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CoCoOS9 version
author Shinji KONO <>
date Sat, 14 Jul 2018 15:16:13 +0900
line wrap: on
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* Proc - Show process information
* $Id: proc.asm,v 2001/02/21 23:30:54 boisy Exp $
* From "Inside Level II" by Kevin Darling
* Ed.    Comments                                       Who YY/MM/DD
* ------------------------------------------------------------------
* 1      Original version                               KKD 88/10/28
* ?      Modified to show status in English, stderr     ??? 89/07/30
*        and the system process
* 11     Modified to add current executing/editing      LCB 94/11/08
*        module name for Basic09 and/or RunB programs

         nam   Proc
         ttl   Show process information

         use   defsfile

Type     set   Prgrm+Objct
Revs     set   ReEnt+1
edition  set   11

bufsiz   set   512
CR       set   $0D
Spc      set   $20
stdout   set   1

         mod   PrgSiz,Name,Type,Revs,Entry,DatSiz

Name     fcs   /Proc/
         fcb   edition

* Data Equates
umem     rmb   2          Data mem ptr
sysimg   rmb   2          pointer to sysprc datimg
datimg   rmb   2          datimg for copymem
datimg2  rmb   2          2nd copy for non-descriptor use
basicflg rmb   1          Flag that primary module is BASIC09 or RUNB
outptr   rmb   2          pointer in outbuf
number   rmb   3
leadflag rmb   1
path     rmb   3          stdin, stdout and stderr
pid      rmb   1
namlen   rmb   1
hdr      rmb   64
outbuf   rmb   80         Buffer for output string
buffer   rmb   bufsiz     working proc. desc.
sysprc   rmb   bufsiz     system proc. desc.
stack    rmb   200
datsiz   equ   .

* Messages
* Headers
Header   fcc   " ID Prnt User Pty  Age  Tsk  Status  Signal   Module    I/O Paths "
         fcb   CR
Hdrlen   equ   *-Header

Header2  fcc   /___ ____ ____ ___  ___  ___  _______ __  __  _________ __________________/
Hdrcr    fcb   CR
Hdrlen2  equ   *-Header2

* State Strings (6 characters each)
Quesstr  fcc   /??????/
TimSlpSt fcc   /TSleep/
TimOStr  fcc   /TimOut/
ImgChStr fcc   /ImgChg/
SuspStr  fcc   /Suspnd/
CondmStr fcc   /Condem/
DeadStr  fcc   /Dead          /
Spaces   fcc   /              /
SystmSt  fcc   /System        /

* Special case module names
basic09  fcc   'BASIC'
b09sz    equ   *-basic09
runb     fcc   'RUNB'
runbsz   equ   *-runb
basicms2 fcc   ')'
         fcb   CR
Nomodule fcc   'Not Defined'
Nomodsz  equ   *-Nomodule

Entry    stu   <Umem      save data mem ptr
         lda   #stdout    Std out path=1
         leax  Hdrcr,PC   print blank line
         ldy   #1
         os9   I$WritLn
         bcs   Error
         leax  Header,pcr  Print header line 1
         ldy   #Hdrlen
         os9   I$WritLn
         bcs   Error
         leax  Header2,pcr Print header line 2
         ldy   #Hdrlen2
         os9   I$WritLn
         bcs   Error
         lda   #1
         leax  >sysprc,U  get system proc. desc.
         os9   F$GPrDsc
         bcs   Error
         leax  P$DatImg,X just for its dat image
         stx   <sysimg
         clra             set <pid = start -1
         sta   <basicflg  Default: not a RUNB or BASIC09
         sta   <pid

* Main Program Loop
Main     ldu   <umem      Get data mem ptr
         leax  OutBuf,U   Point to line buffer to print to screen
         stx   <outptr
         inc   <pid       next process
         beq   Exit       If wrapped, we are done
         lda   <pid       get proc ID to check 
         leax  Buffer,U   Point to place to hold process dsc.
         os9   F$GPrDsc   Get it
         bcs   Main       loop if no descriptor
         bsr   Output     print data for descriptor
         bra   Main       Do rest of descriptors

