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date Fri, 27 Oct 2017 22:46:09 +0900
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2007-06-07  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* emit-rtl.c (set_insn_deleted): Changed NOTE_LINE_NUMBER to
	(emit_note_after): Fixed merge glitch.
	* combine.c (try_combine):  Changed NOTE_LINE_NUMBER to
	* reg-stack.c (convert_regs_1): Fixed merge glitch.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (no_global_regs_above): Fixed merge typo.
	(rs6000_emit_prologue): Fixed merge glitch.

2007-06-06  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regrename.c (do_replace): Removed ifdefed out code.
	* fwprop.c: Fixed copyright.
	* testsuite/Changelog.dataflow: Merged entry into
	testsuite/Changelog.  Deleted file.
	* global.c: Fixed comments.
	* recog.c (confirm_change_group): Fixed comments.
	(peephole2_optimize): Removed ifdefed out code.
	* gcse.c (try_replace_reg): Removed redundant changing and
	rescanning of notes.
	* rtl.h (SET_REGNO): Replaced brackets.
	* stack-ptr-mod.c: Changed copyright years.

2007-06-06  Seongbae Park  <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_frame_info): Restored the comment
	for the structure above. Removed left-over dead code from debugging.
	(ia64_compute_frame_size): Comment cleanup.
	(ia64_expand_prologue): Style fix. Debugging information header.
	(ia64_init_expanders): Added a comment.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (ia64_init_expanders): Declaration moved
	to ia64-protos.h
	* config/ia64/ia64-protos.h (ia64_init_expanders): Declaration
	moved from ia64.h

2007-06-06  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* doc/rtl.text: Fixed spelling.
	* dse.c (store_info, read_info, insn_info, bb_info, group_info,
	deferred_change): Fixed formatting.
	(step0): Renamed to dse_step0.
	(step1): Renamed to dse_step1.
	(step2_init): Renamed to dse_step2_init.
	(step2_nospill): Renamed to dse_step2_nospill.
	(step2_spill): Renamed to dse_step2_spill.
	(step3_scan): Renamed to dse_step3_scan.
	(step3_exit_block_scan): Renamed to dse_step3_exit_block_scan.
	(step3): Renamed to dse_step3.
	(step4_nospill): Renamed to dse_step4_nospill.
	(step4_spill): Renamed to dse_step4_spill.
	(step4): Renamed to dse_step4.
	(step5_nospill): Renamed to dse_step5_nospill.
	(step5_spill): Renamed to dse_step5_spill.
	(step6): Renamed to dse_step6.
	(rest_of_handle_dse): Updated names of functions.
	* emit_rtl.c (verify_rtx_sharing, copy_rtx_if_shared_1,
	copy_insn_1): Now calls shared_const_p.
	* cselib.c (expand_loc, cselib_expand_value_rtx): Fixed comments.
	(cselib_expand_value_rtx): Now calls shared_const_p.
	* rtl.c (shared_const_p): New function.
	(copy_rtx): Now calls shared_const_p.
	* rtl.h (shared_const_p): New function.

2007-06-06  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* combine.c (find_single_use_1): Fixed comment and changed 0 to NULL.
	(find_single_use): Removed comment.
	(delete_noop_move): Removed unnecessary continue and removed
	nnoops counter.  Function now does not return anything.

2007-05-31  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* bitmap.c (bitmap_elt_copy): Fixed comment.
	* cfganal.c (inverted_post_order_compute): Fixed comment and
	formatting of test.
	* basic_block.h: Removed include rtl.h.
	(enum bb_flags): Renumbered.
2007-05-30  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* auto-inc-dec.c: Updated copyright date.
	(enum form, set_inc_state, dump_inc_insn, move_dead_notes,
	insert_move_insn_before, attempt_change, try_merge, find_address, 
	find_mem): Reformatted.
	(reverse_inc, find_address): Fixed spelling.
	(attempt_change, try_merge): Add default case.
	* basic-block.h: Updated copyright date.
	* bitmap.c: Updated copyright date.
	* bitmap.h: Updated copyright date.
	* cfganal.c: Updated copyright date.
	* cfg.c: Updated copyright date.
	* cfghooks.h: Updated copyright date.
	* cfglayout.c: Updated copyright date.
	* cfgloop.c: Updated copyright date.
	* cfgloop.h: Updated copyright date.
	* cfgrtl.c: Updated copyright date.
	* combine.c: Updated copyright date.
	* combine-stack-adj.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/arc/arc.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/arm/arm.c: (use_return_insn, 
	arm_compute_save_reg0_reg12_mask, arm_get_frame_offsets,
	arm_save_coproc_regs): Fixed formatting.
	* config/bfin/bfin.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/c4x/c4x.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/c4x/c4x.h: Updated copyright date.
	* config/cris/cris.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/crx/crx.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/crx/crx.h: Updated copyright date.
	* config/darwin.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/frv/frv.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/h8300/h8300.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/h8300/ Updated copyright date.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h: Updated copyright date.
	* config/iq2000/iq2000.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/iq2000/iq2000.h: Updated copyright date.
	* config/m32c/m32c.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/m68k/m68k.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/mips/mips.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/mips/ Updated copyright date.
	* config/mmix/mmix.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/mt/mt.c: Updated copyright date.
	(mt_print_operand_simple_address, mt_print_operand): Fixed formatting.
	* config/mt/mt.h: Updated copyright date and fixed formatting.
       	* config/pa/pa.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/pa/pa.h: Updated copyright date.
	* config/pdp11/pdp11.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/pdp11/pdp11.h: Updated copyright date.
	* config/rs6000/ Updated copyright date.
	* config/s390/s390.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/score/score-mdaux.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/sh/sh.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/sh/ Updated copyright date.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/stormy16/stormy16.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/v850/v850.c: Updated copyright date.
	* config/vax/vax.c: Updated copyright date.
	* cselib.c: Updated copyright date.
	(expand_loc): Fixed formatting.
	* cselib.h: Updated copyright date.
	* dbgcnt.c: Updated copyright date.
	* dbgcnt.def: Updated copyright date.
	* dbgcnt.h: Updated copyright date.
	* dce.c: Updated copyright date.
	(fast_dce): Fixed formatting.
	* dce.h: Updated copyright date.
	* ddg.c: Updated copyright date.
	* ddg.h: Updated copyright date.
	* df-core.c: Updated copyright date.
	* df.h: Updated copyright date and fixed formatting.
	* doc/cfg.texi: Updated copyright date.
	* doc/rtl.texi: Updated copyright date.
	* dominance.c: Updated copyright date.
	* function.h: Updated copyright date.
	* fwprop.c: Updated copyright date.
	* global.c: Updated copyright date.
	* integrate.c: Updated copyright date.
	* local-alloc.c: Updated copyright date.
	* loop-init.c: Updated copyright date.
	* loop-invariant.c: Updated copyright date.
	* loop-iv.c: Updated copyright date.
	* optabs.h: Updated copyright date.
	* output.h: Updated copyright date.
	* postreload.c: Updated copyright date.
	* postreload-gcse.c: Updated copyright date.
	* recog.h: Updated copyright date.
	* regmove.c: Updated copyright date.
	* reg-notes.def: Updated copyright date.
	* regrename.c: Updated copyright date.
	* reg-stack.c: Updated copyright date.
	* reload.c: Updated copyright date.
	* reorg.c: Updated copyright date.
	* resource.c: Updated copyright date.
	* resource.h: Updated copyright date.
	* rtl-factoring.c: Updated copyright date.
	* sbitmap.c: Updated copyright date.
	* sbitmap.h: Updated copyright date.
	* sched-deps.c: Updated copyright date.
	* sched-ebb.c: Updated copyright date.
	* sched-int.h: Updated copyright date.
	* sched-rgn.c: Updated copyright date.
	* sched-vis.c: Updated copyright date.
	* see.c: Updated copyright date.
	(see_handle_relevant_uses): Fixed formatting.
	* stack-ptr-mod.c: Updated copyright date.
	* struct-equiv.c: Updated copyright date.
	* tracer.c: Updated copyright date.
	* web.c: Updated copyright date.

2007-05-30  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* auto-inc-dec.c (mem_insn.mem_pat): Renamed mem_loc.
	(attempt_change): Fixed comments and renamed new_addr_pat to new_addr.
	(try_merge, attempt_change, find_address, find_mem): Renamed
	mem_pat to mem_loc.

2007-05-27  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-core.c (df_hybrid_search_forward, df_hybrid_search_backward
	df_iterative_dataflow): Removed.
	* df.h (df_iterative_dataflow): Removed.
2007-05-27  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* dse.c (replace_inc_dec, delete_dead_store_insn, scan_insn, 
	dse_record_singleton_alias_set, dse_confluence_0,
	dse_confluence_n, step4, step5_nospill, step5_spill,
	rest_of_handle_dse, pass_rtl_dse1, pass_rtl_dse2): Removed code
	to allow dse to run on trunk in front of flow.c
	(problem): Removed.
2007-05-26  Kaz Kojima  <>

	* bt-load.c: Include recog.h.
	(move_btr_def): Use validate_replace_rtx instead of replace_rtx.

2007-05-25  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* emit-rtl.c (try_split): Remove unnecessary setting/resetting
	of the USED flags of TRIAL.

2007-05-25  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* dse.c (insn_info.stack_read, group_info.frame_related): New
	(get_group_info): Initialize frame_related.
	(scan_insn, scan_reads_nospill): Remove frame_related stores from
	consideration for const functions.
	(step1, step2_init, step3_exit_block_scan): Use frame_related field.
	(step3_scan, step5_nospill): Change parameters to scan_reads_nospill.
2007-05-25  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* reload1.c (mark_home_live_1): New static function, broken out of
	(mark_home_live): Call mark_home_live_1.
	(scan_paradoxical_subregs): Call mark_home_live_1.

2007-05-24  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* config/spu/ (smulsi3_highpart): Unshare the rtl chain.
	(umulsi3_highpart): Likewise.

2007-05-24  Eric Christopher  <>

	* config/mips/mips.c (mips_save_reg_p): Use df_regs_ever_live_p.
	(mips_output_mi_thunk): Use SET_REGNO.

2007-05-23  Kaz Kojima  <>

	* config/sh/sh.c (sh_expand_prologue): Fix typo.

2007-05-23 Paolo Bonzini <>

	* emit-rtl.c [!HAVE_blockage]: Provide a gen_blockage routine here.
	* rtl.h (gen_blockage): Add prototype.

	* cse.c (last_bb_reg_used_in, reg_used_in_multiple_bb): Remove.
	(mark_reg_use_bb): Remove.
	(cse_main): Remove the initialization of reg_used_in_multiple_bb
	and last_bb_reg_used_in, and the insn walk that calls mark_reg_use_bb.
	(cse_ebb_live_in, cse_ebb_live_out): New.
	(cse_extended_basic_block): Set them.
	(make_regs_eqv): Use them.

2007-05-23  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-scan.c (df_get_regular_block_artificial_uses): Set the
	HARD_FRAME_POINTER not the FRAME_POINTER after reload.  Set both
	the HARD_FRAME_POINTER and the FRAME_POINTER before reload.
	* dse.c (const_or_frame_p): Removed unnecessary test.
	* config/s390/s390.c (s390_emit_prologue): Removed REG_MAYBE_DEAD
	* config/spu/spu.c (frame_emit_add_imm, spu_expand_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_expand_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/sh/sh.c (sh_expand_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/sh/ (define_expand): Ditto.
	* config/iq2000/iq2000.c (iq2000_expand_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (expand_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (spill_restore_mem, ia64_expand_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/m68k/m68k.c (m68k_expand_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_maybe_dead): Removed.
	(rs6000_emit_load_toc_table, rs6000_emit_prologue): Removed calls
	to rs6000_maybe_dead.
	* config/bfin/bfin.c (expand_interrupt_handler_prologue,
	bfin_load_pic_reg): Removed REG_MAYBE_DEAD notes.
	* reg-notes.def (MAYBE_DEAD): Removed.
	* dce.c (deletable_insn_p): Removed test of RTX_FRAME_RELATED_P.
2007-05-21  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* dbgcnt.def: Fixed comment.
	* df-scan.c (df_get_regular_block_artificial_uses): Added frame
	pointer after reload if frame_pointer_needed.
	* df.h (df_simulate_defs, df_simulate_uses): Made public.
	* df-problems.c (df_simulate_defs, df_simulate_uses): Made public.
	* dce.c (deletable_insn_p): Only allow frame-related insns to be
	deleted if there is a REG_MAYBE_DEAD note.
	(dce_process_block): Now uses df_simulate_defs and

2007-05-20  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* cfg.c (dump_bb_info): Fixed dump formatting problem.
	* dse.c (const_or_frame_p): New function.
	(canon_address): Fixed dump info and now callse const_or_frame_p
	rather than rtx_varies_p.  Also do simplification inside cselib.
	(record_store): Fixed dump info.
	* cselib.c (expand_loc): Fixed dump info.
	(cselib_expand_value_rtx): Fixed dump info and now call
	simplify_rtx on results of expansion.  

2007-05-17  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* ifcvt.c (dead_or_predictable): Replaced insn dfa with new df
	* recog.c (peephole2_optimize): Replaced
	df_lr_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end and df_lr_simulate_one_insn
	with df_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end and
	* rtl-factoring.c (collect_pattern_seqs, clear_regs_live_in_seq):
	* df.h (df_lr_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end, 
	df_lr_simulate_one_insn): Removed.
	(df_simulate_find_defs, df_simulate_artificial_refs_at_top,
	df_simulate_one_insn_forwards, df_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end,
	df_simulate_one_insn_backwards): Added.
	* df-problems.c (df_lr_bb_local_compute): Removed unnecessary
	(df_lr_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end, df_lr_simulate_one_insn):
	(df_simulate_find_defs, df_simulate_defs, df_simulate_uses,
	df_simulate_fixup_sets, df_simulate_artificial_refs_at_top,
	df_simulate_one_insn_forwards, df_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end,
	df_simulate_one_insn_backwards): Added.

2007-05-16  Seongbae Park <>

	* ifcvt.c (dead_or_predicable): Update test_live as well as test_set.
	(if_convert): New parameter RECOMPUTE_DOMINANCE.
	(rest_of_handle_if_conversion, rest_of_handle_if_after_combine,
	rest_of_handle_if_after_reload): New parameter to if_convert.

2007-05-16  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regstat.c (regstat_init_n_sets_and_refs, regstat_compute_ri,
	regstat_compute_calls_crossed): Added time variable TV_REG_STATS.
	* timevar.def (TV_REG_STATS): Added.
	(TV_DF_RI): Deleted.
	* df-problems.c (df_print_bb_index): Added identifer for eh blocks.
	* dce.c (deletable_insn_p): Added code to not delete 
	(dce_process_block): Removed insns_deleted and added code to reset
	live set before confluence function.  
	(rest_of_handle_fast_dce): Added code to turn off df's version of dce if 
	flag_dce is not set and added DF_NO_INSN_RESCAN to flags that are cleared.

2007-05-10  Roman Zippel <>

	* config/m68k/m68k.c: include df.h.
	(m68k_output_mi_thunk): use SET_REGNO.

2007-05-09  Kaz Kojima  <>

	* df-core.c (df_get_bb_dirty): Return false if df_live is null.

2007-05-09  Kaz Kojima  <>

	* config/sh/sh.c (r0_life_regions): New variable.
	(find_r0_life_regions): New static function.
	(sh_md_init_global): Call find_r0_life_regions when
	reload_completed isn't set.
	(R0_MAX_LIVE_LENGTH): Remove.
	(high__pressure): Return 1 if r0_life_regions is over
	the given threshold.

2007-05-08  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regrename.c (regrename_optimize): Renamed df_ri_add_problem to 
	* auto-inc-dec.c (rest_of_handle_auto_inc_dec): Ditto.
	* sched_ebb.c (schedule_ebbs): Renamed df_ri_add_problem to
	df_note_add_problem.  Added call to regstat_compute_calls_crossed
	and regstat_free_calls_crossed and deleted call to
	* regstat.c (regstat_init_n_sets_and_refs,
	regstat_free_n_sets_and_refs, regstat_bb_compute_ri,
	regstat_compute_ri, regstat_free_ri,
	regstat_bb_compute_calls_crossed, regstat_compute_calls_crossed, 
	regstat_free_calls_crossed): New functions.
	* final.c (rest_of_handle_final): Removed call to free_reg_info.
	* cfg.c (dump_reg_info): Many changes to accomodate new
	implementation of REG_BASIC_BLOCK, REG_N_SETS, REG_N_DEATHS, 
	* toplev.c (finalize): Removed call to free_reg_info.
	REG_LIVE_LENGTH, REG_BASIC_BLOCK): Changed implementation.
	(allocate_reg_life_data, allocate_reg_info, clear_reg_info_regno):
	* mode-switching.c (optimize_mode_switching): Removed call to 
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Renamed df_ri_add_problem to
	df_note_add_problem.  Added call to regstat_compute_calls_crossed
	and regstat_free_calls_crossed
	(rest_of_handle_sms): Deleted call to allocate_reg_info.
	* global.c (compute_regsets): Moved all dataflow to local_alloc.
	(rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Call regstat_free_n_sets_and_refs
	and regstat_free_ri.
	* ifcvt.c (dead_or_predicable, if_convert): Removed calls to
	* timevar.def (TV_DF_NOTE): New timevar. 
	* regmove.c (copy_src_to_dest, regmove_optimize, fixup_match_1):
	Changed calls to REG_N_SETS that changed the value to
	(regmove_optimize): Moved calls that compute df and register info
	to after early out for flag_non_call_exceptions.  Added calls to 
	regstat_init_n_sets_and_refs, regstat_compute_ri,
	regstat_free_n_sets_and_refs and regstat_free_ri.
	* local_alloc (local_alloc, equiv_init_movable_p): Added
	(update_equiv_regs): Added code to update bitvectors when certain
	local allocations are done.  Changed REG_N_SETS to
	(rest_of_handle_local_alloc): Moved computation of UREC from
	global to here.
	* function.c (regno_clobbered_at_setjmp): Added to test to see if
	regno was valid.  Moved function size test higher in call
	(setjmp_args_warning): Added tests to early out of check if
	function is small or there are no setjmps.  
	* df.h (DF_RI, df_ri, DF_RI_LIFE, DF_RI_SETJMP, df_ri_add_problem,
	df_ri_get_setjmp_crosses): Deleted.
	(DF_NOTE, df_note, df_note_add_problem): Added.
	* gcse (gcse_main): Removed computation of RI information and
	removed calls to allocate_reg_info.
	* init-regs.c (initialize_uninitialized_regs): Removed call to
      	* regclass.c (reg_info_data, reg_info_head, reg_pref_buffer,
	allocate_reg_life_data, allocate_reg_info, clear_reg_info_regno):
	(scan_one_insn): Changed some calls to REG_N_SETS and REG_N_REFS
	(regclass): Allocate register information locally.
	(free_reg_info): Changed the structures freed.	
	(reg_scan): Removed call to allocate_reg_info and changed call to
	* combine (try_combine, remove_death, distribute_notes): Removed
	computation of REG_N_DEATHS.  Changed some references to
	(rest_of_handle_combine): Replaced call to df_ri_add_problem with
	call to df_note_add_problem, and added call to
	regstat_init_n_sets_and_refs and regstat_free_n_sets_and_refs.
	* bb-reorder (rest_of_handle_partition_blocks): Removed call to
	* df-problems.c (reg_n_info, df_ri_problem_p, df_ri_problem_data,
	df_ri_alloc, df_ri_start_dump, df_ri_get_setjmp_crosses): Removed.
	(print_note): Renamed df_print_note.
	(df_kill_notes): Added parameters to save notes rather than just
	let them die and remake them.
	(df_set_note): New function.
	(df_set_unused_notes_for_mw, df_set_dead_notes_for_mw,
	df_create_unused_note, df_ri_bb_compute, df_ri_compute,
	df_ri_free): Removed ri information computations.
	(df_ri_bb_compute): Renamed to df_note_bb_compute.
	(df_ri_compute): Renamed to df_note_compute.
	(df_ri_free): Renamed to df_note_free.
	(problem_RI): Renamed to problem_NOTE
	(df_ri_add_problem): Renamed to df_note_add_problem.
	* (reg-stack.c): Changed call to df_ri_add_problem to 
	* combine-stack-adj.c (rest_of_handle_stack_adjustments): Ditto.
	* ( Added regstat.o.
	* sched-rgn.c (schedule_insns): Changed call to df_ri_add_problem to 
	df_note_add_problem.  Added calls to regstat_compute_calls_crossed
	and regstat_free_calls_crossed.
	REG_BASIC_BLOCK): Moved to regs.h.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c (sparc_check_64): Changed REG_N_SETS to
	* config/sh/sh.c (flow_dependent_p_1): Ditto.
	(sh_md_init): Removed useless attempt to measure pressure on R0.
	* config/m68k/m68k.c (m68k_output_mi_thunk): Removed call to
	* reload1.c (delete_output_reload): Added NUM_FIXED_BLOCKS to
	tests for REG_BASIC_BLOCK.
2007-05-07  Seongbae Park  <>

	* dse.c (add_wild_read): Do not remove read_info_t
	that has non-zero alias_set.
	(canon_address): Remove unused parameter for_read and bb_info.
	Remove the unused code path, and update the dump message.
	(record_store): Accomodate canon_address signature change.
	(check_mem_read_rtx): Don't bail out early for wild_read.
	(check_mem_read_rtx): Accomodate canon_address signature change.
	(scan_insn): Move call insn handling after note_uses.

2007-05-05  Ramana Radhakrishnan <>
	    Serge Belyshev  <>
	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* combine.c (recog_for_combine): Keep unused notes from being 
	generated for scratch registers.
	* config/alpha/alpha.c: Add include for df.h.

2007-05-01  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	Do not delete regnotes when recreating them.
	* df-problems.c (df_kill_notes): Store notes into new parameters
	rather than killing them.
	(df_set_note): New function.
	(df_set_unused_notes_for_mw, df_set_dead_notes_for_mw,
	df_create_unused_note, df_ri_bb_compute): Call df_set_note to
	create new notes.
2007-04-30  Seongbae Park <>

	* df-scan.c (df_reorganize_refs_by_reg_by_insn):
	Scan artificial defs and uses as well.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes):
	Move pass_stack_ptr_mod from after pass_inc_dec.

2007-04-29  Steven Bosscher <>

	Small cleanups without any semantics changes:
	* df-scan.c (df_ref_record): Fix small style typo.
	* df-core.c (df_hybrid_search_forward): Cleanup redundant loads.
	(df_hybrid_search_backward): Likewise.
	(df_worklist_dataflow): Check DIR against DF_NONE instead of 0.

	Small speedups:
	* haifa-sched.c (move_block_after_check): Mark df solutions dirty
	here, instead of...
	* df-core.c (df_analyze): Only verify POSTORDER_INVERTED if
	checking is enabled.

	Fix Java bootstrap on ia64
	* emit-rtl.c (try_split): Unshare RTL sequences produced by splitters.

2007-04-27  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* timevar.def (TV_DF_UR): Removed.
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_alloc): Change pool size.  
	* df-core.c (df_finish_pass, rest_of_handle_df_initialize,
	df_get_bb_dirty, df_verify): Merged df_ur and df_live problems
	into df_live.
	* global.c (compute_regsets, rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Ditto.
	* df.h (DF_UR, DF_UR_BB_INFO, DF_UR_IN, DF_UR_OUT, df_ur,
	df_ur_get_bb_info): Removed.
	(df_ur_bb_info): Merged df_ur and df_live problems
	into df_live.
	* init-regs.c (initialize_uninitialized_regs): Changed DF_UR_IN to
	* df_problems.c (df_ur_problem_data): Renamed to
	(df_ur_set_bb_info): Renamed to df_live_set_bb_info.
	(df_ur_free_bb_info): Renamed to df_live_free_bb_info.
	(df_ur_alloc): Renamed to df_live_alloc.
	(df_ur_reset): Renamed to df_live_reset.
	(df_ur_bb_local_compute): Renamed to df_live_bb_local_compute.
	(df_ur_local_compute): Renamed to df_live_local_compute.
	(df_ur_init): Renamed to df_live_init.
	(df_ur_confluence_n): Renamed to df_live_confluence_n.
	(df_ur_transfer_function): Renamed to df_live_transfer_function.
	(df_ur_local_finalize): Removed.
	(df_ur_free): Renamed to df_live_free.
	(df_ur_top_dump): Renamed to df_live_top_dump.
	(df_ur_bottom_dump): Renamed to df_live_bottom_dump.
	(df_ur_verify_solution_start): Renamed to
	(df_ur_verify_solution_end): Renamed to
	(problem_UR): Renamed to problem_LIVE.
	(df_ur_add_problem): Renamed to df_live_add_problem.
	(df_ur_verify_transfer_functions): Renamed to
	(df_live_set_bb_info, df_live_free_bb_info, df_live_alloc,
	df_live_free, df_live_top_dump, df_live_bottom_dump, 
	df_live_add_problem): Deleted.
	(df_chain_fully_remove_problem): Changed pool alloc block size.
	* dce.c (dce_marked_bitmap_obstack): Removed.
	(marked_insn_p, mark_insn, init_dce, end_ud_dce, fini_dce,
	fast_dce): Changed marked to be sbitmap rather than bitmap.
	* alloc_pool.c (create_alloc_pool, pool_alloc, pool_free): Split
	free_list into virgin_free_list and returned_free_list.
	* alloc_pool.h (free_list): Split into virgin_free_list and
	(virgin_elts_remaining): New variable.
2007-04-26  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-core.c (df_remove_problem): Allow df_ur and df_live 
	problems to be removed.
	* global.c (compute_regsets): Remove df_ur and df_live when
	adding df_urec.
	(rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Add back df_ur and df_live when
	removing df_urec.
	* timevar.def (TV_DF_UD): Renamed to TV_DF_UR.
	* function.c (thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Removed
	call to df_analyze.
	* df-problems.c (problem_UR): Added remove function and renamed TV.
	(problem_LIVE): Added remove function.

2007-04-26  Seongbae Park <>

	* tree-pass.h: Declaration for new pass.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): New pass.
	* dce.c (prescan_insns_for_dce): Pass new param "fast" through.
	(mark_artificial_uses, mark_reg_dependencies): New functions 
	- resurrected from the old svn revision.
	(end_ud_dce, rest_of_handle_ud_dce, gate_ud_dce): New function.
	(pass_ud_rtl_dce): New pass.
	(fast_dce): New parameter for prescan_insns_for_dce.

