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 use FileBench
+2014 1/1 GFS2 / fileserver / 60 seconds / VM to GFS2 only bldsv09 access / VM image on FC
-2014 12/29 GFS2 / fileserver / 60 seconds / only bldsv09 access / FC
+statfile1            16217ops      270ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.2ms/op     2155us/op-cpu [0ms - 428ms]
+deletefile1          16221ops      270ops/s   0.0mb/s      8.4ms/op     6842us/op-cpu [0ms - 2911ms]
+closefile3           16223ops      270ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     2132us/op-cpu [0ms - 19ms]
+readfile1            16225ops      270ops/s  34.2mb/s     23.8ms/op     4463us/op-cpu [0ms - 5577ms]
+openfile2            16237ops      271ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.3ms/op     2175us/op-cpu [0ms - 428ms]
+closefile2           16243ops      271ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     2114us/op-cpu [0ms - 5ms]
+appendfilerand1      16245ops      271ops/s   2.1mb/s     49.7ms/op     8875us/op-cpu [0ms - 5643ms]
+openfile1            16257ops      271ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.3ms/op     2158us/op-cpu [0ms - 425ms]
+closefile1           16258ops      271ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     2133us/op-cpu [0ms - 9ms]
+wrtfile1             16262ops      271ops/s  33.9mb/s      1.5ms/op     2783us/op-cpu [0ms - 1806ms]
+createfile1          16267ops      271ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.9ms/op     2445us/op-cpu [0ms - 428ms]
+ 1093: 127.732: IO Summary: 178655 ops, 2976.451 ops/s, (270/542 r/w),  70.2mb/s,    457us cpu/op,  28.4ms latency
+2014 1/1 GFS2 / fileserver / 60 seconds / only bldsv09 access / FC
-statfile1            3045ops       51ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.3ms/op     1323us/op-cpu [0ms - 8ms]
-deletefile1          3031ops       51ops/s   0.0mb/s      2.5ms/op     5322us/op-cpu [0ms - 18ms]
-closefile3           3047ops       51ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op      837us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
-readfile1            3047ops       51ops/s   6.3mb/s      0.3ms/op     1437us/op-cpu [0ms - 182ms]
-openfile2            3047ops       51ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.5ms/op     1352us/op-cpu [0ms - 8ms]
-closefile2           3047ops       51ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op      692us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
-appendfilerand1      3047ops       51ops/s   0.4mb/s      5.8ms/op    11050us/op-cpu [0ms - 220ms]
-openfile1            3050ops       51ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.5ms/op     1505us/op-cpu [0ms - 8ms]
-closefile1           3050ops       51ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op      649us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
-wrtfile1             3050ops       51ops/s   6.1mb/s     81.0ms/op   133111us/op-cpu [0ms - 535ms]
-createfile1          3089ops       51ops/s   0.0mb/s    807.6ms/op    13079us/op-cpu [0ms - 50251ms]
+statfile1            19419ops      324ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.4ms/op     1967us/op-cpu [0ms - 230ms]
+deletefile1          19419ops      324ops/s   0.0mb/s      8.5ms/op     6421us/op-cpu [0ms - 8915ms]
+closefile3           19429ops      324ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1396us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
+readfile1            19429ops      324ops/s  41.9mb/s      2.9ms/op     6144us/op-cpu [0ms - 8908ms]
+openfile2            19431ops      324ops/s   0.0mb/s      1.1ms/op     2121us/op-cpu [0ms - 8906ms]
+closefile2           19432ops      324ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1438us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
+appendfilerand1      19432ops      324ops/s   2.5mb/s      8.8ms/op     7417us/op-cpu [0ms - 8912ms]
+openfile1            19435ops      324ops/s   0.0mb/s      3.1ms/op     2399us/op-cpu [0ms - 8907ms]
+closefile1           19436ops      324ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1338us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
+wrtfile1             19436ops      324ops/s  39.8mb/s     96.0ms/op   120915us/op-cpu [0ms - 9012ms]
+createfile1          19464ops      324ops/s   0.0mb/s      9.7ms/op    13736us/op-cpu [0ms - 7886ms]
+22867: 99.839: IO Summary: 213762 ops, 3562.315 ops/s, (324/648 r/w),  84.3mb/s,   1117us cpu/op,  43.5ms latency
+2014 1/1 ext4 / fileserver / 60 seconds / only bldsv09 access / SSD
+statfile1            41482ops      691ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6404us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
+deletefile1          41487ops      691ops/s   0.0mb/s      1.2ms/op     7563us/op-cpu [0ms - 1571ms]
+closefile3           41488ops      691ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6276us/op-cpu [0ms - 2ms]
+readfile1            41492ops      691ops/s  90.2mb/s      9.2ms/op    30000us/op-cpu [0ms - 1680ms]
+openfile2            41506ops      692ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6484us/op-cpu [0ms - 6ms]
+closefile2           41508ops      692ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6247us/op-cpu [0ms - 1ms]
+appendfilerand1      41510ops      692ops/s   5.4mb/s      2.6ms/op    12524us/op-cpu [0ms - 1564ms]
+openfile1            41515ops      692ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.1ms/op     6587us/op-cpu [0ms - 6ms]
+closefile1           41517ops      692ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6335us/op-cpu [0ms - 2ms]
+wrtfile1             41522ops      692ops/s  85.6mb/s      8.4ms/op    28669us/op-cpu [0ms - 675ms]
+createfile1          41529ops      692ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.4ms/op     6989us/op-cpu [0ms - 1572ms]
+23036: 80.006: IO Summary: 456556 ops, 7608.630 ops/s, (691/1384 r/w), 181.3mb/s,   1016us cpu/op,   7.4ms latency
