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% Public domain.
\ProvidesPackage{fancyheadings}[2008/02/04 1.99 Dummy package to call fancyhdr]%
  Please stop using fancyheadings!\MessageBreak
  Use fancyhdr instead.\MessageBreak
  We will call fancyhdr with the very same\MessageBreak
  options you passed to fancyheadings.\MessageBreak
  fancyhdr is 99 percent compatible with\MessageBreak
  fancyheadings. The only incompatibility is\MessageBreak
  that \protect\headrulewidth\space and \protect\footrulewidth\space 
  their \protect\plain... versions are no longer length\MessageBreak
  parameters, but normal macros (to be changed\MessageBreak
  with \protect\renewcommand\space rather than \protect\setlength).}