8300/h8300.h (FUNCTION_PROFILER): Fix emission of
	profiling label

2020-01-23  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/93402
	* postreload.c (reload_combine_recognize_pattern): Don't try to adjust
	USE insns.

2020-01-23  Dragan Mladjenovic  <>

	* Regenerated.
	* config/mips/linux.h (NEED_INDICATE_EXEC_STACK): Define to 1
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* Define TARGET_LIBC_GNUSTACK if glibc version is
	found to be 2.31 or greater.

2020-01-23  Dragan Mladjenovic  <>

	* config/mips/linux.h (NEED_INDICATE_EXEC_STACK): Define to
	* config/mips/mips.c (TARGET_ASM_FILE_END): Define to ...
	(mips_asm_file_end): New function. Delegate to
	file_end_indicate_exec_stack if NEED_INDICATE_EXEC_STACK is true.
	* config/mips/mips.h (NEED_INDICATE_EXEC_STACK): Define to 0.

2020-01-23  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93376
	* config/i386/i386-modes.def (POImode): New mode.
	(MAX_BITSIZE_MODE_ANY_INT): Change from 128 to 160.
	* config/i386/ (DPWI): New mode attribute.
	(addv<mode>4, subv<mode>4): Use <DPWI> instead of <DWI>.
	(QWI): Rename to...
	(QPWI): ... this.  Use POI instead of OI for TImode.
	(*addv<dwi>4_doubleword, *addv<dwi>4_doubleword_1,
	*subv<dwi>4_doubleword, *subv<dwi>4_doubleword_1): Use <QPWI>
	instead of <QWI>.

2020-01-23  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR target/93341
	* config/aarch64/ (UNSPEC_SPECULATION_TRACKER_REV): New
	(speculation_tracker_rev): New pattern.
	* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_do_track_speculation):
	Use speculation_tracker_rev to track the inverse condition.

2020-01-23  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93381
	* tree-ssa-sccvn.c (vn_walk_cb_data::push_partial_def): Take
	alias-set of the def as argument and record the first one.
	(vn_walk_cb_data::first_set): New member.
	(vn_reference_lookup_3): Pass the alias-set of the current def
	to push_partial_def.  Fix alias-set used in the aggregate copy
	(vn_reference_lookup): Consistently set *last_vuse_ptr.
	* real.c (clear_significand_below): Fix out-of-bound access.

2020-01-23  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93346
	* config/i386/ (*bmi2_bzhi_<mode>3_2, *bmi2_bzhi_<mode>3_3):
	New define_insn patterns.

2020-01-23  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* doc/sourcebuild.texi (check-function-bodies): Add an
	optional target/xfail selector.

2020-01-23  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/93124
	* auto-inc-dec.c (merge_in_block): Don't add auto inc/decs to
	bare USE and CLOBBER insns.

2020-01-22  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* config/arc/arc.c (output_short_suffix): Check insn for nullness.

2020-01-22  David Malcolm  <>

	PR analyzer/93307
	* (break-on-saved-diagnostic): Update for move of
	diagnostic_manager into "ana" namespace.
	* selftest-run-tests.c (selftest::run_tests): Update for move of
	selftest::run_analyzer_selftests to

2020-01-22  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* cfgexpand.c (union_stack_vars): Update the size.

2020-01-22  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93381
	* tree-ssa-structalias.c (find_func_aliases): Assume offsetting
	throughout, handle all conversions the same.

2020-01-22  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93335
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_expand_subvti): Only use
	gen_subdi3_compare1_imm if low_in2 satisfies aarch64_plus_immediate
	predicate, not whenever it is CONST_INT.  Otherwise, force_reg it.
	Call force_reg on high_in2 unconditionally.

2020-01-22  Martin Liska  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92924
	* profile.c (compute_value_histograms): Divide
	all counter values.

2020-01-22  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/91298
	* output.h (assemble_name_resolve): Declare.
	* varasm.c (assemble_name_resolve): New function.
	(assemble_name): Use it.
	* config/i386/i386.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SYMBOL_REF): Define.

2020-01-22  Joseph Myers  <>

	* doc/sourcebuild.texi (Texinfo Manuals, Front End): Refer to
	update_web_docs_git instead of update_web_docs_svn.

2020-01-21  Andrew Pinski  <>

	PR target/9311
	* config/aarch64/ (tlsgd_small_<mode>): Have operand 0
	as PTR mode. Have operand 1 as being modeless, it can be P mode.
	(*tlsgd_small_<mode>): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_load_symref_appropriately)
	<case SYMBOL_SMALL_TLSGD>: Call gen_tlsgd_small_* with a ptr_mode
	register.  Convert that register back to dest using convert_mode.

2020-01-21  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/riscv/riscv-sr.c (riscv_sr_match_prologue): Use INTVAL
	instead of XINT.

2020-01-21  H.J. Lu  <>
	    Uros Bizjak    <>

	PR target/93319
	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_tls_module_base): Replace Pmode
	with ptr_mode.
	(legitimize_tls_address): Do GNU2 TLS address computation in
	ptr_mode and zero-extend result to Pmode.
	*  config/i386/ (@tls_dynamic_gnu2_64_<mode>): Replace
	:P with :PTR and Pmode with ptr_mode.
	(*tls_dynamic_gnu2_lea_64_<mode>): Likewise.
	(*tls_dynamic_gnu2_call_64_<mode>): Likewise.
	(*tls_dynamic_gnu2_combine_64_<mode>): Likewise.

2020-01-21  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93333
	* config/riscv/riscv.c (riscv_rtx_costs) <case ZERO_EXTRACT>: Verify
	the last two operands are CONST_INT_P before using them as such.

2020-01-21  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins.def: Use get_typenode_from_name
	to get the integer element types.

2020-01-21  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins.h
	(function_expander::convert_to_pmode): Declare.
	* config/aarch64/
	(function_expander::convert_to_pmode): New function.
	(function_expander::get_contiguous_base): Use it.
	(function_expander::prepare_gather_address_operands): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/
	(svwhilerw_svwhilewr_impl::expand): Likewise.

2020-01-21  Szabolcs Nagy  <>

	PR target/92424
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_declare_function_name): Set
	(aarch64_print_patchable_function_entry): New.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (struct machine_function): New field,

2020-01-21  David Malcolm  <>

	PR ipa/93315
	* ipa-profile.c (ipa_profile): Delete call_sums and set it to
	NULL on exit.

2020-01-18  Jan Hubicka  <>

	PR lto/93318	
	* cgraph.c (cgraph_edge::resolve_speculation,
	cgraph_edge::redirect_call_stmt_to_callee): Fix update of

2020-01-21  Martin Liska  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (common_mode_defined): Remove
	unused variable.

2020-01-21  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92328
	* tree-ssa-sccvn.c (vn_reference_lookup_3): Preserve
	type when value-numbering same-sized store by inserting a
	(eliminate_dom_walker::eliminate_stmt): When eliminating
	a redundant store handle bit-reinterpretation of the same value.

2020-01-21  Andrew Pinski  <>

	PR tree-opt/93321
	* tree-into-ssa.c (prepare_block_for_update_1): Split out
	from ...
	(prepare_block_for_update): This.  Use a worklist instead of

2020-01-21  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>

	* gcc/config/arm/arm.c (clear_operation_p):
	Initialise last_regno, skip first iteration
	based on the first_set value and use ints instead
	of the unnecessary HOST_WIDE_INTs.

2020-01-21  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93073
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_emit_cmove): If using fsel, punt for
	compare_mode other than SFmode or DFmode.

2020-01-21  Kito Cheng  <>

	PR target/93304
	* config/riscv/riscv-protos.h (riscv_hard_regno_rename_ok): New.
	* config/riscv/riscv.c (riscv_hard_regno_rename_ok): New.
	* config/riscv/riscv.h (HARD_REGNO_RENAME_OK): Defined.

2020-01-20  Wilco Dijkstra  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (neoversen1_tunings): Set jump_align to 4.

2020-01-20  Andrew Pinski  <>

	PR middle-end/93242
	* targhooks.c (default_print_patchable_function_entry): Use
	output_asm_insn to emit the nop instruction.

2020-01-20  Fangrui Song  <>

	PR middle-end/93194
	* targhooks.c (default_print_patchable_function_entry): Align to

2020-01-20  H.J. Lu  <>

	PR target/93319
	* config/i386/i386.c (legitimize_tls_address): Pass Pmode to
	gen_tls_dynamic_gnu2_64.  Compute GNU2 TLS address in ptr_mode.
	* config/i386/ (tls_dynamic_gnu2_64): Renamed to ...
	(@tls_dynamic_gnu2_64_<mode>): This.  Replace DI with P.
	(*tls_dynamic_gnu2_lea_64): Renamed to ...
	(*tls_dynamic_gnu2_lea_64_<mode>): This.  Replace DI with P.
	Remove the {q} suffix from lea.
	(*tls_dynamic_gnu2_call_64): Renamed to ...
	(*tls_dynamic_gnu2_call_64_<mode>): This.  Replace DI with P.
	(*tls_dynamic_gnu2_combine_64): Renamed to ...
	(*tls_dynamic_gnu2_combine_64_<mode>): This.  Replace DI with P.
	Pass Pmode to gen_tls_dynamic_gnu2_64.

2020-01-20  Wilco Dijkstra  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (SLOW_BYTE_ACCESS): Set to 1.

2020-01-20  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/
	(svld1ro_impl::memory_vector_mode): Remove parameter name.

2020-01-20  Richard Biener  <>

	PR debug/92763
	* dwarf2out.c (prune_unused_types): Unconditionally mark
	called function DIEs.

2020-01-20  Martin Liska  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93199
	* tree-eh.c (struct leh_state): Add
	new field outer_non_cleanup.
	(cleanup_is_dead_in): Pass leh_state instead
	of eh_region.  Add a checking that state->outer_non_cleanup
	points to outer non-clean up region.
	(lower_try_finally): Record outer_non_cleanup
	for this_state.
	(lower_catch): Likewise.
	(lower_eh_filter): Likewise.
	(lower_eh_must_not_throw): Likewise.
	(lower_cleanup): Likewise.

2020-01-20  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93094
	* tree-vectorizer.h (vect_loop_versioning): Adjust.
	(vect_transform_loop): Likewise.
	* tree-vectorizer.c (try_vectorize_loop_1): Pass down
	loop_vectorized_call to vect_transform_loop.
	* tree-vect-loop.c (vect_transform_loop): Pass down
	loop_vectorized_call to vect_loop_versioning.
	* tree-vect-loop-manip.c (vect_loop_versioning): Use
	the earlier discovered loop_vectorized_call.

2020-01-19  Eric S. Raymond <>

	* doc/contribute.texi: Update for SVN -> Git transition.
	* doc/install.texi: Likewise.

2020-01-18  Jan Hubicka  <>

	PR lto/93318
	* cgraph.c (cgraph_edge::make_speculative): Increase number of
	speculative targets.
	(verify_speculative_call): New function
	(cgraph_node::verify_node): Use it.
	* ipa-profile.c (ipa_profile): Fix formating; do not set number of

2020-01-18  Jan Hubicka  <>

	PR lto/93318
	* cgraph.c (cgraph_edge::resolve_speculation): Fix foramting.
	(cgraph_edge::make_direct): Remove all indirect targets.
	(cgraph_edge::redirect_call_stmt_to_callee): Use make_direct..
	(cgraph_node::verify_node): Verify that only one call_stmt or
	lto_stmt_uid is set.
	* cgraphclones.c (cgraph_edge::clone): Set only one call_stmt or
	* lto-cgraph.c (lto_output_edge): Simplify streaming of stmt.
	(lto_output_ref): Simplify streaming of stmt.
	* lto-streamer-in.c (fixup_call_stmt_edges_1): Clear lto_stmt_uid.

2020-01-18  Tamar Christina  <>

	* config/aarch64/ (memory_vector_mode):
	Mark parameter unused.

2020-01-18  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* config.gcc <obsolete targets>: Add crisv32-*-* and cris-*-linux*

2019-01-18  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* varpool.c (ctor_useable_for_folding_p): Fix grammar.

2020-01-18  Iain Sandoe  <>

	* Add coroutine-passes.o.
	* builtin-types.def (BT_CONST_SIZE): New.
	* builtins.def (DEF_COROUTINE_BUILTIN): New.
	* coroutine-builtins.def: New file.
	* New file.
	* function.h (struct GTY function): Add a bit to indicate that the
	function is a coroutine component.
	* internal-fn.c (expand_CO_FRAME): New.
	(expand_CO_YIELD): New.
	(expand_CO_SUSPN): New.
	(expand_CO_ACTOR): New.
	* internal-fn.def (CO_ACTOR): New.
	(CO_YIELD): New.
	(CO_SUSPN): New.
	(CO_FRAME): New.
	* passes.def: Add pass_coroutine_lower_builtins,
	* tree-pass.h (make_pass_coroutine_lower_builtins): New.
	(make_pass_coroutine_early_expand_ifns): New.
	* doc/invoke.texi: Document the fcoroutines command line

2020-01-18  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/arm/ (*clear_vfp_multiple): Remove unused variable.

