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author Nobuyasu Oshiro <>
date Tue, 18 Feb 2014 01:09:38 +0900
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Smartphone and tablet pc are widely used, thereby users of the Web services is increasing.
It has caused the webserver is down.
Therefore, scalability is important software factor today.
Scalability in distributed system is able to increase performance linearly when just added new node to system.
In order to make provide scalability to Web services, database must have scalability.

We are designing and developing a database Jungle for study of scalable database. 
It is use non-destructive tree structure.
Non-destructive tree structure is not the destruction of data.
Editing of data is done creating by new tree.

Jungle was designed as a distributed database.
But data distribution and persistent has not yet been implemented in the Jungle.

In this paper, we develope persistent and distributed database on jungle.
Distributed data on Jungle is developing using parallel distributed framework Alice.
We implemented distributed on Jungle and confirmed with our cluster system that data is distributed between the server node.
Also, we developed simple bulletinboard system with Jungle and key-value store database Cassandra.
We compared Jungle and Cassandra using simple bulletinboard.
As a result, we got better performance then Cassandra.