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CoCoOS9 version
author Shinji KONO <>
date Sat, 14 Jul 2018 15:16:13 +0900
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* MakDir - create directories
* $Id: makdir.asm,v 2001/02/21 23:30:54 boisy Exp $
* Ed.    Comments                                       Who YY/MM/DD
* ------------------------------------------------------------------
* 5      Makes multiple directories from a single       ADK
*        pathlist (i.e. foo/bar/bar2)

         nam   Makdir
         ttl   program module       

* Disassembled 94/12/08 21:42:56 by Alan DeKok

         use   defsfile

tylg     set   Prgrm+Objct   
atrv     set   ReEnt+rev
rev      set   $01
edition  set   5

         mod   eom,name,tylg,atrv,start,size

Param    rmb   2          parameter area
MFlag    rmb   1          made a directory yet from this pathlist?
         rmb   200        stack space
size     equ   .

name     fcs   /MakDir/
         fcb   edition

Sk.1     leax  1,x        go on to the next character
Skip     lda   ,x         get a character
         cmpa  #C$SPAC    space?
         beq   Sk.1       if so, skip it

* Any pathnames at all?
* Exit with error if none
Start    bsr   Skip       skip the first bit, if applicable
         cmpa  #C$SPAC    is it a CR?
         bne   start2     no, go ahead and make directories
         comb             set carry
         ldb   #E$BPNam   a CR is a bad pathname...
         bra   Exit       and go exit

* skip leading spaces or '/' and setup pointers
start1   bsr   Skip       skip any non-zero characters, if applicable
start2   ldb   #$FF       a non-zero value
         stb   <MFlag     we haven't made a directory from this pathname yet
         stx   <Param     save in the parameter area
         cmpa  #PDELIM    leading slash?
         bne   S.020      if not, go get the name

* find the pseudo-end of the pathname, stopping at space, cr, '/'
S.010    leax  1,x
S.020    lda   ,x
         cmpa  #C$SPAC    space?
         beq   S.030
         cmpa  #C$CR      cr?
         beq   S.030
         cmpa  #PDELIM    slash?
         bne   S.010      if none of these, then skip this character

* force the pathname to be a subset of the full pathname
S.030    pshs  a,x        save byte found, where we found it
         lda   #C$CR      force it to be a CR
         sta   ,x

*try to open it for reading, i.e. does it already exists?
         ldx   <Param     get the start address of this pathname
         lda   #DIR.+READ. open the directory for reading
         os9   I$Open     check if the directory already exists
         bcs   S.040      if there was an error opening it, go make it
         OS9   I$Close    close the path to the file
         bra   S.050      skip making this directory

* The partial pathname doesn't exist, so create it
S.040    ldx   <Param     get the start address of this pathname
         ldb   #^SHARE.  everything but SHARE.
         os9   I$MakDir 
         bcs   Error
         clr   <MFlag     clear the flag: we've successfully made a directory

* make pathname full again, and continue
S.050    puls  a,x        restore byte, address
         sta   ,x         restore it
         cmpa  #PDELIM    was it a slash?
         beq   S.010      yes, make pathname full again, and find next one

* searched this pathname, have we made a directory from it?
         tst   <MFlag     have we made a directory?
         bne   CEF        if not, error out with fake E$CEF

* check for end/continue flag
         cmpa  #C$SPAC    was it a space?
         beq   start1     yup, go get another pathname to create

ClnExit  clrb             no error
Exit     OS9   F$Exit     and exit

CEF      comb             set carry
         ldb   #E$CEF     we've just tried to create an existing file
Error    pshs  b,cc       save error code

         lda   #2         to STDERR
         leax  EMsg,pc    to error found string
         ldy   #Elen
         OS9   I$Write

         ldx   <param     get pathname we're trying to open
         ldy   #200       a _very_ long pathname
         OS9   I$WritLn   we're sure that the name ends in a CR...
         puls  b,cc       restore error code, condition
         bra   Exit

EMsg     fcc   /makdir: error creating /
ELen     equ   *-EMsg

eom      equ   *