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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "base.h"
#include "TaskList.h"
#include "ListData.h"
#include "DmaManager.h"
#include "SchedTaskBase.h"
#include "MemList.h"
#include "MemHash.h"

#define MAX_USER_TASK 32
#define MAX_GLOBAL_AREA 32

class SchedTaskBase;
class SchedTask;
class SchedTaskList;
class TaskManagerImpl;
class HTask;

typedef int (*TaskObjectRun)(SchedTask* smanager, void* r, void *w);

// Task Object Table
//  this is named TaskObjectRun but it is not an object.
//  It is a pointer to an object creation function
//  大きいので、SPEには置かない方が本当は良い...
//  get_segment で取って来るのが、おそらくは正しい。
typedef struct task_object {
    TaskObjectRun run;
    memaddr location;            // location address in a.out
    memaddr end;            
    uint32 entry_offset;        // offset for create();
    MemorySegment *segment;
    void (*load)(Scheduler *,int);
    void (*wait)(Scheduler *,int);
}  __attribute__ ((aligned (DEFAULT_ALIGNMENT)))
      TaskObject, *TaskObjectPtr;

extern "C" {
    extern long random();

class Scheduler {
    TaskManagerImpl* manager_tmp;

    virtual ~Scheduler();

    /* variables */
    int id;
    MemHash *hash;

    // double buffering
    TaskListPtr buff_taskList[2];

    int buffFlag_taskList;

    /* GlobalMemoryList */
    /* global among Tasks in the same CPU */
    void* globalList[MAX_GLOBAL_AREA];

    /* MainMemory Allocate Command List */
    memaddr mainMemList[MAX_MAINMEM_AREA];

    /* Code Area */
    MemList *code_segment_pool;

    DmaManager* connector;
    TaskManagerImpl* manager;

    /* functions */
    void init(TaskManagerImpl *m);
    void run(SchedTaskBase* task1);

    virtual void init_impl() {};
    void finish();

    TaskListPtr get_curListBuf();
    TaskListPtr get_renewListBuf();

    void set_backupTaskList(TaskListPtr cur_taskList);
    void set_backupTaskListIndex(int cur_index);
    SchedTaskList* get_nextRenewTaskList();
    TaskListPtr get_backupTaskList();
    int get_backupTaskListIndex();

    /* GlobalMemory */
    void* global_alloc(int id, int size);
    void* global_get(int id);
    void global_set(int id, void *addr);
    void global_free(int id);
    //MemList* createMemList(int size, int count);
    MemList* createMemList(int size, int count);
    void free_(void *p) { free(p); }

    virtual void mainMem_alloc(int id, int size) {};
    virtual void mainMem_wait() {};
    memaddr mainMem_get(int id);

    MemorySegment * get_segment(memaddr addr, MemList *m);
    MemorySegment * get_segment(memaddr addr, MemList *m, int size);
    void allocate_code_segment(int size, int count,struct tbl *table);

    virtual uint32 get_tag();
    void put_segment(MemorySegment *s);
    void wait_segment(MemorySegment *s);

    /* DMA Transfer */
    void dma_load(void *buf, memaddr addr, uint32 size, uint32 mask);
    void dma_store(void *buf,memaddr addr, uint32 size, uint32 mask);
    void dma_wait(uint32 mask);
    void dma_wait(uint32 mask, int cmd);
    void show_dma_wait() { connector->show_dma_wait(this, id); };
    void start_profile() { connector->start_profile(); };
    void mail_write(memaddr data);
    void mail_write_queue(memaddr data);
    void mail_write_finish_list(memaddr data);
    memaddr mail_read();
    void dma_loadList(ListDataPtr list, void *, uint32 mask);
    void dma_storeList(ListDataPtr list, void *, uint32 mask);

    /* manager */

    void set_manager(TaskManagerImpl *m) { 
      manager = m;

    /* user */

    long get_random() ;
    Scheduler *get_scheduler() { return this; };
    int printf(const char *format, ...);
    int vprintf0(const char *format, va_list ap);

}  ;

extern void register_task(int cmd, TaskObjectRun run);
extern void register_dynamic_task(int cmd, 
    memaddr start, int size, TaskObjectRun run,
    int entry_offset);

struct tbl { 
    unsigned int vma; 
    unsigned int size; 
    unsigned int file_offset; 
    unsigned int buf; 

extern TaskObject task_list[MAX_TASK_OBJECT];

inline void
loadSchedTask(Scheduler *scheduler,int command)


#define SchedConstructor(str)                                           \
    str() {}                                                            \
    BASE_NEW_DELETE(str)                                                \

#define SchedDefineTask(str)  SchedDefineTask1(str,run)                                            \

#define SchedDefineTask1(str,run)                                            \
    static int run(SchedTask *smanager, void *rbuf, void *wbuf); \
    extern "C" { \
    int runTask_##str(SchedTask *smanager, void *rbuf, void *wbuf) \
    {                                                                   \
	return run(smanager, rbuf, wbuf); \
    } \

#define SchedExternTask(str)                                            \
    extern "C" { \
	extern int runTask_##str(SchedTask *manager, void *rbuf, void *wbuf)   ; \

#define SchedRegisterTask(cmd, str)             \
    register_task(cmd, runTask_##str);

#define SchedRegister(str)             \
    register_task(str, runTask_##str);

#define SchedDefineDynamicTask(str,segment)                             \

#ifndef NO_OVERLAY
#define SchedExternDynamicTask(str,segment)                             \
    extern "C" { \
	extern unsigned long long _EAR_; \
	extern struct tbl _ovly_table[]; \
	extern int runTask_##str(SchedTask *manager, void *rbuf, void *wbuf)   ; \
#define SchedExternDynamicTask(str,segment) SchedExternTask(str)   

#ifndef NO_OVERLAY
#define SchedRegisterDynamicTask(cmd, str, segment)                    \
    register_dynamic_task(cmd,  (memaddr)(_EAR_+_ovly_table[segment].file_offset), \
		     _ovly_table[segment].size, \
                    runTask_##str, \
#define SchedRegisterDynamic(str, segment) SchedRegisterDynamicTask(str, str, segment)                    
#define SchedRegisterDynamicTask(cmd, str, segment) SchedRegisterTask(cmd, str)
#define SchedRegisterDynamic(str, segment) SchedRegisterDynamicTask(str, str, segment)                    

/* end */