2007-04-24  Seongbae Park <>

	* final.c (leaf_renumber_regs_insn): Use SET_REGNO().
	* df-scan.c (df_insn_refs_collect): Handle non-local gotos.
	* sparc.c: New include of df.h.
	* dce.c (prescan_insns_for_dce): Call mark_libcall for all insns 
	with with REG_LIBCALL_ID.

2007-04-23  Steven Bosscher  <>
	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-scan.c (problem_SCAN): Add time variable.
	(df_refs_add_to_chains): Delete the refs vectors before 
	allocating new ones.
	* df-core.c (df_analyze_problem): Push and pop problem specific 
	time vectors.
	* timevar.def (TV_DF_SCAN, TV_DF_RU, TV_DF_RD, TV_DF_LR, TV_DF_UD,
	specific time vars.
	* dse.c (positions_needed): Changed to be bitmask from sbitmap.
	(store_info.rhs): New field.
	(free_store_info, step6): Changed positions_needed to be bitmask
	from sbitmap.
	(read_info.begin, read_info.end): Changed to be int.
	(deferred_change): New struct.
	(deferred_change_pool): New variable.
	(step0): Initialize deferred_change_pool.
	(canon_address): Added parameter to cselib_expand_value_rtx and
	improved debugging.
	(clear_rhs_from_active_local_stores, replace_read): New function.
	(record_store, check_mem_read_rtx): Added code to invalidate
	store_info.rhs.  Changed positions_needed to be bitmask from
	(step1): Added code to process deferred_change_list.
	(rest_of_handle_dse): Added deferred rescanning.
	* df.h (df_problem.tv_id): New timevar for each problem.
	* cselib.c (expand_loc, cselib_expand_value_rtx): Added code to
	limit the amount of recursion allowed when expanding addresses.
	* cselib.h (cselib_expand_value_rtx): Added max recursion
	* rtl.h (rhs_regno): Renamed tree to x.
	* df-problems.c (df_problem problem_RU, df_problem problem_RD,
	problem_LR, problem_UR, problem_LIVE, problem_UREC, problem_CHAIN,
	problem_RI) Added timevar.
	(df_live_local_finalize): Only update solution if dirty.
	* (dse.o): Added dependencies.
2007-04-23  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* lower-subreg.c (resolve_reg_notes): Discard REG_DEAD and
	REG_UNUSED notes for split registers.
	(decompose_multiword_subregs): Remove life_blocks.

2007-04-22  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* df.h (df_bitmap_obstack): Declare.

	* df-scan.c (df_scan_problem_data): Add new bitmap obstacks for
	regsets and insns/notes to be rescanned.
	(df_scan_free_internal): Free the new bitmap obstacks.
	(df_scan_alloc): Initialize the new bitmap obstacks, and use them.
	(df_scan_free): Set df->blocks_to_analyze to NULL after freeing it.
	(df_insn_rescan_all): Put temporary bitmaps on df_bitmap_obstack.
	(df_process_deferred_rescans): Likewise.
	(df_get_call_refs): Likewise.
	(df_update_entry_block_defs): Likewise.  Put entry_block_defs on
	the regsets bitmap obstack.
	(df_record_exit_block_uses): Changed like df_record_exit_block_uses.
	(df_entry_block_bitmap_verify): Put temporary bitmaps on df_bitmap_obstack.
	(df_exit_block_bitmap_verify): Likewise.
	(df_scan_verify): Likewise.

	* df-core.c (df_bitmap_obstack): Declare.
	(rest_of_handle_df_initialize): Initialize it.
	(rest_of_handle_df_finish): Release it.
	(df_set_blocks, df_worklist_dataflow, df_analyze,
	df_compact_blocks): Use it.

	* df-problems.c (df_set_seen): Use df_bitmap_obstack for seen_in_block
	and seen_in_insn.
	(df_ri_compute): Likewise for bitmaps allocated for the RI problem.

	For the RU and RD problems, introduce per-problem bitmap obstacks:
	(df_r[ud]_problem_data): Add a per-problem bitmap
	(df_r[ud]_alloc): Initialize and use them per df problem.
	(df_r[ud]_confluence_n, df_r[ud]_transfer_function): Use them.
	(df_r[ud]_free): Release them.

	* dce.c (dce_marked_bitmap_obstack, dce_blocks_bitmap_obstack,
	dce_tmp_bitmap_obstack): New bitmap obstacks.
	(init_dce): Initialize them.  Use dce_marked_bitmap_obstack for
	the bitmap of marked insns.
	(end_fast_dce): Renamed to...
	(fini_dce): ...this.  Release the new bitmap obstacks.
	(dce_process_block): Allocate local_live on dce_tmp_bitmap_obstack.
	(fast_dce): Allocate basic block bitmaps on dce_blocks_bitmap_obstack.
	(rest_of_handle_fast_dce): Call fini_dce, and clear df_in_progress.
	(run_fast_df_dce): Likewise.

2007-04-21  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* config/spu/spu.c (fsmbi_const_p): Replace flow2_completed with

2007-04-16  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* fwprop.c (forward_propagate_into): If multiple sets

2007-04-16  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-scan.c (df_ref_create, df_reg_chain_unlink,
	df_install_refs): Use df->analyze_subset.
	(df_reorganize_refs_by_reg_by_reg, df_reorganize_refs_by_reg_by_insn):
	New functions.
	(df_reorganize_refs_by_reg): Split into
	(df_add_refs_to_table): Do not add hardware_regs if not asked for.
	(df_reorganize_refs_by_insn): Move call to count_refs.
	(df_maybe_reorganize_def_refs, df_maybe_reorganize_use_refs):
	Remove code to modify df->total_size.
    	* df-core.c (df_set_blocks): Set df->analyze_subset.
	(df_finish_pass): Clear df->analyze->subset.
	(df_analyze): Use df->analyze_subset.
	(df_dump_start): Remove total_size from dump.
	(df.analyze_subset): New field.  * df-problems.c (df_ri_alloc,
	df_ri_compute): Removed DF_RI_NO_UPDATE.

2007-04-12  Steven Bosscher  <>
	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* cse.c (cse_insn): Do not emit barriers.
	* dse.c (store_info.address): Renamed to mem_addr.
	(canon_address): Removed address_out parameter.
	(record_store): Removed address var and compute mem and
	mem_address differently.
	(check_mem_read_rtx): Removed address and changed parameters to
	* cselib.c (cselib_expand_value_rtx): Do not translate

2007-04-11  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* gcse.c (hash_scan_set): Make sure that INSN has only one
	SET in its PATTERN before making SRC anticipatable.
	* cfglayout.c (fixup_reorder_chain): Fix merge error, don't
	call compact_blocks here.

2007-04-09  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-core.c (add_problem): Keep the problem sorted in
	* global.c (compute_regsets): Recompute register information.

2007-04-08  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* optabs.h (maybe_encapsulate_block): Made public.
	* optabs.c (maybe_encapsulate_block): Ditto.
	(emit_no_conflict_block, emit_libcall_block): Remove
	* reload1.c (reload): Ditto.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_legitimize_tls_address):
	Use maybe_encapsulate_block to add libcall notes.

2007-04-07  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* dse.c (clear_alias_set_lookup): New function.
	(store_info.is_set): New field.
	(replace_inc_dec, delete_dead_store_insn): Added more ifdefs so
	dse could be tested on mainline.
	(canon_address): Moved lookup of alias_set info to subroutine and
	added better logging.  Added code to detect if address contains an
	AND and if so, escape.
	(record_store, check_mem_read_rtx): White space cleanup. Added
	code to skip store_info's for clobbers when comparing with
	previous insn stores.  We also mark store_info's as to whether
	they are set or clobber based.
	(scan_insn): Only add insn to active_stores_list if it has exactly
	one store.
	(step1): Add code to remove a store to the frame that goes dead at
	the end of a function if there is a non overlaping block mode read
	from the stack.  The global algorithm cannot do this because it
	takes a more conservative view of block mode reads.
	(dse_confluence_0, dse_confluence_n, dse_transfer_function,
	step5_spill, pass_rtl_dse2): Add ifdefs so this can be tested on
	(step5_nospill): Ignore clobbers and only look at the set to
	decide if an insn can be deleted.
	* init_regs.c: Whitespace.
	* cselib.c (cselib_expand_value_rtx): Fixed comment and changed to
	use proper macro.

2007-04-06  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* bitmap.c (bitmap_set_range): New.
	(bitmap_clear_range): Small optimization.
	* bitmap.h (bitmap_set_range): New.
	* df-problems.c (df_ref_bitmap): Remove.
	(struct df_rd_problem_data, df_ru_problem_data): Remove related
	data structures.
	(df_ru_alloc, df_rd_alloc): Don't allocate them.
	(df_ru_free, df_rd_free): Don't free them.
	(df_ru_bb_local_compute_process_def, df_ru_local_compute,
	df_rd_bb_local_compute_process_def, df_rd_local_compute):
	Use bitmap_set_range and bitmap_clear_range instead of df_ref_bitmap.

2007-04-05  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* sbitmap.c (sbitmap_empty_p): New function.
	* sbitmap.h (sbitmap_empty_p): New function.
	* dbgcnt.def (dse): New counter and sorted the others.
	* df-core.c (df_worklist_dataflow): Made init_fun optional.
	* cse.c (cse_main): Do dce at start of pass.
	* timevar.def (TV_DSE3): Deleted.
	* dse.c: New pass.
	* dse.h: New file for dse pass.
	* gcse.c (gcse_main): Set up the register info.
	* alias.c (clear_reg_alias_info): Removed dead function.
	* rtl.h (clear_reg_alias_info): Removed dead function.
	* cselib.c (cselib_discard_hook): Added cselib val parameter.
	(discard_useless_values): Added hook call here.
	(remove_useless_values): Removed hook call from here.
	(expand_loc, cselib_expand_value_rtx): New function.
	(cselib_finish): Clear hook.
	* cselib.h (cselib_discard_hook): Added cselib val parameter.
	(expand_loc, cselib_expand_value_rtx): New function.
	* common.opt (flag_flow_dce, new-dce): Removed flag.
	(flag_dce, flag_dse): New flags.
	* (dse.o): New pass.
	* passes.c (init_iptimization_passes): Removed dse after combine.
	Renamed dse3 to dse2.
	* dce.c (delete_unmarked_insns): Renamed new_dce to dce.
	(end_dce, mark_artificial_uses, mark_reg_dependencies,
	invariant_store_base_eq, invariant_store_base_hash, value_store_base_eq,
	value_store_base_hash, store_base_del, rs_init, rs_confluence,
	rs_transfer_function, init_invariant_store_group,
	init_value_store_group, empty_store_group, end_store_group,
	init_rs_dflow, end_rs_dflow, init_unmarked_stores,
	end_unmarked_stores, init_dse, end_dse, dump_stores,
	split_address, add_store_offset, record_store, record_stores,
	store_offset_compare, store_base_local,
	invariant_store_base_local, value_store_base_local,
	value_store_base_useless, remove_useless_values,
	store_base_global, finish_max_in_luid,
	calculate_reaching_stores, frame_stores_escape_p,
	store_base_prune_needed, mark_escaping_stores,
	insn_might_read_mem_rtx, insn_might_read_mem_use,
	insn_might_read_mem_p, mark_dependent_stores,
	prescan_insns_for_dse, rest_of_handle_dse, gate_dse): Deleted functions
	as part of new dse pass in separate file.
	* reload1.c (alter_reg): Added calls to register spill slots
	with dse.

2007-04-05  Peter Bergner  <>

	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_legitimate_address): Disallow
	PRE_MODIFY for TDmode.

2007-04-04  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* cfg.c (dump_reg_info): Added check to lower max if new regs
	were added.
	* init-regs.c (initialize_uninitialized_regs): Changed code to
	insert move right before uninitized insn.

2007-04-03  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* df-problems.c (df_chain_create_bb): Plug leak.

	* df-problems.c (df_chain_alloc): Fix typo.

2007-04-03  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* dce.c (dce_process_block): Copy into DF_LR_IN.
	* df-problems.c (df_lr_free_bb_info): Support bb_info->in
	being the same bitmap as bb_info->top.
	(df_lr_alloc): The adef and ause fields must be either
	both NULL or both non-NULL.  Initialize bb_info->top
	to bb_info->in.
	(df_lr_bb_local_compute): Allocate adef, ause, top together.
	(df_lr_transfer_function): Simplify according to above
	(df_lr_free): Zero out bb_info->top instead of freeing it
	if it is the same as bb_info->in.

2007-04-01  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* config/ia64/ia64.c (emit_predicate_relation_info): Changed
	DF_LIVE_IN to df_get_live_in.

2007-03-29  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* bitmap.c (bitmap_elt_copy, bitmap_elt_ior): New.
	(bitmap_ior, bitmap_ior_into): Use them.
	(bitmap_and_compl): Use them, return whether DST changed.
	(bitmap_ior_and_compl): Rewrite.
	* bitmap.h (bitmap_and_compl): Return a bool.

	* (alias.o): Fix dependencies.
	* alias.c (find_base_value, init_alias_analysis): Use
	DF_REG_DEF_COUNT.  Include df.h.
	* cfg.c (dump_reg_info): Don't fail if reg_info not initialized.
	* cse.c (cse_main): Assume dataflow initialized.  Call reg_scan.
	* gcse.c (gcse_main): Call df_analyze, remove call to reg_scan.
	* local-alloc.c (rest_of_handle_local_alloc): Call allocate_reg_info
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Initialize dataflow before CSE.

        * global.c (n_reg_sets): Remove.
        (reg_sets): Change to a VEC.
        (mark_reg_store): Push onto reg_sets.
        (global_conflicts): Assert reg_sets is empty, pop values out of it.
        Don't allocate it nor free it here.
        (global_alloc): Allocate reg_sets if necessary.

	* see.c (rest_of_handle_see): Don't call reg_scan.
	* tracer.c (rest_of_handle_tracer): Likewise.
	* cfgcleanup.c (rest_of_handle_jump2): Likewise.
	* bb-reorder.c (fix_edges_for_rarely_executed_code): Likewise.
	* loop-init.c (rtl_loop_done): Likewise.
	* ifcvt.c (rest_of_handle_if_conversion): Likewise.
	* mode-switching.c (optimize_mode_switching): Remove useless
	* lower-subreg.c (decompose_register): Don't call clear_reg_info_regno.
	(decompose_multiword_subregs): Don't call reg_scan_update.
	* web.c (rest_of_handle_web): Delete.
	(pass_web): Use web_main as pass routine.

	* regclass.c (max_parallel, max_set_parallel): Remove.
        (reg_scan): Don't set them.
	(reg_scan_update): Delete.
	(reg_scan_mark_refs): Remove last parameter.

        * rtl.h (max_parallel): Remove.

2007-03-29  Paolo Bonzini <>

	* df-core.c (pass_df_finish): Restore.
	(pass_df_finish_opt, pass_df_finish_no_opt): Remove.
	* tree-pass.h (pass_df_finish): Restore.
	(pass_df_finish_opt, pass_df_finish_no_opt): Remove.
	* passes.c (init_optimizations_passes): Remove pass_df_finish_no_opt.
	Rename pass_df_finish_opt to pass_df_finish.
	* reg-stack.c: Mostly evert previous commit.

2007-03-28  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h (pass_df_initialize, pass_df_finish): Deleted.
	(pass_df_initialize_opt, pass_df_initialize_no_opt,
	pass_stack_regs_run, pass_df_finish_opt, pass_df_finish_no_opt):
	* df-core.c (df_finish_pass): Made ur and live problems condition
	on optimization.
	(pass_df_initialize): Renamed to pass_df_initialize_opt.
	(pass_df_initialize_no_opt): New pass.
	(gate_opt, gate_no_opt): New functions.
	(pass_df_finish): Renamed to pass_df_finish_opt.
	(pass_df_finish_no_opt): New pass.
	* mode-switching.c (optimize_mode_switching): Changed references
	of DF_LIVE_IN to df_get_live_in.
	* global.c (compute_regsets): Only add urec problem when
	* function.c (regno_clobbered_at_setjmp): Changed references
	of DF_LIVE_OUT to df_get_live_out.
	* regclass.c (regclass_init): Only call df_compute_regs_ever_live
	if optimizing.
	* stack-ptr-mod.c (notice_stack_pointer_modification): Only call
	df_update_exit_block_uses if optimizing.
	* df-problems.c (df_get_live_in, df_get_live_out): Return df_live
	sets if they are there.
	* reg-stack.c (rest_of_handle_stack_regs_run):
	Added new pass that just runs subpasses.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Added passes to turn on df
	at only some parts of the compilation for -O0.  Moved
	pass_split_before_regstack and pass_stack_regs into a subpass of
	the stack regs pass.

2007-03-28  Paolo Bonzini  <>

        * df.h (df_ru_get_bb_info, df_rd_get_bb_info, df_lr_get_bb_info,
	df_ur_get_bb_info, df_live_get_bb_info, df_urec_get_bb_info):
	New inlines.
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_get_bb_info, df_get_artificial_uses,
	df_get_artificial_defs): Delete.
	* df-problems.c (df_ru_get_bb_info, df_rd_get_bb_info,
	df_lr_get_bb_info, df_ur_get_bb_info, df_live_get_bb_info,
	df_urec_get_bb_info): Delete.

2007-03-20  Seongbae Park <>

	* combine.c (setup_incoming_promotions): Fix a bad merge
	- use the argument FIRST instead of recomputing it.

2007-03-16  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* tracer.c (tracer): Work around pr19340.c failure by cleaning up
	CFG outside cfglayout mode.  Proper fix will be brought in by
	next mainline merge.

2007-03-16  Paolo Bonzini  <>

        PR rtl-optimization/31025
	* df.h (df_get_live_out): New prototype.
	* df-problems.c (df_get_live_out): New.
	(df_ri_bb_compute): Use it.

2007-03-13  Seongbae Park <>

	* tree-pass.h (pass_subregs_of_mode_finish): New pass declaration.
	* regclass.c (record_subregs_of_mode): Made static, and
	moved before init_subregs_of_mode to compile.
	(cannot_change_mode_set_regs, invalid_mode_change_p): Added assertion.
	(finish_subregs_of_mode): New function.
	(pass_subregs_of_mode_finish): New pass.
	* rtl.h (record_subregs_of_mode): Removed.
	* combine.c (gen_lowpart_for_combine): Removed calls to
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Moved pass_subregs_of_mode_init
	just before local_alloc. New pass pass_subregs_of_mode_finish
	after global_alloc.

2007-03-09  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* arm.c: Include df.h.

2007-03-06  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* fwprop.c (try_fwprop_subst): Remove redundant df_notes_rescan.
	* see.c (rest_of_handle_see): Run a fast dce.  Don't run cleanup_cfg.
	* tracer.c (tracer): Clean up the cfg when still in cfglayout mode.
	* postreload-gcse.c (rest_of_handle_gcse2): Don't run
	delete_trivially_dead_insns, this pass cleans up after itself already.
	* df-scan.c (df_insn_rescan): Fix typo.
	* cse.c (rest_of_handle_cse): Don't use CLEANUP_EXPENSIVE.
	(rest_of_handle_cse2): Likewise.  Don't call delete_dead_jumptables.
	* web.c (rest_of_handle_web): Don't run delete_trivially_dead_insns.
	Also don't clean up the CFG, this pass does not transform the CFG.
	* loop-init.c (rtl_loop_done): Don't run delete_trivially_dead_insns.
	* ifcvt.c (rest_of_handle_if_conversion): Don't use CLEANUP_EXPENSIVE.
	* gcse.c (rest_of_handle_jump_bypass): Only remove unreachable basic
	blocks before the pass.  No need for a reg_scan.  Rebuild jump labels
	after delete_trivially_dead_insns.  Don't use CLEANUP_EXPENSIVE.
	(rest_of_handle_gcse): Rebuild jump labels after
	delete_trivially_dead_insns.  Don't call delete_dead_jumptables.
	* cfgcleanup.c (cleanup_cfg): Move delete_dead_jumptables call out of
	the loop.
	* combine.c (rest_of_handle_combine): Account cleanup_cfg to TV_JUMP.
	Don't use CLEANUP_EXPENSIVE.  Don't run delete_trivially_dead_insns.
	* bb-reorder.c (rest_of_handle_reorder_blocks): Don't use

2007-03-06  Paolo Bonzini  <>

        * cse.c (validate_canon_reg): Don't do anything if *XLOC is NULL.
        Assert it is only called with insn != 0 and it never resets
        something non-NULL to NULL.  Always use validate_change.
        (cse_insn): Always call canon_reg with an INSN except when it
        is used on a REG.  When processing notes, first canonicalize,
        then fold, and call df_notes_rescan.
        (cse_process_notes): Rename to cse_process_notes_1, add CHANGED
        (cse_process_notes_1): Wrapper around cse_process_notes to set
        the CHANGED parameter.
        (cse_extended_basic_block): Adjust call to cse_process_notes
        and use result to call df_notes_rescan.
        (cse_main): Set deferred insn rescanning flag, don't rescan on exit.
        (pass_cse2): Add TODO_df_finish.
        * gcse.c (pass_gcse): Likewise.

2007-03-04  Roman Zippel <>

	* regclass.c (scan_one_insn): Call df_insn_rescan after breaking
	out constant parameter.

2007-03-04  Roman Zippel <>

	* df-scan.c (df_grow_ref_info): Also add bitmap_addend to size.

2007-02-25  Ulrich Weigand  <>

	Backport from mainline:
	* reload.c (find_reloads_address_1): Handle PLUS expressions resulting
	from register elimination as PRE_MODIFY / POST_MODIFY increments.
	Do not attempt to handle MEM inside auto-inc expressions.
	* reload1.c (eliminate_regs_1): Do not attempt to handle elimination
	of a register modified by an auto-inc expression.  However, do handle
	elimination of a register used as PRE_MODIFY / POST_MODIFY increment.
	(elimination_effects): Prohibit elimination of a register modified
	by an auto-inc expression.  Disable register elimination rules whose
	target register is modified by an auto-inc expression with variable

2007-02-25  Ulrich Weigand  <>

	2006-07-01  Daniel Berlin  <>
		    David Edelsohn  <>
		    Kenneth Zadeck <>
	reload1.c (eliminate_regs_1, elimination_effects): Added cases for

2007-02-22  Seongbae Park <>

	* global.c (reg_becomes_live): Mark registers not live
	after CLOBBER.

2007-02-22  Paolo Bonzini <>

	* combine.c (set_nonzero_bits_and_sign_copies, reg_nonzero_bits_for_combine,
	reg_num_sign_bit_copies_for_combine, get_last_value): Look at DF_LR to
	check if a register is uninitialized.

2007-02-21  Paolo Bonzini <>

        * combine.c (uid_cuid, max_uid_cuid): Remove.
        (INSN_CUID): Replace throughout with DF_INSN_LUID.
        (last_call_cuid): Rename to last_call_luid.
        (subst_low_cuid): Rename to subst_low_luid.
        (last_insn_cost): Rename to max_uid_known.
        (uid_log_links): New.
        (INSN_COST, LOG_LINKS): New.
        (combine_validate_cost): Use INSN_COST instead of accessing
        (create_log_links, clear_log_links): Move before combine_instructions.
        (combine_instructions): Don't compute cuids.  Allocate uid_log_links.
        Call create_log_links and clear_log_links here.  Only initialize
        data structures for insns within a basic block.  Use INSN_COST
        instead of accessing uid_insn_cost.  Reset last_call_luid and
        mem_last_set once for every basic block.  Update label_tick on every
	basic block, reset label_tick_ebb_start on every label.
        (can_combine_p, try_combine, reg_nonzero_bits_for_combine,
        reg_num_sign_bit_copies_for_combine, record_value_for_reg,
        record_dead_and_set_regs_1, record_dead_and_set_regs,
        get_last_value_validate, get_last_value, use_crosses_set_p,
        move_deaths, distribute_notes, distribute_links): Rename stuff
        as indicated above.  In tests for LUIDs, check that we refer to
	the same label_tick too.  In tests for label ticks, check that
	they are > label_tick_ebb_start.
        (rest_of_handle_combine): Don't create/clear loglinks here.

        * gengtype.c (adjust_field_rtx_def): Adjust index of JUMP_LABEL.
        * caller-save.c (init_caller_save): Adjust creation of INSNs.
        * rtl.def (CODE_LABEL): Adjust comment.
        (INSN, JUMP_INSN, CALL_INSN, BARRIER): Remove penultimate field.
        * emit-rtl.c (unshare_all_rtl_again, verify_rtl_sharing,
        unshare_all_rtl_in_chain, make_insn_raw, make_jump_insn_raw,
        make_call_insn_raw): Remove references to LOG_LINKS.
        * rtl.h (LOG_LINKS): Remove.
        down by one.

        * regs.h (struct reg_info_def): Remove first_uid and last_uid.
        * cse.c (cse_basic_block_start, cse_basic_block_end, uid_cuid,
        max_uid, INSN_CUID): Remove.
        (struct cse_basic_block_data): Remove low_cuid and high_cuid.
        (reg_used_in_multiple_bb, reg_used_in_bb): New.
        (make_regs_eqv): Test reg_used_in_multiple_bb instead of cuids.
        (cse_prescan_path): Remove low_cuid and high_cuid.
        (mark_reg_use_bb): New.
        (cse_main): Replace computation of cuids with initialization of
        reg_used_in_multiple_bb.  Remove references to deleted variables.
        * regmove.c (copy_src_to_dest): Don't update REGNO_FIRST_UID and
        * regclass.c (reg_scan_mark_refs): Remove penultimate argument.
        Don't track REGNO_FIRST_UID and REGNO_LAST_UID.
        (reg_scan, reg_scan_update): Remove penultimate argument to

2007-02-20  Seongbae Park <>

	* sched-ebb.c (schedule_ebbs): Clear DF_LR_RUN_DCE flag
	after df_analyze.

