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CoCoOS9 version
author Shinji KONO <>
date Sat, 14 Jul 2018 15:16:13 +0900
line wrap: on
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* Copyright February,1989 by Ron Lammardo
* This system call can be used in an application program to dump the
* current contents of all user registers in Hex,Decimal,Binary and Ascii 
* (Registers "A" and "B" Only). This module MUST be present in the
* bootfile. If no OS9P3 module is found,change the "mname" and "nextname"
* as appropriate.
* If there is a conflict with the code used for this system called, it can
* be changed by resetting the equate at "F$RegDmp"
* NOTE: All registers EXCEPT 'CC' are preserved....OS9 internally resets
*       the condition code register upon service call exit.

         nam   os9p4 
         ttl   User Register Dump System Call for OS9 Level-II

         use   defsfile

typelang set   systm+objct
attrev   set   reent+revision
revision set   1
edition  set   1

         mod   Eom,Mname,Typelang,Attrev,Start,0

         fcs   /OS9P4/    name of this module
         fcb   edition

         fcb   F$RegDmp   F$RegDmp code
         fdb   regdmp-*-2 offset to actual code
         fcb   $80        end of table

         leay  <svctabl,pcr point to service table
         os9   F$SSvc     insert the new op code in the table
         lda   #typelang  get next module type (same as this one!)
         leax  <nextname,pcr get address of next module name
         os9   F$Link     attempt to link to it
         bcs   endsetup   no good...skip this
         jsr   ,y         else go execute it

         rts              return back to previous module

         fcc   /OS9P5/    next module name to link to
         fcb   $0d

regdmp   equ   *
         pshs  cc,a,b,dp,x,y,u save all registers
         tfr   u,y        transfer addresses
         leas  -60,s      back up for some variable storage
         leau  4,s        buffer starts here
         clr   ,u+        set flag to print ascii char
         lda   #$20       get a space
         ldb   #50        number of chars to clear
         tfr   u,x        set register for loop

         sta   ,x+        initialize a space
         decb             decrement counter
         bne   clrloop    if more..loop back & clear another
         lbsr  reg060     send a <cr>
         leax  reg080,pcr point to start of control table
         clra             clear msb of register
         ldb   R$A,y      get register from stack
         bsr   reg000     dump register A
         ldb   R$B,y      get register from stack
         bsr   reg000     dump regsietr B
         inc   -1,u       turn off ascii char print flag
         ldd   R$X,y      get register from stack
         bsr   reg000     dump register X
         ldd   R$Y,y      get register from stack
         bsr   reg000     dump regisetr Y
         ldd   R$U,y      get register from stack
         bsr   reg000     dump register U
         ldb   R$CC,y     get register from stack
         bsr   reg000     dump register CC
         ldb   R$DP,y     get register from stack
         bsr   reg000     dump register DP
         ldd   R$PC,y     get user Task Number
         bsr   reg000     dump register PC
         ldy   <D.Proc    get address of users process descriptor
         ldd   P$Sp,y     get users stack address
         addd  #12        add on for registers which were saved
         bsr   reg000     dump register S
         lbsr  reg060     send a <CR>
         leas  60,s       restore stack pointer
         puls  cc,a,b,dp,x,y,u,pc restore all registers and return

* Dump a register in "D"
* X = Control Table Location
* U = Output buffer Location

         pshs  y          save y register
         tfr   d,y        register in y
         lda   ,x         # of bytes
         leax  3,x        point past table entry
         pshs  a,x,y,u    save registers
         ldd   -2,x       get register name
         std   ,u++       move to buffer
         ldd   #"=$       get chars
         std   ,u++       move to buffer
         ldd   3,s        get reg
         lbsr  gethex     convert to hex
         tst   0,s        1 byte ?
         bne   reg010     no...skip this
         ldd   2,u        get 2 lsb's
         std   ,u         store in msb's
         ldd   #$2020     get two blanks
         std   2,u        store in lsb's

         ldd   #$2023     get a space and  "#"
         std   4,u        move in two spaces
         leau  6,u        point to start of decimal output buffer
         ldd   3,s        get register
         lbsr  getdec     convert to decimal
         tst   0,s        is it one byte
         bne   reg020     no..skip this
         ldd   2,u        else get third & fourth chars
         std   ,u         store as first two
         lda   4,u        get fifth char
         sta   2,u        store as third
         ldd   #$2020     get two spaces
         std   3,u        store as 4th & 5th chars

