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author Takahiro SHIMIZU <>
date Tue, 26 Jun 2018 22:41:26 +0900
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./ --prefix=/Users/anatofuz/workspace/cr/Basic/build_perl6 --backends=moar --with-nqp=//Users/anatofuz/workspace/cr/Basic/build_perl6/bin/nqp


/Users/anatofuz/workspace/cr/Basic/build_perl6/bin/moar --execname="$0" --libpath="." --libpath="blib" --libpath="/Users/anatofuz/workspace/cr/Basic/build_perl6/share/nqp/lib" --libpath="/Users/anatofuz/workspace/cr/Basic/build_perl6/share/nqp/lib" /Users/anatofuz/workspace/cr/Basic/perl6/MoarVM_basic/rakudo/perl6.moarvm --nqp-lib=blib -e '
say "=" x 96;

say "This is Rakudo Perl 6 running in the LLVM debugger, which often allows the user to generate useful back-\ntraces to debug or report issues in Rakudo, the MoarVM backend or the currently running code.\n";

unless $*VM.config<ccdebugflags> { say "The currently used MoarVM backend is not compiled with debugging symbols, you might want to\nreconfigure and reinstall MoarVM with --debug enabled.\n" }

say "This Rakudo version is $*PERL.compiler.version() built on MoarVM version $*VM.version(),";
say "running on $*DISTRO.gist() / $*KERNEL.gist()\n";

say "Type `bt full` to generate a backtrace if applicable, type `q` to quit or `help` for help.";

say "-" x 96;'
lldb /Users/anatofuz/workspace/cr/Basic/build_perl6/bin/moar -- --execname="$0" --libpath="." --libpath="blib" --libpath="/Users/anatofuz/workspace/cr/Basic/build_perl6/share/nqp/lib" --libpath="/Users/anatofuz/workspace/cr/Basic/build_perl6/share/nqp/lib" /Users/anatofuz/workspace/cr/Basic/perl6/MoarVM_basic/rakudo/perl6.moarvm --nqp-lib=blib "$@"