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CoCoOS9 version
author Shinji KONO <>
date Sat, 14 Jul 2018 15:16:13 +0900
line wrap: on
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* XMode - Modify device descriptors
* $Id: xmode.asm,v 2001/02/21 23:30:54 boisy Exp $
* XMode  by Bruce Isted
*        based on "DMode", a program by Kevin K. Darling
* XMode is an SCF device descriptor utility similar to the original XMode,
* intended to replace the original utility.  This utility works on SCF
* descriptors in memory or on disk in single module files.
* Ed.    Comments                                       Who YY/MM/DD
* ------------------------------------------------------------------
* 1      Release to public domain                       BRI 89/06/21

         nam   XMode
         ttl   Modify device descriptors

         use   defsfile

BuffSize equ   10         max. CHAR string length
Edtn     equ   1
MaxSize  equ   $80        maximum module size
NameSize equ   4          maximum module name length
Vrsn     equ   1

         org   0
Count    rmb   1          number of option bytes
DataPtr  rmb   2          current option ptr
HexIn    rmb   2          2 byte hex number
ModAddr  rmb   2          module address
ModSize  rmb   2          module size
OptEnd   rmb   2          option table end offset
ParmPtr  rmb   2          next name DataPtr
PathNmbr rmb   1          file path
TxtPtr   rmb   2          option name ptr
Buffer   rmb   BuffSize   miscellaneous output buffer
ModBuff  rmb   MaxSize    module work copy buffer
stack    rmb   $0200      stack and parameter space
MemSize  equ   .

         mod   Size,Name,Prgrm+Objct,ReEnt+Vrsn,Entry,MemSize

Name     fcs   "XMode"
         fcb   Edtn       edition number

         fcc   " nam"     option name
         fcb   Sign+M$Name,NameSize offset to string offset & max. byte count to change
         fcc   " mgr"
         fcb   Sign+M$FMgr,0 offset to string offset & no changes allowed
         fcc   " ddr"
         fcb   Sign+M$PDev,0
         fcc   " hpn"
         fcb   M$Port,1   option offset & byte count
         fcc   " hpa"
         fcb   M$Port+1,2
         fcc   " upc"
         fcb   IT.UPC,1
         fcc   " bso"
         fcb   IT.BSO,1
         fcc   " dlo"
         fcb   IT.DLO,1
         fcc   " eko"
         fcb   IT.EKO,1
         fcc   " alf"
         fcb   IT.ALF,1
         fcc   " nul"
         fcb   IT.NUL,1
         fcc   " pau"
         fcb   IT.PAU,1
         fcc   " pag"
         fcb   IT.PAG,1
         fcc   " bsp"
         fcb   IT.BSP,1
         fcc   " del"
         fcb   IT.DEL,1
         fcc   " eor"
         fcb   IT.EOR,1
         fcc   " eof"
         fcb   IT.EOF,1
         fcc   " rpr"
         fcb   IT.RPR,1
         fcc   " dup"
         fcb   IT.DUP,1
         fcc   " psc"
         fcb   IT.PSC,1
         fcc   " int"
         fcb   IT.INT,1
         fcc   " qut"
         fcb   IT.QUT,1
         fcc   " bse"
         fcb   IT.BSE,1
         fcc   " ovf"
         fcb   IT.OVF,1
         fcc   " par"
         fcb   IT.PAR,1
         fcc   " bau"
         fcb   IT.BAU,1
         fcc   " xon"
         fcb   IT.XON,1
         fcc   " xof"
         fcb   IT.XOFF,1
         fcc   " col"
         fcb   IT.COL,1
         fcc   " row"
         fcb   IT.ROW,1
         fcc   " xtp"
         fcb   IT.XTYP,1
         fcc   " wnd"
         fcb   IT.WND,1
         fcc   " val"
         fcb   IT.VAL,1
         fcc   " sty"
         fcb   IT.STY,1
         fcc   " cpx"
         fcb   IT.CPX,1
         fcc   " cpy"
         fcb   IT.CPY,1
         fcc   " fgc"
         fcb   IT.FGC,1
         fcc   " bgc"
         fcb   IT.BGC,1
         fcc   " bdc"
         fcb   IT.BDC,1
TablOpts equ   (*-OptTable)/6 number of table entries
         fcb   $80        end of option table

