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date Mon, 15 Apr 2019 09:43:28 +0900
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COPYRIGHT	copyright notice
MANIFESTO	this file
README		general instruction on micro-C
alloc.txt	malloc library for FLEX
c.txt		runtime library for FLEX
diff_to_mc2	diff from mc.c to mc2.c (micro-c for flex)
fileio.txt	basic io library for FLEX
fileio2.txt	basic io library 2 for FLEX (I've forgotten the difference)
makefile	makefile
mc.c		micro-c for UNIX
mclib.c		simplified library for mc2.c on FLEX
scanf.txt	scanf library for FLEX
stdio.txt	standard io library for FLEX
stdio2.txt	standard io library 2 for FLEX (I've forgotten the difference)
string.txt	string library for FLEX
uf.c		terminal emulator/file transfer for FLEX (hardware sensitive)