+2014 1/1 ext4 / fileserver / 60 seconds / docker only bldsv09 / SSD
-2014 12/29 ext4 / fileserver / 60 seconds / only bldsv09 access / SSD
+statfile1            45012ops      750ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6428us/op-cpu [0ms - 1ms]
+deletefile1          45015ops      750ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.4ms/op     7567us/op-cpu [0ms - 257ms]
+closefile3           45020ops      750ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6320us/op-cpu [0ms - 3ms]
+readfile1            45024ops      750ops/s  97.8mb/s      6.9ms/op    24806us/op-cpu [0ms - 302ms]
+openfile2            45030ops      750ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.1ms/op     6778us/op-cpu [0ms - 10ms]
+closefile2           45031ops      750ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6336us/op-cpu [0ms - 1ms]
+appendfilerand1      45035ops      751ops/s   5.8mb/s      2.1ms/op    11834us/op-cpu [0ms - 264ms]
+openfile1            45039ops      751ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.1ms/op     6840us/op-cpu [0ms - 11ms]
+closefile1           45043ops      751ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6377us/op-cpu [0ms - 2ms]
+wrtfile1             45047ops      751ops/s  93.2mb/s      6.5ms/op    24195us/op-cpu [0ms - 289ms]
+createfile1          45058ops      751ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.3ms/op     7260us/op-cpu [0ms - 258ms]
+   37: 79.282: IO Summary: 495354 ops, 8255.094 ops/s, (750/1501 r/w), 196.9mb/s,   1033us cpu/op,   5.5ms latency
+2014 1/1 GFS2 / fileserver / 60 seconds / docker to only bldsv09 access / FC
-statfile1            42780ops      713ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     5822us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
-deletefile1          42786ops      713ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6218us/op-cpu [0ms - 4ms]
-closefile3           42787ops      713ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     5707us/op-cpu [0ms - 1ms]
-readfile1            42790ops      713ops/s  92.5mb/s      9.7ms/op    30477us/op-cpu [0ms - 267ms]
-openfile2            42800ops      713ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6009us/op-cpu [0ms - 6ms]
-closefile2           42803ops      713ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     5743us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
-appendfilerand1      42807ops      713ops/s   5.6mb/s      2.4ms/op    11899us/op-cpu [0ms - 9ms]
-openfile1            42810ops      713ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.1ms/op     6039us/op-cpu [0ms - 6ms]
-closefile1           42813ops      713ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     5766us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
-wrtfile1             42816ops      714ops/s  88.4mb/s      9.0ms/op    28957us/op-cpu [0ms - 281ms]
-createfile1          42827ops      714ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     6233us/op-cpu [0ms - 5ms]
+statfile1            27399ops      457ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.7ms/op     1869us/op-cpu [0ms - 13179ms]
+deletefile1          27381ops      456ops/s   0.0mb/s      3.6ms/op     6066us/op-cpu [0ms - 13194ms]
+closefile3           27400ops      457ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1378us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
+readfile1            27400ops      457ops/s  59.2mb/s      1.5ms/op     6065us/op-cpu [0ms - 209ms]
+openfile2            27400ops      457ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.3ms/op     2014us/op-cpu [0ms - 99ms]
+closefile2           27400ops      457ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1400us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
+appendfilerand1      27400ops      457ops/s   3.6mb/s      4.4ms/op     9155us/op-cpu [0ms - 13193ms]
+openfile1            27400ops      457ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.4ms/op     2048us/op-cpu [0ms - 81ms]
+closefile1           27400ops      457ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1341us/op-cpu [0ms - 1ms]
+wrtfile1             27400ops      457ops/s  56.1mb/s     81.9ms/op   130988us/op-cpu [0ms - 13500ms]
+createfile1          27439ops      457ops/s   0.0mb/s      6.9ms/op    14198us/op-cpu [0ms - 13186ms]
+   43: 92.660: IO Summary: 301419 ops, 5023.193 ops/s, (457/913 r/w), 118.9mb/s,   1187us cpu/op,  33.2ms latency
+2014 1/1 GFS2 / fileserver / 60 seconds / bldsv09 access / FC
+statfile1            26112ops      435ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.2ms/op     1669us/op-cpu [0ms - 291ms]
+deletefile1          26111ops      435ops/s   0.0mb/s      4.4ms/op     5851us/op-cpu [0ms - 14536ms]
+closefile3           26114ops      435ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1187us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
+readfile1            26114ops      435ops/s  56.1mb/s      5.0ms/op     4831us/op-cpu [0ms - 14540ms]
+openfile2            26114ops      435ops/s   0.0mb/s      1.4ms/op     1825us/op-cpu [0ms - 14518ms]
+closefile2           26114ops      435ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1212us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
+appendfilerand1      26114ops      435ops/s   3.4mb/s      7.2ms/op     8338us/op-cpu [0ms - 14540ms]
+openfile1            26115ops      435ops/s   0.0mb/s      1.7ms/op     1891us/op-cpu [0ms - 14519ms]
+closefile1           26115ops      435ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1206us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
+wrtfile1             26115ops      435ops/s  54.1mb/s     76.3ms/op   126556us/op-cpu [0ms - 14636ms]
+createfile1          26160ops      436ops/s   0.0mb/s      8.7ms/op    13211us/op-cpu [0ms - 14537ms]
+18999: 86.335: IO Summary: 287298 ops, 4787.839 ops/s, (435/870 r/w), 113.5mb/s,   1127us cpu/op,  35.0ms latency