2007-02-20  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* fwprop.c (forward_propagate_into): Removed call to
	* see.c (see_free_data_structures): Ditto.
	* loop-iv.c (iv_analysis_loop_init): Ditto.
	* dce.c (prescan_insns_for_dse): Ditto.
	* auto-inc-dec.c (merge_in_block): Moved call to
	df_recompute_luids so that it only happens on subsequent passes of
	* df-scan.c (df_grow_insn_info): Made public.
	* df.h (df_grow_insn_info): Made public.
	* df-core.c: Fixed comments.
	* df-problems.c (df_ur_bb_local_compute): Reversed order of
	processing insns.  Removed usage of seen_in_block and
	seen_in_insn.  Update luid.
        (df_ur_local_compute, df_ur_verify_transfer_functions): Added call
	to df_grow_insn_info and deleted calls to df_set_seen, df_unset_seen.

2007-02-16  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* combine.c (INSN_CUID): Always look up uid_cuid.
	(insn_cuid): Delete.
	* sched-deps.c (sched_analyze): Don't free LOG_LINKS here.
	* sched-int.h (struct dep_list): Don't mention LOG_LINKS in comment.

2007-02-15  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* config/sh/sh.c (sh_reorg): Don't look at LOG_LINKS.

2007-02-15  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* combine.c (find_single_use): Don't check for reload flags.

2007-02-15  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	Merge from mainline.

	2007-02-15  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* caller-save.c (save_call_clobbered_regs): Do not process sibcalls.

2007-02-13  Seongbae Park <>

	Merge from mainline.

	2007-02-13  Seongbae Park <>

	* bitmap.c (bitmap_and, bitmap_and_compl, bitmap_xor):
	Ensure dst->current is valid.

2007-02-13  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* lower-subregs.c (resolve_reg_notes): Added code to call
	df_notes_rescan when REG_EQUAL notes are changed.

2007-02-12  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* global.c (compute_regsets): Removed first two parameters.
	Converted asm_clobbered to regs_asm_clobbered.
	(global_alloc): Removed bad merged call to make_accurate_live_analysis.
	(global_alloc, rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Removed first two
	parameters from compute_regsets.

2007-02-06  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* ifcvt.c (noce_process_if_block): Removed unnecessary insn deletes.
	(dead_or_predictable): Removed incorrect bit vector operation.
	* lower-subregs (simple_move_operand, resolve_clobber): Change from mainline.
	(resolve_clobber): Added df_insn_rescan of clobber.
	(decompose_multiword_subregs): Added df setup and removed debugging.
	(pass_lower_subreg2): Added df cleanup.
	* (lower-subregs.o): Added df.h dependence.

2007-02-03  Kaz Kojima  <>

	* config/sh/sh.c (sh_expand_prologue): Remove unneeded brackets.
	(sh_expand_epilogue): Add blockage insn when not
	(sh_output_mi_thunk): Don't use flow analysis here.
	* config/sh/ (UNSPEC_EH_RETURN): Remove.
	(UNSPECV_EH_RETURN): New macro.
	(sibcall_valuei): New.
	(sibcall_valuei_pcrel, sibcall_value_pcrel): Likewise.
	(sibcall_value_compact, sibcall_value_media): Likewise.
	(sibcall_value): Use new sibcall_value* patterns.
	(eh_set_ra_si): Use unspec_volatile and UNSPECV_EH_RETURN.
	(eh_set_ra_di, eh_set_ra_di+1): Likewise.

2007-02-03  Kaz Kojima  <>

	* mode-switching.c (create_pre_exit): Skip CLOBBER of pseudo
	register for the result when not optimizing.
	(optimize_mode_switching): Move	df_ri_add_problem and df_analyze
	calls after create_pre_exit call.

2007-02-03  Kaz Kojima  <>

	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Call df_ri_add_problem
	with DF_RI_LIFE.

2007-02-03  Kaz Kojima  <>

	* df-scan.c (df_get_entry_block_def_set): Use struct_value_rtx
	hook instead of TARGET_STRUCT_VALUE_RTX.

2007-02-03  Kaz Kojima  <>

	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Move df_finish after

2007-01-02  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* optabs.c (emit_no_conflict_block): Removed redundant code to
	number libcalls.
	* tree-pass.h (pass_initialize_subregs): Renamed to
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Ditto.
	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_setjmp_receiver): Changed
	gen_rtx_ASM_INPUT to gen_blockage.
	* function.c (expand_function_end): Ditto.
	* stmt.c (gen_non_local_got_receiver): Ditto.
	* config/ (blockage): Don't take an operand.
	(prologue_use): New.
	* config/i386.c (ix86_expand_prologue): Don't build a blockage
	insn with an operand.  If the PIC reg is used, use a prologue_use
	insn to protect it from being removed.
	* df-scan.c (df_get_entry_block_def_set): Generate ref for
	INCOMING_RETURN_ADDR_RTX after reload_completed.
	* df-core.c (df_ref_debug): Fixed formatting.
	* init-regs.c: Renamed from subregs_init.c and changed to
	initialize all fully uninitialized registers.
	* bt-load.c (compute_defs_uses_and_gen): Changed check for
	* df-problems.c (df_set_unused_notes_for_mw,
	df_set_dead_notes_for_mw, df_ri_bb_compute): Cleaned up reg_notes
	debugging info.
	(df_set_dead_notes_for_mw): Added do_not_gen to test of all notes
	* (subregs-init.*): Renamed to init-regs.*.
	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_expand_prologue, thumb_expand_prologue):
	Removed code to generate explicit uses of LR_REGNUM from prologue.
	* config/arm/arm.h (EPILOGUE_USES): Made LR_REGNUM unconditionally
	* dce.c (deletable_insn_p): Made clobbers always live for use-def
	based dce.
	(prescan_insns_for_dce, prescan_insns_for_dse): Added fast
	parameter to deletable_insn_p.
	(run_fast_df_dce): Temporarily turn off DF_DEFER_INSN_RESCAN
	during this subphase.

2007-02-01  Seongbae Park <>

	* df-scan.c (df_sort_and_compress_refs):
	Style fix.
	Style fix. Fix missing & in parameters for df_mw_compare call.

2007-02-01  Seongbae Park <>

	* df-scan.c (df_swap_refs): New function.
	(df_sort_and_compress_refs, df_sort_and_compress_mws):
	Avoid qsort call overhead if the array has only 2 elements
	or if it's already sorted.

2007-01-17  Eric Christopher  <>

	* config/mips/mips.c (mips_output_function_epilogue): Use SET_REGNO
	instead of REGNO.
	(mips_output_mi_thunk): Ditto.

2007-01-17  Eric Christopher  <>

	* reorg.c (fill_simple_delay_slots): Fix prototype.

2007-01-15  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* regmove.c: (fixup_match_1): Call df_notes_rescan after
	changing insn notes.

2007-01-15  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* config/s390/s390.c: Include df.h.
	(s390_emit_prologue): Call df_insn_rescan when annotating constant
	pool references.

2007-01-15  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* rtl.h (split_all_insns_noflow): Add prototype.
	* recog.c (split_all_insns_noflow): Remove static.

2007-01-14  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* fwprop.c (update_df): Only rescan if insn has really changed.
	(try_fwprop_subst): Removed call to df_set_bb_dirty.
	(fwprop_init): Added new parameter to df_maybe_reorganize_use_refs.
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_alloc): Removed calls to df_grow_ref_info.
	(df_scan_blocks, df_ref_create, df_reg_chain_unlink,
	df_maybe_reorganize_use_refs, df_maybe_reorganize_def_refs,
	df_install_ref, df_install_refs, df_refs_add_to_chains): Changed
	to support new modes adding refs to the df.ref_info.refs.
	(df_reg_chain_unlink, df_install_ref, df_ref_create_structure,
	df_hard_reg_used_p): Changed DF_REGS_EVER_LIVE to
	(df_ref_remove, df_ref_create): Added call to dirty the block when
	a ref is changed manually.
	(df_insn_rescan, df_notes_rescan): Added bb param to
	(df_reorganize_refs): Renamed to df_reorganize_refs_by_reg.
	(df_count_refs, df_add_refs_to_table,
	df_reorganize_refs_by_insn_bb, df_reorganize_refs_by_insn,
	df_hard_reg_used_count): New functions.
	(df_drop_organized_tables): Removed.
	* df_core.c (df_set_blocks, df_finish_pass): Changed
	to support new modes adding refs to the df.ref_info.refs.
	* df.h (df_ref_flags.DF_REGS_EVER_LIVE): Renamed to
	(df_ref_order): New Enum.
	(df_ref_info.{refs_organized_alone, refs_organized_with_eq_uses,
	add_refs_inline}): Replaced with df_ref_info.ref_order.
	(DF_REG_EVER_LIVE_P): Removed macro.
	* df-problems.c (df_ru_local_compute): Added parm to
	(df_rd_local_compute): Added parm to

2007-01-12  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* df-scan.c (df_collection_rec): New structure.
	(df_chains): Deleted structure.
	(DEBUG_DF_RESCAN): Removed conditional compilation of rescanning.
	(df_scan_start_block): Added ifdefed out code that prints the
	scanning of insns.

	(df_ref_create, df_get_artificial_defs, df_get_artificial_uses,
	df_reg_chain_unlink, df_ref_remove, df_ref_chain_delete_du_chain,
	df_ref_chain_delete, df_mw_hardreg_chain_delete, df_insn_rescan,
	df_ref_chain_change_bb, df_insn_change_bb,
	df_ref_change_reg_with_loc_1, df_mw_hardreg_chain_delete_eq_uses,
	df_notes_rescan, df_refs_add_to_chains, df_ref_create_structure,
	df_ref_record, df_def_record_1, df_defs_record, df_uses_record,
	df_get_conditional_uses, df_insn_refs_collect, df_recompute_luids,
	df_bb_refs_collect, df_entry_block_defs_collect,
	df_update_entry_block_defs, df_exit_block_uses_collect,
	df_record_exit_block_uses, df_update_exit_block_uses,
	df_compute_regs_ever_live, df_reg_chain_mark,
	df_reg_chain_verify_unmarked, df_insn_refs_verify, df_bb_verify,
	df_scan_verify): Changed to use vector rep for refs.
	(df_get_call_refs) Ditto plus fixed bug where clobber ref was
	generated for same ref as result of call.
	(df_reg_chain_create, df_ref_unlink, df_ref_chain_find_ref,
	df_ref_chain_find_ref_by_regno, df_ref_chain_append,
	df_ref_find_chains, df_ref_add_to_chains, df_insn_refs_record,
	df_ref_chain_verify_and_unmark, df_ref_chain_free, df_ref_verify,
	df_mw_hardreg_find_hardreg): Deleted function.
	(df_ref_compress_rec, df_free_collection_rec, df_ref_compare,
	df_sort_and_compress_refs, df_mw_compare, df_sort_and_compress_mws
	df_canonize_collection_rec, df_install_ref, df_install_refs,
	df_refs_verify, df_mws_verify): New function.
	(df_ref_is_equal): Renamed to df_ref_equal_p and changed to use
	vector rep for refs.
	(df_mw_is_equal): Renamed to df_mw_equal_p and changed to use
	vector rep for refs.
	* df.h (df_ref_flags.(DF_REF_MW_HARDREG_GROUP, DF_REF_REF_MARKER):
	(df_ref_flags.(DF_REF_REG_MARKER, DF_REGS_EVER_LIVE)): Renumbered.
	(df_mw_hardreg.(loc, start_regno, end_regno, mw_order)): New
	(df_insn_info.(defs, uses, eq_uses, mw_hardregs): Made into arrays
	of pointers.
	(df_scan_bb_info.(artificial_defs, artificial_uses): Ditto.
	(df_ref.ref_order): New field.
	( Removed.
	(df.ref_order): New field.
	DF_REF_NEXT_REF): Removed macro.
	(DF_REF_ORDER): New macro.
	* df-core.c (df_bb_regno_last_use_find, df_bb_regno_last_use_find,
	df_bb_regno_first_def_find, df_bb_regno_last_def_find,
	df_insn_regno_def_p, df_find_def, df_find_use, df_refs_chain_dump,
	df_mws_dump, df_insn_uid_debug, df_insn_debug): Ditto.
	* fwprop.c (update_df): Do not call df_insn_rescan unless insn has
	(local_ref_killed_between_p, all_uses_available_at,
	find_occurrence, update_df): Changed to use
	vector rep for refs.
	* see.c (see_handle_relevant_refs, see_update_relevancy,
	see_propagate_extensions_to_uses): Ditto.
	* auto-inc-dec.c (find_inc, merge_in_block): Ditto.
	* web.c (union_defs, web_main): Ditto.
	* global.c (compute_regs_asm_clobbered): Ditto.
	* ifcvt.c (dead_or_predicable): Ditto.
	* loop-invariant.c (find_defs, check_dependency,
	find_invariant_insn): Ditto.
	* combine.c (create_log_links): Ditto.
	* df-problems.c (df_ru_alloc, df_ru_bb_local_compute_process_def,
	df_ru_bb_local_compute_process_use, df_rd_alloc,
	df_rd_bb_local_compute_process_def, df_lr_bb_local_compute,
        df_lr_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end, df_lr_simulate_one_insn,
	df_ur_bb_local_compute, df_urec_bb_local_compute,
	df_urec_bb_local_compute, df_chain_remove_problem,
	df_chain_remove_problem, df_chain_reset,
	df_chain_create_bb_process_use, df_chain_create_bb,
	df_chain_top_dump, df_chain_top_dump, df_chain_bottom_dump,
	df_set_unused_notes_for_mw, df_set_dead_notes_for_mw,
	df_ri_bb_compute): Ditto.
	* dce.c (delete_corresponding_reg_eq_notes, mark_artificial_uses,
	mark_reg_dependencies, dce_process_block): Ditto.

2007-01-10  Seongbae Park <>
	* df-core.c (df_worklist_propagate_backward,
	df_worklist_dataflow)): More comments.
	(df_iterative_dataflow): Whitespace fixup.
	* cfganal.c (inverted_post_order_compute):
	More comments and rename a local variable DEST to PRED.
	(df_find_deadend): More comments. Use gcc_unreachable().

2007-01-09  Seongbae Park <>
	* df-core.c (rest_of_handle_df_initialize): Allocate and free new
	fields struct dataflow::{postorder_inverted,n_blocks_inverted}.
	(df_hybrid_search_forward, df_hybrid_search_backward): Pass visited,
	pending, considered as parameters instead of fields of struct df.
	(df_worklist_propagate_forward, df_worklist_propagate_backward,
	df_worklist_dataflow): New functions.
	(df_iterative_dataflow): Remove visited, pending, considered
	fields from struct dataflow.
	(df_analyze): Allocate and free new fields
	(df_get_n_blocks, df_get_postorder): Make them return
	different values depending on the direction of the dataflow problem.
	(df_simple_dataflow): Renamed from df_simple_iterative_dataflow.
	Call df_worklist_dataflow instead of df_iterative_dataflow.
	* cfganal.c (dfs_find_deadend, inverted_post_order_compute):
	New functions.
	* df.h (struct dataflow): Remove fields visited, pending, considered.
	Add new fields postorder_inverted, n_blocks_inverted.
	(df_get_nblocks, df_get_postorder): Prototype change.
	(df_simple_dataflow): Renamed from df_simple_iterative_dataflow.
	(df_worklist_dataflow): New function prototype.
	* df-problems.c: Use df_worklist_dataflow instead of
	df_iterative_dataflow for solver.
	* basic-block.h (inverted_post_order_compute): New function prototype.
	* dce.c (dce_process_block): Pass extra parameter to df_get_n_blocks
	and df_get_postorder.
	(calculate_reaching_stores): Call df_simple_dataflow,
	renamed from df_simple_iterative_dataflow.

2007-01-05  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* see.c (see_update_defs_relevancy): Type fixed.
	* df-scan.c (df_reg_chain_unlink, df_ref_verify): Made tolerant of
	refs table not being there.
	(df_drop_organized_tables): New function.
	* df-core.c (df_finish_pass): Drop refs tables after each pass.
	* web.c (web_main): Reorganized access to not use ref tables and
	go in order of insns.
	* df.h (df_drop_organized_tables): New function.
	* df-problems.c (df_chain_start_dump): Deleted function.
	(df_chain_top_dump, df_chain_bottom_dump): New functions.

2007-01-03  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* see.c (see_initialize_data_structures): Does not use
	(see_handle_relevant_defs, see_handle_relevant_uses): Removed
	outer loop.  Now a subrouting of see_handle_relevant_refs.
	(see_handle_relevant_refs, see_update_relevancy): New functions
	that now loops over insns.
	(see_update_uses_relevancy, see_update_defs_relevancy): Removed
	outer loop.  Now a subroutine of see_update_relevancy.
	(see_analyze_one_def): Removed unnecessary tests.
	(see_propagate_extensions_to_uses): Now iterates over insns and
	calls see_handle_relevant_refs and see_update_relevancy.
	* df-scan.c (df_reg_chain_unlink, df_insn_delete): Added code to
	skip the chain field of refs if the chain problem is not active.
	(df_scan_verify): Moved verification of the
	out_of_date_transfer_functions fields into the problem verifiers.
	* df-core.c (df_set_blocks): More logging.
	(df_finish_pass): Moved around when recanning is done.
	(rest_of_handle_df_initialize): Moved creation of
	handles out_of_date_transfer_functions to the problems.
	(df_set_bb_dirty, df_clear_bb_dirty, df_compact_blocks): Now
	handles out_of_date_transfer_functions in any problem.
	* df.h: Added comments.
	* df-problems.c (df_lr_add_problem, df_ur_add_problem,
	df_chain_add_problem): Allocates out_of_date_transfer_functions.
	df_ur_verify_transfer_functions): Now verifies
	(df_chain_remove_problem): Tears down problem by looping over
	(df_chain_fully_remove_problem, df_chain_free): Frees
	(df_chain_create_bb): Sets out_of_date_transfer_functions.

2007-01-02  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* df-scan.c (df_reg_chain_create, df_reg_chain_unlink,
	df_ref_create_structure, df_hard_reg_used_p): Added code to
	process df->hard_regs_live_count.
	(df_ref_is_record_live, df_reg_chain_find_ref): Deleted.
	(df_refs_add_to_chains): Removed ifdefed code.
	(df_compute_regs_ever_live): Fixed "&" vs "&&" problem.
 	* df-core (rest_of_handle_df_initialize,
	rest_of_handle_df_finish): Added code to
	process df->hard_regs_live_count.
	* global.c (global_alloc): Repositioned use of urec problem.
	(build_insn_chain): Changed use of DF_RA_LIVE_TOP to df_get_live_top.
	(rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Removed call to df_analyze for no
	optimize case.
	* local-alloc.c (update_equiv_regs): Added calls to
	df_notes_rescan where eq notes are hacked.
	(block_alloc): Changed DF_RA_LIVE_TOP to DF_LR_TOP.
	(rest_of_handle_local_alloc): Removed addition of urec problem.
	* function.c (regno_clobbered_at_setjmp): Changed df_get_live_out
	* (df_ref_flags.DF_REGS_EVER_LIVE): New flag.
	(df.hard_regs_live_count): New bitmap.
	(DF_LR_TOP, DF_REG_EVER_LIVE_P): New macro.
	(df_get_live_out): Removed.
	(df_get_live_top): Added.
	* df-problems.c (df_get_live_in): Does not look at DF_LIVE.
	(df_get_live_out): Deleted.
	(df_get_live_top): Added.
	* config/sh/sh.c (calc_live_regs): Changed regs_ever_live to
	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (fp_regs_to_save): Ditto.
	* reload1.c (reload): Corrected the set of bitmaps to modify after

2007-01-01  Eric Christopher  <>

        * config/darwin.c: Include df.h.
        (machopic_legitimize_pic_address): Use

2006-12-28  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* regs.h: (regs_ever_live, regs_asm_clobbered): Removed.
	* final.c (regs_ever_live, regs_asm_clobbered):	Removed.
	(only_leaf_regs_used, leaf_renumber_regs_insn): Encapsulated
	references to regs_ever_live.
	* global.c (insn_contains_asm_1, insn_contains_asm,
	compute_regs_asm_clobbered): New functions.
	(global_alloc): Added call to compute_regs_asm_clobbered and
	encapsulated references to regs_ever_live.
	(dump_global_regs): Encapsulated references to regs_ever_live.
	(rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Changed call to df_scan_alloc.
	* regrename.c (regrename_optimize, regrename_optimize): Encapsulated
	references to regs_ever_live.
	* recog.c (peep2_find_free_register): Ditto.
	* rtl-factoring (recompute_gain_for_pattern_seq,
	abstract_best_seq): Ditto.
	* bt-load.c (move_btr_def, migrate_btr_defs): Ditto.
	* reg_stack.c (reg_to_stack): Ditto.
	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_ra_ever_killed, alpha_sa_mask,
	alpha_sa_size): Ditto.
	* config/frv/frv.c (frv_stack_info, frv_function_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/s390/390.c (legitimize_pic_address,
	legitimize_tls_address, find_unused_clobbered_reg,
	s390_regs_ever_clobbered, s390_register_info,
	s390_init_frame_layout, s390_update_frame_layout,
	s390_emit_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/m32c/m32.c (need_to_save): Ditto.
	* config/spu/spu.c (spu_split_immediate): Ditto.
	* config/sparc/sparc.c (sparc_compute_frame_size,
	sparc_output_scratch_registers, save_or_restore_regs,
	order_regs_for_local_alloc): Ditto.
	* config/m32r/m32r.c (MUST_SAVE_FRAME_POINTER,
	MUST_SAVE_RETURN_ADDR, m32r_hard_regno_rename_ok): Ditto.
	* config/i386/i386.h (ix86_current_function_calls_tls_descriptor):
	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_select_alt_pic_regnum, ix86_save_reg,
	ix86_expand_prologue, legitimize_pic_address,
	legitimize_tls_address): Ditto.
	* config/sh/sh.c (calc_live_regs, sh_media_register_for_return,
	sh_expand_prologue, sh_hard_regno_rename_ok): Ditto.
	* config/pdp11/pdp11.c (pdp11_output_function_prologue,
	pdp11_output_function_epilogue): Ditto.
	* config/pdp11/pdp11.h (may_call_alloca): Ditto.
	* config/avr/avr.c (avr_regs_to_save, sequent_regs_live,
	avr_peep2_scratch_safe): Ditto.
	* config/crx/crx.h (HARD_REGNO_RENAME_OK): Ditto.
	* config/crx/crx.c (crx_compute_save_regs): Ditto.
	* config/c4x/c4x.c (c4x_isr_reg_used_p, c4x_expand_prologue,
	c4x_null_epilogue_p): Ditto.
	* config/c4x/c4x.h (reg_class): Ditto.
	* config/stormy16/stormy16.c (REG_NEEDS_SAVE): Ditto.
	* config/fr30/fr30.c (MUST_SAVE_FRAME_POINTER,
	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11.c (m68hc11_initial_elimination_offset,
	m68hc11_total_frame_size, expand_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/cris/cris.c (cris_reg_saved_in_regsave_area,
	cris_return_addr_rtx): Ditto.
	* config/iq2000/iq2000.h (MUST_SAVE_REGISTER): Ditto.
	* config/iq2000/iq2000.c (iq2000_can_use_return_insn): Ditto.
	* config/mt/mt.c (mt_compute_frame_size): Ditto.
	* config/mt/mt.h (save_direction): Ditto.
	* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (REG_SAVE_BYTES, can_use_return_insn,
	mn10300_get_live_callee_saved_regs, expand_prologue,
	initial_offset): Ditto.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (find_gr_spill, ia64_compute_frame_size):
	* config/m68k/m68k.c (m68k_save_reg, m68k_hard_regno_rename_ok):
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_got_register, first_reg_to_save,
	first_fp_reg_to_save, first_altivec_reg_to_save,
	compute_vrsave_mask, rs6000_stack_info, create_TOC_reference,
	rs6000_emit_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (HARD_REGNO_RENAME_OK): Ditto.
	* config/mcore/mcore.c (calc_live_regs): Ditto.
	* config/score/score-mdaux.c (score_save_reg_p): Ditto.
	* config/arm/arm.c (use_return_insn, thumb_find_work_register,
	arm_compute_save_reg0_reg12_mask, arm_compute_save_reg_mask,
	arm_get_vfp_saved_size, arm_output_epilogue, thumb_force_lr_save,
	arm_get_frame_offsets, arm_expand_prologue, thumb_far_jump_used_p,
	thumb_unexpanded_epilogue, thumb_expand_epilogue): Ditto.
	* config/arm/arm.h (HARD_REGNO_RENAME_OK): Ditto.
	* config/pa/pa.c (compute_frame_size, pa_output_function_prologue,
	hppa_expand_prologue, hppa_expand_epilogue,
	hppa_can_use_return_insn_p, output_lbranch): Ditto.
	* config/pa/pa.h (HARD_REGNO_RENAME_OK): Ditto.
	* config/mips/mips.c (mips_global_pointer, mips_save_reg_p,
	mips_can_use_return_insn, build_mips16_call_stub): Ditto.
	* config/vax/vax.c (vax_output_function_prologue): Ditto.
	* config/v850/v850.c (substitute_ep_register,
	compute_register_save_size): Ditto.
	* config/h8300/h8300.c (byte_reg, h8300_hard_regno_rename_ok):
	mmix_initial_elimination_offset, mmix_reorg,
	mmix_use_simple_return, mmix_expand_prologue,
	mmix_expand_epilogue): Ditto.
	* config/bfin/bfin.c (n_dregs_to_save, n_pregs_to_save,
	n_regs_saved_by_prologue, expand_interrupt_handler_prologue,
	expand_interrupt_handler_epilogue, bfin_hard_regno_rename_ok):
	* reload1.c (reload, mark_home_live, spill_hard_reg,
	finish_spills): Ditto.
	* df-scan.c (regs_ever_live): Added as local var.
	(df_scan_free_internal): Delete bitmap.
	(df_scan_free_bb_info): Inlined code from removed df_bb_delete.
	(df_scan_alloc): Removed blocks_to_rescan param and reference to
	out_of_date_transfer_functions and added insns_to_notes_rescan.
	(df_scan_free): Removed reference to
	(df_scan_start_dump, df_scan_start_block): Added ";;" in front of
	debugging lines.
	(problem_SCAN): Added extra null fields.
	(df_scan_blocks): Added code to set entry and exit blocks as
	(df_insn_delete): Added basic block parameter and support for
	(df_bb_delete): Removed.
	(df_insn_rescan, df_insn_rescan_all, df_process_deferred_rescans,
	df_notes_rescan): Added support for insns_to_notes_rescan.
	(df_insn_rescan, df_insn_rescan_all, df_process_deferred_rescans):
	Added extra parameter to df_insn_delete.
	(df_process_deferred_rescans): Added support to fixup entry and
	exit blocks if regs_ever_live changes.
	(df_insn_change_bb): Added debugging.
	(df_ref_change_reg_with_loc_1): Added code to dirty the block.
	(df_insn_contains_asm_1, df_insn_contains_asm): Function moved to
	(df_insn_refs_record): Removed code to set insn_contains_asm.
	(df_bb_refs_record): Now sets itself dirty.
	(df_get_entry_block_def_set, df_get_exit_block_use_set):
	Encapsulated references to regs_ever_live.
	(df_update_entry_block_defs, df_update_exit_block_uses): Added
	finer grained control on dirtying the block.
	(df_regs_ever_live_p, df_set_regs_ever_live): New functions.
	(df_compute_regs_ever_live): New reset parameter.
	(df_verify_blocks): Renamed to df_scan_verify and added more
	checking code.
	* df-core.c (df_add_problem): Initialized solutions_dirty.
	(df_finish_pass): Added calls to verify transfer functions.
	(rest_of_handle_df_initialize): Added more initialization for
	persistent structures.
	* (df_hybrid_search_forward, df_hybrid_search_backward,
	df_iterative_dataflow, df_analyze_problem): Removed single_pass parameter.
	(df_analyze_problem): Added checking for results of dataflow.
	(df_analyze): Added more debugging and removed changing
	out_of_date_transfer functions.
	(df_get_bb_dirty, df_set_bb_dirty, df_compact_blocks): Supports
	each problem having it own incremental
	status bits.
	(df_clear_bb_dirty, df_verify, df_compute_cfg_image,
	df_check_cfg_clean, df_set_clean_cfg): New function.
	(df_compact_blocks, df_bb_replace): More debugging.
	*df.h (df_alloc_function, df_local_compute_function): Removed
	blocks_to_scan parameter.
	(df_dataflow_function): Removed single_pass parameter.
	(df_verify_solution_start, df_verify_solution_end): New function
	dataflow.solutions_dirty): Moved from df structure so each problem
	could have its own copy.
	(df_insn_info.contains_asm, DF_INSN_CONTAINS_ASM): Functionality
	moved into global.c.
	(, out_of_date_transfer_functions): Moved to
	struct dataflow.
	(df.redo_entry_and_exit, df.insns_to_notes_rescan): New fields.
	(DF_DEBUG_CFG): Flag to control code to check if cfg modifications
	are being reported to df.
	* df-problems.c (df_print_bb_index, df_lr_top_dump,
	df_lr_bottom_dump, df_ur_top_dump, df_ur_bottom_dump): Cleanup
	more dump info.
	(df_ru_alloc, df_ru_local_compute, df_rd_alloc,
	df_rd_local_compute, df_lr_alloc, df_lr_local_compute,
	df_ur_alloc, df_ur_local_compute, df_live_alloc, df_urec_alloc,
	df_urec_local_compute, df_chain_alloc, df_ri_alloc,
	df_ri_compute): Removed blocks_to_rescan parameter.
	(problem_RU, problem_RD, problem_LR, problem_UR, problem_LIVE,
	problem_UREC, problem_RI): Added two new fields.
	(df_lr_problem_data, df_ur_problem_data): New data structure to
	support checking of dataflow solutions.
	(df_lr_alloc, df_lr_local_compute, df_ur_alloc,
	df_ur_local_compute, df_ur_free): Now processes only out of date blocks.
	(df_lr_reset, df_lr_verify_solution_start,
	df_lr_verify_solution_end, df_lr_verify_transfer_functions,
	df_ur_reset, df_ur_local_finalize, df_ur_verify_solution_start,
	df_ur_verify_solution_end, df_ur_verify_transfer_functions): New function.
	(df_lr_bb_local_compute, df_lr_local_compute): Moved asm scanning to global.c.
	(df_lr_local_finalize, df_lr_free, df_live_local_finalize): Added
	code to support incremental checking of dataflow solution.
	* passes.c (pass_free_cfg): Moved to before machine_reorg.
	* cfgrtl.c (rtl_delete_block, rtl_merge_blocks,
	cfg_layout_merge_blocks): Changed df_delete_basic_blocks to
	(update_bb_for_insn): Changed df_insn_rescan to df_insn_change_bb.
	(force_nonfallthru_and_redirect): Added call to
	* dce.c (dce_process_block): Added more checking code and made the
	code closer to the functionality in df_lr.
	(fast_dce): Now skips entry and exit blocks.  Deleted last parm to
	df_analyze_problem and removed changed bitmap.
	* fwprop.c (update_df, try_fwprop_subst): Added calls to df_set_bb_dirty.
	* cfg.c (connect_src, connect_dest, disconnect_src,
	disconnect_dest): Added calls to df_mark_solutions_dirty.
	* haifa-sched.c	(move_succs): Ditto.
	* ifcvt.c (find_cond_trap): Moved calls to df_set_bb_dirty to
	before deletion of basic block.
	* emit-rtl.c (set_insn_deleted, remove_insn): Added basic block
	* regclass.c (regclass_init): Added reset parm to df_compute_res_ever_live.

