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CoCoOS9 version
author Shinji KONO <>
date Sat, 14 Jul 2018 15:16:13 +0900
line wrap: on
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* SWSet - Set time in SmartWatch
* $Id: swset.asm,v 2001/02/21 23:30:54 boisy Exp $
* Copyright May, 1990 by Robert Gault
* SWSET will set the smartwatch in either 12hr or 24hr mode
* time will be sent to OS-9 in 24hr mode for compatability
* see new DATE which presents time in 12hr. mode with day of week
* and SWREAD which sends data from clock to OS-9
* Ed.    Comments                                       Who YY/MM/DD
* ------------------------------------------------------------------
* 1      Revised: clock disable; no relocation          RG  95/07/04

         nam   SWSet
         ttl   Set time in SmartWatch

         use   defsfile

type     set   prgrm+objct
revs     set   reent+1
edition  set   1

         mod   pgrmend,name,type,revs,start,size

locblk0  rmb   2          pointer to block 0
locblk3E rmb   2          pointer to block $3E ie. disk ROM
temp1    rmb   1
temp2    rmb   1
clkbyte  rmb   1
clkflag  rmb   1
mpiimage rmb   1
alrtimag rmb   8          storage for the allert code with following:
csec     rmb   1
sec      rmb   1
min      rmb   1
hour     rmb   1
daywk    rmb   1
daymn    rmb   1
month    rmb   1
year     rmb   1
stopbyte rmb   1
rawdata  rmb   18
stack    rmb   200
size     equ   .

rom      equ   $FFDE
ram      equ   $FFDF
multipac equ   $FF7F
cartI    equ   $FF22
skp1     equ   $21
skp2     equ   $8C        code for cmpx #nn

name     fcs   /SWSet/
         fcb   edition

clknfnd  fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /no clock found/
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /I'm running Setime/
         fcb   C$CR
setime   fcc   /setime/
         fcb   C$CR
swread   fcc   /swread/
         fcb   C$CR

query    lda   #1
         os9   I$Writln
         clra             path 0
         leax  temp1,u    storage
         ldy   #1
         os9   I$Read
         lda   temp1      get key

start    leax  alrtimag,u point to image of allert code
         ldb   #8
         leay  allert,pcr
s1loop   lda   ,y+        transfer to data
         sta   ,x+
         bne   s1loop
         ldb   #8
s2loop   clr   ,x+        clear out the time date data
         bne   s2loop
         dec   ,x         mark stop byte
         lda   multipac
         anda  #3         keep IRQ
         ora   #$30       start with slot 4
         sta   mpiimage   save setting
         lda   #1
         leax  crmesage,pcr copyright message
         ldy   #mesage1-crmesage
         os9   I$WritLn
getfunc  leax  mesage1,pcr select	time or disable clock
         ldy   #mesage2-mesage1
         bsr   query
         anda  #$DF
         cmpa  #'D        disable
         lbeq  killit
         cmpa  #'T        timer
         lbeq  doit
         cmpa  #'C        clock
         bne   getfunc
getday   leax  mesage2,pcr
         ldy   #mesage3-mesage2 get day of week
         bsr   query
         suba  #'0
         blo   getday
         cmpa  #7
         bhi   getday
         sta   daywk      convert from ascii to number
tmode    leax  mesage3,pcr 12	or 24 hour time
         ldy   #mesage4-mesage3
         bsr   query
         cmpa  #'1        error trap
         blo   tmode
         cmpa  #'2
         bhi   tmode
         beq   date
         lda   #%10000000 12 hr bit
         sta   hour
getAMPM  leax  mesage4,pcr
         ldy   #mesage5-mesage4
         lbsr  query
         anda  #$df
         cmpa  #'A
         beq   AMPMcode
         cmpa  #'P
         bne   getAMPM
         ldb   #%100000   PM bit
AMPMcode orb   hour
         stb   hour
date     leax  mesage5,pcr get date and time
         lda   #1
         ldy   #endmes-mesage5
         os9   I$Writln
         leax  rawdata,u
         ldy   #18
         os9   I$ReadLn
         leax  rawdata,u
         clr   temp1
         bsr   ascbcd
         stb   year
         bsr   ascbcd
         stb   month
         bsr   ascbcd
         stb   daymn
         bsr   ascbcd
         tst   hour
         beq   sthour
         cmpb  #$12       max in 12 hour mode
         bhi   date
         orb   hour
sthour   stb   hour
         bsr   ascbcd
         stb   min
         bsr   ascbcd
         stb   sec
         bra   doit