	PR target/93312
	* config/arm/arm.c (clear_operation_p): Don't use REGNO until
	after checking the argument is a REG.  Don't use REGNO (reg)
	again to set last_regno, reuse regno variable instead.

2020-01-17  David Malcolm  <>

	* doc/analyzer.texi (Limitations): Add note about NaN.

2020-01-17  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Sudakshina Das  <>

	* config/arm/ (ashldi3): Generate thumb2_lsll for both reg
	and valid immediate.
	(ashrdi3): Generate thumb2_asrl for both reg and valid immediate.
	(lshrdi3): Generate thumb2_lsrl for valid immediates.
	* config/arm/ (Pg): New.
	* config/arm/ (long_shift_imm): New.
	(arm_reg_or_long_shift_imm): Likewise.
	* config/arm/ (thumb2_asrl): New immediate alternative.
	(thumb2_lsll): Likewise.
	(thumb2_lsrl): New.

2020-01-17  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Sudakshina Das  <>

	* config/arm/ (ashldi3): Generate thumb2_lsll for TARGET_HAVE_MVE.
	(ashrdi3): Generate thumb2_asrl for TARGET_HAVE_MVE.
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_hard_regno_mode_ok): Allocate even odd
	register pairs for doubleword quantities for ARMv8.1M-Mainline.
	* config/arm/ (thumb2_asrl): New.
	(thumb2_lsll): Likewise.

2020-01-17  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (cmse_nonsecure_call_inline_register_clear): Remove
	unused variable.

2020-01-17  Alexander Monakov  <>

	* (help-gcc-hooks): New command.
	(pp, pr, prl, pt, pct, pgg, pgq, pgs, pge, pmz, ptc, pdn, ptn, pdd, prc,
	pi, pbm, pel, trt): Take $arg0 instead of $ if supplied. Update

2020-01-17  Matthew Malcomson  <>

	* config/aarch64/ (@aarch64_sve_ld1ro<mode>): Use the
	correct target macro.

2020-01-17  Matthew Malcomson  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-protos.h
	(aarch64_sve_ld1ro_operand_p): New.
	* config/aarch64/
	(class load_replicate): New.
	(class svld1ro_impl): New.
	(class svld1rq_impl): Change to inherit from load_replicate.
	(svld1ro): New sve intrinsic function base.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-base.def (svld1ro):
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-base.h
	(svld1ro): New decl.
	* config/aarch64/
	(function_expander::add_mem_operand): Modify assert to allow
	* config/aarch64/ (@aarch64_sve_ld1ro<mode>): New
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c
	(aarch64_sve_ld1rq_operand_p): Implement in terms of ...
	(aarch64_sve_ld1rq_ld1ro_operand_p): This.
	(aarch64_sve_ld1ro_operand_p): New.
	* config/aarch64/ (UNSPEC_LD1RO): New unspec.
	* config/aarch64/ (UOb,UOh,UOw,UOd): New.
	* config/aarch64/
	(aarch64_sve_ld1ro_operand_{b,h,w,d}): New.

2020-01-17  Matthew Malcomson  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-c.c (_ARM_FEATURE_MATMUL_FLOAT64):
	Introduce this ACLE specified predefined macro.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-option-extensions.def (f64mm): New.
	(fp): Disabling this disables f64mm.
	(simd): Disabling this disables f64mm.
	(fp16): Disabling this disables f64mm.
	(sve): Disabling this disables f64mm.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (AARCH64_FL_F64MM): New.
	(AARCH64_ISA_F64MM): New.
	(TARGET_F64MM): New.
	* doc/invoke.texi (f64mm): Document new option.

2020-01-17  Wilco Dijkstra  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (generic_tunings): Add branch fusion.
	(neoversen1_tunings): Likewise.

2020-01-17  Wilco Dijkstra  <>

	PR target/92692
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_split_compare_and_swap)
	Add assert to ensure prolog has been emitted.
	(aarch64_split_atomic_op): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_compare_and_swap<mode>)
	Use epilogue_completed rather than reload_completed.
	(aarch64_atomic_exchange<mode>): Likewise.
	(aarch64_atomic_<atomic_optab><mode>): Likewise.
	(atomic_nand<mode>): Likewise.
	(aarch64_atomic_fetch_<atomic_optab><mode>): Likewise.
	(atomic_fetch_nand<mode>): Likewise.
	(aarch64_atomic_<atomic_optab>_fetch<mode>): Likewise.
	(atomic_nand_fetch<mode>): Likewise.

2020-01-17  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR target/93133
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (REVERSIBLE_CC_MODE): Return false
	for FP modes.
	* config/aarch64/ (CC_ONLY): New mode iterator.
	(CCFP_CCFPE): Likewise.
	(e): New mode attribute.
	* config/aarch64/ (ccmp<GPI:mode>): Rename to...
	(@ccmp<CC_ONLY:mode><GPI:mode>): ...this, using CC_ONLY instead of CC.
	(fccmp<GPF:mode>, fccmpe<GPF:mode>): Merge into...
	(@ccmp<CCFP_CCFPE:mode><GPF:mode>): ...this combined pattern.
	(@ccmp<CC_ONLY:mode><GPI:mode>_rev): New pattern.
	(@ccmp<CCFP_CCFPE:mode><GPF:mode>_rev): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_gen_compare_reg): Update
	name of generator from gen_ccmpdi to gen_ccmpccdi.
	(aarch64_gen_ccmp_next): Use code_for_ccmp.  If we want to reverse
	the previous comparison but aren't able to, use the new ccmp_rev
	patterns instead.

2020-01-17  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* gimplify.c (gimplify_return_expr): Use poly_int_tree_p rather
	than testing directly for INTEGER_CST.
	(gimplify_target_expr, gimplify_omp_depend): Likewise.

2020-01-17  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93292
	* tree-vect-stmts.c (vectorizable_comparison): Punt also if
	get_vectype_for_scalar_type returns NULL.

2020-01-16  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* params.opt (-param=max-predicted-iterations): Increase range from 0.
	* predict.c (estimate_loops): Add 1 to param_max_predicted_iterations.

2020-01-16  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* ipa-fnsummary.c (estimate_calls_size_and_time): Fix formating of
	* params.opt: (max-predicted-iterations): Set bounds.
	* predict.c (real_almost_one, real_br_prob_base,
	real_inv_br_prob_base, real_one_half, real_bb_freq_max): Remove.
	(propagate_freq): Add max_cyclic_prob parameter; cap cyclic
	probabilities; do not truncate to reg_br_prob_bases.
	(estimate_loops_at_level): Pass max_cyclic_prob.
	(estimate_loops): Compute max_cyclic_prob.
	(estimate_bb_frequencies): Do not initialize real_*; update calculation
	of back edge prob.
	* profile-count.c (profile_probability::to_sreal): New.
	* profile-count.h (class sreal): Move up in file.
	(profile_probability::to_sreal): Declare.

2020-01-16  Stam Markianos-Wright  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c
	(arm_invalid_conversion): New function for target hook.
	(arm_invalid_unary_op): New function for target hook.
	(arm_invalid_binary_op): New function for target hook.

2020-01-16  Stam Markianos-Wright  <>

	* config.gcc: Add arm_bf16.h.
	* config/arm/arm-builtins.c (arm_mangle_builtin_type): Fix comment.
	(arm_simd_builtin_std_type): Add BFmode.
	(arm_init_simd_builtin_types): Define element types for vector types.
	(arm_init_bf16_types): New function.
	(arm_init_builtins): Add arm_init_bf16_types function call.
	* config/arm/arm-modes.def: Add BFmode and V4BF, V8BF vector modes.
	* config/arm/arm-simd-builtin-types.def: Add V4BF, V8BF.
	* config/arm/arm.c (aapcs_vfp_sub_candidate):  Add BFmode.
	(arm_hard_regno_mode_ok): Add BFmode and tidy up statements.
	(arm_vector_mode_supported_p): Add V4BF, V8BF.
	(arm_mangle_type):  Add __bf16.
	* config/arm/arm.h: Add V4BF, V8BF to VALID_NEON_DREG_MODE, 
	VALID_NEON_QREG_MODE respectively. Add export arm_bf16_type_node,
	* config/arm/ Add BFmode to movhf expand, mov pattern and
	define_split between ARM registers.
	* config/arm/arm_bf16.h: New file.
	* config/arm/arm_neon.h: Add arm_bf16.h and Bfloat vector types.
	* config/arm/ (ANY64_BF, VDXMOV, VHFBF, HFBF, fporbf): New.
	(VQXMOV): Add V8BF.
	* config/arm/ Add BF vector types to movhf NEON move patterns.
	* config/arm/ Add BFmode to movhf patterns.

2020-01-16  Mihail Ionescu  <>
	    Andre Vieira  <>

	* config/arm/ (mve, mve_float): New features.
	(dsp, mve, mve.fp): New options.
	* config/arm/arm.h (TARGET_HAVE_MVE, TARGET_HAVE_MVE_FLOAT): Define.
	* config/arm/t-rmprofile: Map v8.1-M multilibs to v8-M.
	* doc/invoke.texi: Document the armv8.1-m mve and dps options.

2020-01-16  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	* config/arm/ (ARMv8_1m_main): Redefine as an extension to
	Armv8-M Mainline.
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_options_perform_arch_sanity_checks): Remove
	error for using -mcmse when targeting Armv8.1-M Mainline.

2020-01-16  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	* config/arm/ (nonsecure_call_internal): Do not force memory
	address in r4 when targeting Armv8.1-M Mainline.
	(nonsecure_call_value_internal): Likewise.
	* config/arm/ (nonsecure_call_reg_thumb2): Make memory address
	a register match_operand again.  Emit BLXNS when targeting
	Armv8.1-M Mainline.
	(nonsecure_call_value_reg_thumb2): Likewise.

2020-01-16  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_add_cfa_adjust_cfa_note): Declare early.
	(cmse_nonsecure_call_inline_register_clear): Define new lazy_fpclear
	variable as true when floating-point ABI is not hard.  Replace
	check against TARGET_HARD_FLOAT_ABI by checks against lazy_fpclear.
	Generate VLSTM and VLLDM instruction respectively before and
	after a function call to cmse_nonsecure_call function.
	* config/arm/ (VUNSPEC_VLSTM): Define unspec.
	(VUNSPEC_VLLDM): Likewise.
	* config/arm/ (lazy_store_multiple_insn): New define_insn.
	(lazy_load_multiple_insn): Likewise.

2020-01-16  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (vfp_emit_fstmd): Declare early.
	(arm_emit_vfp_multi_reg_pop): Likewise.
	(cmse_nonsecure_call_inline_register_clear): Abstract number of VFP
	registers to clear in max_fp_regno.  Emit VPUSH and VPOP to save and
	restore callee-saved VFP registers.

2020-01-16  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_emit_multi_reg_pop): Declare early.
	(cmse_nonsecure_call_clear_caller_saved): Rename into ...
	(cmse_nonsecure_call_inline_register_clear): This.  Save and clear
	callee-saved GPRs as well as clear ip register before doing a nonsecure
	call then restore callee-saved GPRs after it when targeting
	Armv8.1-M Mainline.
	(arm_reorg): Adapt to function rename.

2020-01-16  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	* config/arm/arm-protos.h (clear_operation_p): Adapt prototype.
	* config/arm/arm.c (clear_operation_p): Extend to be able to check a
	clear_vfp_multiple pattern based on a new vfp parameter.
	(cmse_clear_registers): Generate VSCCLRM to clear VFP registers when
	targeting Armv8.1-M Mainline.
	(cmse_nonsecure_entry_clear_before_return): Clear VFP registers
	unconditionally when targeting Armv8.1-M Mainline architecture.  Check
	whether VFP registers are available before looking call_used_regs for a
	VFP register.
	* config/arm/ (clear_multiple_operation): Adapt to change
	of prototype of clear_operation_p.
	(clear_vfp_multiple_operation): New predicate.
	* config/arm/ (VUNSPEC_VSCCLRM_VPR): New volatile unspec.
	* config/arm/ (clear_vfp_multiple): New define_insn.

2020-01-16  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	* config/arm/arm-protos.h (clear_operation_p): Declare.
	* config/arm/arm.c (clear_operation_p): New function.
	(cmse_clear_registers): Generate clear_multiple instruction pattern if
	targeting Armv8.1-M Mainline or successor.
	(output_return_instruction): Only output APSR register clearing if
	Armv8.1-M Mainline instructions not available.
	(thumb_exit): Likewise.
	* config/arm/ (clear_multiple_operation): New predicate.
	* config/arm/ (clear_apsr): New define_insn.
	(clear_multiple): Likewise.
	* config/arm/ (VUNSPEC_CLRM_APSR): New volatile unspec.