2006-12-28  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* local_alloc.c (rest_of_handle_local_alloc): changed
	extra_warnings to warn_clobbered.

2006-12-25  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* dce.c (delete_corresponding_reg_eq_notes): Added comment.
	(delete_unmarked_insns): Added code to delete noop moves
	inside of libcalls.  Changed to used delete_insn_and_edges.

2006-12-22  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* config/spu/spu.c (immediate_load_p): Change usage of
	flow2_completed over to epilogue_completed.

2006-12-22  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-problems.c (df_ru_start_dump, df_ru_top_dump,
	df_ru_bottom_dump, df_rd_start_dump, df_rd_top_dump,
	df_rd_bottom_dump, df_lr_top_dump, df_lr_bottom_dump,
	df_ur_top_dump, df_ur_bottom_dump, df_live_top_dump,
	df_urec_top_dump, df_urec_bottom_dump, df_chain_start_dump,
	df_ri_start_dump): Added ";; " to the beginning of dataflow
	information put in dump files.
	* dce.c (marked_libcalls, delete_unmarked_insns): Removed.
	(prescan_insns_for_dce, mark_libcall, dce_process_block,
	prescan_insns_for_dse): Replaced libcall marking mechanism.
	(init_dce, end_dce, end_fast_dce, run_fast_df_dce): Removed

2006-12-16  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regrename.c (mrege_overlapping_regs): Removed df parameter
	and changed calls to df_ routines to support new incremental
	* sched_ebb (schedule_ebbs): Removed return value and changed
	calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* fwprop.c (local_ref_killed_between_p, use_killed_between,
	all_uses_available_at, update_df, try_fwprop_subst, fwprop,
	fwprop_addr): Removed df parameter and changed calls to df_
	routines to support new incremental scanning.
	(gate_fwprop, gate_fwprop_addr): Reenabled pass.
	* doc/cfg.texi: Updated liveness info documentation.
	* doc/rtl.texi: Updated liveness info documentation.
	* see.c (see_initialize_data_structures, see_emit_use_extension,
	see_commit_changes, see_analyze_merged_def_local_prop,
	see_analyze_use_local_prop, see_set_prop_merged_def,
	see_set_prop_unmerged_use, see_store_reference_and_extension,
	see_handle_relevant_defs, see_handle_relevant_uses,
	see_update_uses_relevancy, see_propagate_extensions_to_uses,
	pass_see): Removed df parameter and changed calls to df_ routines
	to support new incremental scanning.
	* postreload.c (reload_cse_simplify_operands): Changed REGNO to
	(reload_combine): Removed df parameter and changed calls to df_
	routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* tree.h (generate_setjmp_warnings): Removed df parameter.
	* reload.c (push_reload, find_dummy_reload): Removed df parameter
	and changed calls to df_ routines to support new incremental
	* tree-pass.h (pass_df_initialize, pass_df_finish): New passes.
	* rtlanal.c (remove_note): Call df_notes_rescan if the
	REG_EQUAL/EQUIV notes change.
	* ddg.c (add_deps_for_def, add_deps_for_use,
	add_inter_loop_mem_dep): Removed df parameter and changed calls to
	df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* ddg.h (struct df) Removed.
	* final.c (cleanup_subreg_operands): Added call df_insn_rescan if
	insn changes.
	(walk_alter_subreg): Added changed parameter to track changes.
	(output_address): Added changed parameter to walk_alter_subreg.
	* cfg.c (compact_blocks, dump_bb_info): Removed df parameter to df_
	* auto_inc_dec.c (attempt_changed): Moved call to
	df_recompute_luids so that it is only called when moves are added.
	(find_inc, merge_in_block, rest_of_handle_auto_inc_dec): Removed
	df parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	(merge_in_block): Added call to df_recompute_luids.
	* reorg.c (delete_from_delay_slot, relax_delay_slots): Added basic
	block parm to add_insn_after.
	(fill_simple_delay_slots, fill_slots_from_thread,
	fill_eager_delay_slots, make_return_insns, dbr_schedule): Removed
	df parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* df-scan.c (struct df_reg_chains): Removed.
	(df_scan_free_internal, df_scan_free_internal,
	df_scan_free_bb_info, df_scan_alloc, df_scan_free,
	df_scan_start_dump, df_scan_add_problem, df_grow_reg_info,
	df_check_and_grow_ref_info, df_grow_insn_info, df_scan_blocks,
	df_ref_create, df_scan_alloc, df_scan_start_block,
	df_scan_add_problem, df_grow_reg_info, df_check_and_grow_ref_info,
	df_grow_insn_info, df_scan_blocks, df_ref_create,
	df_get_artificial_uses, df_reg_chain_create, df_reg_chain_unlink,
	df_ref_remove, df_insn_create_insn_record,
	df_ref_chain_delete_du_chain, df_ref_chain_delete, df_insn_delete,
	df_bb_delete, df_insn_rescan, df_reorganize_refs,
	df_insn_change_bb, df_maybe_reorganize_use_refs,
	df_maybe_reorganize_def_refs, df_reg_chain_find_ref,
	df_ref_find_chains, df_ref_add_to_chains, df_refs_add_to_chains,
	df_ref_create_structure, df_ref_record, df_def_record_1,
	df_defs_record, df_uses_record, df_get_conditional_uses,
	df_get_call_refs, df_get_call_refs, df_insn_refs_collect,
	df_insn_refs_record, df_recompute_luids, df_bb_refs_collect,
	df_bb_refs_record, df_bb_refs_record, df_mark_reg,
	df_get_entry_block_def_set, df_entry_block_defs_collect,
	df_record_entry_block_defs, df_update_entry_block_defs,
	df_exit_block_uses_collect, df_record_exit_block_uses,
	df_update_exit_block_uses, df_compute_regs_ever_live,
	df_reg_chain_unmark, df_ref_chain_free, df_ref_verify,
	df_ref_verify, df_insn_refs_verify, df_bb_verify,
	df_exit_block_bitmap_verify, df_entry_block_bitmap_verify,
	df_verify_blocks): Removed df and dflow parameters and changed
	calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	(df_ref_chain_unmark): Renamed to df_ref_chain_verify_and_unmark.
	(df_scan_get_bb_info, df_scan_set_bb_info): Made tolerant of
	missing basic block info.
	(df_insn_rescan_all, df_process_deferred_rescans,
	df_ref_chain_find_ref_by_regno, df_ref_change_reg_with_loc_1,
	df_mw_hardreg_chain_delete_eq_uses, df_notes_rescan,
	df_update_entry_exit_and_calls, df_hard_reg_used_p,
	df_mw_hardreg_find_hardreg): New function.
	(df_ref_is_pointer_equal, df_bb_refs_verify): Deleted function.
	* haifa_sched.c (move_insn): Removed df parameter and changed calls to
	df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* df-core.c (df_init): Deleted function.
	(df): New static instance of dataflow.
	(df_add_problem, df_remove_problem, df_set_flags, df_clear_flags,
	df_set_blocks, df_delete_basic_block, df_hybrid_search_forward,
	df_hybrid_search_backward, df_iterative_dataflow,
	df_analyze_problem, df_analyze, df_get_n_blocks, df_get_postorder,
	df_mark_solutions_dirty, df_get_bb_dirty, df_set_bb_dirty,
	df_compact_blocks, df_bb_replace, df_bb_regno_last_use_find,
	df_bb_regno_first_def_find, df_bb_regno_last_def_find,
	df_insn_regno_def_p, df_find_def, df_reg_defined, df_find_use,
	df_reg_used, df_dump, df_dump_start, df_dump_top, df_dump_bottom,
	df_regs_chain_dump, df_insn_uid_debug, df_insn_debug,
	df_insn_debug_regno, df_regno_debug, debug_df_insn, debug_df_reg,
	debug_df_defno, debug_df_useno): Removed df parameter and
	changed calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	(df_finish1): Deleted function.
	(df_remove_problem, df_finish_pass, rest_of_handle_df_initialize,
	rest_of_handle_df_finish): New function.
	(pass_df_finish, pass_df_initialize): New passes.
	* mode-switching.c (optimize_mode_switching):  Removed df parameter and
	changed calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Removed df parameter and
	changed calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	(add_insn_before): Added extra parameter to add_insn_before.
	* caller-save.c (init_caller_save): Changed REGNO to SET_REGNO.
	* cse.c (cse_main): Disabled incremental df update during this
	* web.c (union_defs, replace_ref, web_main, pass_web): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* loop-init.c (rtl_unroll_and_peel_loops,
	pass_rtl_move_loop_invariants): Removed df parameter and changed
	calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* global.c (global_alloc, global_conflicts, retry_global_alloc,
	mark_elimination, build_insn_chain, rest_of_handle_global_alloc):
	Removed df parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support
	new incremental scanning.
	* ifcvt.c (, find_if_header, find_if_case_1, find_if_case_2,
	dead_or_predicable, if_convert, pass_rtl_ifcvt,
	pass_if_after_combine, pass_if_after_reload): Removed df parameter
	and changed calls to df_ routines to support new incremental
	* expr.c (init_expr_once): Changed REGNO to SET_REGNO.
	* recog.c (peephole2_optimize, pass_split_all_insn): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* regmove.c (mark_flags_life_zones, optimize_reg_copy_2,
	regmove_optimize, rest_of_handle_stack_adjustments): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* local-alloc.c (block_alloc, rest_of_handle_local_alloc): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* function.c (regno_clobbered_at_setjmp, setjmp_vars_warning,
	setjmp_args_warning, generate_setjmp_warnings,
	keep_stack_depressed, thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns,
	epilogue_done, rest_of_handle_thread_prologue_and_epilogue): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* function.h (df): Deleted variable.
	* df.h (DF_RU, DF_RD, DF_LR, DF_UR, DF_LIVE): Renumbered to put
	permanent problems before optional problems.
	(df_ref_flags.DF_REF_REF_MARKER, df_ref_flags.DF_REF_REG_MARKER): New flag.
	(df_ref_flags.DF_REF_ARTIFICIAL, df_ref_flags.DF_REF_MARKER):
	Deleted flag.
	(df_alloc_function, df_reset_function, df_free_bb_function,
	df_local_compute_function, df_init_function, df_dataflow_function,
	df_confluence_function_0, df_confluence_function_n,
	df_transfer_function, df_finalizer_function, df_free_function,
	df_remove_problem_function, df_dump_problem_function,
	df_dump_bb_problem_function, DF_SCAN_BB_INFO, DF_RU_BB_INFO,
	DF_INSN_UID_EQ_USES, DF_INSN_UID_MWS): Removed df or dflow
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	(DF_DEFS_TOTAL_SIZE, DF_USES_TOTAL_SIZE, df_scan, df_ru, df_rd,
	df_lr, df_ur, df_live, df_urec, df_chain, df_ri,
	(dataflow.df): Removed field.
	(df_ref_info.bitmap_size): Split into df_ref_info.table_size and
	(dataflow.local_flags, df_insn_info.insn,
	df_changeable_flags.DF_DEFER_INSN_RESCAN, df_ref_info.count,
	df.insns_to_rescan, df.insns_to_delete): New field.
	(df_permanent_flags): Split into df_chain_flags and df_ri_flags.
	* gcse (try_replace_reg, adjust_libcall_notes,
	update_ld_motion_stores):  Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	(insert_insn_end_basic_block, insert_insn_start_basic_block):
	Added bb parameter to emit_insn_before_noloc.
	* rtl-factoring.c (match_seqs, collect_pattern_seqs,
	collect_pattern_seqs, clear_regs_live_in_seq,
	recompute_gain_for_pattern_seq,, recompute_gain,
	split_blocks_after_seqs, split_pattern_seq, erase_matching_seqs,
	abstract_best_seq, rtl_seqabstr): Removed df parameter and changed
	calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* expmed.c (init_expmed): Changed REGNO to SET_REGNO.
	* bt-load.c (, compute_defs_uses_and_gen, build_btr_def_use_webs,
	migrate_btr_defs, branch_target_load_optimize,
	pass_branch_target_load_optimize1): Removed df parameter and changed
	calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* emit-rtl.c (add_insn_after, add_insn_before,
	emit_insn_before_noloc, emit_insn_after_1,
	emit_insn_after_noloc): Added basic block parameter and threaded
	it to subcalls.
	emit_call_insn_before_noloc, emit_barrier_before,
	emit_label_before, emit_note_before, emit_call_insn_after_noloc,
	emit_jump_insn_after_noloc, emit_label_after, emit_note_after,
	emit_insn_after_setloc, emit_insn_before_setloc): Add NULL basic
	block parameter to certain subcalls.
	(set_unique_reg_note): Now calls df_notes_rescan if REG_EQUAL or
	REG_EQUIV notes change.
	* loop-invariant.c (check_invariant_table_size,
	hash_invariant_expr_1, invariant_expr_equal_p, find_defs,
	check_dependencies, record_uses, find_invariants_to_move,
	move_invariant_reg, fail, free_inv_motion_data,
	move_loop_invariants):	Removed df parameter and changed
	calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* subregs_init (initialize_uninitialized_subregs): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* loop-iv.c (iv_current_loop_df): Deleted function.
	(check_iv_ref_table_size, clear_iv_info, iv_analysis_loop_init,
	latch_dominating_def, iv_get_reaching_def, iv_get_reaching_def,
	iv_analyze, iv_analyze_result, biv_p, iv_analysis_done): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* regclass.c (regclass_init): Insert call to recalculate the
	effects of changing regs_ever_live.
	(init_reg_autoinc):  Changed REGNO to SET_REGNO.
	* rtl.h (REGNO): Changed so that it cannot appear on lhs.
	(SET_REGNO): New macro.
	(rhs_regno): New function.
	(basic_block): New forward declaration.
	* integrate.c (allocate_initial_values): Changed REGNO to
	SET_REGNO and removed df parameter and changed calls to df_
	routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* combine.c (set_nonzero_bits_and_sign_copies, subst,
	reg_nonzero_bits_for_combine, reg_num_sign_bit_copies_for_combine,
	get_last_value_validate, get_last_value, reg_dead_at_p,
	create_log_links, create_log_links, rest_of_handle_combine,
	pass_combine): Removed df parameter and changed calls to df_
	routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* stack-ptr-mod.c (notice_stack_pointer_modification): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* resource.c (mark_target_live_regs): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* resource.h (mark_target_live_regs): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* cfgloop.h (iv_current_loop_df): Removed.
	* df-problems.c (df_get_live_in, df_get_live_out,
	df_ru_get_bb_info, df_ru_set_bb_info, df_ru_free_bb_info,
	df_ru_alloc, df_ru_bb_local_compute_process_def,
	df_ru_bb_local_compute_process_use, df_ru_bb_local_compute,
	df_ru_local_compute, df_ru_init_solution, df_ru_confluence_n,
	df_ru_transfer_function, df_ru_free, df_ru_start_dump,
	df_ru_top_dump, df_ru_bottom_dump, df_ru_add_problem,
	df_rd_get_bb_info, df_rd_set_bb_info, df_rd_free_bb_info,
	df_rd_alloc, df_rd_bb_local_compute_process_def,
	df_rd_bb_local_compute, df_rd_local_compute, df_rd_init_solution,
	df_rd_confluence_n, df_rd_transfer_function, df_rd_free,
	df_rd_start_dump, df_rd_top_dump, df_rd_bottom_dump,
	df_rd_add_problem, df_lr_get_bb_info, df_lr_set_bb_info,
	df_lr_free_bb_info, df_lr_alloc, df_lr_bb_local_compute,
	df_lr_local_compute, df_lr_init, df_lr_confluence_0,
	df_lr_confluence_n, df_lr_transfer_function, df_lr_local_finalize,
	df_lr_free, df_lr_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end,
	df_lr_simulate_one_insn, df_lr_top_dump, df_lr_bottom_dump,
	df_lr_add_problem, df_ur_get_bb_info, df_ur_set_bb_info,
	df_ur_free_bb_info, df_ur_alloc, df_ur_bb_local_compute,
	df_ur_local_compute, df_ur_init, df_ur_confluence_n,
	df_ur_transfer_function, df_ur_free, df_ur_top_dump,
	df_ur_bottom_dump, df_ur_add_problem, df_live_get_bb_info,
	df_live_set_bb_info, df_live_free_bb_info, df_live_alloc,
	df_live_local_finalize, df_live_free, df_live_top_dump,
	df_live_add_problem, df_urec_get_bb_info, df_urec_set_bb_info,
	df_urec_free_bb_info, df_urec_alloc, df_urec_bb_local_compute,
	df_urec_local_compute, df_urec_init, df_urec_local_finalize,
	df_urec_confluence_n, df_urec_transfer_function, df_urec_free,
	df_urec_top_dump, df_urec_bottom_dump, df_urec_add_problem,
	df_chain_create, df_chain_unlink, df_chain_copy,
	df_chain_remove_problem, df_chain_alloc, df_chain_reset,
	df_chain_create_bb_process_use, df_chain_create_bb,
	df_chain_finalize, df_chain_free, df_chain_start_dump,
	df_chain_add_problem, df_ri_alloc, df_kill_notes,
	df_set_dead_notes_for_mw, df_set_unused_notes_for_mw,
	df_create_unused_note, df_ri_bb_compute, df_ri_compute,
	df_ri_free, df_ri_start_dump, df_ri_add_problem,
	df_ri_get_setjmp_crosses): Removed df and dflow parameters and
	changed calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	(df_chain_unlink_1, df_chain_fully_remove_problem): New function.
	* reg-stack.c (reg_to_stack): Removed df parameter and changed
	calls to df_ routines to support new incremental scanning.
	* (rtlanal.o, expr.o, expmed.o, cse.o, gcse.o,
	regclass.o, caller-save.o, stack-ptr-mod.o, final.o): Added df.h.
	(reorg.o): Deleted df.h.
	* sched-rgn.c (check_live_1, update_live_1, schedule_insns):
	Removed df parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support
	new incremental scanning.
	* basic-block.h (forward for basic_block): Moved to rtl.h.
	* passes.c (pass_df_initialize, pass_df_finish): New passes.
	(execute_todo): Changed TODO_df_finish.
	* struct-equiv.c (insns_match_p, struct_equiv_init): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	* config/frv/frv.c (frv_function_prologue, frv_int_to_acc):
	Changed REGNO to SET_REGNO.
	(frv_reorder_packet): Added null basic block parm to
	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_eax_live_at_start_p): Removed df
	parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support new
	incremental scanning.
	(ix86_expand_prologue, ix86_output_function_epilogue):
	Changed REGNO to SET_REGNO.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (emit_predicate_relation_info, ia64_reorg):
	Removed df parameter and changed calls to df_ routines to support
	new incremental scanning.
	* config/mips/mips.c (mips_expand_prologue): Changed REGNO to
	* cfgrtl.c (commit_one_edge_insertion, rtl_dump_bb,
	print_rtl_with_bb, cfg_layout_merge_blocks,
	insert_insn_end_bb_new): Added bb parameter to insn insert calls.
	* dce.c (prescan_insns_for_dce): Removed fast parameter.
	(init_dce, end_dce, mark_artificial_uses, mark_reg_dependencies,
	end_fast_dce, dce_process_block, fast_dce, run_fast_df_dce,
	rs_init, rs_confluence, rs_transfer_function, dump_stores,
	record_store, mark_dependent_stores, prescan_insns_for_dse,
	rest_of_handle_dse): Removed df parameter and changed calls to df_
	routines to support new incremental scanning.
	(rest_of_handle_dce, gate_dce, run_dce, pass_rtl_dce): Deleted.
	(delete_corresponding_reg_equal_notes): Renamed to
	delete_corresponding_reg_eq_notes and made to process both kinds
	of notes.
	(delete_unmarked_insns): Changed call to
	* dce.h (run_fast_df_dce): Removed df parameter.
	* reload1.c (compute_use_by_pseudos, reload): Removed df parameter
	and changed calls to df_ routines to support new incremental
	(alter_reg): Changed REGNO to SET_REGNO.

2006-12-07  David Edelsohn  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (lwa_operand): Allow PRE_MODIFY
	indexed address.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000-protos.h (legitimate_indexed_address_p):
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (legitimate_indexed_address_p): Remove

2006-12-07  David Edelsohn  <>

	* config/rs6000/ (lwa_operand): Exclude PRE_MODIFY

2006-12-01  Seongbae Park <>

  	* dbgcnt.def: New counters
	* postreload-gcse.c (delete_redundant_insns_1): New
	debug counter point.
	* postreload.c (reload_cse_move2add, gate_handle_postreload):
	New debug counter point.
	* auto-inc-dec.c (move_notes): Removed.
	(move_dead_notes): New function.
	(attempt_change): Call move_dead_notes(). Add missing dependency check.
	* haifa-sched.c (schedule_block): New debug counter point.
	* cse.c (delete_trivially_dead_insns): New debug counter point.
	* gcse.c (pre_delete): New debug counter point.
	* Adding dependency on DBGCNT_H.
	* sched-rgn.c (schedule_region): New debug counter point.
	* dce.c (delete_corresponding_reg_equal_notes): New function
	(delete_unmarked_insns): Call delete_corresponding_reg_equal_notes.