         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "Usage:  XMode [/<device> || -<pathlist> || -?] [option] [option] [...]"
         fcb   C$LF,C$LF
         fcc   "Purpose:  To report or alter current option settings of SCF device"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "          descriptors in memory or on disk in single module files."
         fcb   C$LF,C$LF
         fcc   "Options:  nam, mgr, ddr, hpn, hpa, upc, bso, dlo, eko, alf, nul, pau,"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "          pag, bsp, del, eor, eof, rpr, dup, psc, int, qut, bse, ovf,"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "          par, bau, xon, xof, col, row, xtp, wnd, val, sty, cpx, cpy,"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "          fgc, bgc, bdc"
         fcb   C$LF,C$LF
         fcc   "Examples:  xmode /t2"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "               Prints the current option settings of the /T2 descriptor"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "               in memory."
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "           xmode -modules/t4.dd nam=T2 bau=6 hpa=ff6c eof=1B"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "               Changes the module name in the MODULES/T4.dd file to T2,"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "               sets the baud rate code to 6,  the hardware port address"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "               to $FF6C, and the end of file character to $1B."
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "           xmode -?"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "               Prints more complete information on all of the options."
         fcb   C$CR
UseLen   equ   *-UseMsg

         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "The NAM option accepts only a legal OS-9 module name with a maximum of"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "4 characters.  It is up to the user to ensure that there is adequate"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "room for the module name, and if required to rename the disk file to"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "suit the new module name.  The MGR and DDR options can't be changed."
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "All other options require hexadecimal numbers (0 through FFFF).  XTP is"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "for certain ACIA descriptors only.  WND, VAL, STY, CPX, CPY, FGC, BGC,"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "and BDC are for window descriptors only."
         fcb   C$LF,C$LF
         fcc   "nam Device Name         mgr File Manager Name   ddr Device Driver Name"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "hpn H'ware Page Number  hpa H'ware Port Address upc Case Lock Flag"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "bso Backspace Method    dlo Delete Line Method  eko Screen Echo Flag"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "alf Auto Linefeed Flag  nul End Of Line Nulls   pau Page Pause Flag"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "pag Page Length         bsp Backspace Character del Delete Line Char"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "eor End Of Record Char  eof End Of File Char    rpr Reprint Line Char"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "dup Duplicate Line Char psc Pause Character     int Interrupt Character"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "qut Quit Character      bse Backspace Echo Char ovf Overflow Character"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "par Type (Parity) Code  bau Baud Rate Code      xon XON Character"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "xof XOFF Character      col Display Columns     row Display Rows"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "xtp Extended Type Code  wnd Window Number       val Valid Window Flag"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "sty Window Screen Type  cpx X Corner Position   cpy Y Corner Position"
         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "fgc Foreground Colour   bgc Background Colour   bdc Border Colour"
         fcb   C$CR
HelpLen  equ   *-HelpMsg

Equal    fcc   "="

         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "Not an SCF descriptor!"
CR       fcb   C$CR
TypeLen  equ   *-TypeMsg