2020-01-16  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (fp_sysreg_names): Declare and define.
	(use_return_insn): Also return false for Armv8.1-M Mainline.
	(output_return_instruction): Skip FPSCR clearing if Armv8.1-M
	Mainline instructions are available.
	(arm_compute_frame_layout): Allocate space in frame for FPCXTNS
	when targeting Armv8.1-M Mainline Security Extensions.
	(arm_expand_prologue): Save FPCXTNS if this is an Armv8.1-M
	Mainline entry function.
	(cmse_nonsecure_entry_clear_before_return): Clear IP and r4 if
	targeting Armv8.1-M Mainline or successor.
	(arm_expand_epilogue): Fix indentation of caller-saved register
	clearing.  Restore FPCXTNS if this is an Armv8.1-M Mainline
	entry function.
	* config/arm/arm.h (TARGET_HAVE_FP_CMSE): New macro.
	(FP_SYSREGS): Likewise.
	(enum vfp_sysregs_encoding): Define enum.
	(fp_sysreg_names): Declare.
	* config/arm/ (VUNSPEC_VSTR_VLDR): New volatile unspec.
	* config/arm/ (push_fpsysreg_insn): New define_insn.
	(pop_fpsysreg_insn): Likewise.

2020-01-16  Mihail-Calin Ionescu  <>
	    Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	* config/arm/ (armv8_1m_main): New feature.
	(ARMv4, ARMv4t, ARMv5t, ARMv5te, ARMv5tej, ARMv6, ARMv6j, ARMv6k,
	ARMv6z, ARMv6kz, ARMv6zk, ARMv6t2, ARMv6m, ARMv7, ARMv7a, ARMv7ve,
	ARMv7r, ARMv7m, ARMv7em, ARMv8a, ARMv8_1a, ARMv8_2a, ARMv8_3a,
	ARMv8_4a, ARMv8_5a, ARMv8m_base, ARMv8m_main, ARMv8r): Reindent.
	(ARMv8_1m_main): New feature group.
	(armv8.1-m.main): New architecture.
	* config/arm/arm-tables.opt: Regenerate.
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_arch8_1m_main): Define and default initialize.
	(arm_option_reconfigure_globals): Initialize arm_arch8_1m_main.
	(arm_options_perform_arch_sanity_checks): Error out when targeting
	Armv8.1-M Mainline Security Extensions.
	* config/arm/arm.h (arm_arch8_1m_main): Declare.

2020-01-16  Stam Markianos-Wright  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-simd-builtins.def (aarch64_bfdot,
	aarch64_bfdot_lane, aarch64_bfdot_laneq): New.
	* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_bfdot, aarch64_bfdot_lane,
	aarch64_bfdot_laneq): New.
	* config/aarch64/arm_bf16.h (vbfdot_f32, vbfdotq_f32,
	vbfdot_lane_f32, vbfdotq_lane_f32, vbfdot_laneq_f32,
	vbfdotq_laneq_f32): New.
	* config/aarch64/ (UNSPEC_BFDOT, Vbfdottype,
	(isquadop): Add V4BF, V8BF.

2020-01-16  Stam Markianos-Wright  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-builtins.c: (enum aarch64_type_qualifiers):
	New qualifier_lane_quadtup_index, TYPES_TERNOP_SSUS,
	(aarch64_simd_expand_args): Add case SIMD_ARG_LANE_QUADTUP_INDEX.
	(aarch64_simd_expand_builtin): Add qualifier_lane_quadtup_index.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-simd-builtins.def (usdot, usdot_lane,
	usdot_laneq, sudot_lane,sudot_laneq): New.
	* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_usdot): New.
	(aarch64_<sur>dot_lane): New.
	* config/aarch64/arm_neon.h (vusdot_s32): New.
	(vusdotq_s32): New.
	(vusdot_lane_s32): New.
	(vsudot_lane_s32): New.
	* config/aarch64/ (DOTPROD_I8MM): New iterator.

2020-01-16  Martin Liska  <>

	* value-prof.c (dump_histogram_value): Fix
	obvious spacing issue.

2020-01-16  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* tree-ssa-sccvn.c(vn_reference_lookup_3): Check lhs for

2020-01-16  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* sched-int.h (_dep): Add unused bit-field field for the padding.
	* sched-deps.c (init_dep_1): Init unused field.

2020-01-16  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* optabs.h (create_expand_operand): Initialize target field also.

2020-01-16  Andre Vieira  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92429
	* tree-ssa-loop-niter.h (simplify_replace_tree): Add parameter.
	* tree-ssa-loop-niter.c (simplify_replace_tree): Add parameter to
	control folding.
	* tree-vect-loop.c (update_epilogue_vinfo): Do not fold when replacing

2020-01-16  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_split_sve_subreg_move): Apply
	aarch64_sve_int_mode to each mode.

2020-01-15  David Malcolm  <>

	* doc/analyzer.texi (Overview): Add note about

2020-01-15  Wilco Dijkstra  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93231
	* tree-ssa-forwprop.c (optimize_count_trailing_zeroes): Check
	input_type is unsigned.  Use tree_to_shwi for shift constant.
	Check CST_STRING element size is CHAR_TYPE_SIZE bits.
	(simplify_count_trailing_zeroes): Add test to handle known non-zero
	inputs more efficiently.

2020-01-15  Uroš Bizjak  <>

	* config/i386/ (*movsf_internal): Do not require
	SSE2 ISA for alternatives 14 and 15.

2020-01-15  Richard Biener  <>

	PR middle-end/93273
	* tree-eh.c (sink_clobbers): If we already visited the destination
	block do not defer insertion.
	(pass_lower_eh_dispatch::execute): Maintain BB_VISITED for
	the purpose of defered insertion.

2020-01-15  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* BASE-VER: Bump to 10.0.1.

2020-01-15  Richard Sandiford  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93247
	* tree-vect-loop.c (update_epilogue_loop_vinfo): Check the access
	type of the stmt that we're going to vectorize.

2020-01-15  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* tree-vect-slp.c (vectorize_slp_instance_root_stmt): Use a
	VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR if the vectorized constructor has a diffeent
	type from the lhs.

2020-01-15  Martin Liska  <>

	* ipa-profile.c (ipa_profile_read_edge_summary): Do not allow
	2 calls of streamer_read_hwi in a function call.

2020-01-15  Richard Biener  <>

	* alias.c (record_alias_subset): Avoid redundant work when
	subset is already recorded.

2020-01-14  David Malcolm  <>

	* doc/invoke.texi (-fdiagnostics-show-cwe): Add note that some of
	the analyzer options provide CWE identifiers.

2020-01-14  David Malcolm  <>

	* (path_summary::event_range::print):
	When testing for UNKNOWN_LOCATION, look through ad-hoc wrappers
	using get_pure_location.

2020-01-15  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93262
	* tree-ssa-dse.c (maybe_trim_memstar_call): For *_chk builtins,
	perform head trimming only if the last argument is constant,
	either all ones, or larger or equal to head trim, in the latter
	case decrease the last argument by head_trim.

	PR tree-optimization/93249
	* tree-ssa-dse.c: Include builtins.h and gimple-fold.h.
	(maybe_trim_memstar_call): Move head_trim and tail_trim vars to
	function body scope, reindent.  For BUILTIN_IN_STRNCPY*, don't
	perform head trim unless we can prove there are no '\0' chars
	from the source among the first head_trim chars.

2020-01-14  David Malcolm  <>

	* (ANALYZER_OBJS): Add analyzer/function-set.o.

2020-01-15  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93009
	* config/i386/
	*<sd_mask_codefor>fma_fnmsub_<mode><sd_maskz_name>_bcst_1): Use
	just a single alternative instead of two, make operands 1 and 2

2020-01-14  Jan Hubicka  <>

	PR lto/91576
	* ipa-devirt.c (odr_types_equivalent_p): Compare TREE_ADDRESSABLE and

2020-01-14  David Malcolm  <>

	* (lang_opt_files): Add analyzer.opt.
	(OBJS): Add digraph.o, graphviz.o, ordered-hash-map-tests.o,
	tristate.o and ANALYZER_OBJS.
	(TEXI_GCCINT_FILES): Add analyzer.texi.
	* common.opt (-fanalyzer): New driver option.
	* Regenerate.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* (--disable-analyzer, ENABLE_ANALYZER): New option.
	(gccdepdir): Also create depdir for "analyzer" subdir.
	* New file.
	* digraph.h: New file.
	* doc/analyzer.texi: New file.
	* doc/gccint.texi ("Static Analyzer") New menu item.
	(analyzer.texi): Include it.
	* doc/invoke.texi ("Static Analyzer Options"): New list and new section.
	("Warning Options"): Add static analysis warnings to the list.
	(-Wno-analyzer-double-fclose): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-double-free): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-exposure-through-output-file): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-file-leak): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-free-of-non-heap): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-malloc-leak): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-possible-null-argument): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-possible-null-dereference): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-null-argument): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-null-dereference): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-stale-setjmp-buffer): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-tainted-array-index): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-use-after-free): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-use-of-pointer-in-stale-stack-frame): New option.
	(-Wno-analyzer-use-of-uninitialized-value): New option.
	(-Wanalyzer-too-complex): New option.
	(-fanalyzer-call-summaries): New warning.
	(-fanalyzer-checker=): New warning.
	(-fanalyzer-fine-grained): New warning.
	(-fno-analyzer-state-merge): New warning.
	(-fno-analyzer-state-purge): New warning.
	(-fanalyzer-transitivity): New warning.
	(-fanalyzer-verbose-edges): New warning.
	(-fanalyzer-verbose-state-changes): New warning.
	(-fanalyzer-verbosity=): New warning.
	(-fdump-analyzer): New warning.
	(-fdump-analyzer-callgraph): New warning.
	(-fdump-analyzer-exploded-graph): New warning.
	(-fdump-analyzer-exploded-nodes): New warning.
	(-fdump-analyzer-exploded-nodes-2): New warning.
	(-fdump-analyzer-exploded-nodes-3): New warning.
	(-fdump-analyzer-supergraph): New warning.
	* doc/sourcebuild.texi (dg-require-dot): New.
	(dg-check-dot): New.
	* (break-on-saved-diagnostic): New command.
	* New file.
	* graphviz.h: New file.
	* New file.
	* ordered-hash-map.h: New file.
	* passes.def (pass_analyzer): Add before
	* selftest-run-tests.c (selftest::run_tests): Call
	* selftest.h (selftest::ordered_hash_map_tests_cc_tests): New
	* shortest-paths.h: New file.
	* timevar.def (TV_ANALYZER): New timevar.
	(TV_ANALYZER_PLAN): Likewise.
	(TV_ANALYZER_SCC): Likewise.
	(TV_ANALYZER_DUMP): Likewise.
	* tree-pass.h (make_pass_analyzer): New decl.
	* New file.
	* tristate.h: New file.

2020-01-14  Uroš Bizjak  <>

	PR target/93254
	* config/i386/ (*movsf_internal): Require SSE2 ISA for
	alternatives 9 and 10.

2020-01-14  David Malcolm  <>

	* attribs.c (excl_hash_traits::empty_zero_p): New static constant.
	* gcov.c (function_start_pair_hash::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	* graphite.c (struct sese_scev_hash::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	* hash-map-tests.c (selftest::test_nonzero_empty_key): New selftest.
	(selftest::hash_map_tests_c_tests): Call it.
	* hash-map-traits.h (simple_hashmap_traits::empty_zero_p):
	New static constant, using the value of = H::empty_zero_p.
	(unbounded_hashmap_traits::empty_zero_p): Likewise, using the value
	from default_hash_traits <Value>.
	* hash-map.h (hash_map::empty_zero_p): Likewise, using the value
	from Traits.
	* hash-set-tests.c (value_hash_traits::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	* hash-table.h (hash_table::alloc_entries): Guard the loop of
	calls to mark_empty with !Descriptor::empty_zero_p.
	(hash_table::empty_slow): Conditionalize the memset call with a
	check that Descriptor::empty_zero_p; otherwise, loop through the
	entries calling mark_empty on them.
	* hash-traits.h (int_hash::empty_zero_p): New static constant.
	(pointer_hash::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	(pair_hash::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	* ipa-devirt.c (default_hash_traits <type_pair>::empty_zero_p):
	* ipa-prop.c (ipa_bit_ggc_hash_traits::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	(ipa_vr_ggc_hash_traits::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	* profile.c (location_triplet_hash::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	* sanopt.c (sanopt_tree_triplet_hash::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	(sanopt_tree_couple_hash::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	* tree-hasher.h (int_tree_hasher::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	* tree-ssa-sccvn.c (vn_ssa_aux_hasher::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	* tree-vect-slp.c (bst_traits::empty_zero_p): Likewise.
	* tree-vectorizer.h

2020-01-14  Kewen Lin  <>

	* cfgloopanal.c (average_num_loop_insns): Free bbs when early return,
	fix typo on return value.

