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+\subsection{Cell Broadband Engine}
+Cell Broadband Engine is a microprocessor architecture jointly developed by Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment, Toshiba, and IBM.
+The first major commercial application of Cell Broadband Engine was in Sony's PlayStation 3 game console.
+The Cell processor can be split into four components:
+external input and output strctures, the main processor called the Power Processing Element (PPE),
+eight fully functional co-processors called the Synergistic Processing Elements or SPEs,
+and a specialized high-bandwidth circular data bus connecting the PPE, input/output elements and the SPEs,
+called the Element Interconnect Bus or EIB (Figure \ref{fig:cell_arch}).
+  \begin{center}
+    \includegraphics[scale=0.4]{./pic/cell-main.pdf}
+  \end{center}
+  \caption{Cell Broadband Engine Architecture}
+  \label{fig:cell_arch}
 % Cell の説明いれる
 % \subsection{Mailbox}
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 In addition, Cerium Task Manager has many type of task, is a drawback of such description.
 This can be solved by the system description the dependency of the task rather than on the user side.
-\nocite{cell_abi, opencl}
+\nocite{cell_abi, opencl, clay200912}
 % \nocite{yutaka:2010a, cell_abi, cell_cpp, cell_sdk, libspe2, ydl, clay200912, fix200609}