         ldd   #$2025     get a blank & "%"
         std   5,u        move it to buffer
         leau  7,u        point to start of binary output area
         tfr   a,b        space in 'b'
         std   16,u       space out ascii char
         ldd   3,s        get register
         bsr   getbin     convert to binary
         tst   0,s        check byte count
         bne   reg040     skip if two bytes
         ldb   #8         loop counter

         lda   8,u        get two chars from second 8 digits
         sta   ,u+        store in first 8 digits
         lda   #$20       get two blanks
         sta   7,u        store in second 8 digits
         decb             decrement counter
         bne   reg030     loop back if not done
         leau  -8,u       back up to beginning of binary digit output
         ldb   4,s        get lsb of register
         tst   -18,u      check if we want to print ascii char
         bne   reg040     nope..skip this
         cmpb  #$20       compare char with space
         blo   reg040     if lower..skip this
         cmpb  #'z        compare with last alpha char
         bhi   reg040     if higher..skip this
         stb   17,u       else store the char

         lda   #$0d       get a <cr>
         sta   18,u       and store it
         leax  -17,u      back up to buffer start
         bsr   reg070     send it
         clra             clear msb for next reg
         puls  b,x,y,u    restore registers
         puls  y,pc       restore y & return

         fcb   $0d

         leax  <reg050,pcr point to <cr>

         pshs  x,y,u,a,b  save registers
         ldy   <D.Proc    get process descriptor address
         lda   P$Path+2,y get user error path number
         pshs  a          save it
         ldu   P$Sp,y     get user stack address
         leau  -50,u      back off to make room
         lda   <D.SysTsk  get system task number
         ldb   P$Task,y   get users task number
         ldy   #40        chars to move
         os9   F$Move     move from system to user space
         tfr   u,x        restore buffer address
         puls  a          restore user error path number
         os9   I$WritLn   send it
         puls  x,y,u,a,b,pc restore registers & return

* Control  Table - Format is :
*      Byte count    (0=1,1=2)
*      Register name (Two chars)

         fcb   0
         fcc   /a /
         fcb   0
         fcc   /b /
         fcb   1
         fcc   /x /
         fcb   1
         fcc   /y /
         fcb   1
         fcc   /u /
         fcb   0
         fcc   /cc/
         fcb   0
         fcc   /dp/
         fcb   1
         fcc   /pc/
         fcb   1
         fcc   /s /

* Convert "D" to binary digits in buffer "U"

         pshs  u,b        save 'u', second byte of register
         bsr   bin010     convert first byte
         puls  a          get second byte
         bsr   bin010     convert it
         puls  u,pc       restore 'u' and return

         bita  #%10000000 check bit
         bsr   bin020     print result
         bita  #%01000000
         bsr   bin020
         bita  #%00100000
         bsr   bin020
         bita  #%00010000
         bsr   bin020
         bita  #%00001000
         bsr   bin020
         bita  #%00000100
         bsr   bin020
         bita  #%00000010
         bsr   bin020
         bita  #%00000001

         beq   bin030     skip this if bit was set
         ldb   #'1        else get an ascii '1'
         bra   bin040     skip next

         ldb   #'0        bit not set...get an ascii '0'

         stb   ,u+        store the ascii char

* Convert "D" to 4 hex digits in buffer "U"

         pshs  u,b        save 'u',second register byte
         bsr   gth010     convert first byte
         puls  a          restore second byte
         bsr   gth010     convert it
         puls  u,pc       restore 'u' and return

         pshs  a          save the byte
         lsra             shift left 4 bits to right
         bsr   gth020     convert to hex digit
         puls  a          restore the byte
         anda  #$0f       strip off high 4 digits

         adda  #'0        make it ascii
         cmpa  #$3a       is it a letter
         blt   gth030     nope..skip this
         adda  #7         else add bias

         sta   ,u+        store the ascii character
         rts              return

* Convert "D" to 5 decimal digits in buffer at "U"

         pshs  x,y,u      save registers
         ldx   #10000     get decimal number for subtraction
         bsr   gtd010     get the decimal digit
         ldx   #01000
         bsr   gtd010
         ldx   #00100
         bsr   gtd010
         ldx   #00010
         bsr   gtd010
         ldx   #00001
         bsr   gtd010
         puls  x,y,u,pc   restore registers & return

         pshs  x,a        save x register & extra byte
         clr   ,s         clear counter

         cmpd  1,s        compare 'd' with 'x' on stack
         blo   gtd030     less...skip this
         subd  1,s        else subtract number on stack
         inc   ,s         increment digit counter
         bra   gtd020     and loop back

         std   1,s        save remainder of number
         ldb   ,s+        get counter
         addb  #$30       make it ascii
         stb   ,u+        and move it as output
         puls  d,pc       restore remainder & return