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\conferenceinfo{ICFP '15}{August 31 - September 2 , 2015, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada}

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\title{Formalization of Program Modifications using Monad}


\authorinfo{Yasutaka HIGA}
           {Department of Information Engineering \\ University of the Ryukyus}
\authorinfo{Shiji KONO}
           {University of the Ryukyus}


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\section{Formalization of Modifications}
In software development, programs was modified for implementing features, refactoring, and more.
But defective modifies decreases reliability of program.
Formalization of program modifications proposed to improves reliability.
Especially, We formalized modifications using Monad.
Monad provides notions of meta computations (partiality, nondeterminism, side-effects, ...) in functional program.
We define meta computation notated modifications list like structure named Delta Monad.

Delta Monad represents modifications by accumulates all versions of a program.
Accumulated modifications can computes by meta computation.
In this paper, We propose meta computation execute a program includes modifications simultaneously on Delta.
Additionally, Delta Monad can be used with other Monads for more computations of modifications.

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