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date Sat, 16 Apr 2011 20:43:07 +0900
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     index.html - an example HTML page for TightVNC Java viewer applet, to be
     used with a standalone Web server running on the same machine where the
     TightVNC server is running. Before using this example, please MAKE SURE
     to check the following:

     * the value of the PORT parameter should be set correctly (normally, the
       port number is 5900 + display number);

     * the CODE and ARCHIVE attributes of the <APPLET> tag should point to
       the correct directory (this example assumes that this page is in the
       same directory with .jar and .class files);

     * the WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes of the <APPLET> tag correspond to the
       actual desktop size on the server (height should be increased to leave
       enough space for the button panel).

TightVNC desktop
<APPLET CODE="VncViewer.class" ARCHIVE="VncViewer.jar"
        WIDTH="800" HEIGHT="632">
<A href="">TightVNC site</A>