         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "Module size out of range!"
         fcb   C$CR
Sizelen  equ   *-Sizemsg

         fcb   C$LF
         fcc   "Syntax error:  "
SynLen   equ   *-SynMsg

* miscellaneous error and help routines

         leax  HelpMsg,pc
         ldy   #HelpLen
         bra   Helpprnt

         leax  Sizemsg,pc
         ldy   #Sizelen
         bra   AddHelp

         leax  TypeMsg,pc
         ldy   #TypeLen
         lda   #2
         os9   I$WritLn
         leax  UseMsg,pc
         ldy   #UseLen
         lda   #2
         os9   I$WritLn
         lbra  OkayEnd2

         ldd   #0
         std   <ModAddr   zero mod flag
         sta   <PathNmbr  zero file flag
         ldd   ,x+        check for device name
         cmpa  #'-        file option?
         bne   Link
         cmpb  #'?        help option?
         beq   MuchHelp
* Use Filename to Get Desc:
         lda   #Updat.    open path to module file
         os9   I$Open
         bcs   Help
         stx   <ParmPtr
         sta   <PathNmbr  save path number
         ldy   #MaxSize   max size
         leax  ModBuff,u  module buff
         os9   I$Read     get it
         lbcs  Error
         ldb   M$Opt,x
         clra             [D] = option table size
         addd  #M$DTyp    add options start offset
         std   <OptEnd    save options end offset
         ldd   M$Size,x   get module size
         cmpd  #MaxSize   module size OK?
         bhi   BadSize    no, go return error...
         std   <ModSize
         bra   GotIt

         cmpa  #'/        else must be /<devicename>
         bne   Help
         pshs  u
         lda   #Devic
         os9   F$Link     link to module
         bcs   Help
         stx   <ParmPtr   update after name
         tfr   u,x
         puls  u
         stx   <ModAddr
         ldb   M$Opt,x
         clra             [D] = option table size
         addd  #M$DTyp    add options start offset
         std   <OptEnd    save options end offset
         ldd   M$Size,x   get module size
         cmpd  #MaxSize   module size OK?
         lbhi  BadSize    no, go report error...
         std   <ModSize
         tfr   d,y        copy module size...
         pshs  u          save data area pointer
         leau  ModBuff,u

         lda   ,x+
         sta   ,u+
         leay  -1,y
         bne   GetModLp
         puls  u          recover data area pointer

         ldd   <OptEnd    get option table end offset
         cmpd  <ModSize   is option table size OK?
         lbhs  BadSize    no, go report error...
         leax  ModBuff,u
         lda   M$DTyp,x   get device type
         lbne  BadType    SCF = $00
         ldx   <ParmPtr   point to input parms
         lbsr  SkipSpac   go skip leading spaces...
         cmpa  #C$CR      no options?
         lbeq  Info       ..yes, give info
         leax  -1,x

* X=ParmPtr
* Find and Set Options:

         lbsr  SkipSpac   get next input param
         stx   <ParmPtr   save for syntax error use
         cmpa  #C$CR      end?
         lbeq  Verify     ..yes, update module CRC
         leay  OptTable-6,pc ready option table ptr
         pshs  u
         ldu   ,x++       get next two chars
         ora   #$20       convert 1st param char to lower case
         exg   d,u        move [U] where we can convert param chars
         ora   #$20       convert 2nd param char...
         orb   #$20       convert 3rd...
         exg   d,u        move back again

         leay  6,y        next option entry
         tst   ,y         last entry?
         bmi   Syntax     ..yes, bad option
         cmpa  1,y
         bne   FindLp20   same name?
         cmpu  2,y
         bne   FindLp20, loop
* Found Option
         puls  u
         sty   <TxtPtr
         ldd   ,x+        must be followed by "=", leave [X] pointing at char after "="
         cmpa  #'=
         bne   Syntax
         cmpb  #C$CR      rest of option missing?
         beq   Syntax     yes, go report error
         cmpb  #C$SPAC    rest of option missing?
         beq   Syntax     yes, go report error
         ldb   5,y        get # of bytes
         beq   Syntax     0 bytes, not allowed to change this option
         stb   <Count
         ldb   4,y        get option offset or offset to option offset
         bpl   NumOpt     option offset, go set hexadecimal option
* Get CHAR input and set option:
         andb  #^Sign     clear sign bit of offset to string offset
         clra             [D] = offset to string offset within module
         cmpd  <ModSize   is it OK?
         bhs   Syntax     no, go report error...
         leay  ModBuff,u  point to module
         ldd   b,y        get offset to string
         cmpd  <ModSize   is it OK?
         bhs   Syntax     no, go report error...
         leay  d,y        point to option
         pshs  y          save option pointer
         os9   F$PrsNam   valid OS-9 name?
         puls  y          recover option pointer (end of name pointer lost)
         bcs   Syntax     no, go report error
         cmpa  #C$SPAC    space delimiter char?
         beq   ChkLen     yes, go check name length...
         cmpa  #C$CR      <CR> delimiter char?
         bne   Syntax     no, go report error