2020-01-14  Xiong Hu Luo  <>

	PR ipa/69678
	* cgraph.c (symbol_table::create_edge): Init speculative_id and
	(cgraph_edge::make_speculative): Add param for setting speculative_id
	and target_prob.
	(cgraph_edge::speculative_call_info): Update comments and find reference
	by speculative_id for multiple indirect targets.
	(cgraph_edge::resolve_speculation): Decrease the speculations
	for indirect edge, drop it's speculative if not direct target
	left. Update comments.
	(cgraph_edge::redirect_call_stmt_to_callee): Likewise.
	(cgraph_node::dump): Print num_speculative_call_targets.
	(cgraph_node::verify_node): Don't report error if speculative
	edge not include statement.
	(cgraph_edge::num_speculative_call_targets_p): New function.
	* cgraph.h (int common_target_id): Remove.
	(int common_target_probability): Remove.
	(num_speculative_call_targets): New variable.
	(make_speculative): Add param for setting speculative_id.
	(cgraph_edge::num_speculative_call_targets_p): New declare.
	(target_prob): New variable.
	(speculative_id): New variable.
	* ipa-fnsummary.c (analyze_function_body): Create and duplicate
	  call summaries for multiple speculative call targets.
	* cgraphclones.c (cgraph_node::create_clone): Clone speculative_id.
	* ipa-profile.c (struct speculative_call_target): New struct.
	(class speculative_call_summary): New class.
	(class speculative_call_summaries): New class.
	(call_sums): New variable.
	(ipa_profile_generate_summary): Generate indirect multiple targets summaries.
	(ipa_profile_write_edge_summary): New function.
	(ipa_profile_write_summary): Stream out indirect multiple targets summaries.
	(ipa_profile_dump_all_summaries): New function.
	(ipa_profile_read_edge_summary): New function.
	(ipa_profile_read_summary_section): New function.
	(ipa_profile_read_summary): Stream in indirect multiple targets summaries.
	(ipa_profile): Generate num_speculative_call_targets from
	profile summaries.
	* ipa-ref.h (speculative_id): New variable.
	* ipa-utils.c (ipa_merge_profiles): Update with target_prob.
	* lto-cgraph.c (lto_output_edge): Remove indirect common_target_id and
	common_target_probability.   Stream out speculative_id and
	(input_edge): Likewise.
	* predict.c (dump_prediction): Remove edges count assert to be
	* symtab.c (symtab_node::create_reference): Init speculative_id.
	(symtab_node::clone_references): Clone speculative_id.
	(symtab_node::clone_referring): Clone speculative_id.
	(symtab_node::clone_reference): Clone speculative_id.
	(symtab_node::clear_stmts_in_references): Clear speculative_id.
	* tree-inline.c (copy_bb): Duplicate all the speculative edges
	if indirect call contains multiple speculative targets.
	* value-prof.h  (check_ic_target): Remove.
	* value-prof.c  (gimple_value_profile_transformations):
	Use void function gimple_ic_transform.
	* value-prof.c  (gimple_ic_transform): Handle topn case.
	Fix comment typos.  Change it to a void function.

2020-01-13  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-cores.def (octeontx2): New define.
	(octeontx2t98): New define.
	(octeontx2t96): New define.
	(octeontx2t93): New define.
	(octeontx2f95): New define.
	(octeontx2f95n): New define.
	(octeontx2f95mm): New define.
	* config/aarch64/ Regenerate.
	* doc/invoke.texi (-mcpu=): Document the new cpu types.

2020-01-13  Jason Merrill  <>

	PR c++/33799 - destroy return value if local cleanup throws.
	* gimplify.c (gimplify_return_expr): Handle COMPOUND_EXPR.

2020-01-13  Martin Liska  <>

	* ipa-cp.c (get_max_overall_size): Use newly
	renamed param param_ipa_cp_unit_growth.
	* params.opt: Remove legacy param name.

2020-01-13  Martin Sebor  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93213
	* tree-ssa-strlen.c (handle_store): Only allow single-byte nul-over-nul
	stores to be eliminated.

2020-01-13  Martin Liska  <>

	* opts.c (print_help): Do not print CL_PARAM

2020-01-13  Jonathan Wakely  <>

	PR driver/92757
	* doc/invoke.texi (Warning Options): Add caveat about some warnings
	depending on optimization settings.

2020-01-13  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR tree-optimization/90838
	* tree-ssa-forwprop.c (simplify_count_trailing_zeroes): Use
	argument rather than to initialize temporary for targets that
	don't use the mode argument at all.  Initialize ctzval to avoid
	warning at -O0.

2020-01-10  Thomas Schwinge  <>

	* tree.h (OMP_CLAUSE_USE_DEVICE_PTR_IF_PRESENT): New definition.
	* tree-core.h: Document it.
	* gimplify.c (gimplify_omp_workshare): Set it.
	* omp-low.c (lower_omp_target): Use it.
	* tree-pretty-print.c (dump_omp_clause): Print it.

	* omp-low.c (lower_omp_target) <OMP_CLAUSE_USE_DEVICE_PTR etc.>:
	Assert that for OpenACC we always have 'GOMP_MAP_USE_DEVICE_PTR'.

2020-01-10  David Malcolm  <>

	* (OBJS): Add tree-diagnostic-path.o.
	* common.opt (fdiagnostics-path-format=): New option.
	(diagnostic_path_format): New enum.
	(fdiagnostics-show-path-depths): New option.
	* coretypes.h (diagnostic_event_id_t): New forward decl.
	* diagnostic-color.c (color_dict): Add "path".
	* diagnostic-event-id.h: New file.
	* (json_from_expanded_location): Make
	(json_end_diagnostic): Call context->make_json_for_path if it
	exists and the diagnostic has a path.
	(diagnostic_output_format_init): Clear context->print_path.
	* diagnostic-path.h: New file.
	* diagnostic-show-locus.c (colorizer::set_range): Special-case
	when printing a run of events in a diagnostic_path so that they
	all get the same color.
	(layout::m_diagnostic_path_p): New field.
	(layout::layout): Initialize it.
	(layout::print_any_labels): Don't colorize the label text for an
	event in a diagnostic_path.
	(gcc_rich_location::add_location_if_nearby): Add
	"restrict_to_current_line_spans" and "label" params.  Pass the
	former to layout.maybe_add_location_range; pass the latter
	when calling add_range.
	* diagnostic.c: Include "diagnostic-path.h".
	(diagnostic_initialize): Initialize context->path_format and
	(diagnostic_show_any_path): New function.
	(diagnostic_path::interprocedural_p): New function.
	(diagnostic_report_diagnostic): Call diagnostic_show_any_path.
	(simple_diagnostic_path::num_events): New function.
	(simple_diagnostic_path::get_event): New function.
	(simple_diagnostic_path::add_event): New function.
	(simple_diagnostic_event::simple_diagnostic_event): New ctor.
	(simple_diagnostic_event::~simple_diagnostic_event): New dtor.
	(debug): New overload taking a diagnostic_path *.
	* diagnostic.def (DK_DIAGNOSTIC_PATH): New.
	* diagnostic.h (enum diagnostic_path_format): New enum.
	(json::value): New forward decl.
	(diagnostic_context::path_format): New field.
	(diagnostic_context::show_path_depths): New field.
	(diagnostic_context::print_path): New callback field.
	(diagnostic_context::make_json_for_path): New callback field.
	(diagnostic_show_any_path): New decl.
	(json_from_expanded_location): New decl.
	* doc/invoke.texi (-fdiagnostics-path-format=): New option.
	(-fdiagnostics-show-path-depths): New option.
	(-fdiagnostics-color): Add "path" to description of default
	GCC_COLORS; describe it.
	(-fdiagnostics-format=json): Document how diagnostic paths are
	represented in the JSON output format.
	* gcc-rich-location.h (gcc_rich_location::add_location_if_nearby):
	Add optional params "restrict_to_current_line_spans" and "label".
	* opts.c (common_handle_option): Handle
	OPT_fdiagnostics_path_format_ and
	* pretty-print.c: Include "diagnostic-event-id.h".
	(pp_format): Implement "%@" format code for printing
	diagnostic_event_id_t *.
	(selftest::test_pp_format): Add tests for "%@".
	* selftest-run-tests.c (selftest::run_tests): Call
	* selftest.h (selftest::tree_diagnostic_path_cc_tests): New decl.
	* toplev.c (general_init): Initialize global_dc->path_format and
	* New file.
	* tree-diagnostic.c (maybe_unwind_expanded_macro_loc): Make
	non-static.  Drop "diagnostic" param in favor of storing the
	original value of "where" and re-using it.
	(virt_loc_aware_diagnostic_finalizer): Update for dropped param of
	(tree_diagnostics_defaults): Initialize context->print_path and
	* tree-diagnostic.h (default_tree_diagnostic_path_printer): New
	(default_tree_make_json_for_path): New decl.
	(maybe_unwind_expanded_macro_loc): New decl.

2020-01-10  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93210
	* fold-const.h (native_encode_initializer,
	can_native_interpret_type_p): Declare.
	* fold-const.c (native_encode_string): Fix up handling with off != -1,
	(native_encode_initializer): New function, moved from dwarf2out.c.
	Adjust to native_encode_expr compatible arguments, including dry-run
	and partial extraction modes.  Don't handle STRING_CST.
	(can_native_interpret_type_p): No longer static.
	* gimple-fold.c (fold_ctor_reference): For native_encode_expr, verify
	offset / BITS_PER_UNIT fits into int and don't call it if
	can_native_interpret_type_p fails.  If suboff is NULL and for
	CONSTRUCTOR fold_{,non}array_ctor_reference returns NULL, retry with
	(fold_const_aggregate_ref_1): Formatting fix.
	* dwarf2out.c (native_encode_initializer): Moved to fold-const.c.
	(tree_add_const_value_attribute): Adjust caller.

	PR tree-optimization/90838
	* tree-ssa-forwprop.c (simplify_count_trailing_zeroes): Use
	SCALAR_INT_TYPE_MODE instead of TYPE_MODE as operand of

2020-01-10  Vladimir Makarov  <>

	PR inline-asm/93027
	* lra-constraints.c (match_reload): Permit input operands have the
	same mode as output while other input operands have a different

2020-01-10  Wilco Dijkstra  <>

	PR tree-optimization/90838
	* tree-ssa-forwprop.c (check_ctz_array): Add new function.
	(check_ctz_string): Likewise.
	(optimize_count_trailing_zeroes): Likewise.
	(simplify_count_trailing_zeroes): Likewise.
	(pass_forwprop::execute): Try ctz simplification.
	* match.pd: Add matching for ctz idioms.

2020-01-10  Stam Markianos-Wright  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_invalid_conversion): New function
	for target hook.
	(aarch64_invalid_unary_op): New function for target hook.
	(aarch64_invalid_binary_op): New function for target hook.

2020-01-10  Stam Markianos-Wright  <>

	* config.gcc: Add arm_bf16.h.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-builtins.c
	(aarch64_simd_builtin_std_type): Add BFmode.
	(aarch64_init_simd_builtin_types): Define element types for vector
	(aarch64_init_bf16_types): New function.
	(aarch64_general_init_builtins): Add arm_init_bf16_types function call.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-modes.def: Add BFmode and V4BF, V8BF vector
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-simd-builtin-types.def: Add BF SIMD types.
	* config/aarch64/ Add BF vector types to NEON move
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (AARCH64_VALID_SIMD_DREG_MODE): Add V4BF.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c
	(aarch64_classify_vector_mode): Add support for BF types.
	(aarch64_gimplify_va_arg_expr): Add support for BF types.
	(aarch64_vq_mode): Add support for BF types.
	(aarch64_simd_container_mode): Add support for BF types.
	(aarch64_mangle_type): Add support for BF scalar type.
	* config/aarch64/ Add BFmode to movhf pattern.
	* config/aarch64/arm_bf16.h: New file.
	* config/aarch64/arm_neon.h: Add arm_bf16.h and Bfloat vector types.
	* config/aarch64/ Add BF types to mode attributes.

2020-01-10  Jason Merrill  <>

	PR c++/93173 - incorrect tree sharing.
	* gimplify.c (copy_if_shared): No longer static.
	* gimplify.h: Declare it.

2020-01-10  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* doc/invoke.texi (-msve-vector-bits=): Document that
	-msve-vector-bits=128 now generates VL-specific code for
	little-endian targets.
	* config/aarch64/ (register_builtin_types): Use
	build_vector_type_for_mode to construct the data vector types.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_convert_sve_vector_bits): Generate
	VL-specific code for -msve-vector-bits=128 on little-endian targets.
	(aarch64_simd_container_mode): Always prefer Advanced SIMD modes
	for 128-bit vectors.