Exit     clrb  
Error    os9   F$Exit

*  Subroutines
* Print Data re Process
* Entry: X=Ptr to buffer copy of process descriptor (Buffer,u)
Output   lda   P$ID,X     process id
         lbsr  Outdecl    print pid
         lda   P$PID,X    parent's id
         lbsr  Outdecl
         lbsr  Spce
         ldd   P$User,X   user id
         lbsr  Outdec
         lbsr  Spce
         lda   P$Prior,X  priority
         lbsr  Outdecl
         lbsr  Spce
         lda   P$Age,X    age
         lbsr  Outdecl
         lbsr  Spce
         lbsr  Spce
         lda   P$Task,X   task no.
         lbsr  Out2HS
         lbsr  Spce
         lda   P$State,X  state
         pshs  X          save X
         lbsr  OutState
         puls  X          restore x
         lda   P$Signal,X signal
         lbsr  Outdecl    - in decimal
         lbsr  Spce
         lda   P$Signal,X signal
         lbsr  Out2HS     - in hex
         lbsr  Spce
         ldd   P$Path,X   get stdin and stdout
         std   <path
         lda   P$Path+2,X and stderr
         sta   <path+2
* Print primary module name
* IN: X - ptr to process descriptor copy (buffer,u)
         leay  P$DATImg,X
         tfr   Y,D        d=dat image
         std   <datimg
         std   <datimg2   2nd copy for 2ndary name
         lda   <pid       working on system process?
         cmpa  #1
         beq   Outp2      yes, print name
         ldx   P$PModul,X x=offset in map
         ldb   #9         set minimum space padded size of name
         stb   <namlen
         lbsr  Printnam   Go append name to buffer
         bra   Outp3

Outp2    leax  SystmSt,pcr print "System"
         ldb   #9         name length
         lbsr  PutSt1
* Print Standard input Device
Outp3    lbsr  Spce
         lda   #'<
         lbsr  Print
         lbsr  Device
         lda   <path+1    get stdout
         sta   <path
         lda   #'>
         lbsr  Print
         lbsr  Device
Stderr   lda   <path+2    get stderr
         sta   <path
         lda   #'>
         lbsr  Print      print first >
         lda   #'>
         lbsr  Print
         bsr   Device
* Print Line
         ldx   <outptr    now print line
         lda   #CR
         sta   ,X         terminate line with CR
         ldu   <umem
         leax  outbuf,U   Print it (up to 80 chars)
         ldy   #80
         lda   #stdout
         os9   I$Writln
         lbcs  Error
         lda   <basicflg  Was module RUNB or BASIC09?
         beq   notbasic   No, finished this entry
         clr   <basicflg  Yes, clear out flag for 2nd call to Printnam
         leax  outbuf,u   Point to output buffer start
         ldd   #$20*256+45 45 spaces
copylp   sta   ,x+        Put spaces into output buffer
         decb             Drop size counter
         bne   copylp     Copy entire message
         lda   #'(        Add opening parenthesis
         sta   ,x+
         stx   <outptr    Save new output buffer ptr
         ldd   <datimg2   Get programs DAT img
         std   <datimg    Save over descriptor one
         ldx   #$002f     $002f in basic09 is ptr to current module
         ldy   #2         Just need ptr for now
         ldu   <umem
         leau  hdr,u      Point to place to hold it
         os9   F$CpyMem   Get current module ptr
         ldu   <umem      Get data mem ptr
         ldx   hdr,u      Get ptr to module start in BASIC09 workspace
         beq   NotDef     If 0, no 'current module' defined
         lbsr  Printnam   Go append sub-module name to output buffer
         bra   printit    Add closing chars & print it

