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CoCoOS9 version
author Shinji KONO <>
date Sat, 14 Jul 2018 15:16:13 +0900
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 opt -l
 ttl Random Block File Manager Definitions

* Modification History

* 82/07/13   PD.Exten added to path descriptor by RFD.
* 82/07/13   PE entries defined                by RFD.
* 82/07/15   V.FileHd inserted in drive static by RFD.
* 82/09/10   Level One/ Level two cond added   by WGP.
* 82/09/17   Record Lock cond added            by WGP.
* 82/09/17   PD.SLE renamed to PD.Creat        by RFD.
* 82/09/17   V.DiskID, V.BMapSz, V.MapSct added for smart
*               multi-sector bitmap searching by RFD.
* 82/09/20   reserved areas added in static storage.

*  Random Block Path Descriptor Format
 org PD.FST
PD.SMF rmb 1 State flags
PD.CP rmb 4 Current logical byte position
PD.SIZ rmb 4 File size
PD.SBL rmb 3 Segment beginning lsn
PD.SBP rmb 3 Segment beginning psn
PD.SSZ rmb 3 Segment size
PD.DSK rmb 2 Disk id
PD.DTB rmb 2 Drive table ptr
 org PD.OPT
 rmb 1 Device type
PD.DRV rmb 1 Drive number
PD.STP rmb 1 Step rate
PD.TYP rmb 1 Disk device type (5" 8" other)
PD.DNS rmb 1 Density capability
PD.CYL rmb 2 Number of cylinders
PD.SID rmb 1 Number of surfaces
PD.VFY rmb 1 0=verify disk writes
PD.SCT rmb 2 Default sectors/track
PD.T0S rmb 2 Default sectors/track tr00,s0
PD.ILV rmb 1 Sector interleave offset
PD.SAS rmb 1 Segment allocation size
PD.TFM rmb 1 DMA Transfer Mode
PD.Exten rmb 2 Path Extension (PE) for record locking
 rmb PDSIZE-.-13
PD.ATT rmb 1 File attributes
PD.FD rmb 3 File descriptor psn
PD.DFD rmb 3 Directory file descriptor psn
PD.DCP rmb 4 File directory entry ptr
PD.DVT rmb 2 User readable dev tbl ptr

* State Flags
BUFMOD equ 1 Buffer modified
SINBUF equ 2 Sector in buffer
FDBUF equ 4 File descriptor in buffer
EOFSEC equ 8 End of file sector
EOF equ 16 End of file

 ifne LEVEL-1
* Random Block Path Extension Format

 org 0
PE.PE rmb 1 PE path number
PE.PDptr rmb 2 back ptr to this PE's Path Descriptor
PE.NxFil rmb 2 Drive Open-File list ptr
PE.Confl rmb 2 circular File Conflict list
PE.Lock rmb 1 Path lockout status
PE.LoLck rmb 4 Low  Locked Logical addr
PE.HiLck rmb 4 High Locked Logical addr
PE.Wait rmb 2 PE ptr to (next) locked-out PE
PE.TmOut rmb 2 Max ticks to wait for locked segment
PE.Owner rmb 1 Process ID of owner of locked segment

* PE.Lock status codes
Unlocked equ 0 no portion of file is locked
RcdLock  equ 1 record from LoLck to HiLck locked
FileLock equ 2 entire file locked
EofLock equ 4 End of file is locked

* Device Descriptor Format

 org 0
DD.TOT rmb 3 Total number of sectors
DD.TKS rmb 1 Track size in sectors
DD.MAP rmb 2 Number of bytes in allocation bit map
DD.BIT rmb 2 Number of sectors/bit
DD.DIR rmb 3 Address of root directory fd
DD.OWN rmb 2 Owner
DD.ATT rmb 1 Attributes
DD.DSK rmb 2 Disk id
DD.FMT rmb 1 Disk format; density/sides
DD.SPT rmb 2 Sectors/track
DD.RES rmb 2 Reserved for future use
DD.SIZ equ . Device descriptor minimum size
DD.BT rmb 3 System bootstrap sector
DD.BSZ rmb 2 Size of system bootstrap
DD.DAT rmb 5 Creation date
DD.NAM rmb 32 Volume name
DD.OPT rmb 32 option area

* File Descriptor Format

 org 0
FD.ATT rmb 1 Attributes
FD.OWN rmb 2 Owner
FD.DAT rmb 5 Date last modified
FD.LNK rmb 1 Link count
FD.SIZ rmb 4 File size
FD.Creat rmb 3 Segment list extension
FD.SEG equ . Beginning of segment list

* Segment List Entry Format
 org 0
FDSL.A rmb 3 Segment beginning physical sector number
FDSL.B rmb 2 Segment size
FDSL.S equ . Segment list entry size

FD.LS1 equ FD.SEG+((256-FD.SEG)/FDSL.S-1)*FDSL.S
FD.LS2 equ (256/FDSL.S-1)*FDSL.S

MINSEC set 16

* Directory Entry Format

 org 0
DIR.NM rmb 29 File name
DIR.FD rmb 3 File descriptor physical sector number
DIR.SZ equ . Diectory record size

*  Static Storage
* Overall Disk Static Storage
*  Note:  This does Not reserve Any memory for Drive Tables
*         Each Driver is responsible for reserving sufficient
*         memory for the appropriate number of tables.
 org V.USER Reserve required
V.NDRV rmb 1 Number of drives
 rmb 8 reserved
DRVBEG equ . Beginning of drive tables
* Global Storage For Disk Drive Tables
* Each Table Contains The First 'DD.Siz' Bytes
* From Sector 0, And The Current Track, Stepping Rate,
* Bit-Map Use Flag, And Disk Type
 org 0
 rmb DD.SIZ Device descriptor, sector 0
V.TRAK rmb 2 Current track
V.BMB rmb 1 Bit-map use flag
V.FileHd rmb 2 open file list for this drive
V.DiskID rmb 2 Disk ID
V.BMapSz rmb 1 Bitmap Size
V.MapSct rmb 1 lowest reasonable bitmap sector
 rmb 8 reserved
DRVMEM equ .

 opt l