2020-01-10  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_evpc_sel): Fix gen_vcond_mask

2020-01-10  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-builtins.c
	(aarch64_builtin_vectorized_function): Check for specific vector modes,
	rather than checking the number of elements and the element mode.

2020-01-10  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* tree-vect-loop.c (vect_create_epilog_for_reduction): Use
	get_related_vectype_for_scalar_type rather than build_vector_type
	to create the index type for a conditional reduction.

2020-01-10  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* tree-vect-loop.c (update_epilogue_loop_vinfo): Update DR_REF
	for any type of gather or scatter, including strided accesses.

2020-01-10  Andre Vieira  <>

	* tree-vectorizer.h (get_dr_vinfo_offset): Add missing function

2020-01-10  Andre Vieira  <>

	* tree-vect-data-refs.c (vect_create_addr_base_for_vector_ref): Use
	* tree-vect-loop.c (update_epilogue_loop_vinfo):  Remove orig_drs_init
	parameter and its use to reset DR_OFFSET's.
	(vect_transform_loop): Remove orig_drs_init argument.
	* tree-vect-loop-manip.c (vect_update_init_of_dr): Update the offset
	member of dr_vec_info rather than the offset of the associated
	data_reference's innermost_loop_behavior.
	(vect_update_init_of_dr): Pass dr_vec_info instead of data_reference.
	(vect_do_peeling): Remove orig_drs_init parameter and its construction.
	* tree-vect-stmts.c (check_scan_store): Replace use of DR_OFFSET with
	(vectorizable_store): Likewise.
	(vectorizable_load): Likewise.

2020-01-10  Richard Biener  <>

	* gimple-ssa-store-merging
	(pass_store_merging::terminate_all_aliasing_chains): Cache alias info.

2020-01-10  Martin Liska  <>

	PR ipa/93217
	* ipa-inline-analysis.c (offline_size): Make proper parenthesis
	encapsulation that was there before r280040.

2020-01-10  Richard Biener  <>

	PR middle-end/93199
	* tree-eh.c (sink_clobbers): Move clobbers to out-of-IL
	sequences to avoid walking them again for secondary opportunities.
	(pass_lower_eh_dispatch::execute): Instead actually insert
	them here.

2020-01-10  Richard Biener  <>

	PR middle-end/93199
	* tree-eh.c (redirect_eh_edge_1): Avoid some work if possible.
	(cleanup_all_empty_eh): Walk landing pads in reverse order to
	avoid quadraticness.

2020-01-10  Martin Jambor  <>

	* params.opt (param_ipa_sra_max_replacements): Mark as Optimization.
	* ipa-sra.c (pull_accesses_from_callee): New parameter caller, use it
	to get param_ipa_sra_max_replacements.
	(param_splitting_across_edge): Pass the caller to

2020-01-10  Martin Jambor  <>

	* params.opt (param_ipcp_unit_growth): Mark as Optimization.
	* ipa-cp.c (max_new_size): Removed.
	(orig_overall_size): New variable.
	(get_max_overall_size): New function.
	(estimate_local_effects): Use it.  Adjust dump.
	(decide_about_value): Likewise.
	(ipcp_propagate_stage): Do not calculate max_new_size, just store
	orig_overall_size.  Adjust dump.
	(ipa_cp_c_finalize): Clear orig_overall_size instead of max_new_size.

2020-01-10  Martin Jambor  <>

	* params.opt (param_ipa_max_agg_items): Mark as Optimization
	* ipa-cp.c (merge_agg_lats_step): New parameter max_agg_items, use
	instead of param_ipa_max_agg_items.
	(merge_aggregate_lattices): Extract param_ipa_max_agg_items from
	optimization info for the callee.

2020-01-09  Kwok Cheung Yeung  <>

	* lto-streamer-in.c (input_function): Remove streamed-in inline debug
	markers	if debug_inline_points is false.

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config.gcc (aarch64*-*-*): Add aarch64-sve-builtins-sve2.o to
	* config/aarch64/t-aarch64 (aarch64-sve-builtins.o): Depend on
	aarch64-sve-builtins-base.def, aarch64-sve-builtins-sve2.def and
	(aarch64-sve-builtins-sve2.o): New rule.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (AARCH64_ISA_SVE2_AES): New macro.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-c.c (aarch64_update_cpp_builtins): Handle
	* config/aarch64/ Update comments with SVE2
	instructions that are handled here.
	(@cond_asrd<mode>): Generalize to...
	(@cond_<SVE_INT_SHIFT_IMM:sve_int_op><mode>): ...this.
	(*cond_asrd<mode>_2): Generalize to...
	(*cond_<SVE_INT_SHIFT_IMM:sve_int_op><mode>_2): ...this.
	(*cond_asrd<mode>_z): Generalize to...
	(*cond_<SVE_INT_SHIFT_IMM:sve_int_op><mode>_z): ...this.
	* config/aarch64/ (UNSPEC_LDNT1_GATHER): New unspec.
	* config/aarch64/ (@aarch64_gather_ldnt<mode>): New
	(@aarch64_scatter_stnt<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_mul_lane_<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_suqadd<mode>_const): Likewise.
	(*<sur>h<addsub><mode>): Generalize to...
	(@aarch64_pred_<SVE2_COND_INT_BINARY_REV:sve_int_op><mode>): ...this
	new pattern.
	(@cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_BINARY:sve_int_op><mode>): New expander.
	(*cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_BINARY:sve_int_op><mode>_2): New pattern.
	(*cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_BINARY:sve_int_op><mode>_3): Likewise.
	(*cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_BINARY:sve_int_op><mode>_any): Likewise.
	(*cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_BINARY_NOREV:sve_int_op><mode>_z): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_BINARY:sve_int_op><mode>):: Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_BINARY:sve_int_op>_lane_<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_pred_<SVE2_COND_INT_SHIFT:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_SHIFT:sve_int_op><mode>): New expander.
	(*cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_SHIFT:sve_int_op><mode>_2): New pattern.
	(*cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_SHIFT:sve_int_op><mode>_3): Likewise.
	(*cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_SHIFT:sve_int_op><mode>_any): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_TERNARY:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_add_mul_lane_<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_sub_mul_lane_<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve2_xar<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve2_bcax<mode>): Likewise.
	(*aarch64_sve2_eor3<mode>): Rename to...
	(@aarch64_sve2_eor3<mode>): ...this.
	(@aarch64_sve2_bsl<mode>): New expander.
	(@aarch64_sve2_nbsl<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve2_bsl1n<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve2_bsl2n<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_add_<SHIFTRT:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(*aarch64_sve2_sra<mode>): Add MOVPRFX support.
	(@aarch64_sve_add_<VRSHR_N:sve_int_op><mode>): New pattern.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_SHIFT_INSERT:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve2_<USMAX:su>aba<mode>): New expander.
	(*aarch64_sve2_<USMAX:su>aba<mode>): New pattern.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_BINARY_WIDE:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(<su>mull<bt><Vwide>): Generalize to...
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_BINARY_LONG:sve_int_op><mode>): ...this new
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_FP_TERNARY_LONG:sve_fp_op><mode>): New patterns.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_UNARY_NARROWB:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_UNARY_NARROWT:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_BINARY_NARROWB:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_BINARY_NARROWT:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(<SHRNB:r>shrnb<mode>): Generalize to...
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_SHIFT_IMM_NARROWB:sve_int_op><mode>): ...this
	new pattern.
	(<SHRNT:r>shrnt<mode>): Generalize to...
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_SHIFT_IMM_NARROWT:sve_int_op><mode>): ...this
	new pattern.
	(@aarch64_pred_<SVE2_INT_BINARY_PAIR:sve_int_op><mode>): New pattern.
	(@aarch64_pred_<SVE2_FP_BINARY_PAIR:sve_fp_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@cond_<SVE2_INT_BINARY_PAIR_LONG:sve_int_op><mode>): New expander.
	(*cond_<SVE2_INT_BINARY_PAIR_LONG:sve_int_op><mode>_2): New pattern.
	(*cond_<SVE2_INT_BINARY_PAIR_LONG:sve_int_op><mode>_z): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_CADD:optab><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_CMLA:optab><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_<SVE2_INT_CMLA:optab>_lane_<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_CDOT:optab><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_<SVE2_INT_CDOT:optab>_lane_<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_pred_<SVE2_COND_FP_UNARY_LONG:sve_fp_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@cond_<SVE2_COND_FP_UNARY_LONG:sve_fp_op><mode>): New expander.
	(*cond_<SVE2_COND_FP_UNARY_LONG:sve_fp_op><mode>): New pattern.
	(@aarch64_sve2_cvtnt<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_pred_<SVE2_COND_FP_UNARY_NARROWB:sve_fp_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@cond_<SVE2_COND_FP_UNARY_NARROWB:sve_fp_op><mode>): New expander.
	(*cond_<SVE2_COND_FP_UNARY_NARROWB:sve_fp_op><mode>_any): New pattern.
	(@aarch64_sve2_cvtxnt<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_pred_<SVE2_U32_UNARY:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@cond_<SVE2_U32_UNARY:sve_int_op><mode>): New expander.
	(*cond_<SVE2_U32_UNARY:sve_int_op><mode>): New pattern.
	(@aarch64_pred_<SVE2_COND_INT_UNARY_FP:sve_fp_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_UNARY_FP:sve_fp_op><mode>): New expander.
	(*cond_<SVE2_COND_INT_UNARY_FP:sve_fp_op><mode>): New pattern.
	(@aarch64_sve2_pmul<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_PMULL:optab><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_PMULL_PAIR:optab><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve2_tbl2<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve2_tbx<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve_<SVE2_INT_BITPERM:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve2_histcnt<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_sve2_histseg<mode>): Likewise.
	(@aarch64_pred_<SVE2_MATCH:sve_int_op><mode>): Likewise.
	(*aarch64_pred_<SVE2_MATCH:sve_int_op><mode>_cc): Likewise.
	(*aarch64_pred_<SVE2_MATCH:sve_int_op><mode>_ptest): Likewise.
	(aarch64_sve2_aes<CRYPTO_AES:aes_op>): Likewise.
	(aarch64_sve2_aes<CRYPTO_AESMC:aesmc_op>): Likewise.
	(*aarch64_sve2_aese_fused, *aarch64_sve2_aesd_fused): Likewise.
	(aarch64_sve2_rax1, aarch64_sve2_sm4e, aarch64_sve2_sm4ekey): Likewise.
	(<su>mulh<r>s<mode>3): Update after above pattern name changes.
	* config/aarch64/ (VNx16QI_ONLY, VNx4SF_ONLY)
	(SVE2_PMULL_PAIR_I): New mode iterators.
	further down file.
	(VNARROW, Ventype): New mode attributes.
	(Vewtype): Handle VNx2DI.  Fix typo in comment.
	(VDOUBLE): New mode attribute.
	(sve_lane_con): Handle VNx8HI.
	(SVE_INT_UNARY): Include ss_abs and ss_neg for TARGET_SVE2.
	(SVE_INT_BINARY): Likewise ss_plus, us_plus, ss_minus and us_minus.
	(sve_int_op, sve_int_op_rev): Handle the above codes.
	(sve_pred_int_rhs2_operand): Likewise.
	(SVE_INT_SHIFT_IMM): New int iterator.
	(optab): Handle the new unspecs.
	(su, r): Remove entries for UNSPEC_SHRNB, UNSPEC_SHRNT, UNSPEC_RSHRNB
	(lr): Handle the new unspecs.
	(bt): Delete.
	(cmp_op, while_optab_cmp, sve_int_op): Handle the new unspecs.
	(sve_int_op_rev, sve_int_add_op, sve_int_qadd_op, sve_int_sub_op)
	(sve_int_qsub_op): New int attributes.
	(sve_fp_op, rot): Handle the new unspecs.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins.h
	(function_resolver::require_matching_pointer_type): Declare.
	(function_resolver::resolve_unary): Add an optional boolean argument.
	(function_resolver::finish_opt_n_resolution): Add an optional
	type_suffix_index argument.
	(gimple_folder::redirect_call): Declare.
	(gimple_expander::prepare_gather_address_operands): Add an optional
	bool parameter.
	* config/aarch64/ Include
	(TYPES_b_unsigned, TYPES_b_integer, TYPES_bh_integer): New macros.
	(TYPES_bs_unsigned, TYPES_hs_signed, TYPES_hs_integer): Likewise.
	(TYPES_hd_unsigned, TYPES_hsd_signed): Likewise.
	(TYPES_hsd_integer): Use TYPES_hsd_signed.
	(TYPES_s_float_hsd_integer, TYPES_s_float_sd_integer): New macros.
	(TYPES_s_unsigned): Likewise.
	(TYPES_s_integer): Use TYPES_s_unsigned.
	(TYPES_sd_signed, TYPES_sd_unsigned): New macros.
	(TYPES_sd_integer): Use them.
	(TYPES_d_unsigned): New macro.
	(TYPES_d_integer): Use it.
	(TYPES_d_data, TYPES_cvt_long, TYPES_cvt_narrow_s): New macros.
	(TYPES_cvt_narrow): Likewise.
	(DEF_SVE_TYPES_ARRAY): Include the new types macros above.
	(preds_mx): New variable.
	(function_builder::add_overloaded_function): Allow the new feature
	set to be more restrictive than the original one.
	(function_resolver::infer_pointer_type): Remove qualifiers from
	the pointer type before printing it.
	(function_resolver::require_matching_pointer_type): New function.
	(function_resolver::resolve_sv_displacement): Handle functions
	that don't support 32-bit vector indices or svint32_t vector offsets.
	(function_resolver::finish_opt_n_resolution): Take the inferred type
	as a separate argument.
	(function_resolver::resolve_unary): Optionally treat all forms in
	the same way as normal merging functions.
	(gimple_folder::redirect_call): New function.
	(function_expander::prepare_gather_address_operands): Add an argument
	that says whether scaled forms are available.  If they aren't,
	handle scaling of vector indices and don't add the extension and
	scaling operands.
	(function_expander::map_to_unspecs): If aarch64_sve isn't available,
	fall back to using cond_* instead.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-functions.h (rtx_code_function):
	Split out the member variables into...
	(rtx_code_function_base): ...this new base class.
	(rtx_code_function_rotated): Inherit rtx_code_function_base.
	(unspec_based_function): Split out the member variables into...
	(unspec_based_function_base): ...this new base class.
	(unspec_based_function_rotated): Inherit unspec_based_function_base.
	(unspec_based_function_exact_insn): New class.
	(unspec_based_add_function, unspec_based_add_lane_function)
	(unspec_based_lane_function, unspec_based_pred_function)
	(unspec_based_qadd_function, unspec_based_qadd_lane_function)
	(unspec_based_qsub_function, unspec_based_qsub_lane_function)
	(unspec_based_sub_function, unspec_based_sub_lane_function): New
	(unspec_based_fused_function): New class.
	(unspec_based_mla_function, unspec_based_mls_function): New typedefs.
	(unspec_based_fused_lane_function): New class.
	(unspec_based_mla_lane_function, unspec_based_mls_lane_function): New
	(CODE_FOR_MODE1): New macro.
	(fixed_insn_function): New class.
	(while_comparison): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-shapes.h (binary_long_lane)
	(binary_long_opt_n, binary_narrowb_opt_n, binary_narrowt_opt_n)
	(binary_to_uint, binary_wide, binary_wide_opt_n, compare, compare_ptr)
	(load_ext_gather_index_restricted, load_ext_gather_offset_restricted)
	(load_gather_sv_restricted, shift_left_imm_long): Declare.
	(shift_left_imm_to_uint, shift_right_imm_narrowb): Likewise.
	(shift_right_imm_narrowt, shift_right_imm_narrowb_to_uint): Likewise.
	(shift_right_imm_narrowt_to_uint, store_scatter_index_restricted)
	(store_scatter_offset_restricted, tbl_tuple, ternary_long_lane)
	(ternary_long_opt_n, ternary_qq_lane_rotate, ternary_qq_rotate)
	(ternary_shift_left_imm, ternary_shift_right_imm, ternary_uint)
	(unary_convert_narrowt, unary_long, unary_narrowb, unary_narrowt)
	(unary_narrowb_to_uint, unary_narrowt_to_uint, unary_to_int): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/ (apply_predication):
	Also add an initial argument for unary_convert_narrowt, regardless
	of the predication type.
	(build_32_64): Allow loads and stores to specify MODE_none.
	(build_sv_index64, build_sv_uint_offset): New functions.
	(long_type_suffix): New function.
	(binary_imm_narrowb_base, binary_imm_narrowt_base): New classes.
	(binary_imm_long_base, load_gather_sv_base): Likewise.
	(shift_right_imm_narrow_wrapper, ternary_shift_imm_base): Likewise.
	(ternary_resize2_opt_n_base, ternary_resize2_lane_base): Likewise.
	(unary_narrowb_base, unary_narrowt_base): Likewise.
	(binary_long_lane_def, binary_long_lane): New shape.
	(binary_long_opt_n_def, binary_long_opt_n): Likewise.
	(binary_narrowb_opt_n_def, binary_narrowb_opt_n): Likewise.
	(binary_narrowt_opt_n_def, binary_narrowt_opt_n): Likewise.
	(binary_to_uint_def, binary_to_uint): Likewise.
	(binary_wide_def, binary_wide): Likewise.
	(binary_wide_opt_n_def, binary_wide_opt_n): Likewise.
	(compare_def, compare): Likewise.
	(compare_ptr_def, compare_ptr): Likewise.
	load_ext_gather_index_restricted): Likewise.
	load_ext_gather_offset_restricted): Likewise.
	(load_gather_sv_def): Inherit from load_gather_sv_base.
	(load_gather_sv_restricted_def, load_gather_sv_restricted): New shape.
	(shift_left_imm_def, shift_left_imm): Likewise.
	(shift_left_imm_long_def, shift_left_imm_long): Likewise.
	(shift_left_imm_to_uint_def, shift_left_imm_to_uint): Likewise.
	store_scatter_index_restricted): Likewise.
	store_scatter_offset_restricted): Likewise.
	(tbl_tuple_def, tbl_tuple): Likewise.
	(ternary_long_lane_def, ternary_long_lane): Likewise.
	(ternary_long_opt_n_def, ternary_long_opt_n): Likewise.
	(ternary_qq_lane_def): Inherit from ternary_resize2_lane_base.
	(ternary_qq_lane_rotate_def, ternary_qq_lane_rotate): New shape
	(ternary_qq_opt_n_def): Inherit from ternary_resize2_opt_n_base.
	(ternary_qq_rotate_def, ternary_qq_rotate): New shape.
	(ternary_shift_left_imm_def, ternary_shift_left_imm): Likewise.
	(ternary_shift_right_imm_def, ternary_shift_right_imm): Likewise.
	(ternary_uint_def, ternary_uint): Likewise.
	(unary_convert): Fix typo in comment.
	(unary_convert_narrowt_def, unary_convert_narrowt): New shape.
	(unary_long_def, unary_long): Likewise.
	(unary_narrowb_def, unary_narrowb): Likewise.
	(unary_narrowt_def, unary_narrowt): Likewise.
	(unary_narrowb_to_uint_def, unary_narrowb_to_uint): Likewise.
	(unary_narrowt_to_uint_def, unary_narrowt_to_uint): Likewise.
	(unary_to_int_def, unary_to_int): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/ (unspec_cmla)
	(unspec_fcmla, unspec_cond_fcmla, expand_mla_mls_lane): New functions.
	(svasrd_impl): Delete.
	(svcadd_impl::expand): Handle integer operations too.
	(svcmla_impl::expand, svcmla_lane::expand): Likewise, using the
	new functions to derive the unspec numbers.
	(svmla_svmls_lane_impl): Replace with...
	(svmla_lane_impl, svmls_lane_impl): ...these new classes.  Handle
	integer operations too.
	(svwhile_impl): Rename to...
	(svwhilelx_impl): ...this and inherit from while_comparison.
	(svasrd): Use unspec_based_function.
	(svmla_lane): Use svmla_lane_impl.
	(svmls_lane): Use svmls_lane_impl.
	(svrecpe, svrsqrte): Handle unsigned integer operations too.
	(svwhilele, svwhilelt): Use svwhilelx_impl.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-sve2.h: New file.
	* config/aarch64/ Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-sve2.def: Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins.def: Include