NotDef   ldx   <outptr    Get current output buffer ptr
         leay  Nomodule,pcr Point to 'Not Defined'
         ldb   #Nomodsz   Size of message
Notlp    lda   ,y+        Copy it
         sta   ,x+
         decb             Until done
         bne   Notlp
         stx   <outptr    Save output buffer ptr for below
printit  ldd   basicms2,pcr Get closing ')' + CR
         ldx   <outptr    Get current output buffer ptr
         std   ,x         Append to output buffer
         ldu   <umem
         leax  outbuf,U   Print it (up to 80 chars)
         ldy   #80
         lda   #stdout
         os9   I$Writln
         lbcs  Error
notbasic rts   

* Print Character in A and Device Name
Device   ldu   <umem      restore U
         lda   <path
         bne   Device2    if <path = 0, print spaces
         leax  Spaces,pcr
         lbra  PutStr

* Get device name
Device2  leau  hdr,U      get table offset in sys map
         ldd   <sysimg
         ldx   #D.PthDBT  from direct page
         ldy   #2
         os9   F$CpyMem
         lbcs  Error
         ldx   hdr        get <path descriptor table
         ldy   #64
         ldd   <sysimg
         os9   F$CpyMem
         lbcs  Error
         ldb   <path      point to <path block
         lsrb             four           <paths/ block
         lda   B,U        a=msb block addr.
         pshs  A
         ldb   <path      point to <path
         andb  #3
         lda   #$40
         puls  A          d= <path descriptor address
         addb  #PD.Dev    get device table pointer
         tfr   D,X
         ldd   <sysimg
         ldy   #2
         os9   F$CpyMem
         lbcs  Error
         ldx   hdr        x= dev. table entry sys.
         ldb   #V$Desc    we want descr. pointer
         ldd   <sysimg
         ldy   #2
         os9   F$CpyMem
         lbcs  Error
         ldx   hdr        get descriptor addr.
         ldu   <umem
         ldd   <sysimg
         std   <datimg
         ldb   #5
         stb   <namlen
** Find and print a module name
* IN:  X - module offset
*      U - data area
*      <datimg = pointer
* Read module header
Printnam pshs  U          save u
         leau  hdr,U      destination
         ldd   <datimg    proc <datimg pointer
         ldy   #10        set length (M$Name ptr is @ 4)
         os9   F$CpyMem   Get 1st 10 bytes of module header
         lbcs  Error
* Read name from Module to buffer
         ldd   M$Name,U   get name offset from header
         ldu   <outptr    move name to outbuf
         leax  D,X        X - offset to name
         ldd   <datimg
         ldy   #40        max length of name we will accept
         os9   F$CpyMem   Get copy of module name
         puls  U
         lbcs  Error

         pshs  X
         ldx   <outptr
         pshs  X          Save start of module name ptr
         clrb             set            length = 0
Name3    incb             Bump up # chars long name is
         lda   ,X+        Get char from module name
         bpl   Name3      No hi-bit terminator yet, keep checking
         cmpb  #40        Done, is it >39 chars?
         bhs   Name5      Yes, skip ahead
         anda  #$7F       Take out hi-bit
         sta   -1,X       Save char back without hi-bit
         cmpb  <namlen    Bigger than max name size we allow?
         bhs   Name5      No, skip ahead
         lda   #Spc       If smaller, pad with spaces
Name4    sta   ,X+
         cmpb  <namlen
         blo   Name4
Name5    stx   <outptr    Save new output buffer ptr
         lda   <basicflg  Are we here doing a basic09 sub-module?
         bne   notbas     Yes, don't get stuck in recursive loop
         ldx   ,s         Get ptr to start of module name again
         leay  basic09,pcr Check for BASIC09 1st
         ldb   #b09sz     Size of module to check           
chkb09lp lda   ,x+        Get char from module name
         anda  #$df       Force to uppercase
         cmpa  ,y+        Same as one for BASIC09?
         bne   chkrunb    No, check runb
         decb             Done 'BASIC' yet?
         bne   chkb09lp   No, keep checking
         ldd   ,x++       Get last 2 chars from name
         cmpd  #$3039     '09'?
         bne   chkrunb    No, try runb
         lda   ,x         Next char space (end of name)?
         cmpa  #$20
         beq   setflag    Yes, set basic09 flag
chkrunb  leay  runb,pcr    Point to 'runb'
         ldb   #runbsz
         ldx   ,s         Get ptr to name in buffer
chkrunlp lda   ,x+        Get char
         anda  #$df       Force to uppercase
         cmpa  ,y+        Match?
         bne   notbas     No, not either basic
         decb             Done whole check?
         bne   chkrunlp   No, keep checking
setflag  sta   <basicflg  Set basic09 flag
notbas   leas  2,s        Eat start of module name ptr
         puls  X,PC       Restore X & return