         cmpb  <Count     name length OK?
         bhi   Syntax     no, go report error...

         lda   ,x+        get character
         sta   ,y+        save it to module copy
         decb             done yet?
         bne   SetChrLp   no, go copy another char...
         lda   -1,y       get last char
         ora   #Sign      set sign bit
         sta   -1,y       save last char
         lbra  FindLp10   go do next...

* Syntax Error:
         leax  SynMsg,pc
         ldy   #SynLen
         lda   #2
         os9   I$Write
         ldx   <ParmPtr
         leax  -1,x
         pshs  x
         ldy   #0

         leay  1,y
         lda   ,x+
         cmpa  #C$CR
         beq   SynSay
         cmpa  #C$SPAC
         bne   CntLoop

         puls  x
         lda   #2
         os9   I$Write    output err
         lbra  OkayEnd

* Get Hex Input and Set Option:
         clra             [D] = option offset within module
         cmpd  <OptEnd    is it OK?
         bhs   Syntax     no, go report error...
         clr   <HexIn     zero hex input bytes
         clr   <HexIn+1

         lda   ,x+        get next #
         cmpa  #C$SPAC    end of number?
         beq   SetNum2    ..yes, set option
         cmpa  #C$CR      end of line?
         beq   SetNum1    ..yes, set option
* Convert ASCII Hex-->Byte:
         suba  #$30       make number from ASCII
         bmi   Syntax
         cmpa  #10        is it number?
         bcs   Num
         anda  #$5F       make uppercase
         suba  #$11-$0A   make hex $A-$F
         cmpa  #$0A
         bcs   Syntax
         cmpa  #$10       not hex char?
         bcc   Syntax

         ldb   #16        fancy asl *4
         pshs  b          save top 4 bits
         ldd   <HexIn
         rol   ,s
         rol   ,s
         rol   ,s
         rol   ,s
         std   <HexIn
         puls  b          drop temp
         bra   SetNumLp   ..loop

         leax  -1,x       reset so can find <CR>

         ldb   4,y        get option offset
         leay  ModBuff,u  point to module
         leay  b,y        point to option
         ldd   <HexIn     pick up hex input
         dec   <Count
         beq   SetOne
         std   ,y         set two byte option
         lbra  FindLp10

         lbne  Syntax
         stb   ,y         set one byte option

         lbra  FindLp10

* --------------
* Skip Spaces:
         lda   ,x+
         cmpa  #C$SPAC
         beq   SkipSpac

* --------------
* Update Module CRC:
         pshs  u          save data ptr
         leau  ModBuff,u
         tfr   u,x        X is mod address
         ldy   M$Size,x   Y is mod size
         leay  -3,y       beginning of chksum
         tfr   y,d        Y is byte count
         leau  d,u        set U to chksum
         lda   #$FF       init chksum
         sta   ,u
         sta   1,u
         sta   2,u
         pshs  u
         os9   F$CRC      calc new crc
         puls  u
         com   ,u+        fix it up right
         com   ,u+
         com   ,u
         lda   <PathNmbr  was it file?
         beq   MemMod, in memory
         ldx   #0
         tfr   x,u
         os9   I$Seek     go back to file begin
         bcs   Error
         puls  u
         leax  ModBuff,u
         ldy   <ModSize
         os9   I$Write    update module file
         bra   OkayEnd