2006-11-28  Seongbae Park <>

	* dbgcnt.def: Updated comments. Added new counters.
	* auto-inc-dec.c (try_merge): Debug counter.
	* global.c (global_conflicts): Use DF_RA_LIVE_TOP() instead of
	* dbgcnt.c (count, limit): Use dbgcnt.def.
	(dbg_cnt_is_enabled): New function.
	(dbg_cnt): Use dbg_cnt_is_enabled().
	* local-alloc.c (block_alloc): Use DF_RA_LIVE_TOP instead of LIVE_IN.
	Add a debug counter.
	* df.h (DF_RA_LIVE_TOP): New Macro. Remove df_urec_get_live_at_top.
	(struct df_rd_bb_info): Added new fields ADEF, AUSE and TOP.
	(struct df_urec_bb_info): Added new field TOP.
	* loop-iv.c (iv_analyze_def): Added REG_P check.
	* df-problems.c (df_lr_free_bb_info): Free new fields AUSE, ADEF and
	(df_lr_alloc): Allocate new fields TOP, ADEF, AUSE.
	(df_lr_bb_local_compute): Compute ADEF and AUSE.
	(df_lr_transfer_function): Compute TOP, and then IN based on TOP, ADEF
	and AUSE.
	(df_lr_free): Free new fields AUSE, ADEF and TOP.
	(df_ur_bb_local_compute): Partial/conditional defs don't hide
	earlier defs.
	(df_urec_alloc): Allocate new field TOP.
	(df_urec_local_finalize): Calculate TOP as well as IN.
	(df_urec_free): Free new field TOP.
	(df_urec_get_live_at_top): Removed.
	* (auto-inc-dec.o, local-alloc.o, sched-rgn.o,
	sched-ebb.o, recog.o): Added dependency on DBGCNT_H.
	* sched-rgn.c (schedule_insns, gate_handle_sched, gate_handle_sched2):
	Added debug counter.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (enum ia64_frame_regs): New enum.
	(struct ia64_frame_info): Changed register fields to use an array
	index by enum.
	(emitted_frame_related_regs): New static variable.
	(reg_emitted, get_reg, is_emitted): New function.
	(ia64_reload_gp): Use new enum.
	(find_gr_spill): Added a new param. Use emitted_frame_related_regs.
	(ia64_computea_frame_size, ia64_hard_regno_rename_ok,
	Use emitted_frame_related_regs.
	(ia64_expand_prologue): Extra deubg output. Use new enum.
	(ia64_expand_epilogue, ia64_direct_return, ia64_split_return_addr_rtx,
	ia64_output_function_prologue, ia64_output_function_epilogue,
	Use new enum.
	(ia64_init_expanders): New function.
	(ia64_reorg): New debug counter.
	* config/ia64/ia64.h (INIT_EXPANDERS): New call to

2006-11-18  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h (print_current_pass, debug_pass): New functions.
	* passes.c (print_current_pass, debug_pass): New functions.
	(exec_todo): Changed call to df_verify_blocks.
	(current_pass): New variable.
	* auto-inc-dec.c (attempt_change): Removed redundant call to
	df_insn_rescan and added debugging.
	(find_inc): Added debugging and fixed post-inc/dec bug.
	(merge_in_block): Fixed post-inc/dec bug.
	* dbgcnt.c: Fixed comments.
	* dbgcnt.c: Fixed comments.
	* loop-init.c (rtl_unroll_and_peel_loops): Added debugging.
	* loop-invariant.c (find_defs): Added debugging.
	* loop-iv.c (iv_analysis_loop_init): Added debugging.
	* df-scan.c (df_ref): Added parameter to control the deletion of
	(df_reg_chain_unlink): Take care not to delete non existent refs.
	(df_ref_remove): Changed call to df_reg_chain_unlink.
	(df_ref_chain_delete_du_chain, df_ref_chain_delete,
	df_mw_hardreg_chain_delete): New function
	(df_insn_delete): Now calls df_ref_chain_delete_du_chain,
	df_ref_chain_delete, df_mw_hardreg_chain_delete.
	(df_bb_delete): Now calls df_ref_chain_delete_du_chain,
	(df_insn_rescan): Now supports DF_NO_INSN_RESCAN and added
	(df_ref_verify): Added code to ignore refs from notes in the table
	of refs.
	(df_bb_verify, df_exit_block_bitmap_verify,
	df_entry_block_bitmap_verify, df_verify_blocks): Made it possible
	to abort closer to source of problem.
	(df_verify_blocks): Removed dflow parameter.  * df-core.c
	(df_insn_uid_debug, df_ref_debug): Fixed debugging.  *
	df-problems.c (df_ru_bb_info, df_rd_bb_info, df_lr_bb_info,
	df_ur_bb_info, df_live_bb_info, df_urec_bb_info): Made tolerant of
	newly added basic blocks.
	(df_chain_alloc): Tolerant of missing refs in structure.
	(df_chain_insn_reset, df_chain_bb_reset, df_chain_remove_problem):
	Deleted function.
	(df_chain_alloc): New function.
	(df_chain_reset): Now just calls df_chain_remove_problem.
	* df.h: (DF_NO_REGS_EVER_LIVE): New flag.

2006-11-17  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* fwprop.c Removed bad version.
	* tree-ssa-pre.c (init_pre): Added parameter to post_order_compute.

2006-11-15  Seongbae Park <>

	* df-scan.c (df_insn_refs_collect): Code cleanup
	for COND_EXEC handling.
	(df_need_static_chain_reg): New function.
	(df_get_entry_block_def_set): Check and add the static chain register.
	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Don't ignore the return value
	of find_if_header.

2006-11-14  Seongbae Park <>

	* function.c (thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns):
	Update regs_ever_live during df scanning.

2006-11-14  Seongbae Park <>

 	* dbgcnt.c, dbgcnt.h: Added missing copyright notice. Now uses
	dbgcnt.def for the list of counters.
	* Add missing dbgcnt.h header file dependencies.
	* dbgcnt.def: New file.

2006-11-14  Seongbae Park <>

	* tree-tailcall.c (execute_tail_recursion): Added dbg_cnt().
	* df-scan.c (df_mw_hardreg_find_hardreg, df_get_conditional_uses,
	New function.
	(df_refs_add_to_chains): Don't add duplicate mw_hardreg.
	(df_ins_refs_collect): Refactored to use df_get_conditional_uses
	and df_get_call_refs.
	(df_insn_refs_verify): Find the matching mw_hardreg.
	* dbgcnt.c (dbg_cnt_process_opt): Fix a bug handling multiple
	counters. Add a new debug counter tail_call.
	* dbgcnt.h (enum debug_counter): Added a new counter tail_call.
	* calls.c (expand_call): Check dbg_cnt(tail_call).
	* df_problems.c (df_create_unused_note, df_ri_bb_compute):
	Handle NULL LOC case.
	* dce.c (init_dce): Add a debug dump.

2006-11-14  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	Merge from mainline:

	2006-11-14  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/29798

	* fwprop.c (use_killed_between): Check that DEF_INSN dominates
	TARGET_INSN before any other check.
	(fwprop_init): Always calculate dominators.
	(fwprop_done): Always free them.

2006-11-13  Seongbae Park <>
	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h (TODO_df_verify_scan): New flag.
	* auto-inc-def.c (find_inc): Added code to check for case where
	output of inc is not overwritten by mem to be combined.
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_set_bb_info): Now increases the size of the
	array if necessary.
	(df_scan_blocks): Added flag to avoid recomputing regs_ever_live.
	(df_insn_rescan): Fixed missing case for rescanning.
	(df_insn_refs_collect): Special case for sibling calls.  Changed
	to not set up loc field with address of regno_reg_rtx element.
	(df_entry_block_defs_collect, df_exit_block_uses_collect,
	df_bb_refs_collect): Changed to not set up loc field with address
	of regno_reg_rtx element.
	(df_bb_refs_record): Removed dflow parameter and added scan_insn
	parameter. Changed call to df_bb_refs_record.
	(df_compute_regs_ever_live): New function.
	(df_reg_chain_unmark): Made to accept NULL blocks parameter.
	(df_ref_chain_unmark): New function.
	(df_ref_verify):  Added abort_if_fail parameter.
	(df_insn_refs_verify): Added abort_if_fail and return_refs
	parameter and changed function to return bool.  Added code to
	unmark chains.
	(df_bb_refs_verify): Added abort_if_fail parameter and now returns
	(df_bb_verify): Changed to expect subroutines to abort.
	(df_verify_blocks): Now accepts NULL blocks parameter.
	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Added more to dump_files.
	* (pass_rtl_ifcvt, pass_if_after_combine, pass_if_after_reload):
	added TODO_df_verify_scan.
	* opts.c (command_handle_option): New flag OPT_fdbg_cnt_
	* recog.c (confirm_change_group): Fixed updating of df scanning.
	* function.c (thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns):
	Pass DF_NO_REGS_EVER_LIVE in df_init, and
	call df_compute_regs_ever_live after prologue is generated.
        * df.h (enum df_ref_flags): Added DF_REF_ARTIFICIAL.
	(enum df_changeable_flags): Added DF_NO_REGS_EVER_LIVE.
	(DF_REF_IS_ARTIFICIAL): Added checking for the flag DF_REF_ARTIFICIAL.
	* cfgcleanup.c: Fixed typo in comment.
     	* common.opt: New flag -fdbg-cnt=
	* combine.c (try_combine): Added calls to keep df_scanning up to
	(pass_combine): Added TODO_df_verify_scan.
	* New gcc object file dbgcnt.o
	* passes.c (execute_todo): Added support for TODO_df_verify_scan.
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_split_return_addr_rtx): Finalize
	the frame layout early.
	(ia64_expand_prologue): Pass DF_NO_REGS_EVER_LIVE to df_init().
	* cfgrtl.c (rtl_delete_block, rtl_merge_blocks,
	cfg_layout_merge_blocks): Added debugging.
	* dbgcnt.c, dbgcnt.h: New files
	* dce.c (delete_unmarked_insns): Use dbg_cnt.
	(delete_insn_p): Do not delete unspecs.

2006-11-10  Seongbae Park <>

	* fwprop.c (forward_propagate_into): Use DF_REF_IS_ARTIFICIAL()
	instead of DF_REF_ARTIFICIAL flag.
	* df-scan.c (df_ref_record, df_def_record_1): Remove record_live
	(df_get_exit_block_use_set, df_get_entry_block_def_set):
	Renamed from df_get_{exit_block_uses,entry_block_defs}.
	(df_compute_regs_ever_live, df_ref_chain_change_bb,
	df_ref_is_record_live, df_reg_chain_unmark, df_ref_chain_free):
	New functions.
	(df_reg_chains): New structure
	(df_scan_blocks): Add call to df_compute_regs_ever_live().
	(df_ref_create): Remove record_live, and replace DF_REF_ARTIFICIAL
	flag use with DF_REF_IS_ARTIFICIAL () macro.
	(df_insn_rescan): Avoid marking blocks dirty if nothing changed.
	(df_insn_change_bb): Refactored to use df_ref_change_bb.
	(df_ref_is_equal): Now ignores DF_REF_MARKER flag.
	(df_ref_chain_find_ref, df_reg_chain_find_reg): Fix the order of
	parameters to the evaluation function.
	(df_ref_find_chains): Avoid early evaluation of certain fields.
	(df_ref_add_to_chains): Remove update to regs_ever_live.
	(df_refs_add_to_chains): Use DF_REF_NEXT_REF macro.
	(df_ref_record): Remove DF_REF_RECORD_LIVE.
	(df_insn_refs_record): Now takes the reference list to be added as
	an argument.
	(df_bb_refs_record): Handles entry and exit block cases.
	(df_bb_refs_collect): Removed DF_REF_ARTIFICIAL.
	(df_refs_record): Scan entry and exit blocks first.
	(df_ref_verify): Takes reg_chain cache as an argument,
	verifies hardreg chain.
	(df_exit_block_bitmap_verify): Renamed from df_exit_block_verify
	(df_entry-block_bitmap_verify): Renamed from df_entry_block_verify
	(df_verify_blocks): Implement regchain cache. Assert immediately
	when verification fails in any subfunctions.
	* df.h (enum df_ref_flags): Remove DF_REF_ARTIFICIAL and renumber the
	DF_INSN_UID_SAFE_GET): New macros:

2006-11-08  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* auto-inc-dec.c (attempt_change): Added code to properly maintain
	reg_next_inc_use when inc insns are deleted.
	(merge_in_block): Added debugging and changed to skip deleted
	(scan_dflow): Removed variable.
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_alloc): Always processes entire function.
	(df_scan_free): Removed df->blocks_to_scan.
	(df_scan_blocks): Removed blocks_parameter.  Now scan entire
	(df_insn_rescan, df_insn_change_bb): Renamed df_mark_bb_dirty to
	* df.h (blocks_to_scan): Removed variable.
	* df-core.c (df_analyze): Add call to df_scan_alloc.  Removed
	(df_get_bb_dirty): New function.
	(df_mark_bb_dirty): Renamed to df_set_bb_dirty.
	(df_compact_blocks): Removed df->blocks_to_scan.
	(df_bb_replace): Added check to make sure there was no block at
	old_index and fixed updating bugs.
	* ifcvt.c (cond_exec_process_if_block,
	noce_process_if_block, cond_move_process_if_block,
	process_if_block, merge_if_block, find_if_header,
	find_cond_trap, find_if_case_1, find_if_case_2, if_convert):
	Removed modified variable.
	(find_if_header, find_cond_trap, find_if_case_1, find_if_case_2,
	if_convert): Replaced BB_DIRTY with df_set_bb_dirty and
	* recog.c (confirm_change_group): Ditto.
	* emit_rtl (remove_insn,, reorder_insns, emit_insn_after_1): Ditto.
	* cfgcleanup.c (try_forward_edges, try_crossjump_to_edge,
	merge_blocks_move_predecessor_nojumps, try_crossjump_bb): Ditto.
      	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Ditto.
	* cfgrtl.c (rtl_split_block, rtl_redirect_edge_and_branch,
	rtl_redirect_edge_and_branch_force, purge_dead_edges,
	cfg_layout_redirect_edge_and_branch): Ditto.
	* basic_block.h (BB_DIRTY): Removed.

2006-11-07  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* cfg.c (compact_blocks): Make df aware when blocks are moved around.
	* auto-inc-dec.c (attempt_change): Removed explicit df updating.
	* ifcvt.c (cond_exec_process_if_block,
	noce_mem_write_may_trap_or_fault_p, noce_process_if_block,
	cond_move_process_if_block, process_if_block, find_if_header):
	Removed unused df parameter.
	(merge_if_block, find_cond_trap, find_if_case_1, find_if_case_2):
	Removed explicit df updating.
	(if_convert): Rearranged calls to df.
	(struct tree_opt_pass pass_rtl_ifcvt, pass_if_after_combine,
	pass_if_after_reload): Added TODO_verify_flow.
	* recog.c (delete_insn_chain_and_flow): Deleted function.
	(peephole2_optimize): Removed unused dataflow problem and variable
	and delete explicit df updating calls.
	(pass_split_before_sched2): Added TODO_verify_flow.
	* emit_rtl (add_insn_after, add_insn_before, remove_insn,
	reorder_insns, emit_insn_after_1): Added explicit updating of df.
	(set_insn_deleted): New function.
	* loop_invariant.c (invariant_table_size, invariant_table): New
	(check_invariant_table_size): New function.
	(invariant_for_use, find_defs, check_dependency,
	find_invariant_insn, free_inv_motion_data, move_loop_invariants):
	Replaced DF_REF_DATA with invariant_table.
	* loop-iv.c (clean_slate, iv_ref_table_size, iv_ref_table): New
	(check_iv_ref_table_size): New function.
	(clear_iv_info, iv_analysis_loop_init, record_iv, iv_analyze_def,
	iv_analysis_done): Replaced DF_REF_DATA with iv_ref_table.
	* cfglayout.c (fixup_reorder_chain): Now uses compact_blocks.
	* rtl.h (SET_INSN_DELETED): now calls set_insn_deleted.
	* (emit-rtl.o): Now dependent on df.h.
	* sched-rgn.c (pass_sched, pass_sched2): Added TODO_verify_flow.
	* cfgrtl.c (rtl_delete_block, update_bb_for_insn,
	rtl_merge_blocks, try_redirect_by_replacing_jump,
	cfg_layout_merge_blocks): Added explicit updating of df.
	* dce.c (delete_unmarked_insns): Removed df_delete parameter and
	explicit updating of df info.
	(rest_of_handle_dce, rest_of_handle_dse): Added call to
	(fast_dce, fast_dce, rest_of_handle_fast_dce, run_fast_df_dce):
	Removed df_delete parameter.
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_free_bb_info): Changed call.
	(df_scan_alloc, df_scan_free): Added setting of out_of_date_transfer_functions.
	(df_problem problem_SCAN): Added problem removal function.
	(df_scan_blocks): Added calls to df_refs_delete and df_bb_delete.
	(df_insn_create_insn_record): Added call to df_grow_insn_info.
	(df_insn_refs_delete): Renamed to df_insn_delete and removed dflow
	(df_bb_refs_delete): Renamed to df_bb_delete and removed dflow
	(df_refs_delete): Deleted.
	(df_insn_rescan, df_insn_change_bb): New function.
	(df_ref_create_structure): Removed DF_REF_DATA.
	* df-core.c (df_add_problem): Changed to use new form of problem
	(df_remove_problem): New function.
	(df_set_blocks): Does a better job of updating the proper blocks.
	(df_delete_basic_block): Removed df parameter and checks to see if
	block already had infomation.
	(df_get_bb_info): Returns NULL if no info was there.
	(df_set_bb_info): Checks to make sure problem block information.
	(df_mark_solutions_dirty, df_mark_bb_dirty, df_compact_blocks,
	df_bb_replace): New functions.
	* df.h (df_remove_problem_function): New typedef.
	(df_dependent_problem_function): Deleted typedef.
	(df_problem): Added remove_problem_fun and dependent_problem and
	deleted dependent_problem_fun.
	( Removed.
	(df.out_of_date_transfer_functions, df.solutions_dirty): New
	(DF_REF_DATA): Deleted macro.
	* df-problems.c (problem_RU, problem_RD, problem_LR, problem_UR,
	problem_LIVE, problem_UREC, problem_CHAIN, problem_RI): Added
	problem removal function and changed dependent_function.

2006-11-04  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-scan.c (df_scan_start_dump): Changed print routine to print
	hard register names.
	* df-core.c (df_print_regset): New function.
	* global.c (global_alloc): Do not recompute register infomation
	when recomputing dataflow.
	* df.h (DF_RI_NO_UPDATE): New flag.
	* df-problems.c (df_lr_top_dump, df_lr_bottom_dump,
	df_ur_top_dump, df_ur_bottom_dump, df_live_top_dump,
	df_live_bottom_dump, df_urec_top_dump, df_urec_bottom_dump):
	Changed to use df_print_regset.
	(df_ri_alloc, df_ri_compute): Changed to not update if
	* cfgrtl.c (print_rtl_with_bb): Changed to print preds and
	successor blocks in dump file.

2006-11-03  Seongbae Park <>

	* global.c (global_conflicts): Use df_urec_get_live_at_top ()
	instead of DF_RA_LIVE_IN ().
	* function.h: Add a declaration for current_function_assembler_name().
	* function.c (current_function_assembler_name):  New function.
	(thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Insert rtx_USE when profiling.
	* df.h (DF_REF_FLAGS_CLEAR): New macro.
	(df_urec_get_live_at_top): New function declaration.
	* df-problems.c (df_urec_get_live_at_top): New function.

2006-10-28  Seongbae Park <>

	* df.h (df_rescan_blocks): Renamed to df_scan_blocks.
	* df-core.c (df_analyze): Use df_scan_blocks() instead.
	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Use df_scan_blocks() instead.
	* df-scan.c
	(df_ref_record, df_def_record_1, df_defs_record, df_uses_record):
	They are made side-effect free.
	(df_ref_find_chains, df_ref_add_to_chains, df_refs_add_to_chains,
	df_ref_is_equal, df_ref_chain_find_ref, df_reg_chain_find_ref,
	df_scan_start_block, df_check_and_grow_ref_info,
	df_insn_refs_collect, df_bb_refs_collect,
	df_get_entry_block_defs, df_get_exit_block_uses,
	df_ref_verify, df_refs_verified, df_ref_chain_verify,
	df_reg_chain_clear_verified, df_bb_refs_verify,
	df_exit_block_verify, df_entry_block_verify, df_verify_blocks):
	New functions.
	(df_ref_create_structure): Initializes the fields
	of df_ref and does not connect it to various chains.
	(df_insn_refs_record, df_bb_refs_record, df_record_entry_block_defs,
	 df_record_exit_block_uses, df_refs_record):
	Separate side-effects (adding chains and updating regs_ever_live)
	from traversing and finding the refs in the insn/basic block.
	(df_ref_create): Separate calls for creating the ref and add it
	to the chains.

2006-10-24  Paolo Bonzini  <bonzinI@gnu.rg>

	* ddg.c (add_deps_for_def, add_deps_for_use): Use accessor macros.
	* df.h (DF_REF_STRIPPED, DF_SUBREGS): Remove.
	* df-core.c: Don't document scanning flags.
	* df-scan.c (df_ref_record): Always behave as if DF_SUBREGS was set.
	* df-problems.c (df_lr_bb_local_compute): Strip SUBREGs with
	(df_chain_start_dump): Don't dump DF_REF_STRIPPED.
	(df_create_unused_note, df_ri_bb_compute): Don't "inline"
	* fwprop.c (fwprop_init): Do not pass DF_SUBREGS.
	* loop-invariant.c (record_use): Don't strip SUBREGs.
	(record_uses): Do it here with DF_REF_REAL_LOC.
	* loop-iv.c (iv_analyze_def): Only allow REGs.  Replace previous
	way to check for SUBREGs with an assertion.

2006-10-19  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* sched-ebb.c (schedule_ebbs): Changed flags to df_init.
	* fwprop.c (use_killed_between): Changed to use proper macros.
	(All_uses_available_at, try_fwprop_subst): Added support for
	separated reg_equiv/equal df_refs.
	(fwprop_init): Changed flags to df_init.
	(fwprop, fwprop_addr): Changed call to df_reorganize_refs to
	* see.c (see_initialize_data_structures): Changed flags to
	* ddg.c (build_inter_loop_deps): Now skips refs with
	reg_equal/equiv notes.
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Changed flags to df_init.
	* web.c (union_defs): Added support for separated reg_equiv/equal
	(web_main): Changed flags to df_init and changed call to
	df_reorganize_refs to df_maybe_reorganize_(use|def)_refs.
	* loop_invariant.c (check_dependency): New function split out from
	(record_uses): Added support for separated reg_equiv/equal
	(move_loop_invariants): Changed flags to df_init.
	* loop-iv.c (iv_analysis_loop_init): Changed flags to df_init.
	(latch_dominating_def): Changed to use proper macros.
	* combine.c (create_log_links): Ditto.
	* sched-rgn.c (schedule_insns): Changed flags to df_init.
	* dce.c (dce_process_block): Changed to use proper macros.
	* df.h (df_insn_info.eq_uses): New field.
	(DF_EQUIV_NOTES): Deleted permanent_flag.
	(DF_EQ_NOTES): New changeable_flag.
	(df_ref_info.regs_size, df_ref_info.regs_inited): Moved to df
	(df.def_regs, df.use_regs, df.eq_use_regs): New fields.
	(df_ref_info.begin): Moved from df_reg_info.
	(df_reorganize_refs): Split into df_maybe_reorganize_use_refs and
	(df_ref_info.refs_organized): Split into refs_organized_alone and
	* df-problems.c (df_ru_bb_local_compute_process_def,
	df_ru_local_compute, df_ru_confluence_n, df_ru_transfer_function,
	df_ru_start_dump, df_rd_bb_local_compute_process_def,
	df_rd_local_compute, df_rd_confluence_n, df_rd_transfer_function,
	df_rd_start_dump, df_chain_alloc, df_chain_insn_reset,
	df_chain_create_bb_process_use, df_chain_create_bb,
	df_chain_start_dump): Changed to use proper macros.
	(df_ru_bb_local_compute, df_chain_insn_reset, df_chain_create_bb):
	Added support for separated reg_equiv/equal df_refs.
	(df_ru_local_compute, df_rd_local_compute, df_chain_alloc): Split
	into df_maybe_reorganize_use_refs and
	* df-scan.c (df_grow_reg_info, df_rescan_blocks, df_ref_create):
	Changed to process all data structures dependent on number of
	registers at once.
	(df_scan_free_internal, df_scan_alloc): Changed to process new
	data structures properly.
	(df_rescan_blocks): Split into refs_organized_alone and
	(df_reg_chain_unlink): Remove decrement of bitmap_size fields.
	(df_reg_chain_unlink, df_insn_refs_delete,
	df_ref_create_structure): Changed to use proper macros.
	(df_reg_chain_unlink, df_ref_remove, df_insn_refs_delete,
	df_reorganize_refs, df_ref_create_structure, df_insn_refs_record):
	Added support for separated reg_equiv/equal df_refs.
	(df_maybe_reorganize_use_refs, df_maybe_reorganize_def_refs): New
	* df-core.c (df_bb_regno_last_use_find,
	df_bb_regno_first_def_find, df_bb_regno_last_def_find,
	df_insn_regno_def_p, df_find_def, df_find_use, df_dump_start,
	df_regno_debug): Changed to use proper macros.
	(df_find_use, df_insn_uid_debug, df_insn_uid_debug,
	df_insn_debug_regno, df_insn_debug_regno): Added support for
	separated reg_equiv/equal df_refs.

2006-10-18  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* stack-ptr-mod.c (pass_stack_ptr_mod): Don't set pass name.
	* final.c (pass_no_new_pseudos): Don't set pass name.

	* fwprop.c (all_uses_available_at): Use DF_REF_REG.
	(forward_propagate_into): Discard artificial defs/uses.
	(pass_rtl_fwprop_addr): Add TODO_df_finish.

