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@c Copyright (C) 1988-2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
@c This is part of the GCC manual.
@c For copying conditions, see the file gcc.texi.

@node Service
@chapter How To Get Help with GCC

If you need help installing, using or changing GCC, there are two
ways to find it:

@itemize @bullet
Send a message to a suitable network mailing list.  First try
@email{} (for help installing or using GCC), and if
that brings no response, try @email{}.  For help
changing GCC, ask @email{}.  If you think you have found
a bug in GCC, please report it following the instructions at
@pxref{Bug Reporting}.

Look in the service directory for someone who might help you for a fee.
The service directory is found at
@end itemize

For further information, see