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clock interrupt get time
author Shinji KONO <>
date Sun, 22 Jul 2018 17:55:06 +0900
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* Clock - OS-9 Level One V2 Clock module
* $Id: clock.asm,v 2001/02/21 23:30:52 boisy Exp $
* NOTE:  This clock is TOTALLY VALID for ALL DATES between 1900-2155
* Ed.    Comments                                       Who YY/MM/DD
* ------------------------------------------------------------------
* 5      Tandy/Microware original version
* 6      Modified to handle leap years properly for     BGP 99/05/03
*        1900 and 2100 A.D.

         nam   Clock
         ttl   OS-9 Level One V2 Clock module

         use   defsfile

tylg     set   Systm+Objct
atrv     set   ReEnt+rev
rev      set   $01
edition  set   $06
TimerPort set  $ffb0

         mod   eom,name,tylg,atrv,ClkEnt,size

size     equ   .

name     fcs   /Clock/
         fcb   edition

SysTbl   fcb   F$Time
         fdb   FTime-*-2
         fcb   F$STime
         fdb   FSTime-*-2
         fcb   $80

ClockIRQ ldx   #TimerPort
         lda   ,x
         bita  #$10
         beq   L00AE
         lda   #$8f
         sta   >TimerPort
L00AE    jsr   [>D.Poll]
         bcc   L00AE
L00B4    jsr   [>D.AltIRQ]

ClkEnt   equ   *
         pshs  cc
         orcc  #FIRQMask+IRQMask       mask ints
         leax  >ClockIRQ,pcr
         stx   <D.IRQ
* install system calls
         leay  >SysTbl,pcr
         os9   F$SSvc
         ldx   #TimerPort
         ldb   #$8f     start timer
         stb   ,x
         puls  pc,cc

* F$Time system call code
FTime    ldx   #TimerPort
         ldb   #$04
         stb   ,x
         leax  1,x        Address of system time packet
RetTime  ldy   <D.Proc    Get pointer to current proc descriptor
         ldb   P$Task,y   Process Task number
         lda   <D.SysTsk  From System Task
         ldu   R$X,u
STime.Mv ldy   #6         Move 6 bytes
FMove    os9   F$Move

FSTime   clrb

eom      equ   *