2006-10-03  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* cselib.h (cselib_discard_hook): Declare.
	* cselib.c (cselib_discard_hook): New variable.
	(remove_useless_values): Call it before freeing useless values.
	* dce.c (base_address): New union.
	(store_base_info): Change the type of the base field from "rtx"
	to "union base_address".
	(local_invariant_stores, local_value_stores): New variables.
	(store_base_eq): Split into...
	(invariant_store_base_eq, value_store_base_eq): ...these new functions.
	(store_base_hash): Split into...
	(invariant_store_base_hash, value_store_base_hash): ...these
	new functions.
	(store_base_del): Fix formatting.
	(init_store_group): Split into...
	(init_invariant_store_group, init_value_store_group): ...these
	new functions.
	(init_dse): Use init_invariant_store_group instead of init_store_group.
	(get_canonical_address): Delete.
	(add_store_offset): Change the type of BASE from "rtx" to "union
	base_address *".
	(record_store): Remove the GROUP parameter.  Don't call
	get_canonical_address.  Store the base in a "union base_address" and
	add stores to either local_invariant_stores or local_value_stores.
	(record_stores): Remove the GROUP parameter and adjust the calls
	to record_store.
	(store_base_local): Add a parameter that indicates whether stores
	are invariant or cselib_vals.
	(invariant_store_base_local): New function.
	(value_store_base_local): Likewise.
	(value_store_base_useless): Likewise.
	(remove_useless_values): Likewise.
	(store_base_prune_needed): Adjust for store_base_info changes.
	(prescan_insns_for_dse): Remove the local group variable and use
	local_invariant_stores and local_value_stores instead.  Adjust the
	call to record_stores.  Use remove_useless_values as the
	cselib_discard_hook while processing a basic block.

2006-10-03  Maxim Kuvyrkov  <>

 	* sched-ebb.c (ebb_head, ebb_tail, ebb_head_or_leaf_p): Removed.
	(begin_schedule_ready, schedule_ebb, ebb_head_or_leaf_p): Remove
	unnecessary argument, update all callers.
	(ebb_sched_info): Update initializer.
	(df): New static variable to keep dataflow info.
	(compute_jump_reg_dependencies): Use it instead of glat.
 	* haifa-sched.c (glat_start, glat_end, glat_size, init_glat,
	init_glat1, free_glat): Removed.
	(generate_recovery_code, begin_speculative_block,
	add_to_speculative_block, init_before_recovery,
	create_recovery_block, create_check_block_twin,
	schedule_block, sched_init, add_block): Remove
	unnecessary argument, update all callers.
 	* modulo-sched.c (sms_sched_info): Update initializer.
	(sms_schedule): Update call to sched_init ().
 	* sched-int.h (struct sched_info): Remove unnecessary argument and
	update all callers of field 'begin_schedule_ready'.  Remove field
	(glat_start, glat_end): Remove prototypes.
	(schedule_block, sched_init, add_block, schedule_region): Update
	* sched-rgn.c (df, not_in_df): New static variables.
	(check_live_1, update_live_1, add_block1): Use them instead of glat.
	(begin_schedule_read, schedule_region): Remove unnecessary argument,
	update all callers.
	(region_head_or_leaf_p): Remove.
	(region_sched_info): Update initializer.
 	* config/ia64/ia64.c (set_sched_flags): Use NEW_BBS instead of

2006-10-01  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-scan.c (df_ref_record, df_insn_refs_record,
	df_bb_refs_record, df_refs_record, df_record_entry_block_defs):
	Removed DF_HARD_REGS flag.
	* df-core.c (comments): Ditto.
	* df.h (permanent_flags.DF_HARD_REFS): Removed.
	(changeable_flags.DF_NO_HARD_REGS): Added.
	* df-problems.c (df_rd_bb_local_compute_process_def,
	df_rd_bb_local_compute, df_chain_create_bb_process_use,
	df_chain_create_bb): Added support for DF_NO_HARD_REGS flag.
	* dce.c (init_dce): Removed DF_HARD_REFS flag.
	* reg_stack.c (reg_to_stack): Ditto.
	* sched_rgn.c (sched_insns): Ditto.
	* regrename.c (regrename_optimize): Ditto.
	* sched_ebb.c (schedule_ebbs): Ditto.
	* fwprop.c (fwprop_init): Ditto.
	* see.c (see_initialize_data_structures): Ditto.
	* auto_inc_dec.c (rest_of_handle_auto_inc_dec): Ditto.
	* mode-switching.c (optimize_mode_switching): Ditto.
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Ditto.
	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Ditto.
	* recog.c (peephole2_optimize): Ditto.
	* regmove.c (regmove_optimize, rest_of_handle_stack_adjustments):
	* local_alloc.c (rest_of_handle_local_alloc): Ditto.
	* function.c (thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Ditto.
	* rtl_factoring.c (rtl_sequabstr): Ditto.
	* bt_load.c (branch_target_load_optimize): Ditto.
	* loop_invariant.c (move_loop_invariants): Ditto.
	* subregs-init.c (initialize_uninitialized_subregs): Ditto.
	* loop-iv.c (iv_analysis_loop_init): Ditto.
	* combine.c (rest_of_handle_combine): Ditto.
	* web.c (web_main): Added DF_NO_HARD_REGS flag and changed loops
	to skip over hard regs.
	* reorg.c (dbr_schedule): Removed extra flags from
	df_*_add_problems calls.

2006-09-30  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-scan.c (problem_SCAN): Removed flags.
	(df_scan_add_problem): Ditto.
	(df_ref_record, df_insn_refs_record, df_bb_refs_record,
	df_refs_record, df_record_entry_block_defs,
	df_record_exit_block_uses ): Moved flags to df structure.
	* df-core.c (df_init): Added permanent_flags and changeable_flags.
	(df_add_problem): Removed flags parameter.
	(df_set_flags, df_clear_flags): Changed processing of flags.  *
	df.h (df_dependent_problem_function, struct df_problem): Removed
	DF_UD_CHAIN, DF_RI_LIFE, DF_RI_SETJMP): Changed to be fields in
	(DF_LR_RUN_DCE): Changed to be fields in df_changeable_flags.
	(df_init, df_add_problem, df_set_flags, df_clear_flags,
	df_ru_add_problem, df_rd_add_problem, df_lr_add_problem,
	df_ur_add_problem, df_live_add_problem, df_urec_add_problem,
	df_chain_add_problem, df_ri_add_problem, df_scan_add_problem):
	Changed flag parameters.
	* df-problems.c (problem_RU, problem_RD, problem_LR, problem_UR,
	problem_LIVE, problem_UREC, problem_CHAIN, problem_RI): Removed
	changeable flags field.
	(df_ru_add_problem, df_rd_add_problem, df_lr_add_problem,
	df_ur_add_problem, df_live_add_problem, df_urec_add_problem,
	df_chain_add_problem, df_ri_add_problem): Removed flags parameter.
	(df_lr_local_finalize, df_chain_alloc, df_chain_insn_reset,
	df_chain_bb_reset, df_chain_create_bb_process_use,
	df_chain_start_dump, df_ri_alloc, df_ri_bb_compute, df_ri_compute,
	df_ri_free): Changed location of flags.
	* dce.c (init_dce): Moved flags from df_*_add_problem to df_init.
	(fast_dce): Changed parameters to df_set_flags and df_clear_flags.
	* reg_stack.c (reg_to_stack): Moved flags from df_*_add_problem to df_init.
	* sched_rgn.c (sched_insns): Ditto.
	* regrename.c (regrename_optimize): Ditto.
	* sched_ebb.c (schedule_ebbs): Ditto.
	* fwprop.c (fwprop_init): Ditto.
	* see.c (see_initialize_data_structures): Ditto.
	* auto_inc_dec.c (rest_of_handle_auto_inc_dec): Ditto.
	* mode-switching.c (optimize_mode_switching): Ditto.
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Ditto.
	* web.c (web_main): Ditto.
	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Ditto.
	* recog.c (peephole2_optimize): Ditto.
	* regmove.c (regmove_optimize, rest_of_handle_stack_adjustments):
	* local_alloc.c (rest_of_handle_local_alloc): Ditto.
	* function.c (thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Ditto.
	* rtl_factoring.c (rtl_sequabstr): Ditto.
	* bt_load.c (branch_target_load_optimize): Ditto.
	* loop_invariant.c (move_loop_invariants): Ditto.
	* subregs-init.c (initialize_uninitialized_subregs): Ditto.
	* loop-iv.c (iv_analysis_loop_init): Ditto.
	* combine.c (rest_of_handle_combine): Ditto.

2006-08-04  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h (pass_rtl_dse): Split into pass_rtl_dse1,
	pass_rtl_dse2, pass_rtl_dse3.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Ditto.
	* timevar.def (TV_DSE): Split into TV_DSE1, TV_DSE2, and TV_DSE3.
	(TV_THREAD_PROLOGUE_AND_EPILOGUE): Made text shorter to improve
	* df.core.c (df_init, df_finish1, df_analyze_problem, df_analyze):
	Made postorder and instance variable of df.
	(df_finish1): Made tolerant of being passed NULL instance.
	(df_get_n_blocks, df_get_postorder): New functions.
	* cfganal (post_order_compute): Added delete_unreachable
	parameter and code to delete unreachable blocks.
	* local_alloc (rest_of_handle_local_alloc): Removed unnecessary
	call to delete_unreachable_blocks.
	* df.h (postorder, n_blocks): New instance variables.
	(df_get_n_blocks, df_get_postorder): New functions.
	* sched-rgn.c (extend_rgns): Added extra parameter to
	* basic-block.h (post_order_compute): Ditto.
	* dce.c (fast_dce, init_rs_dflow): Now uses postorder and n_blocks from df.
	(pass_rtl_dse): Split into pass_rtl_dse1,
	pass_rtl_dse2, pass_rtl_dse3.
	* sched-ebb.c (schedule-ebbs): Added return value.
	* haifa-sched.c (add_block): Made df parameter unused and fixed
	incorrect assert.

2006-08-01  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* sched-ebb.c (sched_ebbs): Now returns the df instance created.
	* rtl.h (sched_ebbs): Ditto.
	* recog.c (split_all_insns): Made public again so it can be called
	from ia64.c
	* rtl.h (split_all_insns): Ditto.
	* df-problems.c (df_ri_compute): Removed call to non existent
	* config/ia64/ia64.c (emit_predicate_relation_info): Added df
	parameter and removed rotten ref to global instance.
	(ia64_reorg): Added local instance of df and removed calls to non
	existent flow.c.

2006-07-26  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regrename.c (regrename_optimize): Renamed df_clrur to df_live
	and removed df_finish call.
	(pass_regrename): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* sched-ebb.c (schedule_ebbs): Renamed df_clrur to df_live
	and removed df_finish call.
	* fwprop.c (fwprop_done): Removed df_finish call.
	(pass_rtl_fwprop): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* see.c (see_commit_changes): Removed unnecessary set to df.
	* postreload.c (rest_of_handle_postreload): Removed df_finish call.
	(pass_postreload_cse): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* tree-pass.h (TODO_df_finish): Added.
	* cfg.c (dump_bb_info): Added flow info to dumps
	(dump_reg_info): New function.
	(dump_flow_info): Moved reg info printing to dump_reg_info.
	* auto-inc-dec.c (rest_of_handle_auto_inc_dec): Renamed df_clrur to df_live
	and removed df_finish call.
	(pass_inc_dec): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* reorg.c (dbr_schedule): Renamed df_clrur to df_live
	and removed df_finish call.
	(pass_delay_slots): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_alloc): Added set to dflow->computed.
	(df_scan_dump): Renamed to df_scan_start_dump.
	(problem_SCAN): Updated for new dumpers.
	* haifa-sched.c (sched_finish): Removed df parameter and deleted
	call to df_finish.
	* df-core.c (ddf): Renamed to df_current_instance and made public.
	(df_init): Ditto and added check to make sure only one instance of
	df is alive at any point.
	(df_add_problem): Initialized dflow->computed.
	(df_analyze_problem): Set dflow->computed.
	(df_dump): Now calls new dumpers.
	(df_dump_start, df_dump_top, df_dump_bottom): New functions.
	(debug_df_insn, debug_df_reg, debug_df_regno, debug_df_defno,
	debug_df_useno): Renamed ddf to df_current_instance.
	* mode_switching (optimize_mode_switching): Renamed df_clrur to df_live
	and removed df_finish call.
	(pass_mode_switching): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Removed calls to df_dump and df
	parameter from sched_finish.
	(pass_sms): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* web.c (web_main): Removed call to df_dump and df_finish.
	(pass_web): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* loop-init.c (pass_rtl_move_loop_init): Added TODO_df_finish
	* global.c (global_alloc): Removed call to df_dump and debugging
	* ifcvt.c (if_convert):  Renamed df_clrur to df_live
	and removed df_finish call.
	(pass_rtl_ifcvt, pass_if_after_combine, pass_if_after_reload):
	Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* recog.c (peephole2_optimize): Renamed df_clrur to df_live and
	removed df_finish call.
	(pass_peephole2): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* regmove.c (regmove_optimize, rest_of_handle_stack_adjustments):
	Renamed df_clrur to df_live and removed df_finish call.
	(pass_regmove, pass_stack_adjustments): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* function.c (epilogue_done): Removed df_finish call.
	(pass_thread_prologue): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* df.h (DF_CLRUR): Renamed to DF_LIVE.
	(df_dump_bb_problem_function): New function type.
	(df_problem.dump_fun): Deleted.
	(df_problem.dump_fun_start, df_problem.dump_fun_top,
	df_problem.dump_fun_bottom, problem_data.computed,
	df_current_instance): New fields.
	(df_clrur_bb_info): Renamed to df_live_bb_info.
	(df_dump_start, df_dump_top, df_dump_bottom): New functions.
	* rtl-factoring (rtl_seqabstr): Renamed df_clrur to df_live
	and removed df_finish call.
	(pass_rtl_seqabstr):  Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* bt-load (branch_target_load_optimize): Renamed df_clrur to df_live
	and removed df_finish call.
	pass_branch_target_load_optimize2): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* loop-invariant.c (move_loop_invariants): Removed call to
	* subregs-init.c (initialize_uninitialized_subregs): Renamed
	df_clrur to df_live and changed call to dg_get_live_in to
	* rtl.h (dump_reg_info): New function.
	* sched-int.h (sched_finish): Removed df parameter.
	* combine.c (rest_of_handle_combine): Renamed df_clrur to df_live
	and removed df_finish call.
	(pass_combine): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* df-problems.c (df_get_live_in, df_get_live_out): Renamed
	(df_ru_dump, df_rd_dump, df_lr_dump, df_ur_dump, df_clrur_dump,
	df_urec_dump, df_ri_dump): Deleted function.
	(df_ru_start_dump, df_ru_top_dump, df_ru_bottom_dump,
	df_rd_start_dump, df_rd_top_dump, df_rd_bottom_dump,
	df_lr_start_dump, df_lr_top_dump, df_lr_bottom_dump,
	df_ur_start_dump, df_ur_top_dump, df_ur_bottom_dump,
	df_live_top_dump, df_live_bottom_dump, df_ri_start_dump,
	df_urec_top_dump, df_urec_bottom_dump): New function.
	(problem_RU, problem_RD, problem_LR, problem_UR, problem_UREC,
	problem_CHAIN, problem_RI): Replaced dump functions.
	(df_clrur_get_bb_info): Renamed to df_live_get_bb_info.
	(df_clrur_set_bb_info): Renamed to df_live_set_bb_info.
	(df_clrur_free_bb_info): Renamed to df_live_free_bb_info.
	(df_clrur_alloc): Renamed to df_live_alloc.
	(df_clrur_local_finalize): Renamed to df_live_local_finalize.
	(df_clrur_free): Renamed to df_clrur_free.
	(problem_CLRUR): Renamed to problem_LIVE and dump functions
	(df_clrur_add_problem): Renamed to df_live_add_problem.
	(df_chains_dump): Renamed to df_chain_start_dump.
	(df_chain_add_problem, df_ri_alloc, df_ri_compute): Removed
	* (passes.o): Added DF_H.
	* sched-rgn.c (schedule_insns): Renamed df_clrur to df_live
	and removed df_finish call.
	(pass_sched, pass_sched2): Added TODO_df_finish flag.
	* passes.c (execute_todo): Added call to df_finish for
	TODO_df_finish flag.
	* cfgrtl.c (dump_regset_in, dump_regset_out): Deleted.
	(rtl_dump_bb, print_rtl_with_bb): Fixed to find and print df info.
	* dce.c (init_dce): Removed call to df_dump.
	(end_dce, end_fast_dce): Removed call df_finish and null out local
	df instance variable.
	(pass_rtl_dce, pass_fast_rtl_dce, pass_rtl_dse): Added
	TODO_df_finish flag.

2006-07-23  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h (pass_regclass_init, pass_no_new_pseudos,
	pass_split_before_sched2): Added.
	(pass_life, pass_remove_death_notes): Deleted.
	* rtlanal.c: Documentation.
	* stack-ptr-mod.c: Ditto.
	* output.h: Ditto.
	* function.c: Ditto.
	* caller-save.c: Ditto.
	* sched-deps.c: Ditto.
	* jump.c: Ditto.
	* alias.c: Ditto.
	* calls.c: Ditto.
	* cfgloop.c: Ditto.
	(establish_preds, flow_loops_find): Removed ref to cfun->max_loop_depth.
	* final.c: (rest_of_no_new_pseudos, pass_no_new_pseudos): Added.
	* cfg.c (dump_regset, debug_regset): Moved from flow.c.
	* regs.h (regs_may_share): Deleted.
	(allocate_reg_life_data): Added.
	* flow.c: Deleted.
	* global.c (reg_may_share): Deleted.
	(global_alloc): Removed support for regs_may_share.
	* ifcvt.c (rest_or_handel_if_conversion): Removed ref to
	* timevar.def (TV_FLOW): Removed.
	* recog.c (find_single_use, find_single_use_1): Moved to combine
	and made static.
	(split_all_insns, split_all_insns_noflow): Made static.
	(pass_split_before_regclass): Fixed tv_id.
	rest_of_handle_split_before_sched2, pass_split_before_sched2): New.
	(pass_split_for_shorten_branches): Renamed and fixed tv_id.
	* recog.h (find_single_use): Removed.
	* regmove.c (find_use_as_address): Moved from flow and made
	* function.h (max_loop_depth): Removed.
	* cfgcleanup.c (delete_dead_jumptables): Moved from flow.c.
	* subregs-init.c (initialize_uninitialized_subregs): Added call to
	allocate_reg_life_data if new regs were added.
	* regclass.c (max_regno, reg_set_to_hard_reg_set,
	allocate_reg_life_data): Moved from flow.c.
	(regclass_init): Now static and returns unsigned int.
	(pass_regclass_init, find_subregs_of_mode): New.
	(init_subregs_of_mode): Now fills the hash table.
	* rtl.h (find_use_as_address, split_all_insns,
	split_all_insns_noflow, regclass_init): Deleted.
	* combine.c (find_single_use_1, find_single_use): Moved from recog
	and made static.
	(delete_noop_moves): Moved from flow.c and made static.
	(rest_of_handle_combine): Now runs dce as part of df_init.
	* df-problems.c (reg_n_info): Moved from flow.c.
	(df_ri_problem_data.computed): Added field.
	(print_note, df_set_unused_notes_for_mw, df_set_dead_notes_for_mw,
	df_create_unused_note, df_ri_bb_compute, df_ri_compute): Changed
	note printing to go to dump_file.
	(df_ri_alloc, df_ri_compute, df_ri_free, df_ri_dump): Added
	support for computed flag.
	* (flow.c flow.o): Removed.
	* sched-rgn.c (check_dead_notes1, deaths_in_region): Removed.
	(init_regions, add_block1): Removed last of note counting code.
	(rest_of_handle_sched2): Moved call to split_all_insns to separate
	* basic_block.h (first_insn_after_basic_block_note,
	update_life_extent, PROP_* flags, life_analysis, update_life_info
	update_life_info_in_dirty_blocks, count_or_remove_death_notes,
	propagate_block, clear_reg_deaths, propagate_block_info,
	propagate_one_insn, init_propagate_block_info,
	free_propagate_block_info): Removed.
	(CLEANUP_*): Renumbered.
	sched_vis.c: (print_exp): Added proper printing for PRE and
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Added pass_regclass_init,
	pass_no_new_pseudos, and pass_split_before_sched2.  Deleted
	* struct-equiv.c (struct_equiv_init): Removed dead conditional.
	* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (print_operand): More fixes for
	* config/rs6000/ ("*movdf_hardfloat32",
	"*movdf_softfloat32"): Ditto.
	* cfgrtl (first_insn_after_basic_block_note): Moved from flow.c
	and made static.

2006-07-16  Zdenek Dvorak <>
	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regrename.c: Fixed comments.
	* see.c (rest_of_handle_see): Removed call to
	* tree-pass.h: (pass_clear_df, pass_reset_df): Removed.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Ditto.
	* cfghooks.c (split_block): Remove call to split_block_end.
	(merge_blocks): Removed call to merge_blocks_end.
	(duplicate_block): Removed call to duplicate_block_end.
	* cfghooks.h (split_block_end, merge_blocks_end,
	duplicate_block_end): Removed.
	* cfgrtl.c (rtl_split_block_end, rtl_merge_blocks_end): Removed.
	(rtl_create_basic_block, force_nonfallthru_and_redirect,
	rtl_split_edge, cfg_layout_merge_blocks, cfg_layout_split_edge):
	Removed old calls to incremental dataflow.
	(dump_regset_in, dump_regset_out): Removed call to dump_regset.
	(rtl_dump_bb, print_rtl_with_bb): Rearranged dataflow printing.
	* cfg.c (compact_blocks): Removed code to keep dataflow up to
	* flow.c (clear_log_links): Deleted
	(life_analysis, init_propagate_block_info): Removed PROP_LOG_LINKS.
	(update_life_info): Removed call to clear_log_links.
	(mark_set_1): Removed code to build log links.
	(clear_log_links): Deleted.
	* df-scan.c (df_uses_record): Added code to set
	(df_insn_refs_record): Added code to set DF_REF_CALL_STACK_FRAME.
	* df-core.c (df_analyze_simple_change_some_blocks,
	df_analyze_simple_change_one_block, df_compact_blocks,
	df_bb_replace, reset_df, pass_reset_df, clear_df, pass_clear_df):
	* recog.c (peephole2_optimize): Deleted some rotted code.
	df_analyze_simple_change_one_block, df_compact_blocks,
	df_bb_replace): Deleted.
	* bt-load (branch_target_load_optimize): Removed call to
	* cfgcleanup.c (thread_jump, try_forward_edges): Deleted mode
	parameter to thread_jump.
	(try_optimize_cfg, cleanup_cfg): Removed CLEANUP_UPDATE_LIFE.
	* cfglayout.c (cfg_layout_duplicate_bb_end): Deleted.
	* combine.c (combine_instructions): Removed call to
	(set_nonzero_bits_and_sign_copies, reg_nonzero_bits_for_combine,
	reg_num_sign_bit_copies_for_combine, get_last_value_validate,
	get_last_value, reg_dead_at_p): Changed to use local df instance.
	(create_log_links, clear_log_links): New function.
	(rest_of_handle_combine): Added new version of df, create and
	destroy log links locally.
	* bb-reorder.c (rest_of_handle_partition_blocks): Removed call to
	* basic-block.h (PROP_LOG_LINKS): Removed and renumbered other
	other CLEANUP_*.
	* tree-cfg.c (tree_cfg_hooks): Removed fields.
	* struct-equiv.c (struct_equiv_init): Removed call to
	* dce.c (init_dce, end_dce, end_fast_dce): Removed code to service

2006-07-12  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* auto-inc-dec.c (parse_add_or_inc): Moved test to merge_in_block.
	(find_inc): Now returns success flag if transformation was made.
	(find_mem): Ditto.
	(merge_in_block): Restructed to loop if any merges were made.
	Added max_reg parameter.  Added test from parse_add_or_inc.

2006-07-11  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regrename.c (regrename_optimize): Changed df problem
	* sched-ebb.c (schedule_ebbs): Ditto.
	* reorg.c (dbr_schedule): Ditto.
	* mode-switching.c (optimize_mode_switching): Ditto.
	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Ditto.
	* reorg.c (peephole2_optimize): Ditto.
	* regmove.c (regmove_optimize, rest_of_handle_stack_adjustments):
	* sched-rgn.c (schedule_insns): Ditto.
	* rtl-factoring.c (rtl_seqabstr): Ditto.
	* bt-load.c (branch_target_load_optimize): Ditto.
	* subregs-init.c (initialize_uninitialized_subregs): Ditto.
	* df-core.c (reset_df): Ditto.
	* flow.c (update_life_info, propagate_one_insn): Renamed UPWARD_LIVE
	to LR.
	(rest_of_handle_life): Changed df problem
	* function.c (keep_stack_depressed): Renamed UPWARD_LIVE to LR.
	* combine.c (set_nonzero_bits_and_sign_copies): Changed DF_LIVE_IN
	to DF_UR_IN or DF_LR_IN.
	reg_num_sign_bit_copies_for_combine, get_last_value): Changed
	* reg-stack.c (reg_to_stack): Changed df problem
	initialization. Changed DF_LIVE_IN to DF_LR_IN. str
	* struct-equiv.c (struct_equiv_init): Renamed UPWARD_LIVE
	to LR.
	* dce.c (dce_process_block): Changed DF_UPWARD_LIVE_* to DF_LR_*.
	* df.h: (DF_CLRUR) Added symbol and renamed others in block.
	(DF_CLRUR_BB_INFO): New macro.
	(DF_LIVE_IN, DF_LIVE_OUT): Changed to use output of clrur problem.
	(DF_UPWARD_LIVE_IN): Renamed to DF_LR_IN.
	(df_clrur_bb_info): New structure.
	(df_clrur_add_problem, df_clrur_get_bb_info): New functions.
	* df-problems: (df_get_live_in, df_get_live_out,
	df_lr_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end): Reworked to
	to be consistent with new dataflow problems and naming.
	(df_ur_local_finalize): Deleted function.
	(df_problem problem_UR): Removed ref to df_ur_local_finalize.
	(df_clrur_get_bb_info, df_clrur_set_bb_info,
	df_clrur_free_bb_info, df_clrur_alloc, df_clrur_free,
	df_clrur_dump, df_clrur_add_problem): New functions.
	(df_problem problem_CLRUR): New datastructure.
	* auto-inc-dec.c (reg_next_inc_use): New Array.
	(attempt_change): Added inc_reg parm and boolean result.  Move
	some tests to try_merge.  Added processing for reg_next_inc_use.
	(try_merge): Added boolean result and some test moved from
	attempt_change and parse_add_or_inc.
	(parse_add_or_inc): Move test to try_merge.  Improved debugging,
	and added code to support reg_next_inc_use.  Added more
	correctness tests.
	(rest_of_handle_auto_inc_dec): Changed df problem initialization
	and added code to support reg_next_inc_use.

