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 \title{Formalization of Program Modifications using Monad}
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+\section{Formalization of Modifications}
+In software development, programs was modified for implementing features, refactoring, and more.
+But defective modifies decreases reliability of program.
+Formalization of program modifications proposed to improves reliability.
+Especially, We formalized modifications using Monad.
+Monad provides notions of meta computations (partiality, nondeterminism, side-effects, ...) in functional program.
+We define meta computation notated modifications list like structure named Delta Monad.
+Delta Monad represents modifications by accumulates all versions of a program.
+Accumulated modifications can computes by meta computation.
+In this paper, We propose meta computation execute a program includes modifications simultaneously on Delta.
+Additionally, Delta Monad can be used with other Monads for more computations of modifications.
 \section{Appendix Title}