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-protos.h (aarch64_sve_arith_immediate_p)
	(aarch64_sve_sqadd_sqsub_immediate_p): Add a machine_mode argument.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_sve_arith_immediate_p)
	(aarch64_sve_sqadd_sqsub_immediate_p): Likewise.  Handle scalar
	immediates as well as vector ones.
	* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_sve_arith_immediate)
	(aarch64_sve_sub_arith_immediate, aarch64_sve_qadd_immediate)
	(aarch64_sve_qsub_immediate): Update calls accordingly.

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/ Add banner comments.
	(<su>mulh<r>s<mode>3): Move further up file.
	(<su>mull<bt><Vwide>, <r>shrnb<mode>, <r>shrnt<mode>)
	(*aarch64_sve2_sra<mode>): Move further down file.
	* config/aarch64/t-aarch64 (s-check-sve-md): Check too.

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/ (SVE_WHILE): Add UNSPEC_WHILERW
	(while_optab_cmp): Handle them.
	* config/aarch64/
	(*while_<while_optab_cmp><GPI:mode><PRED_ALL:mode>_ptest): Make public
	and add a "@" marker.
	* config/aarch64/ (check_<raw_war>_ptrs<mode>): Use it
	instead of gen_aarch64_sve2_while_ptest.
	(@aarch64_sve2_while<cmp_op><GPI:mode><PRED_ALL:mode>_ptest): Delete.

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/ (UNSPEC_WHILE_LE): Rename to...
	(UNSPEC_WHILELE): ...this.
	(UNSPEC_WHILE_LO): Rename to...
	(UNSPEC_WHILELO): ...this.
	(UNSPEC_WHILE_LS): Rename to...
	(UNSPEC_WHILELS): ...this.
	(UNSPEC_WHILE_LT): Rename to...
	(UNSPEC_WHILELT): ...this.
	* config/aarch64/ (SVE_WHILE): Update accordingly.
	(cmp_op, while_optab_cmp): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_sve_move_pred_via_while): Likewise.
	* config/aarch64/ (svwhilele): Likewise.
	(svwhilelt): Likewise.

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-shapes.h (unary_count): Delete.
	(unary_to_uint): Define.
	* config/aarch64/ (unary_count_def)
	(unary_count): Rename to...
	(unary_to_uint_def, unary_to_uint): ...this.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-base.def: Update accordingly.

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins-functions.h
	(code_for_mode_function): New class.
	* config/aarch64/ (svcompact_impl)
	(svext_impl, svmul_lane_impl, svsplice_impl, svtmad_impl): Delete.
	(svcompact, svext, svsplice): Use QUIET_CODE_FOR_MODE0.
	(svmul_lane, svtmad): Use CODE_FOR_MODE0.

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/ (addsub): New code attribute.
	* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_<su_optab><optab><mode>):
	Re-express as...
	(aarch64_<su_optab>q<addsub><mode>): ...this, making the same change
	in the asm string and attributes.  Fix indentation.
	* config/aarch64/ (@aarch64_<su_optab><optab><mode>):
	Re-express as...
	(@aarch64_sve_<optab><mode>): ...this.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins.h
	(function_expander::expand_signed_unpred_op): Delete.
	* config/aarch64/
	(function_expander::expand_signed_unpred_op): Likewise.
	(function_expander::map_to_rtx_codes): If the optab isn't defined,
	try using code_for_aarch64_sve instead.
	* config/aarch64/ (svqadd_impl): Delete.
	(svqsub_impl): Likewise.
	(svqadd, svqsub): Use rtx_code_function instead.

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/ (SRHSUB, URHSUB): Delete.
	(HADDSUB, sur, addsub): Remove them.

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* tree-nrv.c (pass_return_slot::execute): Handle all internal
	functions the same way, rather than singling out those that
	aren't mapped directly to optabs.

2020-01-09  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* target.def (compatible_vector_types_p): New target hook.
	* hooks.h (hook_bool_const_tree_const_tree_true): Declare.
	* hooks.c (hook_bool_const_tree_const_tree_true): New function.
	* doc/tm.texi: Regenerate.
	* gimple-expr.c: Include target.h.
	(useless_type_conversion_p): Use targetm.compatible_vector_types_p.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_compatible_vector_types_p): New
	* config/aarch64/ (gimple_folder::convert_pred):
	Use the original predicate if it already has a suitable type.