2006-07-05  Richard Sandiford  <>

	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Move the final RTL DSE pass
	after thread_prologue_and_epilogue.

2006-07-01  Daniel Berlin  <>
	    David Edelsohn  <>
	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	tree-pass.h (pass_inc_dec): New pass variable.
	auto-inc-dec.c: New file that contains pass to find auto-inc/dec
	instruction combinations.
	flow.c: Removed unused includes for execinfo.h and stdio.h.
	(init_propagate_block_info): Fixed missing comma typo.
	(attempt_auto_inc, try_pre_increment): Added code to abort if any
	auto-inc/dec insns are found by this pass.
	df-scan.c (df_defs_record): Added flags parameter.
	(df_insn_refs_record): Added code to check for conditional def.
	(df_recompute_luids): New function.
	df-core.c: Fixed comment.
	global.c (global_alloc): Moved misplaced debugging code.
	(global_conflicts): Added patch to fix the way auto-incs are
	accounted for in conflicts graph.
	timevar.def (TV_AUTO_INC_DEC): New variable.
	recog.c: Fixed comment.
	function.c: Fixed comment.
	df.h (DF_REF_CONDITIONAL): New flag.
	(df_recompute_luids): New function.
	gcse.c (extract_mentioned_regs_helper): Added PRE/POST_MODIFY
	common.opt (fauto-inc-dec): New flag.
	rtl.h (AUTO_INC_DEC): Made this symbol dependent on
	HAVE_(PRE/POST)_MODIFY_(REG/DISP).  Made other symbols dependent
	on AUTO_INC_DEC rather than components that defined AUTO_INC_DEC.
	df-problems.c (df_ru_bb_local_compute_process_def,
	df_lr_bb_local_compute, df_lr_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end,
	df_lr_simulate_one_insn, df_chain_create_bb,
	df_create_unused_note): Added DF_REF_CONDITIONAL to keep
	conditional defs from being added to kill sets.
	dce.c (dce_process_block): Ditto. (auto-inc-dec.c): New file.
	basic-block.h: Preparation to get rid of PROP_AUTO_INC flag.
	passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Added pass_inc_dec.
	config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_legitimate_address): Added code for
	(rs6000_mode_dependent_address, print_operand): Added case for pre_modify.
	config/rs6000/rs6000.h (HAVE_PRE_MODIFY_DISP,
	HAVE_PRE_MODIFY_REG): Added flags.
	reload1 (eliminate_regs_1, elimination_effects): Added cases for

2006-05-27  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* reorg.c (dbr_schedule): Fix df_ur_add_problem calls.

2006-05-24  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-scan.c (df_scan_free_internal, df_grow_reg_info,
	df_reg_chain_unlink, df_ref_remove,
	df_insn_create_insn_record, df_insn_refs_delete,
	df_ref_create_structure, df_ref_record, df_mark_reg,
	df_record_entry_block_defs, df_record_exit_block_uses):
	Formatting fixes.
	(df_get_artificial_defs): Spelling fixes.
	(df_ref_record, df_def_record_1, df_uses_record):
	Fix the way that subregs are processed.
	(df_defs_record, df_def_record_1, df_insn_refs_record):
	Split DF_REF_CLOBBER into two cases.
	* df-core.c (df_analyze): Added comments
	(df_simple_iterative_dataflow): New function.
	(df_dump): Formatting fixes.
	* df.h (DF_REF_CLOBBER): Deleted.
	(df_ru_bb_info, df_rd_bb_info, df_lr_bb_info, df_ur_bb_info,
	df_urec_bb_info): Added comments.
	(df_simple_iterative_dataflow): New function.
	* df-problems.c (df_print_bb_index, df_set_dead_notes_for_mw):
	Added comments.
	(df_ru_alloc, df_ru_local_compute, df_ru_confluence_n,
	df_ru_free, df_ru_dump, df_rd_alloc,
	df_rd_bb_local_compute_process_def, df_rd_bb_local_compute,
	df_rd_local_compute, df_rd_confluence_n, df_rd_free,
	df_rd_dump, df_lr_bb_local_compute, df_lr_bb_local_compute,
	df_lr_local_compute, df_ur_alloc, df_ur_dump, df_urec_alloc,
	df_urec_bb_local_compute, df_urec_local_compute,
	df_urec_local_finalize, df_urec_dump, df_chain_create_bb,
	df_create_unused_note,  df_ri_bb_compute): Formatting fixes.
	(df_ru_bb_local_compute_process_def): Do not clear gen set.
	(df_ru_bb_local_compute): Reorder processing insn.
	(df_ru_transfer_function): Fixed incorrect use of bitmaps.
	(df_ru_dump, df_rd_dump, df_chains_dump): Added debugging code.
	(df_lr_bb_local_compute, df_lr_simulate_one_insn,
	df_ur_bb_local_compute, df_chain_create_bb,
	df_create_unused_note, df_ri_bb_compute): Split
	DF_REF_CLOBBER into two cases.
	* ddg.c (add_deps_for_def): Changed to use ru info.
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Added debugging.
	* dce.c (rs_dflow, df_problem reaching_stores_problem): Deleted.
	(init_rs_dflow, calculate_reaching_stores): Move dataflow to new
	df function.

2006-05-23  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* fwprop.c (local_ref_killed_between_p): Rearranged definition.

2006-05-23  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* rtlanal.c (find_occurrence): Move to fwprop.c.
	* rtl.h (find_occurrence): Remove prototype.
	* fwprop.c (can_simplify_addr): Fix check for frame based addresses.
	(should_replace_address): Update comment before this function.
	(local_ref_killed_between_p): Don't choque on NOTEs.
	(use_killed_between): Handle the exceptional case that a DEF does
	not dominate one of its uses.
	(varying_mem_p): Simplify return type.
	(all_uses_available_at): Clean up unnecessary single_set calls.
	(find_occurrence_callback, find_occurrence): New.
	(subst): Rename to try_fwprop_subst.
	(forward_propagate_subreg): Update caller.
	(forward_propagate_and_simplify): Likewise.
	(fwprop_init): Find loops before computing data flow info.
	(fwprop_done): Call cleanup_cfg without CLEANUP_PRE_LOOP.  Free
	loop tree before cleanup_cfg.

2006-05-14  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regclass.c (init_subregs_of_mode): Created dummy version
	when CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE_CLASS is undefined.

2006-05-13  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* df-core.c (df_bb_regno_last_use_find): Do not look for dataflow
	information attached to non-INSNs such as NOTEs.
	(df_bb_regno_first_def_find, df_bb_regno_last_def_find): Likewise.

2006-05-05  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* haifa-sched.c (glat_size): New variable.
        (sched-init, extend_bb): Properly initialized glat_start and
	(free_glat): Fixed double free of bitmaps.
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_get_bb_info, df_scan_set_bb_info): Added
	* df-problems.c (df_ru_get_bb_info, df_ru_set_bb_info,
	df_rd_get_bb_info, df_rd_set_bb_info, df_lr_get_bb_info,
	df_lr_set_bb_info, df_ur_get_bb_info, df_ur_set_bb_info,
	df_urec_get_bb_info, df_urec_set_bb_info): Ditto.

2006-04-25  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* flow.c (rest_of_handle_life): Removed unnecessary code.
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_free_internal, df_scan_free): Fixed
	storage leak.
	* df-core.c (df_delete_basic_block): Removed dangling pointer.
	* mode-switching.c (optimize_move_switching): Moved creation of df
	instance to avoid storage leak.
	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Fixed storage leak.
	* dce.c (mark_insn,
	rest_of_handle_dce): Removed old way of processing libcalls.
	(libcall_matches_p, mark_libcall_insns): Removed.
	(mark_libcall): New function.
	(mark_reg_dependencies, dce_process_block): New code to check for
	(fast_dce): Fixed storage leak.

2006-04-24  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* sched-ebb.c (schedule_ebbs): Updated register lifetime info.
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Ditto.
	* sched-reg.c (schedule_insns): Ditto.
	* regmove.c (regmove-optimize): Ditto.
	* tree.h (setjmp_vars_warning, setjmp_args_warning): Removed.
	(generate_setjmp_warning): Added.
	* tree-pass.h (pass_subregs_of_mode_init): Added.
	* flow.c (life_analysis): Moved parts to other passes.
	(regno_clobbered_at_setjmp):Moved setjmp warning to local-alloc.
	(rest_of_handle_life): Ditto.
	* df-scan.c (df_ref_record): Reformatted comment.
	* ifcvt.c (rest_of_handle_if_conversion): Removed last bit of
	rtl_df scafolding.
	* local-alloc.c (local_alloc, no_equiv, block_alloc): Changed to
	use same instance of df as global_alloc,
	(rest_of_handle_local_alloc): Now also produces setjmp warnings.
	* function.c (regno_clobbered_at_setjmp): Moved from flow.
	(setjmp_vars_warning, setjmp_args_warning): Added parms to use
	passed in df instance.
	(generate_setjmp_warnings): New function.
	* df.h (DF_RI_SETJMP): New constant.
	(df_ri_get_setjmp_crosses): New function.
	* df-problems.c (df_ri_problem_data, setjmp_crosses): New
	(df_ri_alloc, df_ri_bb_compute, df_ri_bb_compute, df_ri_compute):
	Changed variables live across setjmp computation.
	(df_ri_get_setjmp_crosses): New function.
	* regclass.c (init_subregs_of_mode): Changed return.
	(gate_subregs_of_mode_init, pass_subregs_of_mode_init): New.
	* rtl.h (init_subregs_of_mode): Removed.
	* integrate.c (allocate_initial_values): Removed incorrect parm
	attribute and changed instance of df used.
	* output.h (regno_clobbered_at_setjmp): Removed.
	* stack-ptr-mod.c: Fixed comment.
	* (regclass.o): Added tree-pass.h.
	* basic-block.h (safe_insert_insn_on_edge): Deleted.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Added
	* cfgrtl.c (mark_killed_regs, safe_insert_insn_on_edge): Deleted.
	* rtl-profile.c: Removed.

2006-04-21  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h (pass_stack_ptr_mod, pass_initialize_subregs,
	pass_reset_df): New.
	* flow.c (notice_stack_pointer_modification_1,
	notice_stack_pointer_modification, find_regno_partial_param,
	find_regno_partial, initialize_uninitialized_subregs): Moved to
	separate passes in separate files.
	(life_analysis): Removed call to notice_stack_pointer_modification.
	(rest_of_handle_life): Removed call to initialize_uninitialized_subargs.
	* df-core.c (reset_df, pass_reset_df): New.
	* (stack-ptr-mod.o, subregs-init.o): New.
	* passes.c (pass_stack_ptr_mod, pass_initialize_subregs,
	pass_reset_df): New passes.
	* subregs-init.c: New file that contains separate pass for
	* stack-pointer-mod.c: New file that contains separate pass for

2006-04-19  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* ifcvt.c (rest_of_handle_if_after_combine): Removed flow
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Moved clear_df to after
	combine and changed two expensive dce passes into a dse and fast
	dce pass.

2006-04-18  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* mode-switching.c (optimize_mode_switching): Created local
	instance of df and removed references to flow.
	* regmove.c (mark_flags_life_zones, regmove_optimize): Ditto.
	* global.c (global_alloc, rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Reused
	instance of df created in local alloc.
	* local-alloc.c (rest_of_handle_local_alloc): Create instance of
	ra_df used by all register allocation.
	* bb-reorder.c (fix_crossing_conditional_branches): Removed code
	to keep dataflow up to date.
	* (bb-reorder.o): Removed ref to DF_H.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Meved clear_df to before

2006-04-17  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h (pass_recompute_reg_usage): Deleted.  flow.c
	(pass_recompute_reg_usage, recompute_reg_usage): Deleted.  *
	sched-ebb.c (begin_schedule_ready, schedule_ebb,
	begin_schedule_ready, schedule_ebb, schedule_block): Threaded
	local instance of df.
	(schedule_ebbs): Created local instance of df.
	* haifa-sched.c (schedule_block, sched_init, sched_finish,
	generate_recovery_code, begin_speculative_block,
	add_to_speculative_block, init_before_recovery,
	create_recovery_block, create_check_block_twin, init_glat,
	init_glat1): Threaded local instance of df.
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Ditto.
	(rest_of_handle_sms): Removed unnecessary update of flow info.
	* sched-int.h (df.h): Now includes this.
	(schedule_block, sched_init, sched_finish, add_block): Added df
	* sched-rgn.c (begin_schedule_ready, schedule_region,
	schedule_insns): Threaded local instance of df.
	(schedule_insns): Removed unnecessary update of flow info.
	* (SCHED_INT_H): Added DF_H.
	(ddg.o, modulo-sched.o, haifa-sched.o, sched-deps.o, sched-rgn.o,
	sched-ebb.o): Removed DF_H.
	* ddg.c (build_inter_loop_deps): Swapped parms.
	(create_ddg): Swapped parms for call.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Removed dce and
	recompute_reg_use pass and moved clear_df to before first

2006-04-16  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df.h (shared_df): Removed.
	(ra_df): New.
	* core.c (shared_df): Removed.
	(ra_df): New.
	* postreload.c (reload_combine): Changed to use ra_df.
	* reload.c (push_reload, find_dummy_reload): Ditto.
	* global.c (global_alloc, global_conflicts, mark_elimination,
	build_insn_chain, rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Ditto.
	* reload1.c (compute_use_by_pseudos, reload): Ditto.
	* local-alloc.c (local_alloc, block_alloc): Created local instance
	of df.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Moved clear_df to before
	register allocators.
	* tree-pass.h (pass_partition_blocks): Removed redundant

2006-04-16  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h (pass_reset_df_after_reload): Removed.
	* df-core.c (reset_df_after_reload, pass_reset_df_after_reload):
	* function.c (prologue_epilogue_df): New global.
	(rtx keep_stack_depressed, thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns):
	Unthreaded local version of df and replaced with
	* rtl.h (prologue_epilogue_df): New.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Removed all uses of flow
	after register allocation.
	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_eax_live_at_start_p): Replaced use of
	flow with prologue_epilogue_df.

2006-04-15  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h (pass_flow2): Renamed to
	* passes.c (pass_flow2): Ditto.
	* final.c (rest_of_clean_state): Removed flow2_completed.
	* config/i386/ Ditto.
	* config/sh/ Ditto.
	* config/mips/ Ditto.
	* config/h8300/ Ditto.
	* flow.c: Ditto.
	(rest_of_handle_flow2): Moved to function.c as
	* timevar.def (TV_FLOW2): Renamed to
	* function.c (keep_stack_depressed): Added df parameter.
	(thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Made local function and
	removed unused parameter.  Added local instance of df.
	(rest_of_handle_thread_prologue_and_epilogue): New function
	renamed from flow.c.
	(pass_thread_prologue_and_epilogue): New pass.
	* rtl.h	(flow2_completed, thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns):
	* df-problems.c (df_ru_get_bb_info, df_rd_get_bb_info,
	df_lr_get_bb_info, df_ur_get_bb_info, df_urec_get_bb_info): Added
	* (function.o): Added timevar.h.

2006-04-13  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* rtl-factoring (collect_pattern_seqs, clear_regs_live_in_seq,
	recompute_gain_for_pattern_seq, clear_regs_live_in_seq,
	recompute_gain, split_blocks_after_seqs, split_pattern_seq,
	erase_matching_seqs, abstract_best_seq, rtl_seqabstr): Threaded
	local instance of df to replace all references to flow.
	(gate_rtl_seqabstr): Removed unnecessary calls.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Moved clear_df before
	rtl_seqabstr.  Removed some expensive calls to dce.
	* tree-pass.h (pass_fast_rtl_dce): New.
	* regrename.c (gate_handle_regrename): Update call to pass.
	* sched-rgn.c (rest_of_handle_sched2): Remove outdated calls.

2006-04-13  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regmove.c (rest_of_handle_stack_adjustments): Removed all
	references to flow.c and replaced with df.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Moved clear_df before

2006-04-12  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* recog.c (delete_insn_chain_and_dflow): New function.
	(peephole2_optimize): Replaced all flow references with df.  Added
	local instance of df.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Moved clear_df before peephole2.

2006-04-11  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* ifcvt.c (cond_exec_process_if_block, merge_if_block,
	noce_process_if_block, cond_move_process_if_block,
	process_if_block, find_if_header, find_cond_trap, find_if_case_1,
	find_if_case_2, dead_or_predicable): Threaded local copy of df
	thru the call stack.
	(merge_if_block, find_cond_trap, find_if_case_1, find_if_case_2,
	dead_or_predicable): Added code to update df in place.
	(if_convert): Removed parameter concerned with correct dataflow
	info, it now always is. Created instance of df.  Removed code to
	update old flow info.
	(rest_of_handle_if_after_reload): Removed unnecessary calls to
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Moved clear_df to before
	last ifconvert.  Renamed pass_cprop to pass_cprop_hardreg.
	* regrename.c (rest_of_handle_cprop): Renamed pass_cprop to
	* tree-pass.h: Renamed cprop to cprop_hardreg.

2006-04-11  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* sched-ebb.c (schedule_ebbs): Removed code to update dataflow
	after scheduling and removed unused parm from
	* sched-rgn.c (schedule_insns): Ditto.
	(rest_of_handle_sched): Added temp hack to rebuild flow based dataflow
	until flow is permanently removed.
	* haifa-sched.c (init_glat): Modified to create glat from df info.
	(attach_life_info, attach_life_info1, check_reg_live): Removed.
	(free_glat): Now cleans up df.
	* modulo-sched.c (compute_jump_reg_dependencies): Removed df parm.
	* ifcvt.c (rest_of_handle_if_conversion): Added code to clean up
	flow based reg_deaths after first call to ifconvert.
	* function.c (reposition_prologue_and_epilogue_notes): Removed
	unused parm.
	* rtl.h (reposition_prologue_and_epilogue_notes): Ditto.
	* sched-int.h (check_reg_live): Removed.

2006-04-10  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-core.c (reset_df_after_reload, clear_df): Added return to
	make compatible with pass manager.
	* dce.c (rest_of_handle_dce, rest_of_handle_fast_dce,
	rest_of_handle_dse): Ditto.

2006-04-09 Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regrename.c (merge_overlapping_regs, regrename_optimize):
	Threaded private instance of df.
	(regrename_optimize): Created private instance of df, removed
	all references or flow.
	(copyprop_hardreg_forward): Removed all references to flow.
	(gate_handle_regrename): Split reg rename and cprop into separate
	(gate_handle_cprop): New function.
	(pass_cprop): New pass structure.
	* tree-pass.h (pass_cprop): New pass structure.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Added cprop pass and
	moved clear_df pass closer to beginning.

2006-04-08  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h (pass_split_after_reload, pass_branch_target_load_optimize1
	pass_branch_target_load_optimize2): Added.
	(pass_branch_target_load_optimize): Deleted.
	* flow.c (rest_of_handle_flow2): Split the calls to split_all_insns and
	branch_target_load_optimize into their own passes.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Ditto.
	(init_optimization_passes): Moved clear_df pass to before
	second branch_target_load_optimize pass.
	* bt-load (compute_defs_uses_and_gen, build_btr_def_use_webs,
	migrate_btr_defs): Threaded private copy of df into these functions.
	(branch_target_load_optimize): Made private and add local
	instance of df.  Removed all references to flow.
	(rest_of_handle_branch_target_load_optimize1): New function.
	(rest_of_handle_branch_target_load_optimize): Renamed to
	rtl.h (branch_target_load_optimize): Removed.

2006-04-08  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* sched-ebb.c (init_ready_list, can_schedule_ready_p, new_ready,
	compute_jump_reg_dependencies, schedule_ebb, sched_analyze,
	schedule_block): Changed to pass instance of df.
	(compute_jump_reg_dependencies): Changed to use local instance
	of dataflow.
	* ddg.c (build_intra_loop_deps, sched_analyze,
	build_intra_loop_deps): Changed to pass instance of df.
	* ddg.h: added forward reference to struct df.
	* haifa-sched.c (schedule_insns, schedule_insn,
	schedule_block): Changed to pass instance of df.
	* modulo-sched (compute_jump_reg_dependencies): Ditto.
	(sms_schedule): Added call to do dce when stated.
	* sched-deps.c (sched_analyze_insn, sched_analyze):
	Changed to pass instance of df.
	* rtl.h (schedule_insns, schedule_ebbs): Ditto.
	* sched-int.h (init_ready_list, can_schedule_ready_p, new_ready,
	compute_jump_reg_dependencies, sched_analyze, schedule_block):
	* sched-rgn.c (check_live_1, update_live_1, check_live,
	update_live, init_ready_list, can_schedule_ready_p, new_ready,
	compute_jump_reg_dependencies, compute_block_backward_dependences,
	schedule_region, schedule_insns): Ditto.
	(schedule_insns): Removed call to update_life_info when finished.
 	(rest_of_handle_sched, rest_of_handle_sched2): Creates local
 	instance of df.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): moved clear_df pass
	* (df-core.o): Added except.h and dce.h
	(modulo-sched.o): Added DF_H.
	* recog.c (split_all_insns): Removed old code that was used to
	update dataflow.
	* reg-stack.c (rest_of_handle_stack_regs): Removed ifdefed out code.

2006-04-07  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* recog.c (split_all_insns): Removed parameter and code to
	update dataflow.
	* sched-rgn.c (rest_of_handle_sched2): Removed parm to
	* flow.c (rest_of_handle_flow2): Ditto.
	(rest_of_handle_split_all_insns): Added call to update old
	dataflow after this pass.
	rest_of_handle_split_before_regstack): New function.
	(pass_split_after_reload): New structure.
	* rtl.h (split_all_insns): Removed param.
	* bb-reorder.c (rest_of_handle_reorder_blocks): Removed
	references to flow.
	* reg-stack.c (subst_stack_regs_pat): Removed unnecessary

2006-04-07  Daniel Berlin  <>
	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* regoc.c (dbr_schedule): Added parm to call to df_lr_add_problem.
	* ifcvt.c (if_convert): Ditto.
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Ditto.
	* reg-stack.c (reg_to_stack): Ditto.
	* global.c (global_alloc, rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Ditto.
	(rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Removed call to df_set_state.
	* basic_block.h (clear_reg_deaths): New function.
	* flow.c: (clear_reg_deaths): New function.
	(rest_of_handle_life): Added parm to call to df_lr_add_problem and
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_free_internal): Added code to clear new
	bit vectors.
	(df_scan_alloc): Added extra parameter and code to initialize
	new bit vectors.
	(df_scan_dump): Added code to dump new bit vectors.
	(df_problem problem_SCAN): Added extra field.
	(df_scan_add_problem): Added flags parameter.
	(df_rescan_blocks): Added code to remove deleted blocks from
	bitmap and extra parm to call to df_scan_alloc.
	(df_insn_create_insn_record): Removed return value.
	(df_set_state): Removed function.
	(df_ref_record, df_bb_refs_record, df_record_entry_block_defs,
	df_record_exit_block_uses): Changed the way flags are processed.
	(df_bb_refs_record, df_refs_record, df_record_exit_block_uses):
	Restructured scanning to fixed hard regs so bitmaps could be
	recorded for later use.
	(df_has_eh_preds): Now public.
	* df-core.c (df_mvs_dump, df_set_flags, df_clear_flags,
	df_delete_basic_block): New function.
	(df_init): Changed location of flags.
	(df_add_problem): Added flags parameter and the way flags are
	(df_insn_uid_debug, df_ref_debug, debug_df_defno, debug_df_ref,
	debug_df_chain): Improved debugging output.
	(clear_df): Added call to clear_reg_deaths.
	* df.h: Some reordering to remove forward references.
	(dataflow.flags): New field.
	(df.flag): Deleted field.
	(df_alloc_function): Added additional bitmap parameter.
	(df_dependent_problem_function): New type.
	(df_problem.changeable_flags): New field.
	DF_SCAN_GLOBAL, DF_SCAN_POST_ALLOC, df_state): Removed.
	(df_refs_chain_dump, df_ref_debug, df_chain_dump): Removed df
	(df_add_problem, df_ru_add_problem, df_rd_add_problem,
	df_lr_add_problem, df_ur_add_problem, df_urec_add_problem,
	df_ri_add_problem, df_scan_add_problem): Added flags parameter.
	(df_set_state): Removed function.
	(df_set_flags, df_clear_flags, df_delete_basic_block, df_has_eh_preds) New functions.
	* df-problems.c (df_get_dependent_problem): Deleted function.
	(df_ru_alloc, df_rd_alloc, df_lr_alloc, df_ur_alloc,
	df_urec_alloc, df_chain_alloc, df_ri_alloc): Added all blocks
	(df_ru_alloc, df_rd_alloc): Now resets all blocks.
	(df_ru_dump, df_rd_dump, df_lr_dump, df_ur_dump, df_urec_dump,
	df_chains_dump): Fixed crash if problem was never run.
	(df_ru_add_problem, df_rd_add_problem, df_lr_add_problem,
	df_ur_add_problem, df_urec_add_problem, df_chain_add_problem,
	df_ri_add_problem): Processes flags in uniform manner.
	(df_lr_bb_local_compute): Fixed case to account for return value
	(df_lr_bb_local_compute): Changed processing of exit block.
	(df_lr_transfer_function): Added hook to call dce.
	(df_lr_free): Added lr problem data.
	(df_set_notes_for_mw, df_reg_lifetime): Removed function.
	(df_lr_simulate_artificial_refs_at_end, df_lr_simulate_one_insn,
	df_kill_notes, df_set_unused_notes_for_mw, df_set_dead_notes_for_mw):
	New function.
	(df_ri_alloc, df_ri_bb_compute, df_create_unused_note,
	df_ri_bb_compute, df_ri_compute, df_ri_free, df_ri_add_problem):
	Added functionality to compute register information.
	dce.c (deletable_insn_p): Cannot delete PREFETCHes.
	(delete_unmarked_insns): Also delete noop moves as well as support for
	calling dce from df.
	(prescan_insns_for_dce, rest_of_handle_dce, end_fast_dce,
	dce_process_block, rest_of_handle_fast_dce,
	rest_of_handle_dse): Restructured to handle being directly called from

2006-03-14  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h: Added pass to clear other dataflow infomation out.
	* final.c (rest_of_handle_final, rest_of_clean_state): Cleared out
	references to df.
	(rest_of_clean_state) Added regstack_completed.
	* reorg.c (fill_simple_delay_slots, fill_slots_from_thread,
	fill_eager_delay_slots, make_return_insns): Added df parameter to function.
	(make_return_insns, dbr_schedule) Added df parameter to calls.
	* flow.c (update_life_info): Added glue code to df calls.
	* df-scan.c (df_scan_free_internal, df_insn_refs_delete, df_ref_record): Added
	code to properly handle multiword hard registers.
	(df_ref_create_structure, df_ref_record): Added code to properly handle subregs.
	(df_ref_create_structure): Changed switching structure.
	(df_bb_refs_record): Fixed case where duplicate artificial refs
	were created.
	(df_record_entry_block_defs): Added code to make stack pointer
	live in entry block.  Refined cases where frame pointer is needed.
	* df-core.c (df_mvs_dump, clear_df): New function.
	(pass_clear_df): New pass structure.
	(df_insn_uid_debug, df_ref_debug, debug_df_defno, debug_df_ref,
	debug_df_chain): Improved debugging output.
	* df.h: Some reordering to remove forward reference.
	(df_ref_flags.DF_REF_MW_HARDREG, DF_REF_PARTIAL): New fields.
	(df_ref_flags.DF_REF_DIES_AFTER_THIS_USE): Removed.
	(df_mw_hardreg): New struct.
	(DF_INSN_UID_MWS): New macro.
	(df_refs_chain_dump, df_ref_debug, df_chain_dump): Removed df
	* rtl.h (regstack_completed): New global var.
	* resource.c (mark_target_live_regs): Added passed in instance of
	* resource.h (mark_target_live_regs): Ditto.
	* df-problems.c (df_chain_dump): Removed df parameter.
	df_rd_bb_local_compute_process_def, df_lr_bb_local_compute,
	df_lr_bb_local_compute, df_chain_create_bb): Made subreg aware.
	(df_ru_bb_local_compute, df_rd_bb_local_compute,
	df_lr_bb_local_compute, df_lr_bb_local_compute,
	df_chain_create_bb): Cleanup to use proper macros.
	(df_ur_local_finalize, df_ur_local_finalize): Removed unnecessary
	code to fixup bitvectors.
	(df_ri_alloc): Cleared lifetime.
	(df_ignore_stack_reg, df_kill_notes, df_set_notes_for_mw,
	df_create_unused_note): New function.
	(df_ri_bb_compute, df_ri_compute): Added code to create/update
	* reg-stack.c (regstack_completed): New variable.
	(reg_to_stack): Modified to use it's own instance of df.
	(rest_of_handle_stack_regs): Removed most cleanup code.
	* (reorg.o, RESOURCE_H): Added dependancy to df.h.
	(final.o): Removed dependency to df.h
	* passes.c (pass_magic_life): Removed.
	(pass_clear_df): Added.
	* dce.c (prescan_insns_for_dce, end_fast_dce): Now works if no instance of
	df is available.
	(dce_process_block): Made subreg aware.
	(rest_of_handle_fast_dce): Reset bitvectors when iterating.
	(prescan_insns_for_dse): Removed useless code.

