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 ## Contributing
+The docker image installs the kernel in editable mode, meaning that you can
+change the code in real-time in Docker. For that, just run the docker box like
+git clone
+cd jupyter-c-kernel
+docker run -v $(pwd):/jupter/jupyter_c_kernel/ -p 8888:8888 brendanrius/jupyter-c-kernel
+This clones the source, run the kernel, and binds the current folder (the one
+you just cloned) to eh corresponding folder in Docker.
+Now, if you change the source, it will be reflected in [http://localhost:8888](http://localhost:8888)
+instantly. Do not forget to click "restart" the kernel on the page as it does
+not auto-restart.
+### Version control
 Create branches named `issue-X` where `X` is the number of the issue.
 Rebase instead of merge.