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+Leap Motion Core Assets
+These assets go along with our V2 Skeletal Tracking. There are multiple
+customizable hands, a physical "RigidHand" and some useful gestures that
+interact with the physics engine like magnetic pinching. There are also 
+prefabs and examples to support Oculus VR Head Mounted Display applications.
+Before you begin:
+  You first need Leap Motion Skeletal V2 Tracking installed from:
+  https://developer.leapmotion.com/
+Getting Started:
+  You can make the simplest "Hello Hands" scene by dropping the
+  HandController.prefab in front of, and below the camera. The HandController
+  prefab is a 'virtual' Leap Motion Controller. Since your real hands appear
+  above the real Leap Motion Controller, the virtual hands will appear above
+  the virtual HandController prefab. You can scale the controller to change
+  how big and how far the hands appear from the HandController prefab.
+  If you want to get started hitting boxes around a room, the
+  ControllerSandBox.prefab might be a good place to start. It is a closed off
+  room with walls at the edges of hand tracking. So you should have good
+  tracking everywhere in the sandbox.
+Physics and the RigidHand prefab:
+  Our current physics model is a Box Collider for each bone and palm. This
+  is great for patting, touching, flicking, and scooping objects. If you want
+  to grab objects you can use some of the resources in the Demos which give 
+  you one handed and two handed grabs.
+Customizing Hands:
+  There are two HandModel fields in the HandController prefab
+   - a Hand Graphics Model
+   - a Hand Physics Model
+  This first object says what the hand should look like, the second says how
+  it interacts with the physics engine. You can drag different prefabs into
+  these fields to have a different looking hand or change how it interacts
+  with the environment.
+  The SkeletalHand prefab is a good place to customize your own hand. Just
+  put objects into any of the bones on the fingers or in the palm and they'll
+  become part of the hand. Keep in mind that you shouldn't have Colliders in
+  the Hand Graphics Model because it doesn't get updated on the Physics loop.
+  If you want to use tools, you can drop a ToolModel object into the
+  HandController's ToolModel parameter. There are currently two tools shipped
+  with these assets: a flash light and a low fidelity spatula but there will
+  be more in the future. Please send in any requests.
+  There are plenty of examples using these assets available at:
+  https://github.com/leapmotion-examples/
+Questions/Bugs/Feature Requests?
+  Please post on https://community.leapmotion.com/c/development