ascbcd   clr   temp2
         bsr   data1
         bne   noinfo
         com   temp2
         tfr   a,b
         bsr   data1
         bne   endasc
         pshs  a
         addb  ,s+
endasc   rts   
noinfo   leas  2,s
         bra   doit

data1    lda   ,x+
         beq   nomore
         cmpa  #C$CR
         beq   nomore
         cmpa  #C$SPAC
         beq   data2
         cmpa  #'/
         beq   data2
         cmpa  #':
         beq   data2
         suba  #'0
         bcs   error
         cmpa  #9
         bhi   error
         orcc  #4
data2    tst   temp2
         beq   data1
nomore   com   temp1
error    leas  4,s
         lbra  date

doit     pshs  u
         ldb   #1
         ldx   #$3E       disk rom
         os9   f$mapblk
         bcs   exit2
         stu   locblk3E
         ldx   #0
         os9   f$mapblk
         bcs   exit2
         leax  ,u
         stx   locblk0
         ldu   ,s
         bsr   reloc
         ldb   #1
         ldu   locblk3E
         os9   f$clrblk
         ldb   #1
         ldu   locblk0
         os9   f$clrblk
         puls  u
         tst   clkflag
         bne   exit
         lda   #2
         leax  clknfnd,pcr
         ldy   #40
         os9   I$Writln
         lda   #$11
         ldb   #2
         leax  setime,pcr
         ldy   #0
         leas  stack,u
         leau  size,u
         os9   F$Chain
exit     lda   #$11
         ldb   #2
         leax  swread,pcr
         ldy   #0
         leas  stack,u
         leau  size,u
         os9   F$Chain
exit2    leas  2,s
         os9   F$Exit

killit   lda   #C$SPAC
         sta   daywk
         bra   doit

reloc    pshs  cc
         lda   d.hinit,x  get $FF90 image
         ldb   multipac
         pshs  d
         anda  #$CC       external disk rom access
         orcc  #$50
         sta   $FF90      set for external ROM
         sta   rom
         ldx   locblk3E
         ldb   mpiimage   get new value
         clr   clkflag

findclk  stb   multipac   set new slot
         leay  allert,pcr
         lda   4,x        clear clock
         bita  #1
         beq   low
low      stb   clkbyte
         bsr   nxtbyte
         bsr   gettime
         tst   clkflag
         bne   found
         ldb   mpiimage
         bitb  #$30       test for last try
         beq   found
         subb  #$10       next slot
         stb   mpiimage
         lbra  findclk

nxtbyte  ldb   #8         bits/byte
         lda   ,y+
         cmpa  #-1
         bne   nxtbit
nxtbit   lsra  
         bcs   high
         cmpa  ,x         talk to clock; faster than tst
         fcb   skp2
high     cmpa  1,x
         bne   nxtbit
         bra   nxtbyte

gettime  lda   #8         bytes to read
         pshs  a
timebyte ldb   #8
timebit  lsr   4,x        read clock
         bne   timebit
         cmpa  clkbyte
         beq   maybe
         inc   clkflag
maybe    dec   ,s
         bne   timebyte
         leas  1,s

found    tst   clkflag
         beq   noclk1
         leay  alrtimag,u
         lda   4,x
         bsr   nxtbyte
noclk1   sta   ram
         puls  d
         stb   multipac
         tst   cartI
         sta   $ff90
         puls  cc,pc

allert   fcb   $C5,$3A,$A3,$5C,$C5,$3A,$A3,$5C,$ff
crmesage fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /Set Smartwatch/
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /(c) May, 1990 by Robert Gault/
         fcb   C$LF
         fcb   C$CR
mesage1  fcc   /Select clock, timer, or disable/
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /<C>lock; <T>imer; <D>isable ->/
mesage2  fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /Enter the day 0-7; Mon=1 Sun=7/
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /day = ->?	/
mesage3  fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /Select 12 or 24 hour clock/
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /<1> = 12; <2> = 24  ->/
mesage4  fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /Select <A>M or <P>M ->/
mesage5  fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /Enter as much of the date & time as desired/
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   !yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss!
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   /->/
endmes   equ   *
pgrmend  equ   *