2020-01-09  Martin Jambor  <>

	* cgraph.h (cgraph_edge): Make remove, set_call_stmt, make_direct,
	resolve_speculation and redirect_call_stmt_to_callee static.  Change
	return type of set_call_stmt to cgraph_edge *.
	* auto-profile.c (afdo_indirect_call): Adjust call to
	* cgraph.c (cgraph_edge::set_call_stmt): Make return cgraph-edge *,
	make the this pointer explicit, adjust self-recursive calls and the
	call top make_direct.  Return the resulting edge.
	(cgraph_edge::remove): Make this pointer explicit.
	(cgraph_edge::resolve_speculation): Likewise, adjust call to remove.
	(cgraph_edge::make_direct): Likewise, adjust call to
	(cgraph_edge::redirect_call_stmt_to_callee): Likewise, also adjust
	call to set_call_stmt.
	(cgraph_update_edges_for_call_stmt_node): Update call to
	set_call_stmt and remove.
	* cgraphclones.c (cgraph_node::set_call_stmt_including_clones):
	Renamed edge to master_edge.  Adjusted calls to set_call_stmt.
	(cgraph_node::create_edge_including_clones): Moved "first" definition
	of edge to the block where it was used.  Adjusted calls to
	(cgraph_node::remove_symbol_and_inline_clones): Adjust call to
	* cgraphunit.c (walk_polymorphic_call_targets): Adjusted calls to
	make_direct and redirect_call_stmt_to_callee.
	* ipa-fnsummary.c (redirect_to_unreachable): Adjust calls to
	resolve_speculation and make_direct.
	* ipa-inline-transform.c (inline_transform): Adjust call to
	(check_speculations_1):: Adjust call to resolve_speculation.
	* ipa-inline.c (resolve_noninline_speculation): Adjust call to
	(inline_small_functions): Adjust call to resolve_speculation.
	(ipa_inline): Likewise.
	* ipa-prop.c (ipa_make_edge_direct_to_target): Adjust call to
	* ipa-visibility.c (function_and_variable_visibility): Make iteration
	safe with regards to edge removal, adjust calls to
	* ipa.c (walk_polymorphic_call_targets): Adjust calls to make_direct
	and redirect_call_stmt_to_callee.
	* multiple_target.c (create_dispatcher_calls): Adjust call to
	(redirect_to_specific_clone): Likewise.
	* tree-cfgcleanup.c (delete_unreachable_blocks_update_callgraph):
	Adjust calls to cgraph_edge::remove.
	* tree-inline.c (copy_bb): Adjust call to set_call_stmt.
	(redirect_all_calls): Adjust call to redirect_call_stmt_to_callee.
	(expand_call_inline): Adjust call to cgraph_edge::remove.

2020-01-09  Martin Liska  <>

	* params.opt: Set Optimization for

2020-01-09  Martin Sebor  <>

	PR middle-end/93200
	PR fortran/92956
	* builtins.c (compute_objsize): Avoid handling MEM_REFs of vector type.

2020-01-09  Martin Liska  <>

	* auto-profile.c (auto_profile): Use opt_for_fn
	for a parameter.
	* ipa-cp.c (ipcp_lattice::add_value): Likewise.
	(propagate_vals_across_arith_jfunc): Likewise.
	(hint_time_bonus): Likewise.
	(incorporate_penalties): Likewise.
	(good_cloning_opportunity_p): Likewise.
	(perform_estimation_of_a_value): Likewise.
	(estimate_local_effects): Likewise.
	(ipcp_propagate_stage): Likewise.
	* ipa-fnsummary.c (decompose_param_expr): Likewise.
	(set_switch_stmt_execution_predicate): Likewise.
	(analyze_function_body): Likewise.
	* ipa-inline-analysis.c (offline_size): Likewise.
	* ipa-inline.c (early_inliner): Likewise.
	* ipa-prop.c (ipa_analyze_node): Likewise.
	(ipcp_transform_function): Likewise.
	* ipa-sra.c (process_scan_results): Likewise.
	(ipa_sra_summarize_function): Likewise.
	* params.opt: Rename ipcp-unit-growth to
	ipa-cp-unit-growth.  Add Optimization for various
	IPA-related parameters.

2020-01-09  Richard Biener  <>

	PR middle-end/93054
	* gimplify.c (gimplify_expr): Deal with NOP definitions.

2020-01-09  Richard Biener  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93040
	* gimple-ssa-store-merging.c (find_bswap_or_nop): Raise search limit.

2020-01-09  Georg-Johann Lay  <>

	* common/config/avr/avr-common.c (avr_option_optimization_table)
	[OPT_LEVELS_1_PLUS]: Set -fsplit-wide-types-early.

2020-01-09  Martin Liska  <>

	* cgraphclones.c (symbol_table::materialize_all_clones):
	Use cgraph_node::dump_name.

2020-01-09  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR inline-asm/93202
	* config/riscv/riscv.c (riscv_print_operand_reloc): Use
	output_operand_lossage instead of gcc_unreachable.
	* doc/md.texi (riscv f constraint): Fix typo.

	PR target/93141
	* config/i386/ (subv<mode>4): Use SWIDWI iterator instead of
	SWI.  Use <general_hilo_operand> instead of <general_operand>.  Use
	(*subv<mode>4_1): Rename to ...
	(subv<mode>4_1): ... this.
	(*subv<dwi>4_doubleword, *addv<dwi>4_doubleword_1): New
	define_insn_and_split patterns.
	(*subv<mode>4_overflow_1, *addv<mode>4_overflow_2): New define_insn

2020-01-08  David Malcolm  <>

	* vec.c (class selftest::count_dtor): New class.
	(selftest::test_auto_delete_vec): New test.
	(selftest::vec_c_tests): Call it.
	* vec.h (class auto_delete_vec): New class template.
	(auto_delete_vec<T>::~auto_delete_vec): New dtor.

2020-01-08  David Malcolm  <>

	* sbitmap.h (auto_sbitmap): Add operator const_sbitmap.

2020-01-08  Jim Wilson  <>

	* config/riscv/riscv.c (riscv_legitimize_tls_address): Ifdef out
	use of TLS_MODEL_LOCAL_EXEC when not pic.

2020-01-08  David Malcolm  <>

	* hash-map-tests.c (selftest::test_map_of_strings_to_int): Fix
	memory leak.

2020-01-08  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93187
	* config/i386/ (*stack_protect_set_2_<mode> peephole2,
	*stack_protect_set_3 peephole2): Also check that the second
	insns source is general_operand.

	PR target/93174
	* config/i386/ (addcarry<mode>_0): Use nonimmediate_operand
	predicate for output operand instead of register_operand.
	(addcarry<mode>, addcarry<mode>_1): Likewise.  Add alternative with
	memory destination and non-memory operands[2].

2020-01-08  Martin Liska  <>

	* cgraph.c (cgraph_node::dump): Use ::dump_name or
	::dump_asm_name instead of (::name or ::asm_name).
	* cgraphclones.c (symbol_table::materialize_all_clones): Likewise.
	* cgraphunit.c (walk_polymorphic_call_targets): Likewise.
	(analyze_functions): Likewise.
	(expand_all_functions): Likewise.
	* ipa-cp.c (ipcp_cloning_candidate_p): Likewise.
	(propagate_bits_across_jump_function): Likewise.
	(dump_profile_updates): Likewise.
	(ipcp_store_bits_results): Likewise.
	(ipcp_store_vr_results): Likewise.
	* ipa-devirt.c (dump_targets): Likewise.
	* ipa-fnsummary.c (analyze_function_body): Likewise.
	* ipa-hsa.c (check_warn_node_versionable): Likewise.
	(process_hsa_functions): Likewise.
	* ipa-icf.c (sem_item_optimizer::merge_classes): Likewise.
	(set_alias_uids): Likewise.
	* ipa-inline-transform.c (save_inline_function_body): Likewise.
	* ipa-inline.c (recursive_inlining): Likewise.
	(inline_to_all_callers_1): Likewise.
	(ipa_inline): Likewise.
	* ipa-profile.c (ipa_propagate_frequency_1): Likewise.
	(ipa_propagate_frequency): Likewise.
	* ipa-prop.c (ipa_make_edge_direct_to_target): Likewise.
	(remove_described_reference): Likewise.
	* ipa-pure-const.c (worse_state): Likewise.
	(check_retval_uses): Likewise.
	(analyze_function): Likewise.
	(propagate_pure_const): Likewise.
	(propagate_nothrow): Likewise.
	(dump_malloc_lattice): Likewise.
	(propagate_malloc): Likewise.
	(pass_local_pure_const::execute): Likewise.
	* ipa-visibility.c (optimize_weakref): Likewise.
	(function_and_variable_visibility): Likewise.
	* ipa.c (symbol_table::remove_unreachable_nodes): Likewise.
	(ipa_discover_variable_flags): Likewise.
	* lto-streamer-out.c (output_function): Likewise.
	(output_constructor): Likewise.
	* tree-inline.c (copy_bb): Likewise.
	* tree-ssa-structalias.c (ipa_pta_execute): Likewise.
	* varpool.c (symbol_table::remove_unreferenced_decls): Likewise.

2020-01-08  Richard Biener  <>

	PR middle-end/93199
	* tree-eh.c (sink_clobbers): Update virtual operands for
	the first and last stmt only.  Add a dry-run capability.
	(pass_lower_eh_dispatch::execute): Perform clobber sinking
	after CFG manipulations and in RPO order to catch all
	secondary opportunities reliably.

2020-01-08  Georg-Johann Lay  <>

	PR target/93182
	* doc/invoke.texi (AVR Options) <-nodevicespecs>: Document.

2019-01-08  Richard Biener  <>

	PR middle-end/93199
	* gimple-fold.c (rewrite_to_defined_overflow): Mark stmt modified.
	* tree-ssa-loop-im.c (move_computations_worker): Properly adjust
	virtual operand, also updating SSA use.
	* (loop_cand::undo_simple_reduction):
	Update stmt after resetting virtual operand.
	(tree_loop_interchange::move_code_to_inner_loop): Likewise.
	* gimple-iterator.c (gsi_remove): When not removing the stmt
	permanently do not delink immediate uses or mark the stmt modified.

2020-01-08  Martin Liska  <>

	* ipa-fnsummary.c (dump_ipa_call_summary): Use symtab_node::dump_name.
	(ipa_call_context::estimate_size_and_time): Likewise.
	(inline_analyze_function): Likewise.

2020-01-08  Martin Liska  <>

	* cgraph.c (cgraph_node::dump): Use systematically

2020-01-08  Georg-Johann Lay  <>

	Add -nodevicespecs option for avr.

	PR target/93182
	* config/avr/avr.opt (-nodevicespecs): New driver option.
	* config/avr/driver-avr.c (avr_devicespecs_file): Only issue
	"-specs=device-specs/..." if that option is not set.
	* doc/invoke.texi (AVR Options) <-nodevicespecs>: Document.

2020-01-08  Georg-Johann Lay  <>

	Implement 64-bit double functions for avr.

	PR target/92055
	* config.gcc (tm_defines) [target=avr]: Support --with-libf7,
	* doc/install.texi: Document them.
	* config/avr/avr-c.c (avr_cpu_cpp_builtins)
	<WITH_DOUBLE_COMPARISON>: New built-in defines.
	* doc/invoke.texi (AVR Built-in Macros): Document them.
	* config/avr/avr-protos.h (avr_float_lib_compare_returns_bool): New.
	* config/avr/avr.c (avr_float_lib_compare_returns_bool): New function.
	* config/avr/avr.h (FLOAT_LIB_COMPARE_RETURNS_BOOL): New macro.

2020-01-08  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	PR target/93188
	* config/arm/t-multilib (MULTILIB_MATCHES): Add rules to match
	armv7-a{+mp,+sec,+mp+sec} to appropriate armv7 multilib variants
	when only building rm-profile multilibs.

2020-01-08  Feng Xue  <>

	PR ipa/93084
	* ipa-cp.c (self_recursively_generated_p): Find matched aggregate
	lattice for a value to check.
	(propagate_vals_across_arith_jfunc): Add an assertion to ensure
	finite propagation in self-recursive scc.

2020-01-08  Luo Xiong Hu  <>

	* ipa-inline.c (caller_growth_limits): Restore the AND.

2020-01-07  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config/gcn/ (VEC_1REG_INT_ALT): Delete iterator.
	(VEC_ALLREG_ALT): New iterator.
	(VEC_ALLREG_INT_MODE): New iterator.
	(VCMP_MODE): New iterator.
	(VCMP_MODE_INT): New iterator.
	(vec_cmpu<mode>di): Use VCMP_MODE_INT.
	(vec_cmp<u>v64qidi): New define_expand.
	(vec_cmp<mode>di_exec): Use VCMP_MODE.
	(vec_cmpu<mode>di_exec): New define_expand.
	(vec_cmp<u>v64qidi_exec): New define_expand.
	(vec_cmp<mode>di_dup): Use VCMP_MODE.
	(vec_cmp<mode>di_dup_exec): Use VCMP_MODE.
	(vcond<VEC_ALL1REG_MODE:mode><VEC_1REG_ALT:mode>): Rename ...
	(vcond<VEC_ALLREG_MODE:mode><VEC_ALLREG_ALT:mode>): ... to this.
	(vcond<VEC_ALL1REG_MODE:mode><VEC_1REG_ALT:mode>_exec): Rename ...
	(vcond<VEC_ALLREG_MODE:mode><VEC_ALLREG_ALT:mode>_exec): ... to this.
	(vcondu<VEC_ALL1REG_MODE:mode><VEC_1REG_INT_ALT:mode>): Rename ...
	(vcondu<VEC_ALLREG_MODE:mode><VEC_ALLREG_INT_MODE:mode>): ... to this.
	(vcondu<VEC_ALL1REG_MODE:mode><VEC_1REG_INT_ALT:mode>_exec): Rename ...
	(vcondu<VEC_ALLREG_MODE:mode><VEC_ALLREG_INT_MODE:mode>_exec): ... to
	* config/gcn/gcn.c (print_operand): Fix 8 and 16 bit suffixes.
	* config/gcn/ (expander): Add sign_extend and zero_extend.