2006-02-06  Daniel Berlin  <>

	* doc/rtl.texi: Document REG_LIBCALL_ID.
	* optabs.c (libcall_id): New variable.
	(emit_no_conflict_block): Use it to emit
	(emit_libcall_block): Ditto.
	* combine.c (distribute_notes): Deal with
	* reg-notes.def (LIBCALL_ID): New note.
	* dce.c (marked_libcalls): New variable.
	(in_libcall): Removed.
	(mark_insn): Mark which libcalls we need to fully mark.
	(mark_libcall_insns): New function.
	(end_dce): Free marked_libcalls.
	(init_dce): Allocate marked_libcalls.
	Call mark_libcall_insns.

2006-01-17  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* df-core.c (df_iterative_dataflow): Added debugging assert.
	(df_insn_uid_debug): New debugging function.
	(df_insn_debug): Changed to used df_insn_uid_debug.
	(df_analyze_problem): Made public.
	* df.h (df_analyze_problem): Ditto.
	* cfgcleanup.c (cleanup_cfg): Now calls run_fsst_dce.
	* flow.c (update_life_info): Ditto.
	* dce.c (init_dce, mark_insn,
	mark_nonreg_stores, prescan_insns_for_dce): Added parameter so
	that they could be called from both handle_rest_of_dce and
	(marked_insn_p): Added code to be tolerant of artifical defs,
	which do not have insns.
	(mark_nonreg_stores_2): New function.
	(mark_artificial_uses, mark_reg_dependencies, store_base_local,
	mark_escaping_stores, mark_dependent_stores,
	prescan_insns_for_dse): Added parameter to mark_insn.
	(rest_of_handle_dce): Added parameter to prescan_insns_for_dce.
	(record_stores): Added parameter to mark_non_reg_stores.
	(dce_process_block, rest_of_handle_fast_dce, gate_fast_dce,
	run_fast_dce): New functions to do dce faster.
	(rest_of_handle_dse) Added parameter to init_dce.
	* dce.h (run_fast_dce): Added declaration.

2006-01-17  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-scan.c (df_hard_reg_init): Moved declaration of i outside macro.

2006-01-17  Ian Lance Taylor <>

	* combine.c (combine_instructions): Pass instruction
        to note_stores and set_nonzero_bits_and_sign_copies.
	(set_nonzero_bits_and_sign_copies): We can't assume
        anything about non-zero bits for registers initialized with
	themselves if the register is not live on entry to the block.

2005-01-17  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	PR dataflow/25799
	* df-problems.c (df_ru_confluence_n, df_rd_confluence_n):
	Corrected confluence operator to remove bits from op2 before oring
	with op1 rather than removing bits from op1.
	* (df_ru_transfer_function): Corrected test on wrong bitmap which
	caused infinite loop.

2005-01-17  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-scan.c (df_scan_free_bb_info): Added basic block parameter to
	be able to clean out basic block when not necessary.
	(df_scan_free): Fixed to properly delete information if df is
	unused before calling df_finish.
	(df_scan_alloc, df_rescan_blocks, df_reg_chain_unlink,
	df_insn_create_insn_record, df_bb_refs_record): Fixed formatting
	or comment typos.
	(df_bb_refs_delete): New function.
	(df_refs_delete): Moved per block code to df_bb_refs_delete.
	* df-core.c (df_set_blocks): Added code to properly clean out
	unused blocks if they are not part of the blocks to consider.
	(df_compact_blocks): Added basic block parameter to free_bb_fun to
	be able to clean out basic block when not necessary
	* df.h (df_free_bb_function): Ditto.
	(df_bb_refs_delete): New function.
	* df-problems.c (df_ru_free_bb_info, df_rd_set_bb_info,
	df_lr_set_bb_info, df_ur_free_bb_info, df_urec_free_bb_info):Added
	basic block parameter to be able to clean out basic block when not
	(df_ru_alloc, df_rd_alloc): Fixed dyslexic overflow test.
	(df_ru_free, df_rd_free, df_lr_free, df_ur_free, df_urec_free):
	Fixed to properly delete information if df is unused before
	calling df_finish.

2006-01-06  Daniel Berlin  <>
  	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-scan.c (df_reg_use_gen, df_reg_def_gen): Removed.
	(df_insn_contains_asm_1): New function.
	(df_insn_contains_asm): Rewritten to use for_each_rtx.
	(df_insn_refs_record): Fixed call to df_insn_contains_asm and
	the way calls are processed.
	(df_insn_refs_record, df_bb_refs_record): Changed calls to not
	need df_reg_use_gen or df_reg_def_gen.
	* loop-invariant.c (free_inv_motion_data): Removed duplicated code typo.

2005-12-30  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df-core.c (df_find_def, df_find_use):  Added subreg aware code.
	(df_reg_defined, df_reg_used): New function.
	* df.h (df_reg_defined, df_reg_used): New function.
	* loop-invariant.c (struct invariant, hash_invariant_expr,
	eq_invariant_expr, find_or_insert_inv, find_or_insert_inv,
	find_identical_invariants, merge_identical_invariants,
	find_defs, create_new_invariant, check_dependencies,
	find_invariant_insn, find_invariants, get_inv_cost,
	best_gain_for_invariant, set_move_mark, move_invariants,
	free_inv_motion_data): Functions added from mainline patch.
	(invariant_for_use, hash_invariant_expr_1, invariant_expr_equal_p,
	check_dependencies, create_new_invariant, find_invariant_insn
	move_invariant_reg): Functions modified from mainline patch to be
	consistent with latest df.

2005-12-22  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* df-scan.c (df_ref_unlink): Fix thinko when REF == CHAIN.

2005-12-22  Danny Berlin <>
    	    Richard Sandiford  <>
	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* tree-pass.h: Added passes for new dce and dse.
	* flow.c (update_life_info, propagate_block): Added hooks to
	call new dead code elimination.
	* common.opt (flag_flow_dce, flag_new_dce): Ditto.
	* passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Ditto.
	* cfgcleanup.c (cleanup_cfg): Ditto.
	* timevar.def: New time vars for dce and dse.
	(propagate_block_delete_insn): Added debugging.
	* dce.c: New File containing dead code elimination and dead
	store elimination based on df.

2005-12-19  Kenneth Zadeck <>

        * flow.c (update_life_info, count_or_remove_death_notes): Fixed
	latent bug that could happen if update_life_info was called with a
	blocks parameter and the call to cleanup_cfg actually deleted one
	of those blocks.
	* loop-invariant.c (move_loop_invariants): Fixed df
	* struct-equiv.c (struct_equiv_init): Made dataflow compatible with

2005-12-18  Daniel Berlin  <>
            Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* fwprop.c (local_ref_killed_between_p): New Function.
	(use_killed_between, varying_mem_p, all_uses_available_at,
	update_df, subst, forward_propagate_subreg,
	forward_propagate_and_simplify, forward_propagate_into, fwprop,
	fwprop_addr): Changes to support modifications to df datastructures.
	* ddg.c (add_deps_for_def, add_deps_for_use, build_inter_loop_deps):
	* flow.c (verify_local_live_at_start, update_life_info,
	update_life_info, initialize_uninitialized_subregs,
	propagate_one_insn, init_propagate_block_info,
	init_propagate_block_info, regno_clobbered_at_setjmp,
	rest_of_handle_life): Ditto.
	* modulo-sched.c (sms_schedule): Ditto.
	* web.c (union_defs, entry_register, web_main): Ditto.
	* global.c (global_alloc, global_conflicts, mark_elimination,
	build_insn_chain, rest_of_handle_global_alloc): Ditto.
	* ifcvt.c (find_if_case_1, if_convert): Ditto.
	* loop_invariant.c (find_defs, record_use, find_invariant_insn,
	find_invariants_to_move, move_invariant_reg, move_invariant_reg,
	free_inv_motion_data, move_loop_invariants):
     	* bb-reorder.c (rest_of_handle_reorder_blocks): Ditto.
	* reg-stack.c (reg_to_stack): Ditto.
	* postreload.c (reload_combine): Changed set reference to
	reflect different dataflow problem.
	* reload.c (push_reload, find_dummy_reload): Ditto.
	* postreload.c (rest_of_handle_postreload): Fixed typo in comment.
	* tree-pass.h: Added pass_reset_df_after_reload.
	* df.c: Removed, rewritten as df-core.c, df-problems.c and df-scan.c.
	* df-scan.c: The scanning fuctions, once in df.c, completely
	rewritten so that they now fully model the functionality of
	register usage at the backend.
	* cfgrtl.c (dump_regset_in, dump_regset_out): New dataflow
	* print functions.
	(rtl_dump_bb, print_rtl_with_bb): Changed to use
	dump_regset_in, dump_regset_out).
	* sched_deps (sched_analyze_1): Changed to used renamed
	df_read_modify_subreg_p (was read_modify_subreg_p).
	(df_scan_free_internal, df_scan_get_bb_info,
	df_scan_set_bb_info, df_scan_free_bb_info, df_scan_alloc,
	df_scan_free, df_scan_dump, df_scan_add_problem,
	df_grow_reg_info, df_grow_ref_info, df_grow_insn_info,
	df_rescan_blocks, df_ref_create, df_get_artificial_defs,
	df_get_artificial_uses, df_reg_chain_create, df_ref_unlink,
	df_reg_chain_unlink, df_ref_remove,
	df_insn_create_insn_record, df_insn_refs_delete,
	df_refs_delete, df_reorganize_refs, df_reg_use_gen,
	df_reg_def_gen, df_set_state, df_ref_create_structure,
	df_ref_record, df_read_modify_subreg_p, df_def_record_1,
	df_defs_record, df_uses_record, df_insn_contains_asm,
	df_insn_refs_record, df_bb_refs_record, df_refs_record,
	df_mark_reg, df_record_exit_block_uses, df_hard_reg_init): New functions.
	* df-core.c: The core dataflow solver and glue routines for
        rtl dataflow.
	(df_init, df_add_problem, df_set_blocks, df_finish,
	df_hybrid_search_forward, df_hybrid_search_backward,
	df_iterative_dataflow, df_prune_to_subcfg,
	df_analyze_problem, df_analyze, df_get_bb_info,
	df_set_bb_info, df_analyze_simple_change_some_blocks,
	df_analyze_simple_change_one_block, df_compact_blocks,
	df_bb_replace, df_bb_regno_last_use_find,
	df_bb_regno_first_def_find, df_bb_regno_last_def_find,
	df_insn_regno_def_p, df_find_def, df_find_use, df_dump,
	df_refs_chain_dump, df_regs_chain_dump, df_insn_debug,
	df_insn_debug_regno, df_regno_debug, df_ref_debug,
	debug_df_insn, debug_df_reg, debug_df_regno, debug_df_ref
	debug_df_defno, debug_df_useno, reset_df_after_reload): New functions.
	* df-problems.c: Seven concrete dataflow problems that use the scanning
	in df-scan.c and are solved by the engine in df-core.c.
	(df_get_dependent_problem, df_chain_create,
	df_chain_unlink, df_chain_copy, df_get_live_in,
	df_get_live_out, df_grow_bb_info, df_chain_dump,
	df_print_bb_index, df_ref_bitmap, df_set_seen,
	df_unset_seen, df_ru_get_bb_info, df_ru_set_bb_info,
	df_ru_free_bb_info, df_ru_alloc,
	df_ru_bb_local_compute_process_use, df_ru_bb_local_compute,
	df_ru_local_compute, df_ru_init_solution,
	df_ru_confluence_n, df_ru_transfer_function, df_ru_free,
	df_ru_dump, df_ru_add_problem, df_rd_get_bb_info,
	df_rd_set_bb_info, df_rd_free_bb_info, df_rd_alloc,
	df_rd_bb_local_compute_process_def, df_rd_bb_local_compute,
	df_rd_local_compute, df_rd_init_solution,
	df_rd_confluence_n, df_rd_transfer_function, df_rd_free,
	df_rd_dump, df_rd_add_problem, df_lr_get_bb_info,
	df_lr_set_bb_info, df_lr_free_bb_info, df_lr_alloc,
	df_lr_bb_local_compute, df_lr_local_compute, df_lr_init,
	df_lr_confluence_0, df_lr_confluence_n,
	df_lr_transfer_function, df_lr_free, df_lr_dump,
	df_lr_add_problem, df_ur_get_bb_info, df_ur_set_bb_info,
	df_ur_free_bb_info, df_ur_alloc, df_ur_bb_local_compute,
	df_ur_local_compute, df_ur_init, df_ur_local_finalize,
	df_ur_confluence_n, df_ur_transfer_function, df_ur_free,
	df_ur_dump, df_ur_add_problem, df_urec_get_bb_info,
	df_urec_set_bb_info, df_urec_free_bb_info, df_urec_alloc,
	df_urec_mark_reg_change, df_urec_check_earlyclobber,
	df_urec_bb_local_compute, df_urec_local_compute,
	df_urec_init, df_urec_local_finalize, df_urec_confluence_n,
	df_urec_transfer_function, df_urec_free, df_urec_dump,
	df_urec_add_problem, df_chain_alloc,
	df_chain_create_bb_process_use, df_chain_create_bb,
	df_chain_finalize, df_chain_free, df_chains_dump,
	df_chain_add_problem, df_ri_alloc, df_ri_bb_compute,
	df_ri_compute, df_ri_free, df_ri_dump, df_ri_add_problem,
	df_reg_lifetime) New functions.
	df.h: Complete rewrite to support new df-problems.c, df-scan.c and

2005-12-14  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* bitmap.c (bitmap_clear_range): Removed extra debugging.

2005-12-12  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* rtl.h (find_occurrence): Declare.
	* rtlanal.c (find_occurrence): New.
	(loc_mentioned_in_p): Accept a NULL value for IN.
	(commutative_operand_precedence): Remove useless code looking
	for constant RTX_EXTRA rtxen.
	* common.opt (-fforward-propagate): New.
	* tree-pass.h: Add forward propagation passes.
	* passes.c: Ditto.
	* timevar.def: Add forward propagation timevar.
	* fwprop.c: New file.
	* Add fwprop.o dependencies.

2005-11-28  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* config/sh/sh.c (sh_output_mi_thunk): Use df_finish.

2005-11-17  Paolo Bonzini  <>

        * df.h (struct df_reach): Add size field.
        * df.c (df_realloc_reach_bitmaps, df_renumber_refs): New.
        (df_reg_use_chain_create, df_reg_def_chain_create): Use them.
        Fix GNU coding standards compliancy.

2005-11-11  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* df.c (df_chain_create): Move declaration of bb outside define

2005-11-08  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* df.c (df_local_ref_killed_between_p): Reinstate.

2005-11-08  Daniel Berlin  <>
            Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* bitmap.c (bitmap_element_free, bitmap_element_link, bitmap_and,
	bitmap_and_compl, bitmap_ior, bitmap_ior_into, bitmap_xor,
	bitmap_xor_into): Fixed latent performance issue where current
	was being properly kept up to date.
	(bitmap_clear_range, bitmap_compl_and_into): New functions to support
	dataflow analysis.
	* df.c (df_rd_confluence_n, df_alloc_reach_bitmaps, df_free_reach_bitmaps,
	df_clear_reach_bitmaps, df_ru_confluence_n, df_lr_confluence_0,
	df_lr_confluence_n, df_init, df_dump): Changed the way EH_USES is processed.
       	(df_bitmaps_alloc, df_bitmaps_free,
	df_bb_reg_def_chain_create, df_bb_reg_def_chain_create,
	df_reg_use_chain_create, df_rd_transfer_function,
	df_alloc_reach_bitmaps, df_ref_bitmap, df_bb_rd_local_compute,
	df_rd_local_compute, df_bb_ru_local_compute, df_analyze,
	df_analyze_subcfg, df_analyze_simple_change_some_blocks): Fixed
	performance problems by grouping all defs and uses
	for the same pseudo into contigious ranges.
	(df_bb_du_chain_create, df_bb_ud_chain_create): Combined in
	new function df_bb_chain_create.
	(df_chain_create, df_alloc_reach_bitmaps, df_free_reach_bitmaps,
	df_clear_reach_bitmaps, df_ref_bitmap): New function.
	(df_rd_init, df_rd_confluence_n, df_rd_transfer_function,
	df_rd_set_dflow, df_ru_transfer_function, df_ru_confluence_n,
	df_ru_transfer_function, df_ru_set_dflow, df_lr_transfer_function,
	df_lr_set_dflow, df_lr_confluence_n, df_ur_transfer_function,
	df_ur_set_dflow, df_ur_init, df_ur_transfer_function, df_ur_set_dflow
	df_ur_confluence_n, hybrid_search_forward, hybrid_search_backward
	iterative_dataflow): Changed interface for dataflow callback
	functions to hide where the source of bitmaps.
       	(df_rd_set_bitmaps, df_ru_set_bitmaps, df_lr_set_bitmaps,
	df_ur_set_bitmaps, df_bitmap_ior_edge):	Removed as part of
	changing dataflow callback interface.
	(df_free, df_ref_create, df_ref_record_1,
	df_record_exit_block_uses, df_refs_record, df_exit_lr_local_compute,
	df_insn_move_before, df_local_ref_killed_between_p,
	df_bb_regno_last_def_find, df_chain_dump, df_dump):
	Added chains that go to artifical uses in exit block.
	(df_exit_bb_reg_use_chain_create, df_exit_bb_chain_create):
	New functions to support artifical uses in exit block.
	(df_insn_refs_record): Added new DF_REF_CLOBBER ref type to
	avoid creation of artifical chains for clobbers at call sites.

2005-11-03  Paolo Bonzini  <>
	    Steven Bosscher  <>

	* df.c (df_free): Fix call to df_bitmaps_free.
	(df_bb_regno_last_def_find): Make it return what it is supposed
	to return.
	(df_local_ref_killed_between_p): New.

2005-11-01  Daniel Berlin  <>
            Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* flow.c (update_life_info): Added debugging.
	(init_propagate_block_info): Fixed typo.
	* df.c (df_refs_unlink, df_ref_record_1, df_ref_record,
	read_modify_subreg_p, df_def_record_1, df_insn_refs_record):
	Fixed control of when regs_ever_live is modified.
	* combine.c: Documentation rot.
	* reload1.c: Used wrong type of comment.

2005-10-31  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* reg-stack.c (subst_stack_regs_pat): Expect USEs to be ignored for
	(change_stack): Initialize partially dead registers.
	(convert_regs_1): Handle dead return values.
	(reg_to_stack): Switch to partial liveness.
	(propagate_stack): Push in partially live stuff.

2005-10-25  Daniel Berlin  <>
            Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* cfgrtl.c (print_rtl_with_bb): Fixed problem with debugging
	output of bitmaps.
	* df.c (mark_reg_change): Fixed problem computing sizes of hard regs.
	* reload1.c (reload): Fixed over agressive updating of bitmaps.
	* sched-rgn.c (schedule_insns): Cleaned away some useless verification
	(rest_of_handle_sched2): Removed debugging.

2005-10-24  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* sched-rgn.c (check_live_1, update_live_1, rest_of_handle_sched):
	Converted to use partially available liveness.
	(init_regions, schedule_insns, rest_of_handle_sched):
	Removed assertion checking based on death notes.

2005-10-23  Daniel Berlin  <>
	    Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df.c (df_bitmaps_alloc, df_lr_local_compute, df_compute_all_blocks):
	Removed df->all_blocks.
	(df_lr_local_compute): Added flag to indicate that
	blocks was really the whole function.
	(df_ref_record): Fixed missing case for memory refs.
	(df_insn_refs_record): Fixed regs ever live processing.
	(df_bb_refs_record): Removed debugging code.
	(df_bb_lr_local_compute, notice_stack_pointer_modification,
	df_bb_lr_local_compute): Moved stack pointer modification
	detection code back to flow.c.
	(df_bb_lr_local_compute, hybrid_search_forward,
	hybrid_search_backward): Formatting cleanup.
	(df_compute_all_blocks, notice_stack_pointer_modification):
	(df_analyze):  Changed the definition of whole program to be all
	reachable blocks rather than all blocks.
	(df_analyze_subcfg, df_analyze_simple_change_some_blocks): Added
	parameter to df_lr_local_compute.
	(df_rtx_reg_replace): Fixed way it decided it was processing
	entire function.
	* df.h: Removed all_blocks from struct df definition.
	* flow.c (notice_stack_pointer_modification_1,
	notice_stack_pointer_modification): Added back.
	(life_analysis): Added back call to
	(struct tree_opt_pass pass_life, rest_of_handle_flow2):
	Added debugging.
	* gcse.c (gcse_main, bypass_jumps): Additional places where we had missed
	in renumbering entry and exit blocks.
	* global.c (global_alloc): Additional debugging code.

2005-10-19  Daniel Berlin  <>

	* df.c (df_lr_local_compute): Fix thinko regarding pseudos and call

2005-10-19  Kenneth Zadeck <>

	* df.c (df_bitmap_ior_edge, df_lr_confluence_0
	df_lr_confluence_n, df_ur_confluence_n, df_ur_set_bitmaps): New
	(df_exit_lr_local_compute, dataflow_set_a_op_b): Removed
	(df_ur_set_bitmaps, mark_reg_change, df_ur_local_finalize,
	mark_reg_use_for_earlyclobber, df_ur_local_compute,
	df_bb_reg_live_start, df_bb_reg_live_end, df_bb_reg_live_start_p,
	df_bb_reg_live_end_p): Renamed "reaching registers"
	problem (rr) to "uninitialized registers" problem.
	(df_free): Changed variables freed.
	(df_ref_record): Added more sophisticated hard register scan.
	(df_insn_refs_record): Changed way invalidated_by_call is
	(df_bb_refs_record, df_exit_lr_local_compute,
	df_bb_lr_local_compute): Removed bad way to simulate edge functions.
	There are now real confluence functions.
	(notice_stack_pointer_modification): Disabled.
	(df_bb_lr_local_compute): Disabled call to
	notice_stack_pointer_modification. Added code to properly handle hard
	regs at call site.
	(df_lr_local_compute): Added more hard reg processing.
	Changed order exit block is processed.
	(df_init): Added some invariant hard regs initialization.
	(df_refs_process): Removed artifical special case.
	(df_print_bb_index, df_dump): Removed parameter to df_dump.
	(hybrid_search_forward, hybrid_search_backward): Added
	confluence function calls.
	(iterative_dataflow): Added hack to initialize in and out sets
	with hard registers.  This will be removed later.
	* df.h: Removed DF_ARTIFICIAL_DEFS.  Renamed "reaching registers".
	problem (rr) to "uninitialized registers" problem. Changed confluence
	operator to general confluence functions.
	* flow.c (verify_wide_reg, verify_local_live_at_start): Removed
	parameter to df_dump.
	* reg_stack.c (reg_to_stack): Ditto.
	* sched_rgn.c (init_regions, schedule_insns): Ditto.
	* web.c (web_main): Ditto.
	* flow.c: (update_life_info): Removed DF_ARTIFICIAL_DEFS.
	* global.c (global_alloc): Ditto.

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