         ldu   ,s         get data area pointer
         leax  ModBuff,u
         ldy   <ModSize
         ldu   <ModAddr

         lda   ,x+
         sta   ,u+
         leay  -1,y
         bne   PutModLp
         puls  u          recover data area pointer
         bra   OkayEnd2

         bsr   OutCR

         clrb             okay

         pshs  b,cc
         ldu   <ModAddr
         beq   Bye
         os9   F$UnLink

         puls  b,cc
         os9   F$Exit     we're done...

* --------------
* Print a <CR>:
         leax  CR,pc
         ldy   #1
         lda   #1
         os9   I$WritLn

* Output Current Desc Info:
         bsr   OutCR      do a <CR>
         ldb   #TablOpts  number of table entries
         pshs  b          save counter
         leax  OptTable,pc point to text table
         stx   <TxtPtr

         ldx   <TxtPtr
         ldy   #4
         lbsr  OutPut     print option name
         leax  Equal,pc
         ldy   #1
         lbsr  OutPut     print =
         ldx   <TxtPtr
         ldb   4,x        get offset to HEX option;  if minus, offset to option offset
         bpl   PrintHex   go do simple offset to HEX option
         andb  #^Sign     clear sign bit
         clra             [D] = offset to string offset within module
         cmpd  <ModSize   is it OK?
         bhs   MovePtr    no, skip this option...
         leay  ModBuff,u  point [Y] to module work copy
         ldd   b,y        get string offset within module
         cmpd  <ModSize   is string offset OK?
         bhs   MovePtr    no, skip this option...
         leay  d,y        point [Y] to CHAR string
         lda   #BuffSize  get max. chars to print
         leax  Buffer,u   point [X] to CHAR string buffer
         clr   <Count     init counter

CharCopy ldb   ,y+        get char
         bpl   NotLast    sign bit clear so not last, go on...
         andb  #^Sign     clear sign bit
         lda   #1         set up as last char

NotLast  stb   ,x+
         inc   <Count     count chars in string
         deca             done yet?
         bne   CharCopy   no, go do another char...
         ldb   <Count     get chars in string ([A]=0, so [D]=char count)
         tfr   d,y        module name length into [Y]
         leax  Buffer,u   point [X] to CHAR string copy
         bsr   OutPut     print CHAR string
         bra   MovePtr    skip HEX output routine

* Print Hex Option Values:
         ldx   <TxtPtr
         ldb   5,x        get # of digits
         stb   <Count
         ldb   4,x        get option offset in module
         clra             [D] = option offset within module
         cmpd  <OptEnd    is option offset OK?
         bhs   MovePtr    no, skip this option...
         leax  ModBuff,u  point [X] to module work copy
         abx              point [X] to option
         stx   <DataPtr

* Print One Byte:
         ldx   <DataPtr
         lda   ,x+
         stx   <DataPtr
         pshs  a
         bsr   OutOne
         puls  a
         anda  #$0F
         bsr   OutOne
         dec   <Count
         bne   NumLoop

         ldx   <TxtPtr
         leax  6,x
         stx   <TxtPtr
         dec   ,s
         lbeq  OkayEnd    done...
         ldb   ,s
         bitb  #$07       # of options remaining evenly divisible by eight?
         lbne  InfoLoop   no, go print next option on same line
         lbsr  OutCR      <CR> after every 8th option
         lbra  InfoLoop   ..loop

* --------------
* Print 1/2 Byte Hex Char:
         cmpa  #10
         bcs   Number
         adda  #$11-10    make alpha

         adda  #$30       make ASCII
         sta   <Buffer
         leax  Buffer,u
         ldy   #1

         lda   #1         std out
         os9   I$Write
         lbcs  Error

Size     equ   *