2020-01-07  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config/gcn/ (DA): Update description and match.
	(DB): Likewise.
	(Db): New constraint.
	* config/gcn/gcn-protos.h (gcn_inline_constant64_p): Add second
	* config/gcn/gcn.c (gcn_inline_constant64_p): Add 'mixed' parameter.
	Implement 'Db' mixed immediate type.
	* config/gcn/ (addcv64si3<exec_vcc>): Rework constraints.
	(addcv64si3_dup<exec_vcc>): Delete.
	(subcv64si3<exec_vcc>): Rework constraints.
	(addv64di3): Rework constraints.
	(addv64di3_exec): Rework constraints.
	(subv64di3): Rework constraints.
	(addv64di3_dup): Delete.
	(addv64di3_dup_exec): Delete.
	(addv64di3_zext): Rework constraints.
	(addv64di3_zext_exec): Rework constraints.
	(addv64di3_zext_dup): Rework constraints.
	(addv64di3_zext_dup_exec): Rework constraints.
	(addv64di3_zext_dup2): Rework constraints.
	(addv64di3_zext_dup2_exec): Rework constraints.
	(addv64di3_sext_dup2): Rework constraints.
	(addv64di3_sext_dup2_exec): Rework constraints.

2020-01-07  Andre Vieira  <>

	* doc/sourcebuild.texi (arm_little_endian, arm_nothumb): Documented
	existing target checks.

2020-01-07  Richard Biener  <>

	* doc/install.texi: Bump minimal supported MPC version.

2020-01-07  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* langhooks-def.h (lhd_simulate_enum_decl): Declare.
	* langhooks.c: Include stor-layout.h.
	(lhd_simulate_enum_decl): New function.
	* config/aarch64/ (init_builtins): Call
	handle_arm_sve_h for the LTO frontend.
	(register_vector_type): Cope with null returns from pushdecl.

2020-01-07  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-protos.h (aarch64_sve::svbool_type_p)
	(aarch64_sve::nvectors_if_data_type): Replace with...
	(aarch64_sve::builtin_type_p): ...this.
	* config/aarch64/ Include attribs.h.
	(find_vector_type): Delete.
	(add_sve_type_attribute): New function.
	(lookup_sve_type_attribute): Likewise.
	(register_builtin_types): Add an "SVE type" attribute to each type.
	(register_tuple_type): Likewise.
	(svbool_type_p, nvectors_if_data_type): Delete.
	(mangle_builtin_type): Use lookup_sve_type_attribute.
	(builtin_type_p): Likewise.  Add an overload that returns the
	number of constituent vector and predicate registers.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_sve_argument_p): Delete.
	(aarch64_returns_value_in_sve_regs_p): Use aarch64_sve::builtin_type_p
	instead of aarch64_sve_argument_p.
	(aarch64_takes_arguments_in_sve_regs_p): Likewise.
	(aarch64_pass_by_reference): Likewise.
	(aarch64_function_value_1): Likewise.
	(aarch64_return_in_memory): Likewise.
	(aarch64_layout_arg): Likewise.

2020-01-07  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93156
	* tree-ssa-ccp.c (bit_value_binop): For x * x note that the second
	least significant bit is always clear.

	PR tree-optimization/93118
	* match.pd ((x >> c) << c -> x & (-1<<c)): Add nop_convert?.  Add new
	simplifier with two intermediate conversions.

2020-01-07  Martin Liska  <>

	* params.opt: Add Optimization for various parameters.

2020-01-07  Martin Liska  <>

	PR ipa/83411
	* doc/extend.texi: Explain cloning for target_clone

2020-01-07  Martin Liska  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92860
	* common.opt: Make in Optimization option
	as it is affected by -O0, which is an Optimization
	* tree-inline.c (tree_inlinable_function_p):
	Use opt_for_fn for warn_inline.
	(expand_call_inline): Likewise.

2020-01-07  Martin Liska  <>

	PR tree-optimization/92860
	* common.opt: Make flag_ree as optimization

2020-01-07  Martin Liska  <>

	PR optimization/92860
	* params.opt: Mark param_min_crossjump_insns with Optimization

2020-01-07  Luo Xiong Hu  <>

	* ipa-inline-analysis.c (estimate_growth): Fix typo.
	* ipa-inline.c (caller_growth_limits): Use OR instead of AND.

2020-01-06  Michael Meissner  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (hard_reg_and_mode_to_addr_mask): New
	helper function to return the valid addressing formats for a given
	hard register and mode.
	(rs6000_adjust_vec_address): Call hard_reg_and_mode_to_addr_mask.

	* config/rs6000/ (Q constraint): Update
	* doc/md.texi (RS/6000 constraints): Update 'Q' cosntraint

	* config/rs6000/ (vsx_extract_<mode>_var, VSX_D iterator):
	Use 'Q' for doing vector extract from memory.
	(vsx_extract_v4sf_var): Use 'Q' for doing vector extract from
	(vsx_extract_<mode>_var, VSX_EXTRACT_I iterator): Use 'Q' for
	doing vector extract from memory.
	(vsx_extract_<mode>_<VS_scalar>mode_var): Use 'Q' for doing vector
	extract from memory.

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_adjust_vec_address): Add support
	for the offset being 34-bits when -mcpu=future is used.

2020-01-06  John David Anglin  <>

	* config/pa/ Revert change to use ordered_comparison_operator
	instead of cmpib_comparison_operator in cmpib patterns.
	* config/pa/ (cmpib_comparison_operator): Revert removal
	of cmpib_comparison_operator.  Revise comment.

2020-01-06  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* tree-vect-slp.c (vect_build_slp_tree_1): Require all shifts
	in an IFN_DIV_POW2 node to be equal.

2020-01-06  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* tree-vect-stmts.c (vect_check_load_store_mask): Rename to...
	(vect_check_scalar_mask): ...this.
	(vectorizable_store, vectorizable_load): Update call accordingly.
	(vectorizable_call): Use vect_check_scalar_mask to check the mask
	argument in calls to conditional internal functions.

2020-01-06  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config/gcn/ (subv64di3): Use separate alternatives for
	'0' matching inputs.
	(subv64di3_exec): Likewise.

2020-01-06  Bryan Stenson  <>

	* config/mips/mips.c (vr4130_align_insns): Fix typo.
	* doc/md.texi (movstr): Likewise.

2020-01-06  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config/gcn/ (vec_extract<mode><scalar_mode>): Add early

2020-01-06  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/t-aarch64 ($(srcdir)/config/aarch64/
	Depend on...
	(s-aarch64-tune-md): ...this new stamp file.  Pipe the new contents
	to a temporary file and use move-if-change to update the real
	file where necessary.

2020-01-06  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* config/aarch64/ (@aarch64_sel_dup<mode>): Use Upl
	rather than Upa for CPY /M.

2020-01-06  Andrew Stubbs  <>

	* config/gcn/gcn.c (gcn_inline_constant_p): Allow 64 as an inline

2020-01-06  Martin Liska  <>

    PR tree-optimization/92860
    * params.opt: Mark param_max_combine_insns with Optimization

2020-01-05  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93141
	* config/i386/ (SWIDWI): New mode iterator.
	(DWI, dwi): Add TImode variants.
	(addv<mode>4): Use SWIDWI iterator instead of SWI.  Use
	<general_hilo_operand> instead of <general_operand>.  Use
	(*addv<mode>4_1): Rename to ...
	(addv<mode>4_1): ... this.
	(QWI): New mode attribute.
	(*addv<dwi>4_doubleword, *addv<dwi>4_doubleword_1): New
	define_insn_and_split patterns.
	(*addv<mode>4_overflow_1, *addv<mode>4_overflow_2): New define_insn
	(uaddv<mode>4): Use SWIDWI iterator instead of SWI.  Use
	<general_hilo_operand> instead of <general_operand>.
	(*addcarry<mode>_1): New define_insn.
	(*add<dwi>3_doubleword_cc_overflow_1): New define_insn_and_split.

2020-01-03  Konstantin Kharlamov  <>

	* (pr, prl, pt, pct, pgg, pgq, pgs, pge, pmz, pdd, pbs, pbm):
	Use "call" instead of "set".

2020-01-03  Martin Jambor  <>

	PR ipa/92917
	* ipa-cp.c (print_all_lattices): Skip functions without info.

2020-01-03  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR target/93089
	* config/i386/i386-options.c (ix86_simd_clone_adjust): If
	TARGET_PREFER_AVX128, use prefer-vector-width=256 for 'c' and 'd'
	simd clones.  If TARGET_PREFER_AVX256, use prefer-vector-width=512
	for 'e' simd clones.

	PR target/93089
	* config/i386/i386.opt (x_prefer_vector_width_type): Remove TargetSave
	(mprefer-vector-width=): Add Save.
	* config/i386/i386-options.c (ix86_target_string): Add PVW argument, print
	-mprefer-vector-width= if non-zero.  Fix up -mfpmath= comment.
	(ix86_debug_options, ix86_function_specific_print): Adjust
	ix86_target_string callers.
	(ix86_valid_target_attribute_inner_p): Handle prefer-vector-width=.
	(ix86_valid_target_attribute_tree): Likewise.
	* config/i386/i386-options.h (ix86_target_string): Add PVW argument.
	* config/i386/i386-expand.c (ix86_expand_builtin): Adjust
	ix86_target_string caller.

	PR target/93110
	* config/i386/ (abs<mode>2): Use expand_simple_binop instead of
	emitting ASHIFTRT, XOR and MINUS by hand.  Use gen_int_mode with QImode
	instead of gen_int_shift_amount + convert_modes.

	PR rtl-optimization/93088
	* loop-iv.c (find_single_def_src): Punt after looking through
	128 reg copies for regs with single definitions.  Move definitions
	to first uses.

2020-01-02  Dennis Zhang  <>

	* config/arm/arm-c.c (arm_cpu_builtins): Define
	__ARM_BF16_FORMAT_ALTERNATIVE when enabled.
	* config/arm/ (armv8_6, i8mm, bf16): New features.
	* config/arm/arm-tables.opt: Regenerated.
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_option_reconfigure_globals): Initialize
	arm_arch_i8mm and arm_arch_bf16 when enabled.
	* config/arm/arm.h (TARGET_I8MM): New macro.
	(TARGET_BF16_FP, TARGET_BF16_SIMD): Likewise.
	* config/arm/t-aprofile: Add matching rules for -march=armv8.6-a.
	* config/arm/t-arm-elf (all_v8_archs): Add armv8.6-a.
	* config/arm/t-multilib: Add matching rules for -march=armv8.6-a.
	(v8_6_a_simd_variants): New.
	(v8_*_a_simd_variants): Add i8mm and bf16.
	* doc/invoke.texi (armv8.6-a, i8mm, bf16): Document new options.

2020-01-02  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR ipa/93087
	* predict.c (compute_function_frequency): Don't call
	warn_function_cold on functions that already have cold attribute.

2020-01-01  John David Anglin  <>

	PR target/67834
	* config/pa/pa.c (pa_elf_select_rtx_section): New.  Put references to
	COMDAT group function labels in section.
	* config/pa/pa32-linux.h (TARGET_ASM_SELECT_RTX_SECTION): Define.

	PR target/93111
	* config/pa/ (scc): Use ordered_comparison_operator instead of
	comparison_operator in B and S integer comparisons.  Likewise, use
	ordered_comparison_operator instead of cmpib_comparison_operator in
	cmpib patterns.
	* config/pa/ (cmpib_comparison_operator): Remove.

2020-01-01  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	Update copyright years.

	* gcc.c (process_command): Update copyright notice dates.
	* gcov-dump.c (print_version): Ditto.
	* gcov.c (print_version): Ditto.
	* gcov-tool.c (print_version): Ditto.
	* gengtype.c (create_file): Ditto.
	* doc/cpp.texi: Bump @copying's copyright year.
	* doc/cppinternals.texi: Ditto.
	* doc/gcc.texi: Ditto.
	* doc/gccint.texi: Ditto.
	* doc/gcov.texi: Ditto.
	* doc/install.texi: Ditto.
	* doc/invoke.texi: Ditto.

2020-01-01  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* ipa.c (walk_polymorphic_call_targets): Fix updating of overall

2020-01-01  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR tree-optimization/93098
	* match.pd (popcount): For shift amounts, use integer_onep
	or wi::to_widest () == cst instead of tree_to_uhwi () == cst
	tests.  Make sure that precision is power of two larger than or equal
	to 16.  Ensure shift is never negative.  Use HOST_WIDE_INT_UC macro
	instead of ULL suffixed constants.  Formatting fixes.
Copyright (C) 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.