* Print Hexidecimal Digit in D
Out4HS   pshs  B
         bsr   Hexl
         puls  A
Out2HS   bsr   Hexl

Spce     lda   #Spc
         bra   Print

* Print Hexidecimal Digit in A
Hexl     tfr   A,B
         bsr   Outhex
         tfr   B,A
Outhex   anda  #$0F
         cmpa  #$0A       0 - 9
         bcs   Outdig
         adda  #$07       A - F
Outdig   adda  #'0        make ASCII

Print    pshs  X
         ldx   <outptr
         sta   ,X+
         stx   <outptr
         puls  X,PC

* Print 1 Decimal Digit in B
Outdecl  tfr   A,B        <number to B

* Print 2 Decimal Digits in D
Outdec   clr   <leadflag
         pshs  X
         ldx   <umem
         leax  <number,X
         clr   ,X
         clr   1,X
         clr   2,X
Hundred  inc   ,X
         subd  #100
         bcc   Hundred
         addd  #100
Ten      inc   1,X
         subd  #10
         bcc   Ten
         addd  #10
         stb   2,X
         bsr   Printled
         bsr   Printled
         bsr   Printnum
         bsr   Spce
         puls  X,PC

Printnum lda   ,X+        get char
         adda  #$30-1     make ASCII
         bra   Print

Printled tst   <leadflag  print leading zero?
         bne   Printnum   yes
         ldb   ,X         is it zero?
         inc   <leadflag
         bne   Printnum   no, print zeros
         clr   <leadflag
         lda   #Spc
         leax  1,X
         bra   Print

* Print process state in English
*  IN:  A = P$State
OutState tfr   A,B
         bitb  #SysState  system?
         beq   OutSt1     no
         lda   #'s        s = System state
         bra   OutSt2

OutSt1   lda   #Spc

OutSt2   bsr   Print
         bitb  #TimSleep
         bne   PTimSlp
         bitb  #TimOut
         bne   PTimOut
         bitb  #ImgChg
         bne   PImgCh
         bitb  #Suspend
         bne   PSuspnd
         bitb  #Condem
         bne   PCondem
         bitb  #Dead
         bne   PDead
         bitb  #$04
         bne   PQues
         leax  Spaces,pcr  nothing to report
         bra   PutStr

PQues    leax  QuesStr,pcr
         bra   PutStr

PTimSlp  leax  TimSlpSt,pcr
         bra   PutStr

PTimOut  leax  TimOStr,pcr
         bra   PutStr

PImgCh   leax  ImgChStr,pcr
         bra   PutStr

PSuspnd  leax  SuspStr,pcr
         bra   PutStr

PCondem  leax  Condmstr,pcr
         bra   PutStr

PDead    leax  Deadstr,pcr

Putstr   ldb   #6         six characters

Putst1   lda   ,X+
         lbsr  Print
         bne   PutSt1

Prgsiz   equ   *